OLTL Update Monday 10/22/07

One Life to Live Update Monday 10/22/07


Written By Jennifer S.

John tells Todd that he can accompany him to bring Tommy home. Hearing that, Todd asks John if he is on drugs to suggest such a thing. John then reminds Todd that he must know that Marcie is not going to bring Tommy home on her own. So he asks Todd if he is with him. Right then, Michael walks in and demands that his brother tells him what is going on.

Right then, when Marcie is driving away with Tommy and cops follow her, she decides that she will find a way to escape from the cops when they least expect it. She’s ready to put her foot on the accelerator and “gun it”. But she looks like she is afraid.

Nash is attempting to pick up after Jared. He gathers trash bags to dispose of the mess Jared left from partying the previous night. Jessica tells her husband that they must find a way to get Jared out of their home,, out of their company and out of their lives. But she admits she hasn’t a clue as to how to do that.

At Capricorn. Both Natalie and Cristian are not ok when they observe Jared and Sarah kissing.

Viki is a long way away from her family. They believe that she is in Paris, France. But she is working as a waitress and a country truck stop in a town called Paris, Texas. And she has a big Texas emblem embroidered on her uniform. She talks to a customer while she serves him coffee and pie. Inside the restaurant kitchen, the manager tells her she needs to do less talking and more working. And she looks just like a person who is used to that sort of job and life style. She seems to know exactly what kinds of menus will get more of the regulars to bring them their business. And it sounds like her employer has very high expectations of Viki and believes she knows how to do this type of job. She then has a flashback about how she landed upon this place. She remembers first sitting down at the truck stop and talking to a waitress for the first time.

At Capricorn, Natalie and Cristian go to confront Jared and Sarah. Jared and Sarah ask why they are both so hot and bothered to be seeing the two of them kissing. And Jared asks if they would prefer that they were kissing other people.

Michael goes to confront Todd after observing John trying to get him to help him find Tommy. He asks his brother if he would be serious about trusting “this nut job”. In response to that, Todd asks Michael whom he is calling a nut job and reminds Michael that he is a baby thief. At that point, John asks them both to shut up and says he will find Tommy with or without either of their help.

While waiting for the cop to approach her car, Marcie is rehearsing her spiel to give to him that she is Penny Shaw with her son Aaron. The cop shines his flashlight and approaches the driver window. She opens it and acts confident and unafraid of what could happen.

Michael asks John if he is upset over losing his badge and taking it out upon his brother? Hearing that, Todd tells the two brothers that he could care less about their family issues. John tells Todd if he wants his help he has to cooperate with him. But Todd reminds him that he has his own plan about getting his kid back, which involves the feds. And he does not trust either of them.

We see how Viki ended with working at the Texas truck stop. She talks to the waitress dressed in uniform with the Texas emblem. The waitress remarks to Viki that she does not look like the type of person that would “frequent” a place like this. She tells Viki that she may look lost. But she looks like she knows where she is going.

Marcie talks in a friendly and unafraid manner to the cop, explaining that she is in a hurry attempting to get her kid home after visiting family members. The officer does not seem to buy that however. He addresses her as Mrs. Shaw. Not used to her new name, she does not respond right away, but then realizes that yes, her name is Mrs. Shaw. And the cop asks her what kind of snow job she is trying to pull here.

Natalie confronts Jared. He tells her that he accepts the fact that she has fired him. And she need not be concerned with his personal life. He makes a comment about his score to settle with her family. And hearing that, Cristian confronts him. Sarah wonders why both Natalie and Cristian are so concerned about Jared’s business.

Nash tells Jessica that he wants very much to start the eviction proceedings. But he’s worried about all of the legal maneuvers Jared can pull with them. He admits to Jessica that he blames himself. What was he thinking? He had to lose it all, one night in a poker game. And now Jared owns everything. Hearing that, Jessica asks her husband what exactly he is saying. She tells him that he could certainly blame her for the “occurrence” of Jared just as much as anybody could blame him. It was due to her picking up Jared and making trouble for him that this whole thing happened. Hearing that, Nash asks her if she believes that somebody is at fault for having a sickness that they cannot help. He tells her that he does not blame her for what Tess did. What’s more, he fell in love with Tess. She tells him she loves him. And at that point, they both sound like they are confident that they can beat Jared at his own game.

At the truck stop, the waitress asks Viki where she was headed when she ended up there. Viki admits that she hasn’t really decided on a destination. The waitress then tells Viki that she doesn’t mean to be nosy and needs to stop asking so many questions. Viki tells her it’s ok. She just lost a close family member. She came all the way from Pennsylvania to Texas. And the waitress asks her how she could have gotten that far without knowing where she was going. At that point, Viki remembers going to the travel agency to book a flight to Tulsa, OK. It was merely due to the fact that the next flight leaving the Llanview airport was going to Tulsa. Viki then explains to the waitress that “something” told her that she needed to go to Tulsa.

At Capricorn, Sarah asks Cristian and Natalie what is up with their “concern’ over Jared. Cristian tells her that he is merely looking out for her. She tells him that is sweet but she can take care of herself. Natalie informs Sarah that this guy just got canned from his previous job for sexual harassment. So she might want to be careful. In response to that, Jared tells them that they cannot make these unfounded accusations of him. And he says so what if he is not a “step ford” guy. And he seems to know what to say and do in order for Sarah to trust him.

