OLTL Update Monday 11/5/07

One Life to Live Update Monday 11/5/07


Written By Jennifer S.

Starr and Langston are at the coffee shop talking about the possibility of Langston living with Starr’s family. Langston asks Starr why her mom and aunt are willing to take on this big responsibility of adopting her. Especially Starr’s Aunt Dorian. Starr replies to Langston that she needs to keep it a secret. But her aunt Dorian needs to be needed. Marco returns with their coffees.

Cole returns home to an empty apartment. And the mysterious masked person with the skeleton costume appears and startles him.

David Vickers is talking to his lady friend at the place where he is staying. He asks her just how her ex left her. She replies that he was insanely jealous. But she was able to get half of his money. He is very impressed to hear that. She then tells him that she realizes she did something very cruel. She asks him if he can ever forgive her. She tells him she realizes that he has had terrible financial misfortune and she is bragging to him about her success. She tells him that in rehab, her therapist told her that she must be vigorously honest and make amends. She then concludes to David that since she has too much money and he has none, she will have to “Fix” that.

While John’s car is broken down and the four of them are stranded, Todd asks John if he really has a clue where Marcie really is. She could be anywhere. Does John really know what he is talking about with his theory that Marcie has an alias of Penny Shaw and is in Decatur, GA? In response to that, Marty tells Todd he must realize that John knows what he is doing. John asks Todd if he has something better to go on. Todd does not reply. John then asks Todd to shut up.

Marcie’s new friend is driving her to the store. Little do they know that they might be seen and run into the very people they are hiding her from.

At the Paris, TX restaurant, Charlie tells Viki that he would like to take a lovely woman out to a place where he is going. And he’d like it to be her. She replies telling him she does not know what to say. He tells her he thinks he can “help her out”. She just has to say yes. She asks him why her. Right then the waitress who is Shane’s mom enters and apologizes for being late. She had to take Shane to the hospital because he has asthma. Mo is only concerned about her being late and seems to have no concern for the fact that she has no health care benefits when she has a son with asthma. Viki tells him she thinks that is outrageous. He tells her that is the restaurant business for you. Viki then tells Charlie that she is sorry. She cannot go to the place with him.

When Cole sees the masked person, he tells him the joke is over. If the person can walk away, he will pretend that he did not break into Cole’s apartment. He reminds him that that is a crime. So he tells him he can do it the hard way and picks up the phone to call the cops. But he notices that the mysterious disguised person is holding a gun at him. And he appears afraid.

At the coffee shop, Starr talks to Langston and Marco about how glad they are to be rid of Britney. But Starr reminds them that a major way in which Britney harassed them was in regard to Mrs. McBain. She admits that she is also angry at Marcie McBain for taking her dad’s son. Right then, Michael appears. Starr is very surprised to notice her teacher’s husband. She tells him that when he can find his wife, he will be able to find her dad’s son. Michael is unshaven, looks like he has not been sleeping and is very depressed. Roxy finds him and remarks that he looks like hell. She asks what he is doing there. She thought he was going to go on the road in search of Marcie with John and Todd. He tells her he could not because he got arrested. So he need not ask her to keep his mail for him because he has to stay in town. He asks Roxy if she might have a clue where Marcie is. She admits she does not and tells Michael that when somebody wants to stay on the run, you may never find them.

Right then, the man who is driving Marcie to the store notices the car that has just broken down. And wouldn’t it have to be John’s. He asks them if they need some help and gets under the car. He seems to know how to fix cars. While in the passenger seat waiting, Marcie does not seem to have a clue whom her friend is helping until she looks out the window. At that point, she knows she better not get out of the car.

Cole admits to being afraid of the mysterious person when he sees him pull the gun and assumes he wants money. He tells him they can go to the bank. But the person smashes a gold watch on the floor and says nothing.

