OLTL Update Tuesday 10/30/07

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 10/30/07


Written By Jennifer S.

At Capricorn, Adriana is on the phone believing she is having a private conversation about being pregnant. Rex stands over her shoulder and is shocked that his girlfriend could be pregnant but has not told him.

Starr and Langston are sitting in front of the television watching a scary Halloween movie. Starr is engrossed in the movie. But Langston is more concerned about what her future will be. She is afraid she will be taken away. Starr tells her she need not worry. She can come and live with them. But Langston tells Starr that she does not know if she can do this. She does not know if she can be part of their family.

Blair goes to a Halloween party and notices Miles having fun. She demands to know why he thinks he can have time to get dressed up without having to do his community service. Roxy is standing by Miles and tells Blair that Miles has already paid his debt to society. Blair notices that Jack feels very neglected with all that is going on. His parents only seem concerned about Tommy and about Starr’s friend, Langston, he tells her. Nobody seems to care about him anymore.

At the bar in Decatur, GA, Ramsey goes in search of Marcie. But the transvestites have gotten her dressed up to look like them. A guy announces there is nobody there except for the drag queens and they will not find the woman in question. Right then, Todd and John enter the bar. John tells Todd they need to think about how to find Marcie and Tommy before Ramsey does. Are they already too late.?

Layla and Vincent go to visit Talia, assuming she might be alone for Halloween. But they are pleasantly surprised to notice that she is dressed up and spending the evening with Antonio and Jamie.

At Capricorn, Adriana can tell that Rex has something going on. But she has no clue what.

Starr admits to Langston that when she first found out that she had a baby brother, she wanted to disregard Jack. She promises she will not do that to Langston. But Langston asks Starr what will happen if Social Services prevents her from living with Starr and her family.

The drag queens attempt to assure Ramsey and his assistant that they have not seen Marcie. But, unknown to Ramsey, she is sitting right there dressed like them. And not far away, John and Todd are looking for her.

Cole and Markko go to find Starr and Langston and are ready to get the party started. But before Markko can interact with Langston, he tells her that there is something he must tell her. He reveals to her that he is not whom she thinks he is.

Marty is alone and looks spooked.

Rex tells Adriana that she must know how much he loves her. She tells him that sometimes she really needs to hear that. He tells her that he wants a future with her. Not knowing that he has overheard her talking about being pregnant, she confirms to him that they have already started their future. She asks him what has gotten into him. He then asks her if there is something that he does not want to tell her.

Roxy and Miles are ready to have fun while he does community service, looking like they are there to help kids at a Halloween party. He admits to her that he has spent most of his life looking like a monster and has always wanted to wear a costume.

Blair tells Jack that she realizes that it’s been rough for him. But she has never stopped caring about him. He asks her if she will have to share a room with Tommy. She tells her son of course not. He can have his own room. He asks his mom if he will be kept awake by a baby crying all the time. Blair tells her son that Tommy is old enough not to cry at night. She asks him if he is worried that she and his daddy will not have enough time for him anymore.

After Ramsey leaves the “drag queens” alone, Marcie tells her new friends that she is very worried. She cannot stay there. But they tell her they can handle this. Harvey tells her he can go out front and see what is up. The bartender admits to Todd and John that he never saw the woman in the picture they give him. Todd wants the bartender to believe that he is from the FBI. But when he offers him a bribe to “refresh his memory”, the bartender tells Todd he knows that FBI agents don’t offer bribes.. Right then, Ramsey and his associate enter and ask Todd and John what they are doing there. Todd replies they are just there to “see the show.”

Rex tells Adriana that she must know that he can trust her. She does not know exactly what he is talking about. He tells her if there is anything she is hesitating to tell him, maybe she should discuss it with him. She tells him that if there was any important decision she had to make, she would never go ahead with it without discussing it with him first. She then tells him she needs to go to the lady’s room. And right away, he assumes it’s for obvious reasons. And sure enough, he notices that the last call she made on her cell phone was to her gynecologist. And it would have to mean that the two of them are going to have a baby.

Talia tells Layla and Vincent that the only reason Antonio informed Jamie that he would spend the evening with her is so that they could get dressed up as a couple of restaurant workers. But Layla tells her that she thinks it’s more than that. The two women go off with Jamie. Vincent asks Antonio if he’s been able to be there for Talia after breaking up with her boyfriend. He tells Antonio that he believes that Talia is a “whole package.” And any man who cannot see that must not be breathing. Antonio then observes Talia and finds himself staring and agreeing with what Vincent just said.

