OLTL Update Thursday 11/1/07

One Life to Live Update Thursday 11/1/07


Written By Jeannie

In Paris, Texas, Viki arrives at work in a good mood and the other waitress’s kid her about the man she met last night. Viki says all she did was walk Charlie across the street and then nothing. Moe comes in and tells them someone needs to get quarters for the register. One of the waitresses makes a crack about vibrating beds and Viki asks if he’s in on it.

Nash and Jessica walk into the mansion to find Jared reading a newspaper.

Natalie arrives at Sarah’s apartment and demands she stop whatever the thing is she has going on with Jared.

Clint and Nora drink coffee together in their living room. Nora apologizes for running into him in the hall last night. Clint promises not to wander the halls in his boxers when they’re in Texas. Dorian walks in and asks what the joke is.

Langston comes into Dorian’s home and tells Starr that Mrs. Woodrow agreed to let Blair be her foster mom. She says they want to do it today and Starr says that’s terrible news.

Todd is yelling in his jail cell and John threatens him just as Blair and Marty walk in. Blair says they got there just in time.

In Paris, Texas, Viki denies taking Charlie to bed. Then Moe and the waitresses tease her. Viki says all she did was walk him across the street and they went to their separate rooms. Viki tells them he might be eating his meals there and they better not keep it up.

At Renee’s, Jessica demands to know how Jared conned his way in. Jared boasts how great the mansion is to live in. Jared informs them he was invited. Nash says he can’t stay there. Renee and Nigel walk in. They chat and Renee is very happy.

At Sarah’s apartment Sarah tells Natalie she is packing for Texas. Natalie tells her she is only telling her to stay away from Jared for her own good. She tells her that Jared is trying to carve his way into the family by using Sarah. Natalie tells Sarah she is either too stubborn or blind to see it. Sarah says she crossed the line.

Langston questions if Blair has changed her mind. Starr tells her Blair went to bail out Todd. They worry about what to tell Mrs. Woodrow or how to get the home inspection postponed.

Down in Georgia the cop gets the paperwork to release John and Todd. John says he’s getting on the road and Todd makes a crack and they start arguing. Blair says if she decided to bail him out he has to come home or he can rot down there in Georgia.

Clint invites Dorian to the reading of the will but she must turn him down. She explains Blair is out of town, and she needs to keep an eye on the children. Clint turns to Nora and says it’s just the two of them. Dorian asks if they’re going with Bo and is shocked when she learns they are going alone.

Jessica tells Renee she is surprised Jared is living there and asks her why. Renee explains that Jared is a friend and needed a place to stay. Jessica tells Renee she doesn’t know the whole story.

At the apartment Natalie apologizes for crossing the line, but she was just trying to protect her. Sarah says it’s no big deal; they only went out once and kissed twice. Natalie tries to tell her how bad Jared is. Sarah asks why everyone is in her business. Natalie tells her she doesn’t know about him and he’s not nice. Sarah says it’s not that big a deal. Natalie says Jared is only here to get even.

From the jail cell, Todd asks Blair if she is trying to black mail him. Marty tells John to come home too. Todd says they are close to getting his son. Blair asks where he’s going to get the money to bail himself out. Todd asks her not to do this.

Gigi, the waitress, asks Viki if Charlie is a good kisser. Moe jokes that Viki and Charlie probably kicked back and had a couple of tall boys last night. Then he kids her about using “protection” last night. Viki talks to Charlie and he says he heard her coworkers joking. He offers to set them straight and “save” her reputation.

Jessica tries to explain to Renee about her and Jared’s past. Nash interrupts her and she ends up telling Renee that having Jared live there might not be a good idea. Renee asks her to leave it alone. She goes to pack. Nigel follows her out. Jared says it’s probably best not to tell Renee the truth about him and Tess. Jessica says she doesn’t want to upset Renee. Jessica goes upstairs to see Renee. Nash threatens Jared if he hurts Renee in any way.

Natalie tells Sarah Jared got out of prison and ran straight to Llanview. Sarah holds up the fact that Natalie kissed Cristian to get to Jared. Sarah starts to call her on it and stops. Nat grabs her arm and asks what grandpa would think.

