OLTL Update Wednesday 10/17/07

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 10/17/07


Written By Jeannie

Cristian and Antonio are at the gym with their punching bags and weights. Antonio can tell that his brother has something going on.

Sarah is getting ready to leave her new apartment. Layla inquires if she has something going on with Cristian.

Nora and Bo go to St. Anne’s and ask the director about the state of Lindsay.

Dorian informs Clint what has been going on with her recently. She had a real crisis with Todd and Blair. And then she found out that Langston’s parents are dead and she is all alone. In response to that, Clint tells her that he wishes she had told him. He reminds her that she was there for him when Jessica was having her issues and when Asa died. And he wishes she ‘d let him be there for her.

Right then, a social worker finds Langston while she is with her friends. And she tells her that now that her parents are gone, she is now a ward of the state. She does not sound like she cares about Langston’s well being. Langston asks the social worker just who “tipped her off”. The social worker says she got a call from an anonymous “concerned friend”. Britney is standing not far away and everybody knows that it was her.

Realizing that Sarah might be hooking up with Cristian, Layla tells her that she realizes Cristian had a relationship with her sister. But Evangeline is in a coma and she may or may not ever get out of it. So it would be al right with her if Sarah is seeing Cristian. But Sarah tells Layla that she does not plan on “seeing” Cristian. He is her boss and it would be too weird. Right then, Talia enters and tells Layla that she needs more help with the “George” thing.

Vincent and Sean are talking at the gym about whether Sean should keep this charade up with Talia. Not far away, Cristian is asking Antonio if he is seeing anybody. He reflects that he knows that Antonio and Talia are friends. Yet, he’s heard, through the grapevine that Talia has a boyfriend. Antonio confirms to Cristian that he found out that Talia has a serious relationship with Vincent’s friend, Sean. But Cristian seems to know better.

Dorian tells Clint that she bets that he has been talking to Nora since they now share a house. And he bets that Nora has persuaded him to stay away from her. He tells her that he has always told her where he stands. He doesn’t have any secret going on with Nora. He is there for her (Dorian). He loves her. And he just wishes he knew where she stood with their situation. Right then, she grabs a hold of him and kisses him.

Starr, Langston, Cole and Markko ask the social worker if she has any clue who her “source” about Langston was. The social worker admits that it was a young woman. And right then, Starr stands up and tells Britney she’s going to kill her for this and she attacks her.

The administrator of St. Anne’s tells Bo and Nora that Lindsay has broken out of her catatonia. But her long term memory is spotty. He warns them that they should not make any assumptions about what is going on with her. And he believes that Lindsay is not aware of the charges she’s pled guilty to in court before she broke down. Nora then asks if they can see Lindsay. He leaves. Alone with Nora, Bo seems to know that she wants to assume that Lindsay is faking her break down. And he asks Nora if she could “ease up” on Lindsay before seeing her.

After Talia goes and talks to Layla about her scamming Antonio with her fake boyfriend, Layla and Sarah conclude that maybe Talia needs to come clean and stop lying to Antonio. Maybe she should face what is going on and consider that maybe she could have a relationship with Antonio. Maybe he likes her.

While Antonio and Cristian are near Vincent and “George”, Cristian approaches “George” (Sean) and asks if he can talk to him.

After Starr physically attacks Britney, the social worker tells her that she should not vilify the person who may have only been concerned about Langston’s welfare. Britney makes comments about her concerns over where Langston will go and with whom she will live. Starr then protests that Langston does not need any help from Social Services. She has friends and people who care about her. But the social worker reminds them that Langston does not have the legal right to decide where she can live. Hearing that, Starr is not going to accept that.

Right then, when Dorian is with Clint, she gets a call from her cell phone that she can tell is from Starr. Starr tells her aunt that she needs her help because Langston is in trouble.

Talia asks Sarah how she has “figured” anything out about Antonio. Sarah replies that she sees the two of them at the club. And the three women talk about Talia’s dilemma with Antonio and her scam involving Sean. Talia admits that it is only a matter of time before Antonio will find out the truth. Sarah asks Talia if she thinks he will be jealous. Talia admits that she just felt out of control when she was with Antonio after coming back from New York. She didn’t want to admit to him that she was single and possibly available to him. So she made up this “boyfriend”. But this is not working. She does not want to be with “George”/Sean. He is a nice guy. But it’s just that…And then she cannot say more. Layla and Sarah then finish her thought for her by concluding that Antonio is the one for her.

