OLTL Update Friday 11/2/07

One Life to Live Update Friday 11/2/07


Written By Jennifer S.

At the Paris, TX diner, it looks like Viki is growing very attached to Charlie. He’s coming there a lot and the others observe that they are taking a liking to each other.

Dorian comes home and talks to Starr and Langston while they are seen by a mysterious unseen person outside wearing a mask that looks like death. Right when Dorian is busy talking to the two girls, Cole and Markko enter. She tells the two boys that this might not be a good time. They are awaiting a very important meeting.

For the first time in a long time, we see David Vickers, wherever he is hiding. He runs into an old female friend.

Marty and Blair are riding in the car with John and Todd. They are all arguing about how to find Marcie.

Right then, Marcie takes Tommy to another place. They go inside the door and she knocks. She meets a family who is going to take her in for a while.

At the diner, Viki is concerned about her co worker having to take Shane to the doctor. But all Moe seems to care about is that she gets back to work on time. And he says she is fired if she does not get back. In response to the others’ inquiries about Charlie, she tells them that she and Charlie have known each other for all of a couple days. So they should not turn this into a romance. But they believe that Charlie may be what she’s been looking for from the first time she came there

Dorian is making certain that Langston and Starr present themselves in the most positive light for when Mrs. Woodrow and her supervisor come to interview them. Cole and Markko are also there. Dorian is the hostess. She appears very friendly and positive. She thanks them for expediting the interview so that Langston can put her tragic situation in the past and live where she belongs with them. The supervisor asks them to inform Mrs. Manning that they are there. But, unfortunately, “Mrs. Manning” is not there. And they admit that that is a problem, since Blair was supposed to adopt Langston.

Marcie introduces herself and Tommy as Penny and Aaron to the family that she is going to be staying with. The couple tells Marcie that they don’t need to know nor judge anything. All they know is that she is a friend of Clarence and they will help her with whatever she needs.

Right then, John gets a call from a lead who seems to have some information. He hangs up and Todd tells him he knows where they are. Doesn’t he? In the back seat, Blair and Marty observe them saying nothing.

Mrs. Woodrow’s supervisor tells Dorian he does not understand why Mrs. Manning is not there. Dorian explains that she was called out on an emergency. But she has all of the paperwork there. It is signed and notarized. And she tells them that she is available to answer any questions they may have. And she asks if they can make an “exception” and reschedule this meeting at a later date. The supervisor then asks if Mrs. Manning is not available, then he’d like to talk to Mr. Manning. In response to that Dorian bluffs about where Mr. Manning is. The supervisor asks if Mr. Manning is even aware that his wife intends to adopt Langston. Dorian makes excuses. But he tells her that if he cannot even verify that Mr. Manning knows, much less approves of this decision, then there is no way they can approve Mr. Manning’s application.

David Vickers tells his lady friend that he is attempting to “be a better man”. But things are not going his way.

Marcie talks to the couple she has just met about Tommy. The wife asks her to put him down to get some rest while she gets her some food. Marcie wants to help. But the woman insists that she sits down. Marcie agrees but tells her she insists on making breakfast the following morning.

John admits to Todd, Blair and Marty that he cannot let his friend, Warren get in trouble with Ramsey.. Hearing that, Todd tells John of course he is more concerned about his friend, Warren than he is about finding Todd’s son. John admits that he had a lead and did not tell anybody. Todd then asks him just what else he is “keeping private”. John says nothing but remembers spotting Marcie at the bar.

Viki replies to her co-worker that she does not believe that the “answer” is to be with a man. But the waitress asks Viki what other goals one should have in their lives besides being with somebody. Viki says that being independent, being able to come and go as you please is sometimes better than being tied down. Right then, Moe rings his bell so that they get the food out to customers and asks the waitress not to be filling Viki’s head with all of this romance stuff. The last thing he needs is a bunch of waitresses all distracted. Viki goes and serves Charlie some food.

John admits to Todd that he kind of suspects that he knows where Marcie is and the family she is staying with

At the place where Marcie is staying, the wife and mother says grace before they eat and asks God to watch over Marcie and Tommy, guide them and keep them safe. Marcie tells them she has to go and check on her son. Their young son tells her that she must know that her son is ok. If he were not, he’d let her know. Marcie agrees to sit back down. She tells the couple that she knows there has been a lot of damage from the hurricane. And she knows that they live right near where it happened. And she discovers that where they live right now is not “their house”. They lost just about everything they had.