Clint, Nora and Dorian talk about going to Texas. Suddenly Dorian wants to go. Her cell phone rings and it's Starr.

Blair tells Todd he needs to come home. She says that Jack ran off and she walked in on a make out session with Starr and Cole. Marty tries to interrupt, but Todd insists on getting out. John and Todd trade snipes. Blair argues that they need to leave it to the professionals. Blair asks to talk to Marty alone and they leave. Todd asks John if he’s going to sit there and let the woman do this to them.

Back in Paris, Texas Viki is embarrassed that Charlie heard what they said. He replies they tease the people they care for in Texas and she should turn the tables. The other waitress walks up and Charlie asks how her son is. Viki walks away with her and she tells Viki to reel him in, he’s a keeper.

Todd and John talk about getting out of jail. Todd remarks that Marty has the hots for John. John just looks at him.

An angry Sarah tells Natalie not to make her feel bad about Asa. Natalie says Asa could smell a con man a mile away and the only reason she hired Jared was because he blackmailed her over Jessica. Nat storms out and Sarah grabs her purse and follows.

Nash and Jared talk about his staying at Renee. Nash says he knows what Jared is doing because he used to do the same things. But even at his worse he would not have jumped on a grieving woman. Jared leaves the room to go shower.

Dorian talks to Starr on her cell phone about the home inspection by Child Services. The inspection is in an hour. Dorian tells Clint she can’t go to Texas and leaves. Nigel comes in. He tells Clint Jessica and Nash are here and upset about the fact that Jared is staying there. They leave and Nigel talks to Asa’s photo. He asks what he’s supposed to do about the information he has on David Vickers.

At the diner in Texas, Viki does her work as Gigi comes over to her and tells her Charlie is busy with his work and barely talks. She remarks her ex husband could be like that and tells how he never talked to her. Viki reflects it’s possible to be lonely in a marriage. Gigi dreams of the perfect husband. Moe interrupts and tells them to get to work. Gigi says Moe needs a woman to go home to too. Viki says love is not the answer. Gigi tells her to go ask Charlie what he’s working on and strike up a conversation with him. Viki says she’s had love and is not sure she wants to risk it again.

Jessica comes downstairs and asks Nash how things went with Jared. Nash asks about Renee. Natalie and Sarah walk in arguing. Sarah says Natalie will tell Jared not to see her anymore and they start to argue again. Clint asks Jess what’s going on as Jared walks in. Natalie says they can’t leave Jared alone in the house and go to Texas so Sarah invites him to come along. Jared smiles.

At La Boulaie Langston says Mrs. Woodrow won’t like to see Dorian and not Blair. Dorian comes in and Langston explains that Mrs. Woodrow is on her way. Dorian says they need a plan.

Todd thinks about Marcie is getting further away and John wonders if this could have been avoided if he had told that he knew about Tommy right away. Blair and Marty come back with the cop. John and Todd have been bailed out. The women announce they have a “Plan B”.

Viki serves Charlie his food and asks about his work. One of the waitresses leaving and complains she has to leave to take Shane to the doctor. Moe says he’s docking her pay. Charlie asks about Shane’s dad being a navy seal. Viki doesn’t believe the waitress was telling the truth about her husband being a seal.

Natalie complains that Jared is going to Texas to the reading of the will. Renee comes in and she loves the idea. Renee says Jared might gain some “Asa insight” by attending the reading of the will. She invites him outside to see the elm tree outside. Jared invites Sarah to come, too.

Alone with his daughters and Nash, Clint warns Nat to be good. He tells her to keep her friends close and her enemies closer.

In another part of the house Nigel talks to Asa’s photo about David Vickers. He says Max Holden is the only other person who knows it.

A blond woman is at a place called Dreamland remembering overhearing Nigel talk about David Vickers. She asks the receptionist where David Vickers is staying.

At her mansion Dorian says they will say Blair was called away on a family emergency and it will be all right. The kids are worried.

Todd asks about Plan B as the cop opens the jail cell. Todd tells her what she can do with her plan B, but Blair informs them that she and Marty are coming with them.

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