OLTL Update Tuesday 10/16/07

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 10/16/07


Written By Jennifer S.

Langston and Markko are in the park. She does not want to talk to him and is afraid that he will judge her for covering up the fact that her parents were killed.

When Starr informs Cole about Langston’s parents, he is really shocked and asks Starr how that could be possible when they have overheard Langston talking to them on the cell phone. She informs him that Langston was making it all up. And all of her friends must be there for her.

Dorian is on the phone talking to an “associate” whom she hopes can dig up evidence of Langston’s’ parents will. Her contact doesn’t seem willing or able to find out any information for Dorian. But she reminds this person that she is paying him an expensive retainer. And a young girl’s life depends on this.

Rex and Michael are brainstorming about what to do in regard to the fact that Marcie has fled the state with Tommy. Right then, there is a news broadcast about Marcie McBain kidnapping her adoptive son after Todd Manning has gotten custody of him. The news reporter reports that Todd is filing federal charges and using the FBI. And right then, Roxy appears and threatens to shove that reporter’s camera up her butt. Marcie and Ron are watching the news cast and Ron remarks to his sister that Roxy is a loyal friend to her.

Michael tells Rex and Adriana that people will have to realize that Marcie is a wonderful mother who is only trying to protect her child and nobody would put her in jail. Rex realizes that Bo and Nora might take that into consideration and go easy on Marcie. Rex admits that he was kind of “thinking outside the box” about other choices for her besides turning herself in.

Clint goes to see Dorian after she’s been on her “secret mission” and not getting back to him. He tells her that he’s come to make certain that she is ok. And now that he’s seen that she is, he will let her ‘recover”. But she tells him she does not want him to recover. She kisses him

Markko tells Langston that he realizes that she’s gotten some bad news but he hopes that she is not breaking up with him. She tells him that she is not breaking up with him. He tells her that is great news. He’s never loved anybody like he loves her.. She tells him he must realize that she has been lying to him ever since they met. He tells her that he understands and does not believe she is lying. She came clean and had her reasons for not sharing with her friends that her parents were killed.. But she tells him there is more that that. She has not just found out for the first time that her parents died today. She’s known that for over a year. She then asks Markko what he thinks of her now.

Starr tells Cole that there has to be a way that they can help Langston. They must encourage her to open up and talk to her friends. But Cole reminds Starr that he knows what happens when one loses a parent. When his dad died, he also shut down and didn’t want to talk about his feelings to anybody. He believes that maybe Langston just needs time. But Starr tells Cole that she feels as though it’s her fault to have never caught on nor seen the signs throughout t the entire time she’s known Langston. She was too blind to see it. And it took her aunt Dorian to see what was going on with Langston.

Langston admits to Markko that she would have never admitted what had happened if Starr’s aunt Dorian had not found out. He is a bit concerned about that.

Roxy grabs the microphone from the reporter on the television. She introduces herself as the proud owner of Foxy Roxy’s and offers deals on color treatments. She announces that she is a friend of Marcie and Michael and has taken care of Tommy. At that moment, the reporter tells Roxy she knows that she is the same Roxy Balsam who was involved in the Balsam-Buchanan baby switch. She probes Roxy for information about how she has covered up kidnapping of babies before. At that point, Miles Laurence appears and demands that the reporter leaves Roxy alone.

Rex tells Michael that there might be ways to get Marcie and Tommy out of the country. Michael has doubts that they will be able to pull that off. Rex admits that it won’t be easy. But there are ways they can try. And Tommy will be able to live with the only parents he’s known in his life. Michael tells Rex that this idea is just a fantasy. Even if they find Marcie and she agrees to go along with it, it’s not the kind of life for her or Tommy. Rex then asks Michael what kind of a life Tommy will have living with a nut job like Todd Manning. But Michael tells Rex that if they go through with his plan, it will only mean more consequences for Marcie. Rex then tells Michael that it’s his call. But he has an idea that Michael might want to hear.

The reporter asks Roxy and Miles how clean their hands are. Miles almost killed Todd Manning. And she bets that the two of them are aiding and abetting the kidnapping of Tommy and keeping him away from his natural father’s who‘s just gotten legal court-ordered custody of him. Right then, Rex enters and demands that this reporter leaves his mother and Miles alone and they walk away.

Markko admits to Langston that when he saw her forging her parents’ signatures on those permission slips, maybe he should have minded his own business. But she tells him that she deeply regrets lying to herself and to him and to Starr. She reminds him that when her parents went off on their trips, they assured her that everything would be alright. And she tells him if he wants to take off, she will understand. He then tells her that he meant it when he said he loved her. She tells him that if she could have, she would have kept on lying to him forever so that he would keep saying that to her. She is afraid if he knew the truth he would not.. She tells him he has good reason to think she is a mental case. She wanted to be close to somebody and she chose him. And she understands if he never wants to speak to her again.

