OLTL Update Thursday 11/8/07

One Life to Live Update Thursday 11/8/07


Written By Jennifer S.

Bo goes to visit Lindsay at St. Anne’s. She tells him it means so much to her that he is there.

Cristian is in his bed, having a fantasy that he’s going at it with Sarah. Right then, there’s a knock at the door. He is startled out of his sleep and out of his dream. He assumes it’s Sarah and rushes to the door. But it’s Antonio. Antonio can tell that something is “Up” with his brother.

At Asa’s ranch, all the people get up after sleeping. Sarah tells the others that this place is gorgeous. Renee tells her that when Asa first bought this ranch, he made certain that he’d know ever inch of this place and everything that was there. Matthew remarks that his father and grandfather have showed him the entire ranch. It looks like the people are all making small talk wondering what will happen when they read Asa’s will. They are wondering what he’s written, who he’s left money to and who might be disinherited. Jessica asks Nash if it’s possible that Natalie might have slept with Chuck the previous night. They are hoping that she did and that she’s done with Jared once and for all.

Right then, Natalie and Chuck wake up in bed together. Jared walks in on them and makes it very certain that he is insanely jealous. And it looks entirely possible that the whole reason why she slept with Chuck was for that reason. They get dressed and remark about how angry Jared appeared. And Chuck asks Natalie if she’d like to tell him what is really going on there.

Blair and Todd awaken in the motel room. He tells her that hr has not slept and has not been able to get any sleep ever since Marcie took his kid. It looks like they might have had an enjoyable night last night. They talk about getting some coffee. And it appears that they might get back together. But it looks like he’s going out the door. He tells her he’s going out the door. She gets up to leave looking angry. And it looks like he’s merely trying to make her think he doesn’t care for her when he does.

Marty and John wake up together and it looks like they’ve had sex. She tells him that she never thought she’d feel this way again ever since Patrick died. He admits to her that he never thought he could either. She smiles when she tells him that she cannot believe that they have to get back in the car with Todd and Blair. They talk about showering and getting some coffee.

Marcie tells the couple she is staying with that after all they have been though she doesn’t want to risk them getting into trouble with the law for helping her. She tells them that she has to go somewhere else. And they arrange for her to stay with a friend of theirs’. They give her money. But she refuses to take it. She tells them that she and Aaron are going to make it. They are survivors. She tells them they have already done enough. But they insist that she takes it. She tells the wife that she wants to give her her bracelet. She remarks that Michael gave it to her. But she doesn’t want to take it. And they arrange for Marcie to leave. She leaves and tells them both that she will miss then and will never forget all they have done for her.

Lindsay tells Bo that she is doing better. Things are a little hazy. She’s remembering things a little better. But the things she does not remember confuse her. He then tells her that he is not there to question her. He is just there to visit her. She asks him what he is doing with his days. He tells her all he does is work and come home, eat and sleep. But he mentions that he has a life with Matthew. And right then, he gets a call from Matthew. Matthew informs his dad that they are ready to read Asa’s will. Bo tells his son that he loves him and misses him and Lindsay says hi. She then reminds Bo that he did not mention that Matthew was out of town without him. He remarks that the entire family is there. She asks Bo why he did not join them. He tells her he has a lot of work to do. But she reminds him that he is the boss and can take time off if he chooses. And she asks Bo if there is another reason why he chose not to go to Asa’s ranch.

Antonio and Cristian make small talk. And Antonio can tell that Cristian has something going on that he is not letting on to. Antonio admits to Cristian that he has Jamie. And he tells his brother that he has to do something with his life besides work. Why doesn’t he get back into painting? Cristian then replies that he kind of gave up painting when Sarah lived in his apartment. Antonio asks if Sarah has not left. Cristian replies that she now lives in Layla’s apartment and he’s glad to be rid of her. Antonio tells Cristian he does not believe that. He tells Cristian he knows that he misses Sarah.

Sarah asks Renee if it is true that she has not seen either Jared or Natalie since last night. Didn’t Natalie spend the night with Chuck? She seems possessive of Jared. Right then, Jared enters and tells them that he is a lucky man. Not only does he get to learn more about one of his heroes. He gets to do it in the company of many beautiful women.

Chuck asks Natalie what is up with her and Jared. He knows that she merely used him to get to Jared. He asks her if they convinced Jared that she is not interested in him.

Ramsey and the FBI guys are going looking for Marcie. And wouldn’t you know that he goes to the very house where she just departed from. He shows the guy a picture of Marcie and reminds him that he sure would not want to be him if this woman is in his home. He reminds him this is not a parking ticket. Harboring a fugitive is a serious crime.

John informs Todd, Blair and Marty that he somehow knows that Marcie cannot still be in Decatur. Todd then asks if that means they are back to square one.

Lindsay asks Bo what the real reason is for why he did not go to Asa’s ranch to read his will. He admits to her that he had some real issues with his father before he died. And he was afraid that when he reads his final will, he’ll just see more indications of Asa yanking his chain. Plus the last time he intended to go to Texas, she wound up in this place. But she reminds him that his intent to go to Texas is not the reason she wound up there. He then tells her that he simply did not go to the ranch because he did not want to go.

At the ranch, Natalie she spent the night with the man she wants. But people know better.

It just so happens that Todd has Marcie’s friend’s business card. John calls their number and the wife enters. And right when she is on the phone, Ramsey tells the couple that he knows this woman is Marcie McBain and calls herself Penny Shaw. They tell her they’ve never heard of her or seen her. John tells the others that he will go and pick up the car and will pick them up. Todd seems to know that John knows something which he is not telling them After the wife gets off the phone with John, she tells Ramsey that there is nothing to be suspicious. This gentleman simply called so that he could come and pick up his car. Ramsey seems to know who “this gentleman” whom she just got off the phone with really is. And he tells them that covering for Marcie is not worth the consequences.

At the ranch, a guy enters and tells them that they will be in for some real surprises when they read Asa’s will.

Lindsay tells Bo that she thinks it would be really great if Matthew could come and visit her there unless of course it would frighten him or make him uncomfortable. He asks her if there’s anything she’d like him to bring when he net comes to visit her. She tells him she only wants him to bring himself. She tells him he is such a good man and asks if he is sure that doesn’t really want to be with his family in Texas. He tells her of course he is sure. He is right where he wants to be. It looks like those two really like each other.

Antonio inquires to Cristian what might have been going on with him (Cristian) and Sarah. Cristian tells his brother that Sarah might have been interested in him but he does not return her feelings. Plus she has moved on. She is seeing this jerk named Jared Banks. Antonio then recalls that he knows Jared. That is the guy who bought Nash out of the vineyard. Antonio then gets up to depart. And when he’s alone, Cristian leaves a message for Sarah asking her to cal him when she gets a chance if she wants to.

At the ranch, the guy tells Chuck that he might want to stick around because Asa bequeathed for him . And the guy is taking a lot of time before reading the will.

Todd tells Marty that he bets that John told her something. She tells him he did not. The house where Marcie is staying is gone. Blair goes to get coffee. John then goes to the Decatur house and finds Ramsey. Ramsey tells John it’s too late.

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