OLTL Update Tuesday 11/6/07

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 11/6/07


Written By Jennifer S.

After the motel clerk tells the four people that there is only one room, Marty, John, Blair and Todd won’t accept that.. Todd tells the man that he must know what he means. He must have an executive suite or guest house or outhouse or something. But the clerk tells Todd that he means it when he says that there is nothing except for that room.

Starr is in the coffee shop trying and failing to reach Cole on her phone. Dorian enters and tells her niece that she wanted to make certain that Langston got back to her group home before curfew. She tells Starr that she is really ready to be Langston’s foster mother.

Renee, Clint, Natalie, Jessica, Nash, Sarah, Jared, Nora and Matthew and Nigel all go back to Asa’s old ranch. Renee looks at a picture of her deceased husband and tells Asa that they are finally home.

At the motel, Todd tells the others that he is leaving. The three of them can have fun playing footsy. Blair demands to know where he is going. He tells them he’s going to the bar to see if anybody can offer him a room in exchange for margarita money.

Clint tells Natalie and Sarah that they better not argue. They need to behave like responsible adults. But Natalie is furious that Jared would come with them and that Sarah would invite him.

Starr seems to be surprised that Dorian looks to be checking up on her. She seems to know that Dorian is not simply looking for Langston. She knows where she is. Starr asks her what is up. Did she have a problem with Todd? Or was it Viki? Dorian replies that both Todd and Viki are currently out of her hair. Starr then asks her aunt if she is having a problem with Clint.

At Asa’s ranch, Matthew inquires if that place is really going to be all that it can be when his dad is not there. He looks at pictures of his family members and the many Texas ranch hands. A guy enters and Renee runs and hugs him. She recognizes him as Mr. Chuck Wilson. Chuck tells them all that he thought very highly of Asa. Clint tells the others that Chuck Wilson the 3rd is the grandson of one of Asa’s best friends. Chuck then tells them that he will let them all get settled. But Clint invites him to join them.

In response to Starr’s inquiry about what is going on with Clint, Dorian tells her niece that she does not want a teenager getting into her business and making assumptions about her personal life. Starr tells her aunt that she understands and respects how people want others to stay out of their business. She feels that way in regard to her parents judging her relationships. Dorian then tells her niece that she appreciates that. Starr then tells Dorian that she really does appreciate all that Dorian is doing for Langston. So she tells her aunt she knows she does not need any “help:”. But if she never does, she knows who to call.

Todd returns and tells the others that he’s found himself a private room. He has a sandwich. John grabs the sandwich and demands that Todd gives him the key. Todd tells John that he paid for both the sandwich and the key. John reminds Todd that he supports the death penalty. And he tells Todd that he can have the choice of two different roommates. Todd can have either him(John). Or he can have Blair. At that point, Todd and Blair go to the other room together. John is then alone in the room with Marty and they conclude that it’s just the two of them. Since there is only one bed, they assume that they will have to “trade” sleeping shifts.

At Asa’s ranch, Nora tells Chuck that the last time she saw him, he was just a kid. He tells her that the last time he saw her, she was dancing with Bo. Clint then introduces Chuck to Jessica and Nash and Sarah. He notices that Natalie is not in a good mood. Chuck tells her that he would be happy to show her around. And she sounds like she is really interested in him. Maybe in an attempt to make Jared jealous.

Dorian explains to Starr that Clint went off to Asa’s ranch with his family. And she had things going on with Langston and with Starr’s parents. And she and Clint had some problems. Starr tells Dorian that she is worried about not being able to reach Cole.

Blair and Todd are attempting to settle into their room. She tells him that she thinks he was way out of line to have threatened to put her in that room with John and Marty. She tells him that she has put herself out trying to help him. She’s dragged herself all the way out there with a woman she cannot stand while he is searching for a child he had with another woman. He tells her he did not have a lot of fun traveling with John. She tells him that he should be grateful that John is around. He is trying to help Todd find his son. He asks Blair if she is in love with John. She sarcastically tells him she is. He then sarcastically tells her that so is he. He has the hots for John. She throws a pillow at him and tells him he better stop treating her like the nagging wife. He tells her he is sorry. But this whole trip of trying and failing to find his son has really taken its toll on him. And then John’s car breaks down. And he cannot even bribe anybody to fix the car or get him a room. He asks her just who is taking care of the kids. She replies Dorian. She tells him she thinks that Dorian can handle taking care of the kids for just one day.. They argue about how to put the sheets and pillow cases on the bed. He tells her that he is there to look for some kid that he does not know so that he can bring Starr and Jack the brother that they do not even know. And he’s leaving the kids that he does know behind. She asks him what exactly he is thinking. He replies that maybe he should just give up on this whole thing and come home to the kids that he really does have.

