OLTL Update Wednesday 10/24/07

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 10/24/07


Written By Jeannie

Michael is arrested for perjury and cannot go with John and Todd in search of Marcie.

Langston leaves the group home and heads to school to find her friends.

In an attempt to anger Jared Nash and Jessica throw a Halloween party for a bunch of screaming little kids. Nash tells the kids that nothing is off limits and Jared runs for his laptop.

At Asa’s Renee, Nora, Clint, Nigel and Mathew gather to talk about the reading of the will. Renee seems depressed.

At La Boulaie the social worker, Mrs. Woodrow, comes in and tells them Langston is missing. Dorian argues with Mrs. Woodrow, the social worker, about Langston. Dorian remarks they didn’t take such good care of her at the group home. Mrs. Woodrow asks Blair if Starr heard from Langston.

We see Starr, Cole, Markko talking to Langston in a classroom at school. They are talking about where Langston can hide out. Starr decides to cut school to hide Langston at her house.

At Dorian’s Mrs. Woodrow wants to talk to Starr and sits down and waits till Starr gets out of school.

Todd says he’s going to find his son with John and walks out. Alone Mike makes John promise to make Marcie give Tommy back to Todd and then asks him to let her go.

In Paris, Texas, Viki and another waitress sit at a table. The other waitress, Gigi, talk about winning the lottery and what she’d do with the winnings if she ever won. Viki says wealthy people work too, but Gigi says they do things they like. Viki says even if you didn’t have to worry about money there’s still a lot you do have to worry about.

After the Halloween party, Jared is cleaning up his files that the kids scattered and realizes the kids got PB & J on his laptop keyboard. Jared is all upset and Nash and Jessica tell him they are thinking of opening up a daycare, so there would be little kids there all the time. Natalie points out the fingerpaints on his shirt and Jared leaves the room to change. They wonder how long he’s going to stay.

At Dorian’s Mrs. Woodrow makes herself comfortable while she waits. Dorian asks how long it will be until Langston has a foster home. They ask what her agency can do to help and Mrs. Woodrow lists all the counseling services they have. Dorian asks if they offer love just as Starr and Langston hurry in. They are shocked to find Mrs. Woodrow there.

John and Mike talk about Marcie as Marty comes up with a psychological profile of where Marcie might have gone. Nora and Todd come in and Nora tells them the arrest on Mike holds. John wants to come to the station with him but Mike tells him he has more important things to do.

At the vineyard Natalie tells Nash and Jessica that Grandpa’s business strategy is if you hit on a good idea don’t change course. Jared comes out in a clean shirt. Someone calls Jessica’s phone and she invites them to come over with their hyperactive twins. Jared leaves. Natalie takes Bree in for a nap. Nash tells Jessica that he hates Jared. Jessica promises they will get back their vineyard and their dream.

As the arrest Mike, Marty talks to Todd about doing what’s best for the baby. John hugs Mike goodbye and Mike once again whispers his plea for John to let Marcie go. Marty goes with Mike to the station. John tells Todd they are going to get a few things straight before they head out.

Clint tells Nigel he has to call some people and make arrangements. Then Nigel can book everyone on the company jet. They are going to the ranch for the reading of the will. Clint and Nigel leave. Renee asks Mathew if he’s hungry or wants to do something, but he had homework to do. He leaves and Renee looks through an album. Nigel comes back and announces Jared.

Dorian is relieved and welcomes Langston. Mrs. Woodrow is happy to see Langston and tells her she has to go back. Starr refuses to let her take Langston. Mrs. Woodrow says she has to, but then Blair speaks up and offers to be the foster mom for Langston.

Natalie comes back in from putting Bree down for a nap. They talk about Jared going on his date with Sarah.

Jared tells Renee he was worried about her and gives her flowers. Renee is very happy and asks Nigel to put them in a vase. Renee says she is glad he stopped by and thanked him for his card. She asks him to sit for awhile. He says he’s hunting for an apartment. He says he was staying with Jessica and Nash but doesn’t want to impose. They talk about him losing his job at B.E. Jared sees the photo album and asks about it. Renee says Jared reminds her of Asa when he was young so maybe he’d be interested in looking at it sometime. Jared asks if he could check in on her sometime. Renee says yes. Then she asks him to move in.

In Texas the other waitress gives Viki a tip someone left for her. Viki complains it’s only a dollar. Gigi offers to lend her money until payday but Viki says she’s okay. Natalie calls on her cell phone and asks her to come home. Viki pretends the connection isn’t good. They ask what she’s doing in Paris. Jessica jokes with her and Natalie tells her Jessica needs adult super vision.

Dorian is happy Blair asked to be a foster mom. Mrs. Woodrow says it’s not that simple. Blair says make it happen. Langston says she’s not sure.

At school Markko and Cole talk about Langston and Cole has an idea.

Todd and John argue. Todd asks if they’re going to be the Hardy Boys. They start to leave and John says he has a lead to where Marcie is.

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