OLTL Update Wednesday 11/7/07

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 11/7/07


Written By Jeannie

Adriana joins Rex in bed. Rex is staring off into space. When she tries to get friendly he stops her. She tries cuddling again but he tells her if she thinks she needs her privacy he can’t do this. When she asks what’s wrong, he says he doesn’t want to hurt the baby.

At the ranch in Texas, Nora and Clint are in the living room, and Nigel brings in coffee. Nora says maybe she shouldn’t have answered his phone when Dorian called before.

Natalie steps out of her room in a sexy black dress and Jared is there. He asks if she’s looking for him. Natalie asks if he’s lost and he tells her he’s right where he wants to be.

At the spa David comes up to Alex. He is in a bad mood, because he proposed to her, and she hasn’t answered him. She tells him no.

In the hotel in New Orleans, John apologizes that he didn’t know Patrick was murdered. Marty says not even Cole knows. They discuss it. John says they’ve been in the same dark places. Marty thinks she’s come back but John says his father would say you never come back, you just live with it. Marty hesitates in sharing it with him but John says she can tell him anything.

In their motel room, Todd and Blair kiss and rip each other’s clothes off. Blair stops and asks if they really want to do this and they kiss and lay down. Todd asks her to tell him and she asks why is always up to her. He rolls off of her. He says they are in a funky motel in New Orleans and they should be making hot monkey love. They discuss their relationship. He goes into take a shower.

John and Marty talk. Marty says she told Cole and everyone Patrick died in an accident. She doesn’t want Cole to grow up thinking about avenging his father. She tells him something about phone calls and letters that started threatening first Patrick then her and Cole. Then he went to Ireland. John says he did it to protect her because he loved her.

In bed with Rex, Adriana asks what baby? Rex stumbles over his words saying her baby, our baby. He tells her it’s her body, her decision. She asks if she looks pregnant. He says not yet. She’s confused. He says he heard her talking to a doctor and had an upset stomach. He confesses to peeking at the appointment in her PDA. Adriana starts laughing.

At the ranch Natalie tells Jared he is playing Sarah so he could crash the reading of the will. He says he’s not thinking that now. They fall to each other’s arms and kiss. Then the real world comes aback and they are just standing there. He tries to apologize. Natalie asks for his terms. Jared starts to get upset and then stops and apologies again. She asks if he’s trying to get his job back. He says no, but she should offer it to him. He says she wanted him to kiss her and she should be honest about that.

At the spa Alex says she was flattered, but can’t take David seriously. He says fate was waiting to bring her to him. He says she’s beautiful, single and a sex addict. She worries about it being wrong if she doesn’t get over her sex addiction. He asks if she wants to sleep with him.

Nora asks Clint if she blew it by answering his phone when Dorian called. She tries to explain and apologizes. Clint says it’s okay. Nora picks up her stuff to leave but he tells her to sit down. Dorian will never answer the phone. He leaves a message for her. Clint asks Nora how her coffee is and sits down to join her.

Rex asks what is so funny. Adriana says she’s not pregnant. If she was they would make the decisions together. Rex insists he knows about the doctor. Adriana tells him they were doing research for a new maternity line. Rex asks why she didn’t tell him. She didn’t want to worry him. He asks how they are going to explain it to Roxy?

In their room in New Orleans Marty tells John: Patrick drove her and Cole to a little cabin, they put Cole to bed and her and Patrick watched the stars and made love. Then Patrick left. As soon as his plane touched down she was upset, but he called and said everything was going to be alright. Then she heard gunshots.

Jared and Natalie argue. She asks if he thinks she was asking for it. He asks if he kisses her now, does that mean she wasn’t asking for it. He leans in but stops when Chuck walks in with an extra blanket for Natalie.

Alex teases David and asks him to come closer. They kiss and she says they really should stop, but keeps kissing him. David says no more until she says she’ll marry him.

In the motel room John says they just got home, Caitlyn went into the bedroom and he heard the shot. Marty says she dropped the phone. Then she heard chaos, another shot and Patrick’s voice saying a poem he had written for her “I will hold you, weep no more, as I am beside you always.” And the line went dead. Marty hoped he had escaped, but a friend came to the house the next day and told her Patrick was dead.

Todd comes out of the shower. She asks if he cooled off. He says if he gets into the bed he can’t guarantee he won’t attack her. Blair says she can’t guarantee she won’t attack him either.

David asks Alex if she thinks he’s after her money. She asks about the other women he proposed to and if they were rich. Davie asks about her sugar daddy. David tells her how he extorted money from Clint Buchanan but gave it back because of Viki. He says she was the only friend he had and couldn’t’ afford to lose her. He says he wants more from a woman then money. He says he has a skill now and that he’s a masseur and starts massaging her. He says he can help her and its Kismet. He jokes maybe she’s after his money. Alex remembers Nigel talking about David being Asa's son.

Adriana asks how Rex felt. He worried either she didn’t want kids or didn’t want to stay with him. Adriana says they would go through it together. He says he asked her what was wrong and she said she thought he didn’t want to talk about underwear. Adriana suggests they talk about it now.

Natalie invites Chuck in and thanks him for the blanket. Natalie says Jared is just leaving. Chuck tells him his room is down the hall. Jared leaves. Chuck invites her to have cocoa but she refuses.

Blair says sex isn’t their problem. Todd asks why they aren’t having any. She asks what if they wake up tomorrow and hate each other. He sits on the bed and starts touching her leg. Blair tells him he’s no walk in the park. He says she’s no ocean breeze. He tells her he’s making her wait. They say good night.

Marty talks about her grief and how it didn’t seem real until she told John. She says Patrick shot the man who shot him. John asks questions. Marty thinks it’s over because there haven’t been any more threatening phone calls or letters. John puts his arms around her and tells her she’s not alone with it anymore.

Marty says she never thought she would love someone again and then she met him. She says she just feels like they get one another. They talk about how it feels to lose someone. She says the question is…John finishes her sentence “Am I willing to jump with you?” He asks if she’s afraid. He says after Caitlyn he felt like he had to learn to breathe. He can’t lose anyone ever again. She says she doesn’t want to love again. They kiss.

Rex tells Adriana he loves her. He says if he’s going to have any kids she’s going to have to have them. He jokes unless she had someone else in mind. She tells him he would be a fabulous dad. They kiss.

David tells Alex he’s broke and she’s not and everyone will think she took advantage of him. He says there are ground rules; gardener and pool boy are off limits. He’s putting his reputation on the line to cure her from her addiction. He asks again if she’ll marry him. He goes down on one knee and she asks for a prenup.

Nora asks where Jared came from? She says what Jared is pulling is text book. Clint says he treats everyone differently. Jared stops just outside the door and listens in from the hall. Nigel catches him listening.

David and Alex talk about the prenup. He hesitates and tells her that her therapist told her she should share her worldly good. Alex worries they might someday hate each other. David says forget the whole thing and Alex offers him 50%. They shake hands.

Jared tells Nigel he’s just taking a tour and then heads to his room.

In Natalie's room Chuck asks if she’s sure and she says yes and she won’t let him get in any trouble.

Rex jumps into bed and Adriana offers him a condom or two.

Todd tells Blair he’s glad she’s here and they hold hands.

Marty and John kiss and start to disrobe. They fall down on the bed.

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