OLTL Update Friday 10/19/07

One Life to Live Update Friday 10/19/07


Written By Jennifer S.

Dorian goes with Star, Cole and Markko to the police station. She tells them that she knows she can pull strings to have Langston back with them before dinner. She goes into Bo’s office telling him she needs a favor. But he tells her he is very busy with phone calls.

At Capricorn, Sarah and Cristian talk about his previous life as a boxer. He tells her he no longer gives any thought to his old life. She asks him if this one is better. He tells her not better. It’s different.

After Marty asks Blair for a “favor” to attempt to persuade Todd to go easy on Marcie for taking his child, Blair tells Marty that she knows the only reason Marty is asking for the favor regarding Marcie is so that she can score points with John.

Right then, John is determined to find Marcie and Tommy before Todd does.

Marcie is driving and attempting to hide the fact that she is upset and scared. She tells Tommy everything will be ok. They will be Penny and Aaron Shaw. And they can leave the past behind. She tells him that she really hopes she can but admits that she has no choice.

Viki is emailing her kids about the time she is spending in Paris. She tells them it’s very different from what anyone would expect.

Natalie tells Jared that he better stop calling her Sparky. He jokingly asks her if it would be ok for him to call her “perky” instead. She tells him he is not scoring any points with her by this conversation. She has an offer, however, that he cannot refuse.

Viki is writing to Natalie that she has some very special opportunities in Paris.

Right then, Natalie gets a text message that alerts her of her mother’s email. She tells Jared that he is making her sister’s life hell. Jessica almost died a few months ago and she can tell that he does not care. He then asks her what her offer is. She replies that she gives him more money than he has ever seen in his life if he agrees to disappear

Bo tells Dorian that she must realize that the social worker who wants to place Langston in a foster home is only following procedures. But she tells him that he cannot justify taking her away from people who love her. She tells Bo that he must be able to authorize for her to release Langston into her custody.

Langston, right then, calls Starr. She is not certain what is going to happen. Starr informs her that her aunt is really working on helping her to live where she chooses to live and won’t let her be taken somewhere she does not want to go.

Todd goes with John and Michael to Ron’s empty apartment.

Right then, the FBI guys interrogate Ron The leader, named Ramsey, realizes that Ron will not talk so he asks the others to take him in and book him.

Marcie is attempting to assure Tommy that they will have a better life leaving all that they’ve known behind. But she is not entirely certain of that when she cries and remembers her wedding with Michael where he told her that she has made him the happiest man in the world by marrying him.

Right then, the FBI leader calls John and asks him to send his brother to Rocko’s garage where they have found Ron. John then asks him why he wants that. He reminds the FBI boss that he would not even know about Rocko’s garage if it were not for John. The guy again tells John he needs to have Michael go and meet him at Rocko’s garage and to come alone. John then tells the FBI boss, named Ramsey that if he sees his brother he will “think” about asking him to go there. He hangs up the phone. Todd tells them that he needs to go with Michael and find his son. But John informs Todd that he cannot. Todd asks John if he intends to let Ron off the hook for enabling his sister to take Todd’s son. When Michael leaves, Todd tells John that if Walsh helped Marcie take Todd’s son, he will pay.

Ramsey tells Ron that he knew that his sister showed up with his nephew and asked him to protect her son from being adopted by a convicted rapist. He reminds Ron that he has no priors and won’t get in any legal trouble if he comes clean and admits to the truth now. But he will be throwing his life away if he refuses to admit to what he knows. Right then, Michael appears and tells Ron that he knows he helped Marcie escape and prevented Michael from finding her.

While driving, Marcie tells Tommy that from the moment she met him and held him in her arms, she knew that he was her child. She knew that she would always love him and nothing else would matter.

Viki reveals to her kids that she has some secrets. She’s made some new friends there. She met a woman named Gigi who is young and feisty and reminds her of Natalie. She met a man name Maurice and does not know how to describe him except to say that he is a real character.

At Capricorn, Sarah asks Cristian if he would like to accompany her to listen to some new bands and decide which ones should perform for them. He tells her that her ears are better than his. So she can go alone. But she tells him that maybe they could just have a bite together. Right then, Cristian gets a call from Layla about Evangeline. And he is obviously lost in thought about the woman he loves and not thinking about Sarah.

Blair reminds Marty that she remembers Marty talking about how she was not over Patrick for a long time but that may have changed. Right then, Blair gets a call from Starr informing her that they are at the police station. Marty is ready to go with her knowing that her son is also involved in that. Langston talks to Markko on the phone from the juvenile facility she is in. He tells her that he wants to be there for her and she can call him whenever she wants and needs to. She tells him that she should have never admitted that her parents died. If she had not, she would have never been sent to this place.