Blair runs into Marty and wonders what is going on, assuming that she is helping John, Michael and Marcie keep Todd’s son from him. Blair tells Marty that she is being nice to her for the kids’ sake but does not believe she owes her anything. So if Marty is worried about where John is or if they’ve found Tommy, Blair is not really concerned about that. Marty departs. Blair finds her son and tells Jack that she wants to assure him that regardless of his baby brother and his big sister’s friend, he must never believe that his parents do not have enough time for him. She tells him that he must know that no matter how many people might live in their home, there will always be room for him in their home and in their hearts.

Markko tells Langston that he knows she thinks of him as this “macho dude”. She tells him that it’s ok if he shows some vulnerability. Starr is with Cole, telling him she cannot believe that it’s been a year since they met at that party. He admits that when he first saw her arguing with Britney that night, he thought she was really hot. He liked her then. But not as much as he does now. Right then, Langston and Markko walk in to see them kissing. Langston then tells them she wants to get the party started.

Marcie tells the drag queens that she is amazed that that little boy has been sleeping through the whole thing. She breaks down crying telling them that he is just a little one and does not understand that they are on the run and that he will never see his daddy again and some nut job wants to take him away. They then get her some Kleenex and tell her she cannot let her mascara run. She tells them that if they ever get out of this, she will make certain that her son knows that he is loved and that he is the most special thing in her life. They then start laughing and hug her. Outside at the bar, Ramsey tells Todd and John that he can clearly tell what they are up to.

While waiting for Adriana, Rex goes through her purse. When he sees her coming back, he asks her if she is having stomach issues. She admits she is getting kind of stressed. She and Layla have a whole new business venture they have to plan and she has a lot of work to do. She then tells him she has to stop by Layla’s and she will see him later tonight. She kisses him. Alone, Rex asks why she will not tell him that she is pregnant.

Roxy wants to socialize with Miles. But he reminds her he has more work to do. Alone, he looks like he has Marty on the brain. She comes up and approaches him. He pretends that he had no clue that she is nearby. She tells him she knows that he tried to scare her before and demands to know why.

Blair tells Jack that she remembers Starr when they first brought him home. His big sister had a tough time of it. She may have been worried that there would not be enough love to go around. But she later knew that there was. He may ask her all about it, she tells him . And she assures him that when his little brother comes home, they will all be a family and it will bring him closer to all of the people who love him..

Marcie and the drag queens are looking for a way for her to escape. They then tell her that they have a plan B. Not far away, John tells Todd that if the people in the bar are hiding Marcie, it’s because they care about her. What is Todd’s excuse for what he is doing? Ramsey comes into the costume room and asks the bartender just what they are hiding. The bartender replies only costumes and things. Nothing Ramsey would be interested in.

Cole and Starr are kissing when she announces to her friends that her mom is home and they must appear to be watching the Halloween movie. Blair and Jack enter and ask how everybody’s night is. She seems to know that the four teenagers are probably not spending time alone in the house watching Baby Bear’s First Halloween as they seem to want her to believe. And she reminds the four of them that if she does not realize that Social Services have a very strict curfew and many rules for Langston, they might not approve what she wants to do. She asks them to not make her regret her decision.

Layla invites Antonio over to notice the costume that Jamie has designed for Talia on the laptop. He tells her that she would look great in that. And he tells her that it will be perfect for her “when she finds the right guy”. At that point, she gets up to leave, assuming that she has overstayed her welcome to be with him.

Ramsey finally pulls a gun on the bartender and demands that he tells him where they are. Where is that child and Marcie McBain? Tommy is hiding unseen and unheard under the table. And right then, Marcie and the two drag queens get up on the stage wearing their sequined dresses and costumes and they start singing.

When Rex is alone at Capricorn, Roxy finds him. She asks her son what is up. He tells his mother that he does not like it when people keep secrets.

Adriana goes to see Layla about her “secret”. It sounds like she is planning something involving “pregnancy”. But it’s not that she is actually pregnant or ready to be. It’s an idea for their lingerie business about how to promote a “hot momma”.

Rex tells his mother that he doubts either of them are ready for what is going to happen. She asks him what is about to happen. He replies that she is about to be a grandma.

Antonio and Talia depart from their evening together and go their separate ways. He sounds like he is not interested in her. But when she leaves, he seems to stare at her and may have feelings for her that he is not admitting to.

Marty tells Miles that maybe she overreacted when she accused him of stalking her. After all, this is Halloween.

Outside of Blair’s home, there is an unidentified person looking through the window at the four teenagers.

Blair is on the phone again unable to reach Todd.

At the bar where Marcie is hiding, as John observes the drag queens singing and dancing, he observes their pictures on a magazine cover. And right then, he is able to tell that one of them is Marcie.

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