OLTL Update Wednesday 10/31/07

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 10/31/07


Written By Jeannie

At the bar, Ramsey pulls a gun on the bartender while he’s in the dressing room and demands to know where to find that child and Marcie McBain.

Right then, Marcie and the drag queens get on the stage all dressed in sequined gowns and blond wigs. They sing and dance on stage. Todd and John are not far away. John observes the “programs” with their pictures on it. And he notches that one of the entertainers looks just like Marcie.

Cristian and Natalie are looking like they’ve gone trick or treating and are going through their candy. She tells him she enjoyed going trick or treating with him. He asks her if going to the palace to spy upon Jared and Sarah and almost getting kicked out by Renee did not do it for her.

Jared takes Sarah home. They talk about how they clearly made Cristian and Natalie insanely jealous. And she asks him if he’d like to come in for a drink.

Right then, Starr, Cole, Langston and Markko are in the living room. And it looks like somebody is outside the door, disguised in Halloween costume spying upon them.

At Capricorn, Marty approaches Blair and tells her she wants the same thing that Blair wants. They both want Todd and John to be able to find Marcie and Tommy without getting into trouble.

Marcie is on stage and sees John. She can tell that he has spotted her and she puts her hands over her eyes. But it looks like Ramsey and the FBI guys have failed to find her. The go out the door. Marcie stares at John and is afraid he’s going to arrest her.

Cristian and Natalie argue about whose idea it was to spy upon Jared and Sarah and who was out of control. He tells her that the point they both intended to make is that Jared and Sarah can go out on their little “date” together. But it’s not going to bother them. He asks her if he is right about that. But right at that moment, she appears lost in thought as she has a “Vision” about Jared. It appears as though she has him on the brain.

After Sarah invites Jared into her apartment, he tells her that he wants to “take this slow”. She tells him that she did not intend to throw him down on the bed and seduce him. She just wanted to invite him in to maybe have some tea. She then tells him if he wants things to go “fast”, maybe he should contact her cousin Natalie. She’s heard that she knows how to get things going fast. At that point, Jared sees a vision of Natalie at his door and he only has Natalie on the brain.

Starr notices that there are weird noises outside the door. Langston and Cole tell her not to worry. It’s probably nothing but they all turn and notice the person dressed as a skeleton outside the window.

At the bar, they announce a person dressed as Cher who sings and dresses like the real Cher. It looks like everybody is too distracted to find Marcie.

Natalie is with Cristian but having uncontrolled fantasies about Jared. He finds that she is completely distracted. He wonders what is wrong with her. She is a million miles away and sees Jared over her shoulder even though he is not there.

Jared is with Sarah but having uncontrolled fantasies about Natalie She finds that he is completed distracted. She wonders what is wrong with him and why he has his mind a million miles away. He sees Natalie right in Sarah's kitchen even though she is not there.

Marcie goes into the dressing room with the drag queens and holds Tommy. She tells them that she has to escape and get past John. But they tell her she either cannot do that or they know of another way.

While Cher is performing, Ramsey asks John how he got onto this lead.. John tells Ramsey that he is just being a detective.

At Capricorn, in response to Marty telling Blair she wants to help her and is on her side, Blair asks Marty how she could say that. Doesn’t she want Todd to come back in a body bag? She knows that Marty likes John and wants to help him. Marty tells Bair that they are obviously both very concerned about John and Todd potentially killing each other. And maybe they can work together to prevent it from happening.

Starr freaks when she sees the mysterious person outside. She is very afraid. She tells the others that they need to call the police. But Markko tells her if they come and discover they were called for nothing, then they will think it’s a prank. And Langston reminds her that that will look bad for her with Child and Family Services. They go outside but cannot find the mysterious person dressed like a skeleton.

Natalie tells Cristian that she realizes that they once meant a lot to each other and may have “moments” like this. They’ve both moved on and been with other people. But they are still good friends. They can still talk to each other. In response to that, he tells her she must know that she can tell him anything. She replies yes. He then asks her how she really feels about Jared Banks. She cannot answer that question. And right then, the “vision” she has of Jared tells her he’d like to know that also.

When Jared is in Sarah's home, she wonders what is wrong with him. Did he have too much to drink? He tells her that when he was stuck in prison for years, it really wore him down. She asks him why he would be upset about what happened to him when he was falsely accused. She tells him that she is not one to judge with her own “not so squeaky clean past.”. She then plays an act as though she is judging him. She tells him he is a horny creep. He only wants to get revenge upon Jessica. And it’s Natalie whom he really wants. He tells her that he gets it. He really likes her. And he kisses her. But he has only Natalie on the brain. He sees her seducing him.

The drag queens all surround Marcie and Tommy. She tells them that both of those men know “Aaron” and herself. And she is worried. She thinks that maybe they should just make a break for it. But Harvey tells her not now. And he tells her he can hopefully finagle a way out of there for them.