Dorian tells Bo he must realize that one word from him, and that girl will get to sleep in a nice place with down comforters. She cannot be stuck in some institution. He reminds her that it is a group home. Not a prison. Dorian tells Bo that Langston has been through hell. And this horrendous situation has made it worse. She reminds him that there are some people who never recover from things like this. Bo then asks Dorian if she is talking about Addie. Dorian tells Bo that she made a promise to Langston. She cannot let her down. And he cannot let Langston down either.

Alone in Ron’s empty apartment, Todd talks to John alone about how he obviously wants Marcie to get away with taking his son. John tells Todd that he must understand what it’s like to have a child taken from him. Todd reminds John that his loony sister in law is somewhere with his kid. And Michael better find out from her brother where she went or he will.

The FBI guys are ready to beat the truth out of Ron. After Michael arrives, they conclude that they will let the two of them talk alone and they will attempt to find out from Rocko. They leave Ron alone with Michael. Michael asks Ron to please at least tell him if Marcie and Tommy are ok. Ron does not know how to answer that.

Marcie is talking to Tommy about how it makes no difference if she’s given birth to him or not. He is her son. And that is all that matters. They will always know, in their hearts who they are. She calls him Aaron. And she cries, saying how sorry she is about all that has happened.

Bo gets on the phone to call social services on behalf of Dorian. He tells them he can vouch for Dorian. She’s an old family friend and he’s known her for years. She listens and asks what is going on. He informs her that the person is getting their supervisor. She tells Bo how grateful she is that he is attempting to help her. Blair and Marty enter the station and ask their respective kids what is going on. Starr informs them that Dorian is talking to Commissioner Buchanan. Bo and Dorian enter. Starr asks them what they have found out.

Jared goes and talks to Sarah about a situation with trying and failing to make somebody interested in you. She tells him she can relate. He tells her that he’s seen her before but has never been properly introduced. She tells him she is Sarah Roberts. He tells her he has seen her sing a while back and she is awesome. Natalie observes them not far away. And she looks disappointed to see Jared interested in another woman.

Michael and Ron talk alone. Ron tells Michael that he must realize that there is no way that Marcie will give up Tommy to Todd Manning. Michael again urges Ron to please tell him where she is. But Ron tells Michael he does not know, cannot help him and does not know what to say.

Todd and Michael wait in Ron’s apartment. Todd tells John he does not trust the FBI to find out anything. So he’s going to go there and handle it himself. But Bo corners Todd and tells him he cannot. Michael tells Ron that he should have tried to stop this but he failed. Ron then asks Michael how he could have known that Marcie would run off with Tommy. Michael admits to Ron that he knew for a long time that Tommy was Todd Manning’s’ child but did not tell Marcie. She was very angry at him for keeping the secret from her. But when he found out that Todd was Tommy’s father, Todd was gone and they thought very possibly he died and so it would never be an issue. He saw no need to have Marcie or anybody else know who Tommy’s real father is if there was no way that Todd could ever find out. Ron tells Michael that Marcie discussed with him that Michael kept the secret from her. And he concludes to Michael that honesty is very important to his sister and Michael should have told her regardless. Right then, the FBI guys take Ron down to the station. Ramsey tells Michael that withholding evidence is a crime. Ron is going down for that. And Michael needs to tell him exactly what Ron told him.

At Capricorn, Cristian finds Natalie and informs her that he found out that Evangeline might be getting better. She tells him that is great news. She knows how much Cristian cares about Evangeline. Right then, Cristian call tell that Natalie is not ok and asks her what is wrong.

Sarah is talking to Jared for a long time. He tells her that Natalie has fired him from B.E. And he can’t just go and find another job. He idolizes Asa. She tells him that she also has idolized her grandfather. He talks to her about her family and reveals that he likes her. Natalie is staring at them looking like she might be jealous. And Cristian also stares looking like he might be feeling the same way.

Bo announces that Langston will have to spend this night in the group home but they are working on a better choice. Dorian notices that Markko is talking to Langston on the phone and asks if she can talk to her. She tells Langston that she knows she made her a promise and is very sorry that she will not be able to keep it. Langston will have to say there for the night. Langston tells Dorian it’s ok. Dorian tells her it’s not ok but she will not give up. She tells Langston that she will make certain that Langston can have a home with her.

Natalie and Cristian are both lost in thought staring at Jared and Sarah. Jared tells Sarah that maybe he can interest her in something uncomplicated. He kisses her. Cristian and Natalie both look like they are wounded.

Michael tells Ramsey that Ron did not tell him anything. Ramsey will not get anything from him because he knows nothing. Ramsey then says ok and leaves. Michael then asks him what next. Ramsey replies that he will find Michael’s wife one way or another.

Marcie is driving and assuring Tommy that they will be ok. He cries. She them tells him she knows he is getting sleepy and she will sing to him. But right then, they hear sirens behind them.

Todd asks John what his “Plan B” is. John replies that the two of them will find Todd’s son together.

Right then, we see Viki in an environment where nobody could ever imagine her. It does not look like she is in Paris. She is in a truck stop coffee shop working as a waitress.

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