Dorian tells Clint that she stood him up to dinner and had the gall not to call him for 24 hours. She sounds sarcastic when she tell him that she has denied him the right to keep her on a leash and demand that she be at his beck and call every moment. How dare she? She tells him that he must assume that there could not be anything going on in her unimportant little life that would be more important than him. He tells her that he was merely concerned about her and is not being egotistical. But now that he sees her attitude, he is not anymore.

Marcie is ready to go outside and asks Ron if there is some sort of baseball cap or something that she could wear. He then asks her if she really wants to go through with this. He tells her that she is his little sister. He will back her in whatever she wants. But he asks her if she is not just panicking. She then asks him if he believes she is merely panicking when he saw Todd Manning for himself barging into his home with his goons, ransacking his home and nearly strangling him. Ron then asks her if she cannot at least attempt to work things out with Michael. She tells him she no longer cares about Michael. He lied to her. And there is no way she’s going to let a convicted rapist raise her child. She no longer cares what Michael or the rest of Llanview thinks or feels or does. Ron then agrees to help his sister pack her stuff and get out. But right then, they see a news cast where the reporter asks Michael if he has anything he wants to say. And the camera zooms in on Michael. He speaks to Marcie telling her he loves her and wants her to come back. She stares at her husband on the television and is speechless.

In the high school, Britney and her friends are eavesdropping upon Cole and Starr’s conversation. When Cole and Starr depart, Britney’s friend asks her if she is really going to go through with her plan that will result in something terrible happening to the four of them. Britney then boasts that all it takes is one phone call and Starr will be in for a detrimental situation.

In response to Langston telling him that she has hid things from him, Markko shares a startling revelation with her. He asks her if she remembers that “dorky dude” in the school with the glasses who looked like a freakazoid. She admits that she remembers and is shocked that that was him. She admits to her that he never wanted her to know. He only wanted her to see him as somebody she’d be attracted to. Not some loser. But now that she’s aware of what he has done, and she accepts that, it makes him love her so much more. He kisses her.

In response to Dorian implying that he must think that her life, ideas and endeavors are unimportant, Clint tells her that he does not believe that. She is a delight in his life. She tells him that she had some things going on that she wanted to share with him as soon as she was free to contact him. But now that he’s exhibited this attitude, she no longer wants to share anything with him. When she is in the presence of somebody who puts himself so high upon a pedestal as he does, she no longer wants him to know what is going on. He then admits that maybe he was angry to have been stood up. But they have spent enough time together and slept together and have been doing things together for a long time. So he wonders if he’s asking too much to expect something as unreasonable to expect as a phone call. OR should he even expect to be on her freaking “to do” list? In response to that, she concludes that maybe he is right and they cannot make it together.

Roxy talks to Miles about how maybe they can work together for the common good of helping Marcie and Michael.

Marcie and Ron are watching Michael on the television telling her that he loves her more than anything. He wants her back. He wants Tommy back. This is killing him. He keeps thinking about seeing her on the run constantly looking over her shoulder all alone with Tommy. He tells her if something happened to either one of them, he could not go on living. So he tells her that she has to come home so that they can try to work this out. He tells her that she must attempt to save them. She is the only one that can.

Clint tells Dorian that she is just determined to blow everything out of proportion today. She tells him that she realized she had to take care of things by herself. She realizes if he had something going on, he wouldn’t be at her beck and call either. And it would be no biggy for her. She tells him that it’s not the “Fight” that is the problem. The problem is that he seems to have these “expectations” of her. And she’s not certain that she wants that. He then admits that he does have expectations because he loves her.

Britney follows Star, Cole, Langston and Markko to the park. They demand that she gets out and leaves them alone. She tells them they will miss her. Langston tells Britney she hopes there are coffins for her. In response to that, Britney tells Langston she is a fine one to talk about coffins and calls her little orphan Langston.

Roxy shares a list of some ideas with Miles. She tells him that she has gotten in trouble with the law before but has known how to get community service. Right then, some men from the FBI announce their presence to Roxy and tell her they would like a word with her. Todd has obviously sent them assuming that she is covering for Marcie.

Marcie and Ron watch the news broadcast about how Marcie is accused of kidnapping Tommy. Ron tells her that if she gets caught, Tommy might be taken from her forever. And he asks her if she is prepared to lose him forever.

In response to Clint telling Dorian that she loves him, she tells him she did not see this coming. He admits to her that he said that in order to get her attention. She then concludes to him that they have come to this “place” without finding out whether they want to be in this place. And she tells him that she thinks they both need to do some thinking about where they should go from there.

The guys from the FBI inform Roxy and Miles that the FBI is tailing Marcie, Michael and John knowing John used to be an FBI agent.

Michael sits and watches a video of Marcie and Tommy. Rex and Adriana can see how much he misses her and they promise that they will do everything they can in order to help him and Marcie.

Marcie admits to Ron that she loves Michael more than anything. But it is over between them. SO what she needs her brother’s help with is in making her and Tommy disappear.

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