OLTL Update Monday 10/29/07

One Life to Live Update Monday 10/29/07


Written By Jennifer S.

At the palace, Cristian and Natalie seem to both be insanely jealous when they observe Jared and Sarah kissing. So they ‘retaliate” by kissing in front of them. Right then, Renee walks in and notices Cristian and Natalie. At that point, they realize they don’t want to be seen. She tells them she’s glad if they are “back together”. But if they are looking for “dessert,” they need to get a room.

At the Texas cafe, Viki is waiting on a nice looking man named Charlie. Her co-worker observes that it looks like they might have a connection.

Rex and Adriana run into Blair sitting by herself at the restaurant. They ask her if she’s gotten any word about Tommy. She coldly replies that his name is not Tommy. And if she did know, she would not tell them.

Right then, Marcie has a close call. While she’s in the bar with Tommy, when it looks like she has new friends looking out for her, Agent Ramsey and the FBI enter and show the bartender a picture of her.

Not far away, John and Todd are in the car trying to find her.

Viki and the other waitress, Gigi Morasco, are talking about how she’s going to “make her move” with Charlie. Viki tells the waitress that she is an adult. What is she supposed to do? Pass him a note in study hall? The waitress tells Viki that she must have a “bag of tricks” for expressing interest in a man. It looks like Viki is evading the issue. She asks the waitress if she is seeing anybody and is surprised that she doesn’t have a boyfriend. The waitress admits that she does not know of anybody she wants to have a relationship with. She is raising her child on her own. But if a man like Charlie came along, she would not accept being single.

In response to Renee’s inquiry about what they are doing, Natalie and Cristian protest that they are concerned about Jared being there with Sarah. Natalie tells her that she observed Jared shoving his tongue town Sarah’s throat. Hearing that, Renee tells Natalie that she believes that Jared is a gentleman and would never do anything like that.

After the FBI guys come and look for Marcie, her friends help her to hide so she does not find her. A transvestite attempts to distract Ramsey. But he is determined to find Marcie one way or another.

Blair tells Adriana that she does not trust anybody who is a friend to Marcie after what she did with Todd’s son. They protest that Marcie is only protecting Tommy. Blair tells them that Marcie had her day in court and lost and she is now breaking the law by kidnapping Todd’s son. And she knows that her cousin, Adriana only wants to screw Todd over. Adriana protests that Blair that she must know that the McBains are good people. And she informs Blair that Michael just got arrested. Hearing that, Blair is surprised and asks how and why that happened.

In the car, John grabs Todd’s cell phone, knowing that Todd is up to no good whenever he uses it. Todd demands that John gives it back. But John tells him the next time he catches him using it, it’s going out the window. And so is Todd.

Viki admits to the waitress that she has “put her curiosity on the shelf”. She confides in her that she had a husband that died way too young. So, ever since then, she has put her heart in bubble wrap. The waitress tells her that she is very sorry but asks her what it would take to get back up on the horse. Viki replies that she would like a man who respects her independence, who is sensible, responsible, who likes children and who has a good laugh. Right then, they hear Charlie outside laughing. And the waitress tells Viki she rests her case.

Rex tells Adriana that she does not need to feel guilty working against Blair and Todd. She tells him she does not feel guilty. She feels scared. Michael was arrested for lying in court. And she’s worried that as soon as Blair finds out that they both knew for a long time that Tommy was Todd’s son and kept Todd from his son, she will kill them. He then tells her that he knows Blair will be angry, but believes she will get over it. She tells him Blair will kill them. Right then, Blair is trying and failing to get a hold of Todd on the phone.

John and Todd are driving and getting frustrated with each other. They are ready to have an argument when Todd’s phone rings. It’s Blair. She tells him she did not know that Michael got arrested. Todd gloats to her that she should know that perjury is illegal. She asks him if he is alone with John. Todd sarcastically replies yes, he is. Right then, John grabs the phone and tells Blair about the stunts that Todd has been pulling.

At the diner, Charlie goes out the door but asks Viki for directions to the motel. Right then, the waitress’s son, Shane enters and has a black eye. She asks him what happened. He tells her no big deal. She tells her son it is a big deal and demands he tells her who hurt him.

Natalie and Cristian tell Renee that they agree to no more tonsil hockey in her restaurant. But Natalie tells her that she needs to make sure that Jared and Sarah follow the same rule. Renee goes over and talks to them, informing Jared that her deceased husband thought very highly of Sarah. And she gives Jared his new keys to her mansion. Natalie is shocked that Renee would let Jared live in her grandfather’s mansion. Renee takes Natalie aside. She tells her that she thinks very highly of Jared. She believes that he would be a very positive asset to Buchanan Enterprises. So she would like Natalie to re-hire him. And she wants her to do it for Asa.