Langston tells Starr that she really can understand Mrs. McBain’s situation. A terrible thing has happened to her. She feels sorry for her. Starr then tells Langston that she cannot feel sorry for Marcie McBain if she be part of Starr’s family. It does not work that way.

Marcie’s friend attempts to fix John’s car. Todd does not trust him and wants results right away. The guy admits there are no mechanics nearby. What with the hurricane and all that has happened recently, they cannot expect miracles. Todd then asks him just how much money he needs in order to do something about this car. But the guy tells him it’s not as simple as that. And at that point, he calls to “Penny”. Marcie then slouches down in the car knowing she cannot be seen by the four people.

David’s lady friend gives him some cash. She pulls out a hundred dollar bill. He remarks that it will almost buy you breakfast in this place. But she acts like she is very remorseful that her ex had to give up all of his wealth. She tells him that THAT is where her addiction started. She had to mess around with the gardener and the pool boy and the guy who worked on her ex’s tiles. And it was wrong, wrong, wrong. And she admits that she has insatiable sexual desires.. She moves toward David but pulls away, telling him she cannot have any more sex. He asks her if she plans to never have sex again. She sounds to him as though she needs a life long “sobriety pledge” and counts her “days of recovery” as if it’s a drug. And she moves toward him. He tells her he can help her if she just lets him in.

When Charlie asks Viki why she won’t go out with him, she replies that they barely know each other. He asks her if that is her way of telling him there is somebody else. Is she going out with another man? She replies no. And that is the way she’d like to keep it. She tells him she wishes things were different but they are not. He tells her he understands and would just like the check. She then agrees to get it. He looks very disappointed.

In response to the woman talking about her vulnerability, David tells her that he is vulnerable also. That’s what all of his therapists have told him. Today when he went out to teach tai chi, he noticed there was no shadow. He was just like an empty vessel. But as she touches him, he tells her he can smell the cash. He then tells her that they were made for each other. All of that beautiful money. He tells her that he knows all of the climates where people worship the ancient money trees. He tells her he wants her. But she shouts that she cannot.

At the coffee shop, Roxy asks Michael if there is anything she can do for him. He asks her if she can just sit with him. She is the only friendly face he has seen all day. And he tells her that he just wishes that Marcie would have considered joint custody. They could have shared Tommy with Todd. But Roxy does not seem to listen to a word he says. She tells him that now that Marcie is on the lamb, maybe he needs to move on. It sounds like she’s wavering between not caring and encouraging him to fight for Marcie although he is afraid it’s hopeless.

Langston asks Starr if just because she feels sorry for Mrs. McBain she cannot be part of Starr’s family. Starr replies that she feels for Marcie also. But Marcie went off and kidnapped her baby brother. It’s ruining her family. Langston asks Starr if she cannot forgive people who make mistakes. Starr says of course. But Marcie has really gone too far with what she has done, Starr says. Langston then tells Starr she is sorry. And she asks Starr if she really wants to be her sister. Starr admits that they would just be foster sisters. Marco watches them and asks where Cole is. Starr admits that she also wonders why he is not there by now. And she calls him.

While the disguised person is threatening Cole, his cell phone rings. Cole answers it. Starr asks him what is going on and where he is. He cannot answer her.

Marcie is ducking and making certain she cannot be seen in the car. But Todd somehow knows there is some sort of secret. So he opens the door.

The waitress who’s Shane’s mom asks Mo to make the order for the customer. He asks her if she told him about the special. Viki tells her that there are specialists who can treat asthma and if she needs money, there are ways she can help her get it. She replies that she can manage. Viki tells them it’s outrageous that there is no health care insurance for people that work in that place. She admits that she knows all about the news and reads articles about the government and insurance companies. They wonder why she would know so much about that. The waitress asks Viki where Charlie is taking her. Viki admits that she is not going anywhere with him because she does not know him. The waitress asks Viki why she won’t consider Charlie. VIki tells her she does not want a man in her life. Not even a nice one. Besides what is the point of starting something that will have to end? In response to that, her friend asks her if she plans on leaving Paris.

