OLTL Update Thursday 10/18/07

One Life to Live Update Thursday 10/18/07


Written By Jennifer S.

Jared is alone in Jessica and Nash’s home, making himself at home, drinking and ready to watch the game. Jessica demands to know how much longer he’s going to keep this up. He reminds her that he owns 50% of Nash’s business and property. Right then, Natalie appears at the door. He asks her if she is reconsidering his job. She tells him no. But she can give him what he really wants.

At the gym, after Antonio confronts Sean and Vincent for the alleged “infidelity” Sean is doing with Talia, Vincent tells Antonio that this thing she has going on with Sean is all for show. Right then, Talia enters with Layla and Sarah. They overhear the conversation. Antonio then informs Talia that Sean has just confirmed that she is not really his girlfriend. In response to that, Layla defends their “scam” and tells Antonio that Talia absolutely is seeing Sean. But Antonio knows that there is something going on that does not add up.

Blair and Marty have a confrontation at the bar about what John is doing to enable his brother and sister in law to take Todd’s child from him.

John goes with an FBI agent to attempt to find Marcie and Tommy at Ron’s home. But they have already gone.

Marcie and her brother are out and about wearing disguises in an attempt to find her a place to live and hide Tommy. Alone with his sister, Ron asks Marcie if she is really ready to go through with this. She tells him that she has to be. But he reminds her that if she assumes another identity, then from this day forward, Marcie Walsh McBain and her son no longer exist.

At the gym, Layla informs everybody that there has been a “misunderstanding here”. Sarah says she bets there is. Sarah tells the others she needs to go and kick something. Cristian tells them so does he. Sean and Talia attempt to “explain their situation” to Antonio. He tells Antonio that he has always had a problem with commitment issues. Layla and Vincent are observing speechlessly not knowing what they should do now. But Talia admits to Antonio that the truth of the matter is that she got herself into something that she should not have.

Alone with Cristian, Sarah talks about his relationship with Evangeline. She informs him that Layla said they had broken up when Evangeline had her injury He asks her how and why she has been having conversations with Evangeline’s sister about his relationship.

Marty tells Blair that she needs her help. Blair asks Marty what kind of help she needs. Marty then informs Blair that she bets that very soon, Marcie will be coming home with Todd’s son. And she hopes that Blair and Todd will forgive her.

Todd and Michael are together in a moving vehicle. Todd makes hostile comments about Marcie taking his son. Michael informs Todd that they have raised Tommy and Marcie deserves to be respected for being a good mom to Todd’s son. Todd then asks Michael about Tommy’s growth and development. He admits that he remembers when Jack was first learning to talk and he wonders if his youngest child is learning speech. Michael replies that Tommy can say mommy and daddy and doggy and kitty. Right then, Todd seems interested.

Michael is talking to his friend from the FBI informing him that he realizes they can get his sister in law in a lot of trouble for what she is doing. But he believes that she is being treated unfairly and what Todd Manning is doing to her is not ok.

Right then, Marcie and Ron are going over what she needs to do in order to disguise herself with a false identity.

In response to Natalie’s “offer”, Jared asks her just what she has in mind. Jessica and Nash tell Jared that he needs to run it by them first. But they are interrupted by a friend of Jared’s who brings a pizza and is ready to party with him and totally disregard the others. Nash then demands that Jared gets out of his house. Jessica asks Jared why he insists on staying there. Doesn’t he realize that this is hers’ and Nash’s house and they do not want him there.? But Jared and his friend could care less. At that point, Natalie tells Jared he may have his job back.

Blair reminds Marty that Todd had no clue that his child was alive. Much less that Marcie and Michael took him from his father. He offered to share custody with Marcie. But she shot it down. So why does Marty expect Todd to “make nice” to Marcie after she’s kidnapped his child? Marty reminds Blair that whatever she thinks of the McBains, they are the only parents that Tommy has ever known. And Tommy will hate Todd if he believes that he will hurt his mom. Blair then reminds Marty that she should know by now that Todd is not the type who would forgive situations like this nor care about things like that.

Michael tells Todd if he thinks for one second that Michael does not care what happened to him, he’s wrong. He certainly feels terrible about Todd believing for the last year that his son was dead. But he does not regret having Tommy. He tells Todd that he realizes he does not have any rights any more. But he is appealing to him man to man, father to father, that Todd be the father whom Tommy deserves to have.

When John calls his old friend from the FBI to help him in his investigation of Marcie, their superior officer enters, reminds John that he has been suspended from the Llanview police department and he has no legal grounds to have anything to do with this case. He demands that John stops what he is doing or else he will make certain that John never practices any type of law enforcement ever again.

At the gym, in response to Cristian question about Sarah’s conversation with Layla about his relationship with Evangeline, she tells him it just came up in conversation once. She tells him that the day of the Timberland Concert, she overheard Cristian talking to Evangeline’s mom. And it sounded like he still has feelings for her. He admits that he still does. She then informs him that Layla informed her that he and Evangeline had broken up before she got injured. Yet, it seems like he is still in love with Evangeline. He tells Sarah that she asks a lot of questions. She then asks him how he felt about boxing career. He tells her that he felt as though it was his own dream. It was something that he cared about. Yet he lost it. She concludes that that is not unlike her signing career. IT was something that she lost. So now they both must find other things that they care about.

Sean and Talia attempt to explain their “relationship” to Antonio. After hearing that, Antonio tells them that they don’t have to explain everything to him. Right then, Sean concludes that it’s just “the way he is”. He cannot be with just one girl. It’s the way he is “wired”. In response to that, she asks him if he is breaking up with her.

