OLTL Update Friday 10/26/07

One Life to Live Update Friday 10/26/07


Written By Jennifer S.

Viki waits on a customer at the restaurant she is now working at in Paris, TX. She has a conversation with a guy when her employer interrupts her by demanding the waitresses stop socializing on company time and start working.

At Capricorn, Cristian asks Natalie if she plans on hanging out there for a while. He asks her if she is going to have any new bands there today. He tells her that Sarahh has scheduled a band. Hearing that, Natalie makes it clear that she does not approve of his ‘relationship” with Sarahh or her job at Capricorn. He asks her to give Sarahh a break. She then asks just where her cousin is tonight.

Right then, Sarahh meets Jared for dinner at a formal restaurant. They talk about Cristian’s objections of their seeing each other. She remarks that Cristian acts like her big brother. He tells her that that is one thing she will not have to worry about with him. He would never act like her brother.

John and Todd are in the car. They have different music preferences. John seems to prefer country music whereas Todd wants to listen to Jazz. They realize they cannot agree to the music. So maybe they can just drive in silence until they find Marcie.

Right then, Marcie goes to a bar and notices a guy dressed in a Halloween costume behind the bar. She asks if she can have some ginger ale for herself and her son. He tells her he cannot serve her because she has a child there which is against city ordinance. But she tells him she is there to meet somebody. He tells her that rules are rules. But right then, a guy enters and tells the bartender they can make an exception for this lady, especially if her name is Penny Shaw and she is keeping a “low profile” for men in black. Right then, she can tell that this is the guy whom Ron wanted her to find, named Harvey.

At the diner, Antonio enters with Jamie wearing a clown costume and surprises his mother. Carlotta is very happy to see her son and granddaughter. She tells Antonio that she was surprised and thought that she as going to dress up as a princess. He tells her that they did not want to have gender stereotypes. Carlotta is surprised that her son would use such big words around a child so young. He remarks that she is getting to be a big girl. Hearing that, Jamie remarks that she is the big sister and Bree is the little one. Alone with her son, Carlotta realizes that her granddaughter is still missing Jessica and Bree. Antonio remarks to his mother that life goes on even if Jamie no longer has her stepmother and baby sister. Right then, Talia walks in and hugs Jamie. It looks like she should be the maternal figure for Jamie now.

Ron’s friend, Harvey tells Marcie she need not worry. She and Tommy are in good hands with him. The bartender reminds Harvey that they might be in trouble if the bar owner walks in and knows that they are in violation of state laws. Marcie tells Harvey that she does not want to get him or the bartender in any trouble. But he tells her that she need not worry. Ron and Eric have been there for him many times. SO he has no problem helping them and their sister and nephew.

While driving, Todd asks John what he would do if “teaming up” with him is not his thing and he escapes and finds Marcie on his own. He asks John what he supposes would be the worst thing that could happen if he did. John replies that if Todd screws up, then Marcie and Tommy will wind up dead. Todd asks John if he really believes that after all he has been through to find his son, that he would put him in any danger. He then asks John just want kind of father John thinks he is. John then replies that he thinks Todd is the type of father who does not deserve to have a child.

Viki and her customer can hear the waitress and manager arguing loud enough to be heard by everybody. He asks if he should go there and intervene. Viki laughs and says they always talk like that. The guy asks Viki what she thinks of some of the menu items. She knows that one of the items is something that the manager learned when he was in the military and it may not be what everybody wants. The guy seems like he would prefer Viki to have input about what types of food should be on the menu.

Sarahh and Jared are together at the Palace.

At Capricorn, Cristian and Natalie discuss that very thing. He asks her if she is not concerned about this. She tells him she has no cause for alarm. Jared is too cheap to spend the type of money he needs to take Sarahh to a place like the palace. And she no longer has her trust fund. They argue about which one of them is “responsible” for Sarahh being with Jared and what they must do in order to get her out of this.

Marcie talks to Harvey about the near miss she had with a cop when she was out driving the other night. She was tired and gave him reason to think she might be driving drunk. Every time somebody follows her, she gets suspicious and lives in fear. And she does not know how much longer she can go on like this with Tommy. Hearing that, Harvey assures her that she is going to be alright. She needs to know that there are people who care about her and who are looking out for her.

Todd and John discuss whether he is fit to be a father. Todd remarks that when John finds “this kidnapping bitch”, John needs to do his job and help Todd get his son back. John then remarks to Todd that when he gets Tommy back, he will have the opportunity to ruin his son’s life. He asks Todd if he really cares about anybody or anything involved in this except himself.

Talia tells Antonio and Carlotta that she just went in to get some coffee and didn’t know that she would run into them. Carlotta is really happy to see her. She leaves her son alone with Talia. Talia admits to Antonio that she is not entirely comfortable having his mother seeing them together and confusing Jamie. She tells Antonio that she has to leave, sounding like she assumes that he does not want her there. But he seems like he wants her to stay. Carlotta seems to want Talia to stay and be a part of her family at some point.

At the Palace, Sarahh asks Jared how he got to know about her family. He tells her that he heard about Asa and B. E. and wanted to work there. She tells him for what it’s worth, she thinks Natalie really shafted him unfairly. She admits to him that she used to be really close to her great grandfather. But then she moved away and they lost touch. Then, she all of a sudden discovered Asa’s death and has been trying and failing to get back in the good graces of her family. She admits to Jared that throughout her life, she did not want or need Buchanan money. But now she wants it and does not have it. She tells him she doesn’t really want to talk about herself anymore. He asks her what, then, she wants to talk about. She replies she wants to talk about the real reason why he asked her out on this “date” tonight.