John is really trying to do everything he can in order not to get Marcie in trouble. But the people from the FBI may not want to go along with that.

While the cop “interrogates” Marcie, he looks at her ID and tells her that it just doesn’t look correct. She asks him why. He tells her, for one thing, it says that she is 29. Hearing that, she does not know what he’s going to say next. She smiles. And he tells her that she does not look a day over 23. She smiles and sounds like she is flattered. But at that point, he demands she steps out of the car. She asks the cop of he thinks she is drunk. He tells her she is not doing herself any favors by arguing with him. She then tells the cop that she would never endanger her child by driving drunk. He demands that she follows his pen with her eyes. She tells him this is crazy. She is a very responsible person. He gives her a field sobriety test. She asks what the problem is. But he won’t tell her what exactly he suspects. He asks her how long she was driving today. She replies that maybe she is just tired. She asks if she was speeding. He replies that she was not speeding. She was driving too slow.

Ramsey, the FBI leader tells John, Michael and Todd that they need to clear out of Ron Walsh’s apartment and let him do his job. They go out the door. Todd tells John there is a big hole in his plan. He reminds John that he does not trust him. So how does he know that John will not lead him on a wild goose chase? John admits to Todd that he does not know. Todd then asks John how he would know that John has not aided and abetted Marcie’s escape. John then replies that if he wanted Marcie and Tommy to be gone, they’d already be gone. Todd asks John how he can trust not only him, but Michael as well. John replies because Michael is not coming with them on their trip to find Marcie and Tommy.

We see that two months ago, when Viki first met the waitress and her manager, he yells at the waitress to hurry up and work and stop socializing. Viki interjects that they were merely talking about the different kinds of pies. Viki hears the two of them arguing about how they are short handed and need help in running their restaurant. And she has a flashback of Dorian telling her that she really has nothing going on in her life right now and asking her what she’s going to do when she is no longer able to do the things she’s been doing. And at that point, Viki tells the waitress and manager that she can help them run their restaurant.

At Capricorn, Natalie informs Sarah that she cannot trust Jared. He is out for revenge with her family. And Sarah might like to know this because she is part of the family. Sarah then asks Natalie if it might not be impossible that Jared simply likes her for whom she is and is not using her.

After Viki suggests to the truck stop manager that she helps them with their jobs, he asks why she would even consider that. She asks why he would question her need to help them. He tells her, for one thing, she has this funny sounding accent. He asks her if she thinks she could handle a job like this. She tells him she thinks he could. It’s not like they have too many choices nor should argue with somebody who wants to help them. He looks at her hands and notices that she might not be used to this kind of work. He asks her if she could take orders from rude customers. She tells him she thinks she could. He looks at her and asks her if she thinks she could take orders form a handsome fellow like him. She replies yes. He asks her her name. She tells him Viki. He then hands her her waitress uniform and tells her she has a job.

In response to Natalie and Cristian’s attitudes about Jared, Sarah tells them that Jared is not afraid to take charge of his own life even if nobody else wants to give him a chance. He doesn’t sit around and wait for his family members to hand him jobs and rely upon nepotism. She tells them they should both try that some time.

The cop concludes to Marcie that he has no reason to question her any further. But he can see that she is tired. So maybe she and her boy should check into a motel and get some rest for the night, he tells her. Confident that everything is ok, she tells him that she and “Tommy” will do just that. In response to that, he asks her why she called him Tommy. Isn’t his name Aaron?

After John tells Michael that he cannot accompany John and Todd, Michael tells them that he does not trust either of them to find Marcie and Tommy. He has his own plans.

Alone with Natalie, Cristian explains that he may feel responsible for what could happen to Sarah. She tells him that she feels responsible if Jared takes his issues with her out upon her family. He tells her that he has the same concerns. And they conclude that the two of them have to work together for a common goal.

Jared returns to his new home with Jessica and Nash. He asks them which way to the bedroom. They surprise him by acting friendly and hospitable and they tell him they have clean sheets and a room all ready for him. He asks them why they would let him have the room all to himself and not make him sleep on the couch. They tell him that they can make the best out of bad situation. He leaves and they smile at each other, believing that Jared will not know what hit him.

After she slips and calls “Aaron” Tommy, Marcie explains to the cop that that is his middle name. She’s just a little out of it tonight. He then asks her if she will take his advice and get a little shut eye tonight before getting back out on the road again. She tells him of course. And he leaves her alone. At that point, she is confident that she no longer needs to be afraid. And she says: “Score one for Penny and Aaron.”

When Viki gets into her waitress uniform for the first time, the other waitress wants to make certain that she can adapt to her new job dealing with the “rough and tumble” customers. She tells her she’s certain that she can since she’s had experience dealing with the “rough and tumble” kinds before. And now we see her at the present day, reflecting with her manager how only two months ago, he hired her not knowing what would happen. He tells her yes, he remembers it well. And it looks like she plans on staying there and he plans on keeping her there.

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