David’s lady friend appears like she is having “withdrawal symptoms” And she tells him that she promised to make herself a virgin until she finds somebody who is really committed.

When Todd hears the man call out that “Penny” is in the car with him, he seems to know that he is hiding Marcie. He opens the car and only seems the dog. The guy says that Penny is his dog. Todd shows him the picture of Marcie and the guy tells him that he has not seen this woman. He then tells Todd that they must get to it and he will fix the car.. He asks them to grab what they need out of the car and he will tow them. But Marcie knows that will not work. They’ll catch her right away. So she gets out of the car and hides herself.

Roxy asks Michael what he plans to do when Marcie gets nailed for kidnapping and the courts won’t ever let her see Tommy and give him to Todd. He tells her he knows and believes there is nothing he can do about that. But she tells him that that is not true. He needs to pull himself together and be there for his wife.

Cole tells Starr that he has to stay behind. His computer crashed and he has a lot of homework to do. He asks her if he can call her later and terminates the conversation. She tells the others that Cole’s computer crashed. So he has to spend a lot of time with homework. But she tells them that he may not have to re-write his paper if “somebody” helps him. Right then, Cole walks toward the door. But the masked person pulls out a knife and stabs him in the back of his neck. Cole falls over.

Viki tells her new waitress friend that she does not believe that Charlie would be serious about having a relationship with her. He’s just passing through and he would not want to commit. Her friend is very disappointed and tells her she gives up on trying to help her.

Starr and her friends wonder what is holding up Cole.. Langston and Marco leave Starr alone She attempts to call Cole again.

Roxy tells Michael that he better try to work things out with Marcie. He tells her maybe he should. He needs to call some lawyers and form a game plan. Roxy leaves and Michael turns to notice Starr sitting alone.

Marcie hides while Todd, Blair, Marty and John are walking all around. They argue about whether they should walk to the gas station or if they should all get in the car. When it looks ads though they will have to walk and are gone, Marcie comes out of hiding and tells her new friend that she is very worried. She feels terrible to be getting him involved in her mess. He tells her he can see that she and those people have a difference of opinion about that boy of her. And he reminds her that people around these parts help each other out. She cries. He tells her he knows she did what she believed she had to do. She tells him that she is all alone. But right then, they hear John’s cell phone ring. Marcie picks it up. Michael is attempting to call his brother. And she is just about to talk to him when she picks it up.

David asks his lady friend if he is correct that she will not give herself or her money to a man unless she is married to him. She tells him that she wants to be certain. She has so many things of monetary value including an art collection, a wine collection and a yacht. Hearing that, he asks her if she really has a yacht. She tells him that he must understand. She tells him she must find somebody who really loves her. Otherwise she will keep flipping from fling to fling. And the right man will know what to do. He sounds like he has a plan. She asks him what he is about to say. He tells her she is a beautiful woman and he is a man. He is about to ask her something. But he cannot get the words out. She kisses him. Then she pulls away. At that point, he asks her to marry him.

VIki gives Charlie his check. He gives her her tip. He goes off looking very disappointed. She then asks him if it’s too late to change her mind. He asks her if she means in regard to going out and he tells her it’s not too late at all.

Starr is alone attempting to study. But she has to call Cole again.

Cole is lying on the ground unconscious. The masked person drags him away.

Michael notices that somebody has picked up John’s phone. Marcie says nothing. He has no clue that she has picked up John’s phone. He tells “John” he needs to know what is going on and he needs to know if Marcie is alright. She hangs up saying nothing. Her friend asks her if she is alright. She admits that that was from somebody she loves. She wishes she could tell him where she is going and what is going on. But if she does, she loses her son. She does not know what to do. She cries. Her friend hugs her.

Todd, Blair, John and Marty all go to a motel and find that there is only one room and they are all four forced to “share”.

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