OLTL Update Tuesday 10/23/07

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 10/23/07


Written By Jennifer S.

Jessica and Nash give Jared a taste of his own medicine by having a loud party early in the morning when he’s trying to sleep. Nash invites a bunch of people over to play cards and hopefully turn his luck around. He invites the same friends of Roxy’s whom Jared beat and possibly cheated at poker. They invite Jared to join them. Nash tells them with any luck, Jared will be out of their house and out of their lives by the end of the day.

Todd goes into Blair’s room, acting like he does not care about her. She makes it look like he is invading her boundaries. But she also remarks to him that she went looking for him at his own home, last night but discovered he was not there. She asks him where he slept last night and he doesn’t seem to want to answer her. He gathers more of his stuff and packs it hastily into a duffle bag. She asks him what is going on. He tells her that just because they are married, does not mean the have to pretend there’s anything going on that is not. And he tells her that he is on a mission. He needs to collect his stuff because he is going to find his kid.

Michael talks to Roxy about going on that trip with Todd. She asks him if he’s lost his mind to think he can trust Todd and be able to get along with him on a trip. He tells her that he realizes he better not make Todd angry. She asks if he has a clue where Marcie and Tommy have gone. He replies that John has found out that they are on the run and she is going into hiding. Roxy is really surprised and afraid that Marcie might not be able to pull that off without getting caught.

Marty is upstairs talking to John about the same subject. She asks him how Marcie could just go away and leave John and everything and everybody behind. He replies that she is probably doing this because she is very worried about what will happen if Todd gets to have custody of Tommy. She notices that John looks like he’s ready to go off on a mission. And it must be in order to find Marcie and Tommy.

Jared listens to the loud music and a guy who is noisily slurping his drink. Jessica asks him if he wants any coffee. He tells her no. He is getting very cranky. And the guy who slurps the drink calls him Jop. He then reveals that he does not like that nickname and demands to know how the guy knew that he has been called Jop. Jessica replies that Natalie is her sister and told her everything. Jessica throws peanuts at Nash hoping he will catch them in the air and makes certain she hits Jared with them. The friends leave. And Nash asks “Jar head” if he wants to play another hand. Jared asks Nash what he has in mind. Nash tells Jared that the game is not over and he appears very confident that he can win. Jared is no longer happy nor cocky.

After Jared has left Capricorn. Cristian reveals to Sarahh that he does not like Jared and might be jealous that she is interested in him. They argue about how to do the budget in the way of her booking the bands. She then tells him if he does not want to entrust her to handle the finances, he may do it himself. He tells her it’s just like her to want all of the rewards and none of the responsibilities. She asks him if he is merely upset because of Jared. He asks her why she would think that he could care less about Jared. She tells him that his mood has really been dampened ever since he saw her kissing Jared. She tells him he is so in denial about liking her and being jealous that she might be interested in another guy.

Natalie shows very similar feelings. She goes and visits Miles. He can tell that she has something going on with her involving a guy. He asks her if it’s John. She tells him no. It’ has nothing to do with John. It’s that jerk she hired, Jared Banks. She fired him because she could not deal with his behavior. He asks her what is the problem if she’s fired and gotten rid of Jared.. She explains that now Jared has moved in with Jessica and Nash and making their lives hell because of his problem with her. And he went into Capricorn and kissed her cousin Sarahh. Miles can tell that Natalie might have feelings for Jared. She makes it clear that she was not ok when she saw him kissing her cousin Sarahh. Miles can clearly tell what is on her mind.

John tells Marty that he is on a mission to find Marcie. He knows he better find her before Todd does. She tells John she can see that he is worried about more than just Todd. John then admits to Marty that he is worried about what agent Ramsey could do to Marcie if he finds her before John does. Marty then reminds John that Ramsey might not like the fact that John is doing this behind his back. She reminds john that he is too good of a cop to go to jail for tampering with an investigation. It could ruin his future and his career. And he must know that.

Natalie asks Miles why on earth he would think that she’d be jealous of Jared and Sarahh. He then asks her what she noticed about him when he saw Marty kissing John. She tells him there’s no comparison. He was in love with Marty, whereas she intensely dislikes Jared. He tells her that he’s had therapy and learned all about denial. He asks her if she wants to “share” her feelings about Jared. She then replies that she finds Jared annoying, obnoxious, worthless and a total pain. She then, sarcastically confirms to Miles that she has shared and asks if he is happy now. She asks him he now believes that she could care less about Jared. He tells her no. But he thinks that she believes it.

Cristian admits to Sarahh that he thinks she could do better than hooking up with Jared. She tells him he’s just been listening to Natalie. He reminds her that he is blackmailing both Natalie and Jessica. She tells him that Princess Jessica deserved it after what she did to Jared. He tells her this has nothing to do with Natalie or Jessica. He is concerned about her. She tells him he need not be. She can take care of herself.

