OLTL Update Friday 11/9/07

One Life to Live Update Friday 11/9/07


Written By Jennifer S.

Todd and Marty are alone in the motel room. He tells her he knows that she wants to be in her little love nest with John. She tells him she does not like being stuck with him either. But they have no choice.

Right when John goes to the house to find Marcie after she’s left, Ramsey is there. He wants to get John in serious trouble along with Marcie.

At the restaurant in Paris, TX the waitresses demand that Viki gets out of the place and blows off work for a day so that she can find the man she wants. They are determined to get her hooked up with Charlie.

When David Vickers is at the resort with his lady friend, in “rehab.” It seems like she might know something about the speculation that David could be Asa’s son.

Right then, while all of Asa’s family are at the ranch watching him from a video, he tells them all that he is really gone. And every member of his family is going to get what is coming to them.

After Ramsey interrogates John at Marcie’s friends’ home, John tells him that he just went to get his car back after this man fixed it. He had a break down by the side of the road and the guy helped him. But Ramsey is not buying that.

Marty tells Todd that their respective kids are in love with each other. And if she is willing to put her differences with him aside because of that, then so should he. She tells him that is the least he can do for their sake.

Right then, Starr is trying frantically to find Cole. She bangs on the door and tries to call him. But he is nowhere to be found.

On Asa’s video, he tells Renee that he lost something, many years in a poker game in Nevada. It was the same day he lost his heart to her. And the executor brings her an exquisite box of jewelry. She breaks down crying. Asa then addresses Jessica when he first taught her to ride a horse. He gives her a horse shoe. He then tells Kevin and Joey that they are up next. Then there is his lovely Natalie. He tells her that they are two of a kind. They are both born with nothing and given nothing. But they built themselves up because they knew they were something. And he tells her that she is as much a Buchanan as he ever was. So he leaves her a picture of a family tree to remind her who she is, where she came from and where she is going. And he wills Sarah some music. He tells her that this music was a source of comfort from him and lifted his spirits. But not as much as she did. He then tells his two sons that there is some sort of disappointment. Bo and Clint observe his video pensively.

A guy comes up to David and his lady friend and tells them he can have them married. They are not certain whether to go through with it or not. But she tells him that there might be a little problem.

The two waitresses are wondering what to do in regard to Viki’s date. And they know they have to help her. Moe wants them all to work. Viki enters wearing street clothes. They tell her that she cannot “go out like that”.

David tells his “new wife” that he realizes he has to sign the pre-nup. They sign it. She asks him if he is having any second thoughts. He tells her no. But he has misgivings about taking 50% of her holdings should their marriage fail. She tells him he should not assume that it will fail. And even if it does, if he dies first, she will get half of his money. And it looks like they both secretly want to screw each other over.

Asa admits to Bo and Clint that throughout their lives they have frustrated him and been a total pain in the ass. And it was not until the two of them became fathers, themselves, that he realized that he was a problem. It was him. He saw how Clint protected Kevin and Joey even though he was not their real father. And he saw how Bo made amends with Drew the way he could not with Bo. And Bo became the perfect father to Matthew. He always thought that he could make a man out of his sons. But it was the two of them who showed him what a man really was. He leaves Clint his gold spurs. He then tells Bo that he will give him the badge that his great great grandfather wore. He tells Bo he is the best damn lawman there is. And he tells Matthew that an old cowboy gave him a cowboy hat that is now Mathew’s. Asa then asks who is ready for the big tip.

Marty asks Todd if he does not want to make his daughter’s life a little easier. HE reminds her that he has not prevented Starr from seeing Cole. She tells him he must realize that both of the kids have been through so much because of their parents. He tells her he will not give them their blessing but will not prevent their kids from seeing each other. And that is the best he can do for her. She tells him she does not intend to be his friend. But she realizes that he is a good father. Better, at the very least, than the one he had. He then reminds her that his kid was brought into the world because of the very thing he did to her, which may have been caused by what his own father did to him. And that is the reason why he has to get his child back

John tells Ramsey he knows the type of shady business he is doing. Ramsey tells John if he does not back off, he will get him in trouble. And there is no bail in Guantanamo. The FBI guys go outside and install a “bug” in John’s car so that they can find out what kinds of secrets John has regarding his sister in law.

David has his own plans about the wedding.

John stays with Marcie’s new friends. They ask if he used to be “one of those people”. He tells them he used to be a cop in Pennsylvania. Before that he was with the FBI. He tells them they needn’t worry. He will not get them in trouble if they are helping a good woman The wife tells him they have nothing to worry about because they haven’t done anything and don’t know what he is talking about. He then tells them that since he “stepped in” to cover for them and get Ramsey out of their hair, the least they can do is tell him what they know about his sister in law, Marcie McBain.