David tells his lady friend that when he first came there, he had some sort of egg on his face because of Viki. He tells her that he feels very much like he is in rehab. He wants to reform himself. She asks if he cannot reform himself and get his act together without having to work for $7.50 an hour. He tells her that he remembers what it’s like to have no money and then having to have money in order to impress a woman. But then he learned that that even when he gets money, it did not work. And he remembers Nigel Bartholomew announcing to Asa that David was his son.. He asks her what her “addiction” is from which she needs rehab. She replies sex.

Dorian asks Mrs. Woodrow and her supervisor if they cannot just postpone their meeting with Mrs. Manning. But the supervisor tells them there are serious problems. Mrs. Manning is out with her husband whom she married under suspicious circumstances, while he goes in search of his illegitimate child. And they abandon their own kids as well as the girl she is supposedly going to adopt. And Mr. Manning knows nothing about his wife’s plans to adopt Langston. So he must deny her application. Hearing that, the four teenagers are outraged. But Dorian tells them if they won’t let Blair be Langston’s foster mother, then she will adopt Langston.

In the car, right when John and Todd argue their respective women start arguing. John then asks them all to shut up because he’s getting a head ache. And he almost runs off the road.

After finding out that her new friends got their home destroyed in New Orleans, Marcie asks how they are dealing with it. The husband tells her because they had not hope They call New Orleans the Big Easy. Marcie then admits to them that she has been feeling sorry for herself lately. But she now realizes how much she has to be grateful for.

Viki talks to Charlie. He admits that the menu is really goad and she better not tell Moe about that because he has a big enough head as it is. She tells him he has her word that she won’t tell him. And is that menu really is not anything that Moe created.

Dorian tells Langston that she will adopt her. She knows what she is getting into and is ready for it. But Langston is not certain that she should do that. Dorian tells Langston that she knows how extraordinary Langston is. She has been without her parents for over a year. After they’ve died, she’s been taking care of herself all on her own. She thinks that is amazing. Langston then asks Dorian if she is going to go through with this without checking with her boyfriend first. Dorian asks Langston if she means Clint. Mrs. Woodrow and her supervisor tell Dorian that they know all about her personal life as they’ve done a thorough background check on her. Dorian tells them that is fine with her as long as she can prove to them that she is the parson to adopt Langston.

The social workers both agree to grant Dorian custody of Langston. And everybody is really happy.

David’s lady friend tells him she is well aware of her reputation and she will not apologize. She tells him she met a man who was a little older. But he was young at heart. He was fun and attractive. He tells her he knows the man was also rich. She admits that is true. But she really loved him. David tells her he’s sure she did. But she admits that she had this hideous addiction to something. She could not stay away form this man’s personal trainer. And this guy’s heart could not take it. David then asks if he died and she took everything. She tells him no. He dumped her. But California laws ruled in her favor. So she was able to walk out of it a very wealthy woman. She tells David it’s really nice to talk to somebody who really understands.

Marcie looks out the window of the place she’s staying at, looking like she’s lost in thought. The couples ask her if she is alright. She tells them she was just thinking about what they went through. The husband tells her that they find a way to find work and get back on their feet financially. The wife tells Marcie that the important thing is that they have love and trust and are together as a family. Hearing that, Marcie gets very depressed feeling as though she left something behind.

After the car breaks down, Blair and Marty argue while they are stranded on the road. But Marty concludes that although they don’t like each other, this is not about them. Blair says yes. It’s about finding Todd’s son. Marty says it’s about finding Marcie and Tommy and making certain they are ok. John and Todd argue about how to fix the car.

The waitress and Moe talk about Viki’s prospects of love with Charlie. He tells her that he believes that love stinks and nothing good ever comes from it. Charlie then announces to Viki that he’d like to take a very lucky woman out tomorrow night. And he’d like it to be her.

David tells his friend that she may not have an addiction after all. She just has an unfulfilled need to be satisfied. He tells her he can teach her meditation and breathing. He learned many things out east. But is he really simply not after her money?

Dorian and the four teenagers all want to go out and celebrate. She tells them that she trusts their judgment to go where they want and celebrate as they wish. Langston warns Dorian that she can be a handful. Doran tells her so can she. Langston asks her if she is really up to this. Dorian asks Langston if she is sure she can handle Dorian. They hug. Dorian tells her there are two things she needs to know about her. She almost always keeps her promises. And she is almost always right. As the four teenagers go off, the mysterious disguised person continues to spy upon them.

Todd, John, Blair and Marty are wondering when they will find Marcie.

Marcie is with her new friends. They arrange to take her to the store to get some things. She is a bit concerned. But they assure her not to worry and that she will not run into anybody who knows her around here. Little do they know what is going on not far away.

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