Cher continues singing. John, Todd and Ramsey talk about John’s history. Ramsey informs Todd that John ruined an investigation a long time ago and got his fiancé killed. He goes on talking. And John punches him. Right then, there’s a big bar fight. Everybody is fighting. Tables and chairs get smashed. And everybody is distracted. Harvey then asks the Cher person to keep singing. Everybody is completely distracted. And nobody can find Marcie. At that point, her new friends confirm to her that she was looking for a way out and they have found it for her.

Starr, Langston, Cole and Markko go and look for signs of a person but find nothing. She is afraid but the others do not believe that anything is out there. She is very upset that her friends do not believe her.

The drag queens promise Marcie that they will get her and Aaron out of there. At that point, everybody has vacated the premises. She notices that there’s been a lot of property damage done. And she is worried that she is responsible for this. She is concerned that Harvey might not be able to pay for this. But they tell her that this is perfectly ok.

After Blair refuses to help Marty, Marty tells her that she will just go and do this herself. Right then, Blair gets a call from Todd. But she cannot hear him. He tells her he needs her to wire him some money. She asks what for. He is apparently calling form jail. He tells her he just wants her to do it without the 3rd degree. She asks how much. He tells her it will be thousands of dollars. She asks him why. She tells him because he has to make bail. And he’s surrounded by all of the other people whom the cops have removed from the bar.

Natalie replies to Cristian’s question about her “feelings” for Jared, by rationalizing to him that she may have always had a “jealous streak”. She was raised by Roxy. And when she found her other family, Jessica was the center of attention. But he can tell that there is more going on than that. She hears and sees Jared although he is not there. And she yells, protesting that she thinks Jared is an arrogant jerk and she hates his guts. Jared is right by her side even though he is not there. And he’s haunting her.

Sarah still wonders what is up with Jared. He tells her that he just has a lot going on in regard to Renee giving him the keys to Asa Buchanan’s mansion. But she knows that there is more going on than that. He tells her that he thinks they should plan a second date.

Cole notices that the power guy is outside the door. He simply tells them that he has temporarily restored their power but wants them to stay out of the yard. Starr admits that she feels like an idiot and is sorry that she put the others through that. Langston tells them she has to go because she cannot be late for curfew.

Todd asks Blair if she will send the money. She asks where the jail is and why on earth he needs $25,000. He tells her she must give him the money and then spank him later,. The drag queens surround him and tell him that he is desperate for a spanking. But he tells then that he is not desperate for a woman. Blair asks him if he is alright. He replies that he just got beaten up by a guy in a mini skirt. He got arrested. And they lost Marcie. Blair gets off her phone and Marty concludes that John must e in jail with him. Blair replies yes. Marty asks Blair what now. Blair replies that they must book a flight and go to save their men together.

Sarah and Jared talk about Asa. He goes out the door.

Blair and Marty argue but agree to go on their mission together

Harvey calls Marcie from the jail cell and tells her he will do all that he can to prevent John and Todd from taking her child from her.

The FBI agent Ramsey harasses the bar owner while Marcie performs on stage with the drag queens. John and Todd stand around waiting.

Natalie and Cristian have sheets on as they to trick or treating as ghosts. Then sit on a park bench and go through their goodie bags. They talk about Jared and Sarah.

Outside of Sarah's apartment Jared and Sarah talk about their date. She asks him in for a drink.

At Dorian’s Star, Cole, Markko and Langston watch TV as a person in a skull face costume watches from outside.

Marty talks to Blair at Capricorn.

Marcie tries to keep up with the dancers on stage and John realizes it’s her up there. Todd comes over and tells John they are wasting their time. John tells him to go look elsewhere and Todd leaves. The FBI agents follow Todd. Marcie realizes John has spotted her.

Natalie and Cristian eat candy and talk about themselves. Natalie compliments his kissing. Cristian says he did it so Jared and Sarah wouldn’t know they were bothering them. Natalie thinks she sees Jared in devil horns standing behind Cristian.

Jared turns Sarah down. Sarah thinks it’s because it’s his first night at the mansion and he wants to get home early. Jared says he doesn't want to move to fast. Sarah says its just hot chocolate and she doesn’t want to push things either. Sarah says if he wanted fast he should go with her cousin Nat. Jared imagines Nat is standing there in a sexy witch costume.

At Dorian’s Starr is freaked out because she thinks she hears something outside. No one else hears anything. Langston says it’s just the old house. Cole tries to calm her down. She turns to the window sees someone in a skull face costume and screams.

At the drag club they introduce Cher and Marcie runs back to the dressing room. The agents bring Todd back in as John walks up. Ramsey tells John he’s not going anywhere.

Natalie imagines Jared is talking to her, but Cristian pulls her out of her dreamland. She tells him she can’t stop thinking of Jared and what he did to her family. She imagines Jared is there again and whispers “go away.” Cristian offers to leave but Natalie says she was just thinking of Jared and wanting him to go away. Cristian says Jared gets to Natalie as she imagines he’s right beside her, teasing her. Natalie says she’s not interested in him and Cristian can’t figure out who she’s talking to.