Antonio observes Sean scoping out the women at they gym. And he asks him how he can treat Talia like this. She is in love with him and deserves better than this. In response to that, Sean does not know what to say. And Vincent does not know how to help his friend. Antonio then asks if somebody wants to tell him what is going on.

Bo and Nora go and see Lindsay. Nora still believes that Lindsay knows what she is doing and is responsible for her actions. Bo tells Nora that he does not believe that she is not the one to talk to Nora. He asks her if she does not trust him. Nora tells Bo that she believes that there is nothing wrong with Bo’s “ethics”. But he does care about Lindsay and it might cloud his judgment with the reality that she committed murder. Nora admits that she really does not know what to do in regard to Lindsay. But maybe she should go and talk to Dorian Lord. She concludes to Bo that she is not without compassion. She then approaches Lindsay and informs her hat she has to go and she will let her talk to Bo. She informs her that she took Will to the airport a few days ago. He is back at home now. And she tells Lindsay that she believes her son is a wonderful young man. She smiles and leaves.

After Starr calls Dorian, Dorian asks her niece how child protective services could have possibly found out about Langston. Starr replies that it’s pretty obvious. Dorian then hangs up and informs Clint that she has to go.

The social worker is telling Langston and her friends that Langston needs to be placed in a foster home. They tell the social worker that there must be other choices. The social worker tells them there are not. But Starr asks the social worker to wait. She tells her that if she places Langston in some foster home, she (Starr) will help Langston run away. And that will not look good for the social services office. Will it?

Sarah tells Talia that her first mistake was to “give up”. Talia asks her what she means by that. Sarah replies that Talia has it all: The hair the body, the personality and the police badge. She must realize that she could be a great catch for Antonio. She must believes that Antonio can see that also. IF he cannot, it’s his problem. And they encourage her to bond with them in their group of girlfriends.

At the gym, Antonio demands to know why Sean/”George” is treating Talia like this. Sean does not have any answer to that but asks if he can have a private conversation with his “friend” (Vincent). Antonio asks why it’s any of Vincent’s business. Vincent then asks Antonio why this is any of his business. Alone with Cristian, Antonio reveals to his brother that he has some very protective feelings about Talia.

Bo tells Lindsay that there are ways that she can redeem herself for what has happened. But she confirms to Bo that she realizes she will spend the rest of her life in prison or a mental institution because she killed Spencer Truman. And she will accept that.

In response to Starr’s “threat”, the social worker tells her she is out of line. Starr apologizes if she was rude but tells her she must realize that they are Langston’s friends and they know what is best for her better than Social Services does. Markko tells the social worker that he realizes that she may not believe that they know what they are talking about and she believes she is doing what is best for Langston and all. The social worker gets a call on her phone and departs. Starr then confronts Britney. Britney tells Starr if she ever touches her again, she will file assault charges.

Alone with Lindsay, Bo tells her he knows all too well what it’s like to lose a child. He thought he was going to lose it when Drew died. And he tells her she must believe that she has a defense. She cannot give up. She then reminds Bo that he is a cop. He should not be lending excuses to her for murder. But Bo does not want to give up on Lindsay’s defense..

Nora goes to Dorian’s and finds that she has left. Only Clint is there. She informs him that she suddenly noticed that Lindsay is so conveniently no longer catatonic. Dorian apparently knows some thing about it that she is not telling anybody Bo seems blinded by Lindsay also. Clint is surprised to hear that. Nora then concludes that she has just insulted Clint’s girlfriend and his brother in one breath. Clint admits that that is one more thing that Dorian has not told him.

Starr confronts Britney. She tells her she better not do anything to hurt Langston. Langston asks Starr what she will do. Starr replies that she sill sick her father on Britney. Hearing that, Cole tells Starr that that was a nasty threat. Right then, Dorian tells Britney that she is despicable for what she is attempting to do to this sweet and wonderful young girl. Dorian then approaches the social worker and tells her that her department need not get involved in this. She does not want them to be burdened with something that she can handle herself. She knows how to provide a home for Langston and she will take this responsibility out of social services’ hands. But the social worker tells Dr. Lord that she cannot do that. If she takes one more step closer toward this “child”, she will take legal action against Dorian.

