OLTL Update Thursday 10/25/07

One Life to Live Update Thursday 10/25/07


Written By Jennifer S.

Jared goes to talk to Renee. He totally charms her by sounding like he’s been very gracious to stay with Jessica and Nash but cannot impose. She cannot see anything negative about him or his motives. And she tells him she will let him stay in her home. But Bo walks in and tells her that she might want to think twice before doing that.

The social worker, Mrs. Woodrow goes to find Langston at Dorian’s. Starr and her friends protest that she cannot take Langston away to live with strangers and never see her friends again. And right then, Blair steps in and asks Mrs. Woodrow what their family will have to do in order for social services to approve Langston living at their home.

Marcie and Tommy are at a restaurant having breakfast. She is wearing her disguise and appears very confident that she will not be found.

But not farad away, John and Todd go to the local police station, show cops a picture of Marcie and asks if they might have seen her. And it looks just like the same cop who almost caught her in her car on the run.

At the restaurant, Marcie opens a letter from Ron with some money. She tells Tommy that she feels terrible taking this money from his uncle Ron. But she realizes she might need it. There’s also a very important letter he’s written her with instructions for where she goes while on the run.

Viki is still having her kids believing she is staying in Paris, France. They have no clue where she really is or what she is doing. Natalie and Jessica talk to her on the phone. Clint walks in and tells Natalie, Jessica and Nash that he needs to talk to the three of them.

In response to Bo’s doubts that it’s a good idea to let Jared stay in her home, Renee protests that Jared was a big fan of Bo’s deceased father. He tells her that she maybe should not be entrusting this total stranger to be living in her home. And he reminds her that this is all a little “too convenient” for Jared. She tells him that he must realize that she knows what she is doing. She is not grief-stricken nor vulnerable. She doesn’t need anybody to look out for her and protect her from bad decisions. Jared tells Renee that he could not possibly impose. Bo does not want to argue with Jared on that and reminds Renee that he has declined her offer. Nigel also wants her to listen to Jared ‘s decline. But she insists. He then tells Renee that he appreciates her offer but cannot do this. In response to that, she tells him, in that case, he most leave and never come back. He is very surprised to hear that and then agrees to stay with her.

Clint announces to Natalie, Jessica and Nash that he wants them all to join him to travel for the reading of Asa’s will.

Right when Viki gets done talking to her daughter’s, her new co-worker asks her what she’s been up to. She remarks that she has never before seen Viki talking on a cell phone. She can tell that Viki is lost in thought and has something very important on her mind. Viki then replies that she was just talking to her daughter. The waitress then replies that she is very surprised to hear Viki say she has a daughter. She has never before herd her talk about having a family.

After Blair protests to Mr. Woodrow that she wants to let Langston stay with her so she does not have to live with some strangers, Dorian tells Blair how proud she is of her.

The cops seem to know that Todd is not supposed to be conducting an investigation on Marcie. Alone at the station with Todd, John tells him that he could have gotten them both in a lot of trouble if they’d found out whom they really are.

Marcie reads Ron’s letter about how he needs them to move to Decatur, GA. And she wonders why he’d want her to move there and why she should move there.

Viki tells her new co-workers that she never wanted to keep her children a secret. The waitress is surprised to hear her say that she has more than one and asks her how many children she has. Viki replies she has four. The waitress replies that she only has one. She asks Viki about her kids’ father. Viki admits that she has been divorced from their dad for a long time but he is also in their lives.

Right then, Clint announces to his daughters and son in law that he would like them to all come with him to talk to Asa’s attorney. They agree to go with him to Asa’s ranch. He then asks them if they’ve heard from Viki. Natalie and Jessica reply that she’s been gone for a long time and is kind of secretive. And they reveal that there is something else going on although Jessica does not want to reveal to her father that it involves Jared. At that point, Nash admits to Clint that Jared is causing problems for them

Renee tells Jared that she wants him in her home. She tells him he reminds her very much of Asa when she first met him. He has the same ambition and drive and looks somewhat like him. And if it makes her feel a little closer to her deceased husband to have him around, then what is wrong with that? She then, emotionally turns to Bo and to Nigel and tells them if either of them have a problem with that, it’s none of their damn business. In response to that, Bo apologizes to Renee and acknowledges that it is her home and she can make her own decisions. But he reminds her that this is also his deceased father’s home and he questions whether Asa would want Jared in his home. He then goes off with Nigel and asks what his thoughts are about Jared. Nigel completely agrees with Bo that Jared is a gold digger, not to be trusted, and he shares Bo’s concerns for Renee’s vulnerable state after losing her husband.