At Sarah's Jared imagines witch-Natalie is there teasing him. He’s distracted. Sarah asks why he’s so jumpy. The imaginary Natalie asks him to get a real drink with her and Jared blurts out “No.” Sarah asks what’s wrong with him. She tells him to go lie down on the couch. When he does Natalie-witch is sitting there.

At the drag club Marcie hides in the back with Tommy. She wants to leave, but there’s no way to leave from the back room. Out front Cher sings as John promises to back off. Todd teases the FBI agent. Ramsey asks how John knew of the lead and John says its just good detective work. Ramsey says if John was running this show it could be like the bloody fiasco that cost Caitlyn her life.

Back at Capricorn Marty and Blair talk about Todd and John. Marty wants to go stop them. Blair thinks she’s crazy. Marty calls her chicken.

At Dorian’s Starr screams and Cole and Markko look to see what’s wrong and the lights go out. Starr picks up a fireplace shovel. The four decide to go see who’s outside. Slowly they creep out the door and into the yard as skull-face hides behind the bushes.

Natalie and Cris talk about an interest between the two of them, but agree they’re just good friends. Cris tells her she can tell him anything and Natalie says vice versa. He asks how she really feels about Jared Banks. Devil-Jared appears and says he wants to know the same thing.

At her apartment Sarah gives Jared a glass of water and he jumps. He blames it on the drinking. Jared asks if his past bothers Sarah. She says she’s not one to judge. She says her grandfather wasn’t exactly a choir boy. He says something about suspicion. Sarah says if he wants suspicion she’ll give him suspicion and then turns and blasts him about using her to get back at Jessica and really lusting after Natalie. He laughs and says enough then they kiss. When the kiss ends he opens his eyes and sees Natalie-witch.

At the drag club Harvey comes back to the dressing room to check on them. He tells them to calm down. Marcie wants to make a break for it. Harvey tells her not to worry and goes back out to the front. Todd asks Ramsey who Caitlyn is. The agent tells him that John goaded a serial killer into going after him and got his fiancé killed instead. The agent orders his men to arrest John and Todd. John punches Ramsey and the whole bar starts fighting. Harvey eggs them on. The other drag queen peeks out from the dressing room tells Marcie she has her way out.

Markko finds a plastic bag and thinks that’s what Starr saw. Cole says a tree branch was what she heard. Starr insists she really saw and heard something. She’s upset no one believes her. She screams again and points to the window. The skull-face is back. They all see it this time.

At the bar the cops showed up and took everyone out. Marcie is upset the bar is trashed but they tell her Harvey has insurance. They tell her she’s family. She promises to pay them back.

Blair argues with Marty about going after Todd and John. Just then Todd calls. He asks for money. Blair asks how much and what for. Todd tells her and says it’s for bail. We see Todd in a jail cell with the others from the bar. A drag queen tells him to hurry up with the phone.

Natalie tries to explain that she has everything under control. Devil Jared materializes and laughs. Cris tells her it’s okay to be jealous and she insists she’s not. She says Jared is using Sarah. Devil-Jared teases her and Natalie blurs out that he’s a jerk. Jared says she still wants to go to bed with him. Natalie just stares.

Jared and Sarah talk in her apartment. He is still seeing Natalie-witch. He is very edgy and starts rambling. Sarah says this was their first date. Jared asks how they make it official. Sarah says she has a three date rule and asks about a date tomorrow.

Cole yells at the skull-face in the window to go away, but then they realize it’s the guy from the power company. Everyone is relieved. Markko and Langston leave.

In jail, Todd asks for the money and Blair asks what happened. Todd says send the money now and spank him later. A drag queen tells him the spanking comes first then the money. Todd threatens him. Blair asks what happened and Todd gives her a run down of punching the FBI agent and a drag queen and then gets off the phone. Marty asks if John is in jail too and Blair says book the flight.

Sarah talks to Jared about going to the reading of the will. Sarah doesn’t think she should go. Jared says she should go. Then he leaves. In the hall Jared turns and sees Natalie-witch.

In the park Natalie sees devil-Jared and says she wants to go home. Cristian says she should get some sleep because she’s acting weird.

At Dorian’s, Cole suggests laying off the horror movies. Starr wants to see the end of the movie. The Skull-face is still outside.

At Capricorn Marty and Blair make plans to go to Atlanta to help John and Todd.

At the drag club, Marty gets ready to go. Marcie freaks out about the car, but they tell her they Halloweened it up and no one would recognize it. They give her directions to a family who will help her. They give her a really nice camera from Harvey. They also give her a blond wig so she can change her look. She leaves. Inside the bar the phone rings. It's Harvey from jail saying the feds are on their way back. John overhears him telling them Marcie is headed for the “Big Easy.”

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