Alone in the locker room, Sean knows that he has overheard Antonio confronting him about cheating on his girlfriend. He approaches the girl whom he really wants to hook up with. He tells her that his name is Sean, not George. He does not have a girlfriend. And he would like her number. Right then, Talia enters the gym with Sarah and Layla. They are surprised to notice that Antonio is confronting Vincent for what Sean is doing. And Vincent replies that that business with Sean is “all for show”.

Bo is with Lindsay telling her that he realizes she has suffered a breakdown. That’s ok. She has friends who are there for her.

Nora admits to Clint that she has no clue what to do with Lindsay and what he should do with Dorian.

The social worker lays down the law to Langston’s friends and to Dorian. Langston cries, believing she will be sent away never to see them again. Dorian assures Langston that the social worker is only doing what she needs to do in order to cover her derriere. But she tells her she has a whole posse of lawyers who will fight this and get the results they want. Langston then believes it’s time to say her fond farewells to her friends. She hugs Cole. Then she tells Starr she will never forget her best friend. Then she embraces Markko and tells him she love shim. The social worker then coldly tells her that they have to go. Time is wasting. But it looks as though her friends are not going to go away without a fight.

Antonio is at the gym talking to Cristian while he lifts weights. He asks what the deal is with him and Sarahh.

At Layla and Sarahh’s apartment Sarahh tries on a bra and Layla asks about her and Cristian. Sarahh denies anything is going on.

Bo and Nora are at the hospital asking after Lindsay. The doctor tells them she is doing better since Dorian’s visit.

In Dorian’s kitchen Dorian tells Clint she was going through a crisis between Todd and the missing the baby and finding out about Langston. Clint says Dorian was there for him and he will be there for her.

In the park Langston informs the Ms. Woodrow from Child Services she won’t go with them. They tell her she has to be housed by the state and that they received an anonymous call regarding Langston. Starr looks at Britney and accuses her of making the call to Child Services

At their apartment Sarahh and Layla discuss Cristian. Sarahh denies anything is going on between them. They talk about Evangeline and the fact that if/when she recovers it won’t mean she and Cris will get back together. Sarahh says its inappropriate cause Cristian is her boss. Talia knocks on the door and says they have to talk about the “George situation”. Sarahh asks about the George situation.

At the gym, across the room from Antonio and Cristian, Vincent and Sean discuss Talia and his being the pretend boyfriend.

Cristian denies liking Sarahh and asks about Talia and Sean. Antonio says he doesn’t understand that situation. Cristian keeps asking questions while Antonio lifts weights. They look over and see Sean flirting with another woman.

At Dorian’s Clint questions how Dorian is treating him. Dorian asks who is filling his head with this stuff. Dorian guesses Vickie? Nora? Clint denies it’s either of them and he just wants to know where she stands. He starts to leave but Dorian grabs him and kisses him.

In the park Britney denies making the call. Starr ask Ms. Woodrow if it was a man or a woman who called and reported Langston. She tells them she believes it was a young woman. Starr screams and launches herself at Britney and they both fall to the ground.

At the hospital the doctor tells Nora and Bo that whatever Dr. Lord said to Lindsay broke through and she’s making eye contact now. He also said her long term memory is spotty. Nora asks if she’s competent. The doctor says Lindsay can’t understand the charges against her at this point. The doctor brings Lindsay out and she says hi.

Back at the apartment Talia starts to leave and Layla calls her back. Sarahh admits to knowing George is a fake and everyone knows she’s into Antonio.

In the gym Cristian looks at Sean and guesses he and Talia aren’t exclusive. Antonio says he doesn’t think Talia knows that. The girl tells Sean she works at the gym. When Sean finishes flirting with the girl and Antonio asks to talk to him.

In the park they pull Starr off of Britney. Starr, Cole and Markko defend Langston. Ms. Woodrow tries to tell her she is here to help. Britney interrupts and says Langston will be put in a home with a daddy in a wife beater shirt and mommy with a glass of gin in her hand in a double wide. Ms. Woodrow assures Langston that all the families are carefully screened and says Langston is required to report to Child Protective Services. As she starts to go with the woman. Starr says wait.

Dorian and Clint kiss. Clint says that David Vickers kept her guessing and she must like the chase. Dorian’s phone rings and its Starr. Starr asks for her help.