Nash and Jessica escort Jared’s friend out of their home right in the middle of his football game. And Natalie gives Jared a contract that authorizes him to continue working for B.E. But he tells her that he cannot work with her. She is way too difficult. He stares at Jessica.

Marcie reminds Ron that her name and face has been plastered on every television screen in this country. So he cannot ask her to relax. He tells her he realizes what she is going to dol. So he’s gotten her and Tommy some fake IDs. From now on, they are Penny and Aaron Shaw. He tells her he has taken care of all of the arrangements. But there is one thing he wants her to do. She looks at him wondering what that is.

Alone, with his laptop, John gets on the internet. The FBI officer demands to know what he is doing and asks what he has to do to get through to John that he is not a part of this investigation. Michael then informs the FBI guy that Ron Walsh was on the internet an hour ago and looked up a place called Rocko’s auto body.

Right then, Marcie puts on the disguise Ron has given her of a dark haired wig and glasses.

Marty tells Blair that she realizes she is asking for a lot. She knows that Todd has been through hell for throughout the last year not knowing where his son is. Blair then admits to Marty that she is surprised that Marty would give Todd a thought. Marty reminds Blair that whether they like it, her son is in love with Blair and Todd’s daughter. But they must realize that Marcie and Michael do not deserve what has happened to them. They need to have some compassion for Marcie. In response to that, Blair asks Marty just what she would do if her son was taken from her. Even if some nice, well-meaning compassionate woman was raising him but then decided to kidnap him so that Marty never saw her child again. Would Marty have “compassion” for anybody who took Cole from her regardless of circumstances?

The FBI boss tells his subordinate that they need to do their job and find Marcie McBain. They go out the door together. John attempts to appeal to him to not hurt Marcie. The FBI boss tells John that Marcie is a criminal and will be treated like one.

Alone with Marcie, Ron asks her if she remembers when they were children, how they used to dress up and play make believe? She tells him she remembers. He tells her that he was always looking out for her. She always trusted him. She’s never abandoned him before. He’s just a little worried about his little sister going off on her own. In response to that, she tells her brother he cannot worry. He then tells her that he knows that she is going off alone. At this point, she cannot call or write to him. Maybe some day, things will be different. But maybe not. SO maybe they need to make this their official good bye. She cries and tells her brother he must say good bye to their brother and father for her. She tells him that she really owes him a lot of gratitude for all the help he is offering her. But he tells her that if she can just make certain she is safe, that will be all the gratitude he needs. She cries and hugs her brother.

In response to Talia’s inquiry to Sean over whether he is breaking up with her, Layla urges him not to do it. But she concludes that maybe she and Sean need to go their separate ways. They’ve had some good times together. But maybe she needs to cut him loose. Hearing that, Antonio reminds Sean that he is losing a really good woman. Layla then goes to talk to alone. She tells him it was really good of him to help Talia “save face”. And she tells him he must believe that he does have something to offer a special lady out there somewhere. Antonio then asks Talia how she is holding up, supposedly believing that she has just broken up with her boyfriend. He then tells her that he has a confession. He is not “sorry” that she and Sean broke up.

Cristian tells Sarah that both of them have a lot going for them. He likes working at Capricorn and painting. She tells him that she likes her successful talent booking career. He reminds her that she missed her kick boxing class. It sounds like she does not care. He then tells her if she wanted, he could teach her some boxing. She tells him that might be a good way to work off some stress. He shows her the forms and techniques.

In response to Jared telling Natalie that she is “difficult,” she tells him that is absurd. Compared to him, she is the easiest person in the world to get along with. He then tells her that he will take her up on her offer. Under one condition. That she admits to the real reason why she fired him. She reminds him that she fired him because he was an arrogant phony. He then tells the three of them he likes them alright. But he has to leave for a while. They better not change the locks on the door or he will have them “evicted”. Alone, the three of them are not certain what to do with Jared Banks.

Michael and Todd arrive at Ron’s empty apartment. They ask John what he’s found out. He admits to them that the feds are on the trail.

Right then, FBI agents with guns find Ron and demand that he does not move. But it looks like Marcie is already gone.

Talia asks Antonio if he is really “not sorry” that she and Sean broke up. He tells her he is glad that she no longer has to deal with somebody who is not faithful. He believes that she will find the right person some day. She just needs to ‘hold out” for the right guy. Yet he does not indicate any possibility that that could be himself. Cristian admits to having similarly uncertain feelings about Sarah.

Jessica tells Nash that he must realize that Jared holds all the cards so they better do what he says. Nash protests that he does not accept that. There has got to be a way to beat Jared at his own game and make certain that he stops. Natalie then inquries what her grandfather would do. She goes out the door and sounds like she has a plan.

Jared is in a bar reading a book of Asa’s.

In response to Marty’s “concern” for Marcie and Michael, Blair tells her she doesn’t buy that she cares about them. She bets it’s simply due to Marty’s “liking” John and wanting to score points with him.

John admits to Michael that he is very worried what will happen if the FBI finds Marcie. He also informs him that he got himself in trouble for attempting to interfere..

The FBI guy who finds Ron concludes that he has not found anything after searching the place. But he tells Ron that he is under arrest.

Right then, Marcie is driving away with Tommy by her side. She is practicing introducing herself as Penny Shaw and her son Aaron. She is crying and looking afraid.

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