Nash tells Jared that he will challenge him to another poker game. If he wins, he will take back his company and his property. Jared asks what Nash will do if he loses. Nash admits that he will let Jared do what he wants if he loses. But he won’t lose. Jared then protests that whatever they may think of him, at least he is not lying to them about his situation. Nash then asks Jared if he is “in” or not.

Roxy asks Michael if he does not believe that Marcie knows what she is doing and that she might come to her senses and come back on her own. He tells her that he is afraid that the FBI will get to her before he and John find her. And he tells Roxy he cannot let Marcie go to jail after what he did to her. In response to that, Roxy asks him what exactly it was that he did to Marcie. Michael then informs Roxy that he has known for the last year that Tommy was Todd’s child. And he kept the secret from Marcie. And she does not trust him and will never forgive him because of that. He tells Roxy that he is very worried that he’s ruined his marriage. He’s lost his child. And the only hope he has now is that Marcie will be able to escape serious consequences for what she’s done.

Blair can tell that Todd has a secret about where he is going and with whom. She tells him that he better not treat her like a “nagging wife”. He better give her names and numbers and details. He tells her that it will blow her mind to find out that he is “teaming up” with John McBain. She, then asks Todd how he could possibly convince John to travel with him. She tells him that that he and John will kill each other. He tells her that he is not just going to sit around and wait for his kid to come back on his own. He has to take matters into his own hands. He then asks her if she is going to wish her husband good luck. She then tells him good luck and urges him to be careful. She reveals that she does still have feelings for him. She confirms that she doesn’t just want him to “be careful” for the kids. And they kiss. She then tells him he better go.

Roxy tells Michael that it’s amazing what so many people have done in regard to Tommy. Lindsay goes to jail for murder because of him. He and Marcie split and she flees with Tommy. And Blair and Todd have remarried in order to look like a real family for Tommy. He tells Roxy that he has to go and hugs her good bye. He is ready to join his brother and Todd.

Natalie asks Miles if they could please change the subject and stop talking about Jared. He asks her to what she’d prefer to talk about. She suggests why not talk about him. She tells him that she knows he is going through some issues. He tells her he’s doing ok. He’s working and doing community service. And Roxy found a way for him to work with her. Hearing that, she is surprised that Miles is getting to know her mother. She tells him that he needs to be careful with Roxy. She means well. But she knows how to get people into trouble. Natalie tells him she has to get to work and goes out the door. And Miles can tell that she is lying and in denial.

Sarahh asks Cristian why he would assume that she is not a good judge of character in guys. She asks if he is merely holding Hunter against her. He tells her that he does not trust Jared. He knows she has a thing for bad boys. She then asks him if he believes that he can show her something better than a bad boy, he is welcome to do so.

Jared is ready to leave Jessica and Nash’s home. He tells them that he is going to find Jessica’s cousin Sarahh. She likes him and he doubts that they will turn her against him the way they did Natalie. Right then, Natalie walks through the door. He calls her Sparky.

Before John gets ready to leave, he tells Marty that he realizes this situation stinks for their future together. She tells him she is ok with the decision is making He then tell s her he guesses this is good bye. And at that point, they kiss.

Miles gets a knock on his door. It’s Roxy. She asks him if he is alone or has something going on. She tells him he has some nice “digs” there. He tells her that Viki has been very kind to him to let him live there. She admits she is very surprised that Viki would let him live in her carriage house. She tells him that she has some ideas for projects they can do together for his community service. And she shows him some brochures about clinics for unwed mothers.

Natalie informs Jessica and Nash that Jared had the gall to be out last night and she caught him kissing Sarahh. She tells him that she’s not going to let him near that girl. In response to that, he tells Natalie that he is “touched” to see that he is so important to her. He can tell she has those bags under her eyes from being incapable of sleeping all night, so jealous of the fact that he did not ask her out instead of Sarahh.

John admits that he really wants to get serious with Marty. And he kisses her before he leaves.

Blair is alone staring at her wedding ring and remembering Todd proposing to her and admitting how much she has always meant to him.

Michael comes downstairs to notice John with Marty. But before the two brothers can get out the door, cops announce that they have “business” with Michael and John.

Roxy tells Miles that they can just hang out at the community center. It will be a piece of cake. They can serve refreshments. And maybe he can coach basketball. He tells her he really doesn’t know how to play or coach sports. But she tells him that they can work together and be the dynamic duo. She smiles at him.

Natalie tells Jared that if he thinks she is jealous of his being interested in somebody else, he’s out of his mind. She tells him she does not want her cousin to be dating a jerk like him. And that’s all there is to it. But he knows better. And very possibly, so do Nash and Jessica.

After Sarahh asks Cristian if he might “consider” her, he tells her no offense. But he doesn’t want to be her “next mistake”. In response to that, she asks him if he is merely not over Evangeline. She thinks he is just using that as an excuse to avoid dealing with what might be his feelings. And she concludes to him that whether he likes it or not, she is going out with Jared Banks.

Blair is alone and worried about Todd.

Right then, the cops come and arrest John and Michael. Todd stands nearby, knowing he is not in any legal trouble. And he says it sounds like somebody won’t be able to join him on his road trip.

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