At Layla’s Talia asks Sarahh how she knew. Sarahh says she was moonie eyed around Antonio and anyone could figure it out. They bring snacks over to the coffee table and discuss George and Antonio. Talia tells them that she made up George so Antonio wouldn’t suspect she liked him. Talia insists they are just friends. Sarahh says that because Antonio is pressing her with questions that it’s working.

Back at the gym Antonio calls Sean, “George” and the girl he was talking to comes over and asks why he said his name is Sean? Antonio asks if he mentioned his girlfriend. She storms off. Sean asks Antonio why he did that. Antonio tells George that Talia is in love with him. Sean says maybe she is and Vincent just about chokes. Antonio asks what’s going on here.

Lindsay talks to Nora and Bo. Nora tells Bo she looks fine and he tells her it’s not her call. Nora calls him over protective. Bo says Lindsay would be better speaking to him alone. Nora says she wants to talk to Dorian but first she goes over to talk to Lindsay. She talks to her about Will. She gave him a ride to the airport and he’s back in Los Angeles now. Nora leaves.

Dorian asks how Child Protective Services got involved and Starr says Britney. Dorian says to keep them there until she can get there. Starr asks how? And Dorian tells her she is a Kramer woman and she can figure it out. They hang up. The woman won’t wait for Dorian so Starr threatens to help Langston run away if they won’t wait.

At the apartment Sarahh tells Talia she is a fox and shouldn’t have given up. Talia says Antonio doesn’t even know she exists. Sarahh urges her to put a on dress, shake out the hair and go get him. Talia fears rejection. Sarahh says they’ll get Antonio to notice her. Go out with George, looking hot and having fun and then Antonio will notice her. Talia balks and Sarahh encourages her. Layla suggest they try a kickboxing class at the gym that starts in a half hour. Sarahh tries to take a nap but Talia drags her to the gym.

Antonio presses Sean for answers as to why he’s cheating on Talia. Vincent drags Sean away to talk to him. He says if Layla hears what’s happening he’ll be in trouble. Sean asks if Talia really likes him and Vincent says no. Sean asks if Vincent thinks the trainer would give him a shot.

When Cristian asks why Antonio is doing this, he says Talia is a friend. You fall in love with someone, give them all you got and they cheat on you. Cristian stops him and asks if he’s talking about Talia.

Bo and Lindsay talk about Spencer’s murder.

The woman from Child Services asks if Starr is threatening her. Markko defends Starr. Starr apologizes and asks her to wait for Dorian. The woman’s phone rings and she steps away to answer it. Britney mouths off and Cole has to stop Starr from attacking her again. She tells Britney that at least Langston’s parent’s loved her. Britney’s parents can’t wait to ship her off to boarding school. Britney just stares at her.

Bo tells Lindsay he knows she did it so Marcie wouldn’t lose her child like she did. Bo knows what that’s like. Bo says she believed she didn’t have a choice and that she has a defense. He says she should fight this for Will. Lindsay asks why he cares. Bo says he just does and will see her through it.

Clint answers Dorian’s door and Nora comes in. Nora tells him about Lindsay’s improvement since Dorian paid her a visit. Clint says its one more thing Dorian didn’t tell her about.

Dorian arrives at the park and tells the kid she will handle it. Starr right up in Britney’s face, talking low so no one else hears. She tells her she will ask her crazy father for help getting back at Britney because unlike Britney’s parents, her father would do anything for her. Britney storms off. Starr thanks Dorian for coming.

Ms Woodrow talks to Dorian. Dorian says she will take full responsibility of Langston and tries to leave. Ms. Woodrow stops her and tells her she will have her arrested if she goes one more step with Langston.

At the gym Sean tries to explain to the trainer he doesn’t have a girlfriend. He asks for her number. Antonio comes in and Cristian warns him not to do anything. Antonio calls Sean an asshole. Vincent stands up for Sean. He tells Antonio the business with Sean was just for show.

Bo says goodbye to Lindsay. She says if she could be certain Marcie could keep Tommy she would do it all again. Bo says she should never share that with anyone but her doctor.

At La Boulaie Nora wonders if Dorian is coaching Lindsay. Clint laments that sometimes it seems Dorian doesn’t need him.

Dorian asks if Ms. Woodrow is threatening her. Ms. Woodrow says Langston has to come with her. Langston apologizes to her friends. Dorian tells her she has a whole posse of lawyers working on this and she should keep her chin up. Langston tearfully hugs her friends goodbye and goes with Ms. Woodrow.

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