At Capricorn, Natalie tells Cristian that she is very worried about what Jared will do to her family. He has a personal vendetta upon Jessica. And he does not care about Sarahh. Cristian tells her that he is staying out of Sarahh’s business. She asks him if he might have feelings for Sarahh. He replies that Sarahh might have a one-sided crush on him. But she reminds him that he gave Sarahh a place to live and a job. And that might mean that he does care about her. She then asks him if he wants to join her on a “fact finding mission” about Jared.

In the car, Todd tells John that he was not there when he was taking care of his children. John tells Todd that he knows that Todd attempted to give Jack away to strangers. And he did that just to hurt Blair. Todd reminds John that he and his brother kept the secret from him that his son was alive. John reminds Todd that he saved him from the death penalty when he got falsely accused of killing Margaret Cochran. Todd then reminds John that regardless of what anybody thinks of him, Tommy is his son. Does John expect him to just walk away from that? John then asks why not. Todd asks John if the reason he asked him to join him on this trip is to wear him down and see if he could persuade him to give up his son. John asks Todd if he’s thought about what he’s going to say to Tommy when Tommy asks him why he took him away from two people who loved him. Todd asks why does John assume that Tommy will not realize that his real father loves him. John then asks Todd what he will tell Tommy about his biological mother and Todd’s relationship with her.

Marcie and Harvey are talking about Shakespeare quotes and her brothers. He then tells her that he has to leave for a while. There will be a big show and he needs to get into costume. He asks her if she wants to stay at his place. He tells her she can sleep for a while and get some rest before getting back out on the road.

Todd reminds John that Tommy is no longer John’s nephew. So John is officially absolved from looking out for him. John tells Todd that he will always protect Tommy and see him as family. Todd reminds John that he and Blair and the kids and Viki are his kids’ real family. He tells John that he knows John wants to be the “hero brother” because he is afraid he screwed up there.

At the Paris, TX restaurant, the waitress is noticing Moe’s (the manager’s) new special with pumpkins. Viki talks to her attractive customer. The waitress remarks that she observed that. Viki wonders what she is talking about. The waitress admits to Viki that she (herself) wouldn’t kick that guy out of her bed. Hearing that, Viki admits that she never noticed that.

Cristian and Natalie are wondering what to do in regard to Sarahh and Jared.

Sarahh and Jared are having their dinner together and talking about The Buchanans and the family business. But he tells her that he does not plan to talk about that. He is there because he likes her and wants to be with her. But right then, they notice Natalie and Cristian walk through the door.

John does not want to answer Todd’s question that he is “in on this” because he’s afraid he blew it for his brother. He wants to listen to a game on the radio instead. But Todd tells John he knows he’s right. If Miles had not revealed the truth, John would have kept his mouth shut and lied for Michael. John then tells Todd that he intends to get Tommy back to him with the least amount of harm done. And he suggests that when Todd gets his son back, that he realizes that his son’s needs come first.

Viki tells Moe that he needs to “put a sock in it” when he is having a tantrum. The other waitress is really impressed that Viki knows how to put their manager in his place.

At the diner, Antonio admits to Talia that his mother and daughter want to see more of her. She then asks Jamie why she’s never heard this before. Jamie replies to Talia that is because she (Talia) has a boyfriend. Talia replies to Jamie that she can always make time to be with her. And it sounds like Antonio wants to see more of her.

Natalie and Cristian sit at a table together at the Palace and pretend that they are not concerned about Jared and Sarahh together. But they cannot keep their minds off of them. They notice that Jared and Sarahh like each other and they cannot stand it. Jared and Sarahh can tell that Natalie and Cristian are jealous. So they decide to give them “something to see”. And they kiss. And sure enough. Natalie and Cristian cannot take seeing that.

At the diner, Talia is talking to Carlotta about the different types of Halloween costumes they should wear. She is dressed like a waitress. Antonio puts on a chef’s costume. And they go off together with Jamie.

Viki’s attractive customer informs her that he is just temporarily staying in town and has no place to stay. She then suggests that motel down the street. She tells him she knows they have vacancies. She’s been staying there for a while. It’s a decent enough place. He might want to check it out. He then concludes maybe he will and maybe they can become neighbors. She smiles and says maybe they will.

In response to what they just saw, Cristian and Natalie are wondering what to do with Jared and Sarahh. Cristian tells her he knows what he is going to do. And he grabs Natalie and kisses her. Jared and Sarahh observe that. He tells her that 4 can play at this game. And he kisses Sarahh again.

John and Todd are attempting to navigate the way to Decatur, GA where they believe they could find Marcie.

Right then, Marcie and Tommy are waiting for Harvey. The bartender asks her if she needs anything. He suggests some iced tea. Previously not knowing that she is Harvey’s friends’ sister, he apologizes if they got off on the wrong foot and tells her he did not know that she was family. Right then, he goes back to the bar. Ramsey and FBI guys appear. He asks what he can get for them. Ramsey announces that he and his party are not there to drink. They are FBI. He shows the bartender a picture of Marcie and asks if he’s seen her.

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