Blair tells Todd that she would like to help him with what is going on. He tells her he is not entirely certain he can trust her since she helped John put him in jail. He tells her that he does not trust John. He knows if John finds Marcie before Todd does, then he will let her go. John tells Todd that if he does not cooperate with his investigation, he can drive off with him and leave him stranded.

Marcie hides while the transvestite distracts Ramsey. The transvestite tells Ramsey he should not be looking for any woman besides her/him. Ramsey asks the transvestite if he knows a guy named Harvey DeWitt. The transvestite admits that he does.

At the diner, Shane explains to his mom that he had conversations with kids about what to be for Halloween. And a kid named Tyler Wilcox suggested that Shane go as the “little bastard”. The waitress then sets her son straight that his father was a hero who died saving lives. And if Tyler Wilcox or his mommy doesn’t understand that, she can straighten them around.

At the bar where Marcie is hiding, Ramsey asks the transvestite what his association with Harvey DeWitt is. Ramsey shows the transvestite a picture of Marcie and asks if he knows her. The transvestite replies no. Ramsey says that sounds odd since he happens to know that her brother, Ron Walsh, made two phone calls to Harvey in the last day.

Blair and Todd talk on the phone. She tells him that the kids wonder where their father is and why they cannot just let the FBI do his job. He tells her he does not want that. She then suggests that he comes home. But he is not about to. While she is on the phone, Rex and Adriana observe her form a distance knowing she is probably talking to Todd. Rex tells Adriana that it’s entirely possible that Blair will never find out that they both knew about Tommy. But she reminds him that Michael just got arrested because he knew. And what will happen if he gets subpoenaed under oath to reveal if anybody else knew. What will they do then?

At the diner, Moe observes the three waitresses concerned about Shane and demands they get back to work. Viki tells him he is way out of line to be insensitive after Shane has been hurt. Charlie observes and asks if that guy ever comes out of the kitchen in a good mood. The waitresses admit that he does not. And right then, Charlie wants to help Shane to defend himself against Tyler Wilcox and gives him many pointers.

At the Palace, Renee tells Natalie that she is not being fooled by Jared. As long as he is courteous to her, he is welcome to stay in her home. Natalie then asks Renee why she did that. Renee says that Jared was previously staying with Jessica and Nash but did not want to impose. Natalie asks Renee if she really buys a word Jared says. Jared forced himself to live in Jessica and Nash’s home and harassed them and blackmailed them. Cristian tells Renee that what Natalie is trying to say is that they do not trust Jared. Renee tells them that she will not listen to a word they say. Jared is a wonderful young man. And she won’t let them kick him when he is down. Natalie tells Cristian that she has to shut Jared down now. Cristian reminds her that that might be easier said than done since he has Renee on his side. He asks her how she can “shut down” a one man brilliant con act.

Rex and Adriana are brainstorming about what could happen if Todd finds out that they knew about Tommy. Blair is then trying and failing to contact Todd. Todd talks to John about how he knows he is going to have a thing with Marty Saybrooke. He knows that Marty is helping John and Michael and Marcie break the law. John ignores Todd and says nothing. John then tells Todd that they can talk about John’s phony marriage to Blair.

The transvestite admits to Ramsey that Marcie’s brothers did call and asked if he could help their sister. He admits that he would do anything he could to help that poor girl if he had a chance. He thinks it’s a disgrace that somebody wants to take her child from her. But no, he has not seen her. Ramsey believes the transvestite is lying and says he needs to look around. But it looks like Marcie is gone.

At the diner, Moe tells Gigi that a meal was made up by mistake and it’d be a shame to waste it. So he gives it to Shane. Viki then tells Charlie that she can show him the place where she’s been staying.

At the palace, Jared discovers that his credit card did not go through and he asks why. Renee then announces that she won’t accept his payment. He is her guest. Jared tells Natalie that she must know that she does not call the shots. She tells him that he may have won “this round”. She tells him to get out of her face. He asks what she will do if he does not. Will she kiss him?

Rex goes and asks Blair if Todd and John have gotten any closer to finding Tommy and Marcie. She tells him it’s none of his damn business. Right then, Rex observes Adriana on the phone talking about the possibility that she could be pregnant.

John and Todd are in the car realizing they have to get to Decatur, Georgia ASAP.

The transvestite takes Ramsey into the “dressing room” when he says he has to find Marcie. There is another guy dressed up like a woman and he says there’s nobody there except for them drag queens. But Marcie is right there, sitting beside them, dressed like they are.

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