Langston admits to Starr, Blair, Dorian and Mrs. Woodrow, that she has her reservations about living in their home. They all want her to but are a bit afraid that if the social worker detects any feelings of hesitation from Langston, she might use that against their chances of having her live in their home. Dorian tells Blair that she is afraid of one more thing. Blair asks Dorian what that is. Dorian replies Todd

When John and Bo ask the cop if he’s seen Marcie, he kind of evades the question. Maybe he does not remember her. Maybe he knows that Todd wants to get her in trouble. Todd gets frustrated and tells John that they cannot rely on “this idiot”. The cop admits that he stopped a woman who kind of resembled the photo. Todd then makes a comment about how she’s taken “Tommy” away. And the cop remembers how Marcie mistakenly called the child who was with her Tommy.

Clint talks to his daughters and son in law about Viki and agrees that maybe she deserves a break from all of them. He goes out the door. Clint then asks Jessica why she would not want her father to know about Jared. Couldn’t Clint squash him like a bug? Jessica tells her husband that she doesn’t want to rely on her daddy to clean up all her messes. Natalie agrees with that. But he asks them if they really want to sit back and put up with Jared’s behaviors and let him go out with their cousin Sarah.

At the truck stop restaurant, Viki talks to her new friend about how she gets along pretty well with her kids’ father although sometimes he makes some bad choices that she cannot understand. She confides in her that one of the most compelling problems she’s had with Clint’s choices is his relationship with “this woman”. The waitress can tell that Viki might have some serious issues with that and asks if “this woman” might be the reason she’s come out all this way and gotten away from her family and her ex husband’s choice to see this woman.

The cop admits to John and Todd that he did stop a woman driving with a child. But he found she was stone cold sober so he let her go.

Marcie reads the letter that Ron sent her about going to Decatur, GA and finding a guy named Harvey who will let them stay in his home for a while.

Blair tells Dorian that she knows people like Mrs. Woodrow very well. She learned all about them when she was in the juvenile foster system. She’s a common type of “do-gooder” who likes to play by the rules. Right then, when Mrs. Woodrow enters the room, Blair “lays down the law’ to her and tells her she needs to know where she is. She is in “Cramer woman territory” and she needs to get that straight.

Bo goes to find Clint and asks if he’s met this Jared Banks character. Clint tells his brother he sure has. He’s really giving Jessica, Nash and Natalie a lot of grief. Bo tells Clint that does not surprise him. And the most recent situation that gives them all cause for alarm is that Renee has invited him to move into her home. Hearing that, Clint is not ok. But Renee enters with Jared and tells Clint, Bo and Nigel that they better not open their mouths to say anything except for a warm, Buchanan welcome to this wonderful young man who is going to be living in her home.

Blair explains to Mrs. Woodrow that her aunt Dorian would go to the mat for her and her kids. And their father is going to bring his youngest child home and make him part of their family. And they consider Langston to be part of their family. She asks Mrs. Woodrow of she cannot see that this house has more than enough room and more than enough love. She then informs Mrs. Woodrow that she, herself, lived in foster homes throughout her young life because she did not have a family growing up. And she will not let that happen to Langston. Mrs. Woodrow must realize that the child welfare system was set up for children who have nowhere to go. But that is not the case for Langston. Starr loves her and so do they. So can’t Mrs. Woodrow bend the rules just this once.? Can’t she look beyond the system and understand that this is all about love? Hearing that, Mrs. Woodrow listens to Blair and does not argue.

After the cop admits that he stopped Marcie not long ago nor far away., Todd tells John that they better go and find her before more time has been lost.

At the restaurant, while Viki and the other waitress are talking, her employer demands that she stops talking and waits on more tables. Alone with the manager, the other waitress tells him that Viki has just what this place needs; class. He needs to appreciate her. She goes and waits on another customer.

Natalie tells Jessica and Nash that she’s going to go to work and find a way to get Jared out of their lives.

Jared is settling into his new “home”. Renee asks if he has any dinner plans. He informs her that he is going to have dinner with a great girl he just met. Her name is Sarah Roberts. Hearing that, Renee tells him she thinks it’s great that he has gotten to know Sarah. Right then, he gets on his phone and leaves Jessica a message that she will no longer have him “to kick around”. He’s gotten a better offer.

Clint asks Bo what he thinks about how Jared “acts” when he’s around Renee. Bo admits that it kind of makes one want to puke and he has some bad feelings about that young man.

Mrs. Woodrow tells Blair and Dorian that she will agree to let Langston stay with them on a temporary basis. But she will be back to make certain that they comply with all of the social service department’s guidelines. They are all really happy and shake her hand. When she leaves, they are all elated that Langston will get to stay in their happy home.

Ron writes to Marcie that he loves her and will miss her terribly. He warns her that she better destroy this letter after reading it. She, then lights a match to burn it but looks like she is a bit afraid to go forward with her plans. She tells Tommy that Ron is right. They have to cut all their ties to the past if they want to have their new family together. She looks at her wedding ring. She also notices that her hand is shaking. And she takes her wedding and engagement ring off her finger.

Right then, at the police station, John and Todd agree to flee to Georgia, somehow knowing that they will find Marcie. They leave the room. And right on the table, there is a picture of Marcie with her new disguise of dark hair and glasses.

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