John calls and confirms to Marty that he can get the car to run. He tells her he wasn’t about to let Todd drive his car. She tells him that maybe she can drive his car while he navigates. He tells her if she drives then he won’t be able to strangle Todd. And he admits to Marty that he spotted Marcie in the bar in Georgia and told nobody

Natalie acts really friendly to Chuck and tells him she would really enjoy going out with him. He then tells her he can pick her up later tonight All of the people depart. Jared is alone in the room with Renee. She then tells him that she is going to put him in one of Asa’s favorite rooms. Clint tells Sarah that he hopes that Natalie and Jessica re not giving her too much trouble about being with Jared. Sarah smiles and tells her grandfather that they have tried, but are failing miserably in making her feel bad about seeing Jared.

After talking to Starr, Dorian tells her niece that she believes she is wise beyond her years.

Blair asks Todd what he will tell the kids if he gives up on finding his son. He tells her that they never knew their baby brother anyway. She then asks him what will become of them. They can obviously get a quickie divorce and it will really mess up the kids. He tells her that he believes that he cannot keep making the kids pay for his mistakes. But she tells him that if they notice that he is walking out on Tommy, they will think that he could just as easily walk out on them. And she tells him she will not let that happen.

John tells Marty that he had to find Marcie before this real jerk named Ramsey found her. He does not trust Ramsey. Marty tells John she believes he did the right thing. She tells John that there must be some way to get Ramsey pulled off the case. He then tells her that when he left the bureau, he burnt a lot of bridges. And the only reason Ramsey is involved in this case is to stick it to John. She then asks John what she is missing. He tells her that he was engaged to Caitlin. Ramsey was in love with her. And he blames John for her death.

Jessica finds Natalie and tells her that she encourages her to see Chuck. She thinks he’s really hot. She wants her sister to hook up with him. But Natalie tells her sister that she is going to sleep because she is tired. Jessica asks her why on earth she would turn down being with Chuck. Is she waiting for another guy to show up? Right then, Natalie is having a fantasy about Jared. But she won’t let on to Jessica just what is going on. And Jessica knows that something is going on with her.

Nora and Clint run into each other. She talks about how they are in a beautiful place and they are both working. She tells him she is unable to say or do anything when she is so busy reviewing precedents. He tells her that he doesn’t mind working. With that battle brewing involving the girls and missing Asa. It feels as though he is everywhere. He then tells her that he was thinking of putting on a fresh pot of coffee. He asks Nora if caffeine is alright with her. She asks him if there is any other kind. At that point, Clint’s cell phone rings. She calls to Clint to get the phone but he’s gone. She then picks it up knowing that it’s Dorian. When Dorian hears Nora answering Clint’s phone, she obviously assumes something.

John tells Marty about the situation involving Ramsey wanting to hurt Marcie in order to hurt him. She then asks him why he doesn’t just prevent Ramsey from having involvement in this. He tells her that he cannot put Caitlin’s’ family in this. He tells her that he quit the bureau. He cannot bring Caitlin back. But he won’t let Marcie die the way he let Caitlin die. It’s the least that he can do for his brother. He tells her that what he intends to do is find Marcie and let her go.

Blair reminds Todd that he has put himself through hell and high water for his son. And now, he’s going to give up. Right then, Todd gets a call from Starr. And she encourages her father to know that he is a pro at tracking down all of his kids. So he won’t have any problem finding his son. Blair asks if she can talk to her daughter. She asks Starr how Langston is. Starr asks Blair if she has told Todd about it. Blair admits she has not. Starr informs her mother that she (Blair) is out of the running. Social Services denied her application because she was not there. Starr informs her mother that Dorian told them that she could be Langston’s foster mother in her place. When Blair hangs up the phone, Todd asks her what that was about Social Services and Dorian. Blair replies that Dorian volunteered to be Langston’s foster mother. Todd asks Blair if Langston does not already have parents. Blair informs him that they found out that she does not.

When Nora answers Clint’s cell phone, Dorian admits that she wanted to find Clint. But Nora cannot find him, not knowing her way around the big house. And Dorian obviously assumes that something is going on between Nora and Clint.

Marty tells John that they have a lot in common. They are willing to turn their lives upside down in order to protect the people they love. She reveals to him that she is keeping a major secret from Cole. She knows what John is going through because Patrick was murdered too.

After Todd finds out that Blair was ready to adopt Langston, he surprises her by telling her that he thinks that was really cool. She is surprised to hear him say that. He acknowledges that Langston is Starr’s best friend. And he tells her that she might have just ran it by him. She tells him that sometimes he needs a good kick in the ass. And she tells him that is what really good wives do. And they kiss.

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