Todd reminds Marty that she did something pretty sick by marrying Miles. She admits that it was sick. But she did it in order to protect her son from that sick son of a bitch.

Outside of Cole’s home, Starr calls Langston and Markko to help her find Cole. She is very upset and worried. They tell her that she should not panic quite yet. But she tells them that she knows something is terribly wrong and they have to break in.

Jared and Sarah are going through the collection of CDs that Asa left for her. Asa then continues in his video about his ranch. So he announces that he leaves this place to one person whom he knows can appreciate and respect it as he did, the way it is supposed to be. And they all wonder who that will be. And he announces that that person is Chuck Wilson the 3rd. Hearing that, everybody appears shocked.

David and his new bride recite their “vows”. And they obviously both have tricks up their sleeves. And the preacher asks at that point if there is anybody who knows of any reason why these people should not be wed. They both say nothing. But silently she names many people including Asa. And he silently says Dorian. And the man says that David may kiss the bride.

Marcie’s new friends tell John they wish they could help him. But they have not seen the woman he shows them in the picture. He tells them that he knows that she calls herself Penny Shaw and her son Aaron. But her real name is Marcie McBain. She is married to his brother and her son’s real name is Tommy. He is very worried what will happen if Lee Ramsey finds her before he does. He wants to protect her from Ramsey. So they must tell him what they know.

Todd tells Marty that he is worried that John will go after his family.

In Paris, TX, Viki’s new waitress friends tell her that she cannot give up on Charlie. But she tells them she has had too many husbands and is not ready to find another man. But they demand that she lets them fix her up to attract Charlie. She tells them that it’s only a simple date. She is not wearing any really special clothes. But right then, Charlie enters with flowers.

After hearing Asa’s video announcing that Chuck gets the entire ranch while his family members get mere, insignificant knickknacks, he tells them that Chuck and his father were more family to him than anybody else. Chuck then protests that he cannot take what is rightfully Asa’s family’s rights. But they all tell him they realize it was what Asa wanted. So it all belongs to him. Asa then goes on, in his video. announcing that he got his start in Texas. But Llanview is where he’s made his home. So he announces that there is a very special woman whom he wants to inherit his home in Llanview. It’s a feisty red head. The other of his grandson, Matthew. Nora Hanen is the new owner of his home in Llanview. Nora watches that, shocked.

David and his “new bride” are together looking like they might have a future. He tells her that beauty of wealth is that they can go wherever they want as long as it’s 5 Star. She then tells him there is only one place she wants to be right now. Hearing that, he guesses that it would be Fuji, Guam, or some other far away extraordinary places. And she surprises him in saying that it’s Llanview, PA.

Asa tells everybody that Nora and Matthew will not live in his home alone. They will live there with Renee and with Nigel. Nora tells them that she cannot accept that. It should go to Asa’s family. But they all tell her that that place is her home.

Marty replies to Todd that Halloween night, this person in this “death costume” walked into her home and tried to scare her. He tells her he bets it was Miles. She informs him that she confronted Miles and he denied it. Maybe it was not Miles. Todd tells Marty he needs to leave but asks if she will be alright by herself. She then replies that she thinks she will be ok. But thanks.

Starr finds Cole’s phone on the floor. Langston and Markko ask her to look at the call history. She, right away knows that something terrible has happened to Cole.

Viki meets Charlie for her “date” with flowers and notices that the “gang” is all there. He asks her if she is ready to go. And they go off together.

Asa then says one more thing before they get to the business of his finances. He then talks about his son. He admits that that is the son he did not know he had until he knew it was too late. Everybody looks around, not having a clue whom that could be.

Right then, David and his new wife are talking about where to live. He tells her there must be many better places than Llanview. But she insists on going to Llanview. She tells him she just has a bit of unfinished business. And she tells him she thinks he might be able to “help” her with this business.

Starr tells her friends that she knows that somebody has hurt Cole. They must call the cops. But Markko reminds her that they broke the law by breaking in. So they might not look very credible calling the cops nor get any help from them. But they know they have to call Marty. Right then, Marty gets a call on her cell phone. But before she can answer it, somebody comes after her and attacks her.

John tells Marcie’s new friends that he wants to save his sister in law from Ramsey. And they must know that he is not her enemy. They then admit that she might be on her way to Paris, TX. That is all they know. In response to that, John replies that that is all he needs and he thanks them.

At the restaurant in Paris, TX, the waitresses are reveling in how excited they are bout Viki finding a man. Moe demands that they get back to work. And right then, we see a woman enter the restaurant wearing a disguise with long blond hair. She’s carrying a child. It’s Marcie.

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