OLTL Update Monday 10/15/07

One Life to Live Update Monday 10/15/07


Written By Jennifer S.

After Natalie, Jessica and Nash tell Jared that they are not threatened by him and he better get out of Nash’s house, he reminds them all that he has half ownership of all land and property and has rights too. Jessica then asks him if that means that he is throwing them out. He tells her he would not do that. What is happening is that he is moving in.

At school, Britney tells Starr she knows that Mrs. McBain has taken her father’s son. Not far away, Cole asks Markko if he had a chance to finally meet Langston’s parents. Right then, Markko admits to Cole that he found out some tragic news. Langston’s parents were killed in a car accident.

Starr tells her mother and aunt that she wants Langston to live with them.

While waiting to hear from Marcie in his empty apartment, Michael asks a cop if he has to stay there and watch over everything. The cop tells him that he has orders to stay there. Michael is right then watching a video of Marcie and Tommy. And he misses his wife.

At Ron’s home, he asks Marcie if she is really ready to throw away her entire life with her husband and all of her friends in Llanview. She tells her brother that she cannot go back to Michael after what he did. Right then, Ron seems to know that somebody is outside. Marcie knows she better hide herself and Tommy. Ron opens the door. It’s Todd. He tells Ron that he’s there to pick up his son.

Jared reads the document that gives him legal authorization to take over ownership of the house where Nash and Jessica live and all surrounding property. He then asks Natalie if she wants to tell him the rest.

After Starr tells Blair and Dorian that she wants Langston to stay at their house, Langston tells them that she does not want to impose. After what has recently happened with Mr. Manning’s son, they do not need another kid to worry about. But they tell her they want her to stay. Blair inquires if her parents might have drawn up a will. It’s entirely possible that they have designated somebody to be her legal guardian. But Starr tells her mother and aunt that they must consider the possibility that they did not draw up a will nor designated anybody to be Langston’s legal guardians. And then what will become of her friend if that happens.?

Markko tells Cole that he has been trying and failing to call Langston. And he wants to be there for her but does not know what to do.

Britney tells a friend of hers’ that she is transferring to another school. Her parents want to send her to a boarding school in Massachusetts. They believe that their daughter is getting too distracted staying at Llanview High. .Her friend protests that everybody will miss her if she leaves. But Britney reveals that she has some sort of trick up her sleeve about saying her fond farewells to everybody so that they will never forget her.

While Michael is alone in his apartment looking at the picture of Marcie and Tommy, Rex and Adriana enter and ask if she’s heard anything or if there is anything they can do. Adriana tells Rex she is worried about what will happen to Marcie if the cops find her. Rex tells Adriana that that will not be as bad as if Todd finds her.

Marcie hides herself and Tommy while Todd asks Ron if he’s seen his sister. Ron tells Todd he has not. But Todd does not buy that and tells Ron that he is not leaving until he gets his son back.

Michael informs Rex and Adriana that John has talked to some of his buddies at the FBI about how they can prevent Marcie from getting into some really serious trouble. Adriana tells Michael that he needs to realize that Marcie might very well come to her senses and come back to him. But he is worried that that may never happen. Rex asks Michael why he’s given up. Michael then informs them that Marcie has now found out that he knew and did not tell her that Todd was Tommy’s biological father. Hearing that, Rex is shocked.

Ron tells Todd that this is his home and he does not want him tossing things around. He closes the door on Todd. But Todd is not going to give up. He then calls some cops to come in and search Ron’s apartment. And he tells Ron he was hoping they could do this the “easy way”.

Rex asks Michael how Marcie could have found out that Todd was Tommy’s dad. Michael explains she found out from Lindsay. Rex asks how Lindsay found out. Michael explains that she overheard the two of them talking about it. And that was what motivated her to “off” Spencer Truman. Adriana tells Michael that he cannot give up on his marriage. But Michael tells her that no matter how many well-intended reasons he had for keeping the secret from Marcie, the bottom line is he lied to her. Rex asks Michael if Todd knows that, realizing that Michael is in some very serious trouble if there is proof that he committed perjury on the witness stand when he said he had no clue that Todd was Tommy’s father until that point. Michael admits that he is not as concerned about the consequences for him as he is about what could happen to his wife.

After Todd invites the cops into Ron’s home, Ron tells him that he needs to leave him alone because he won’t find anything. But it’s obvious that Todd does not believe that.

Langston tells Starr, Blair and Dorian that she is afraid to face Markko. She has been lying to him about her parents for a long time. What is he going to think of her after this? But Starr tells her friend that she must realize that her friends will not judge her and they will be there for her. Dorian assures Langston that everything will be ok. Starr and Langston leave together. Alone with Dorian, Blair asks her aunt why she told Langston everything would be alright. She tells Dorian she must realize that she has no clue about what is in store for that poor girl.

Jared tells Natalie, Jessica and Nash that he is not going anywhere. And they are not going to take his job away from him. Natalie reminds him that she had good grounds to fire him. He sexually harassed her. But he is not afraid of anything. He tells them he’s going to shower and sleep on their couch. And there is nothing they can do about it.

While Jared goes to shower, Natalie tells her sister and brother in law that she does not want to be responsible for this guy invading their living space. They tell her that they won’t let him intimidate them and she need not worry. She tells them that it’s just too complicated this way. She will just give him his job back in order to shut him up. But Jessica tells Natalie that even if she does that, he will just blackmail her further. Nash tells Natalie he agrees and he knows how to deal with hustlers and blackmailers like Jared Banks.

As soon as Starr and Langston enter school, they see Britney. Langston tells Starr that she is not ready to deal with that. Starr tells Langston if Britney does anything to make her uncomfortable, she will regret it. Britney then tells Langston that she is very sorry about what happened to her parents. Hearing that, Langston demands to know who told her that. Britney tells Langston she has her ways. And she announces that she is going to have a going away party. She wants to invite all of them because she knows how sorry they are to see her go. Cole overhears and tells Britney that nobody will be sorry to see her go. Starr and Langston tell Britney that is true. Britney then tells them they may not be sorry that she is going. But they will be sorry.

Dorian tells Blair that she(Blair) always believes that she is so much wiser than her aunt. But Blair falls short of that when it comes to Todd. Blair tells her aunt please. She doesn’t want to go into that. And she asks Dorian just what she is implying. Dorian tells her niece that she has agreed to marry Todd in order to help him get custody of Tommy. But Todd is going to have a very difficult battle ahead of him. Marcie is not going to give up and let Todd keep Tommy even if he manages to take him from her. Todd is going to really give Blair and the kids a lot to deal with. And she asks her niece if she really thinks she can play mother to a child that Todd conceived with Margaret Cochran.

Marcie and Tommy hide in Ron’s closet so that Todd and the cops cannot find them. Ron then tells Todd and the cops that if they don’t mind, they need to get out of his home. But Todd is obviously not going to give up. Right then, Marcie is overhearing the conversation, holding Tommy and looking very panicked.

Jared tells Jessica, Nash and Natalie that that shower is much nicer than the one at the state prison. But they will have to do some renovating and remodeling. In response to that, Jessica asks Jared if he really believes that he is following in Asa’s foot steps and doing what Asa would want him to do. He tells her yes. He knows that Asa would not let anybody get away with sending him to prison especially if he was set up and didn’t even do anything. He leaves. Nash then tells his wife and sister in law that he can handle Jared. Jessica tells them that the reason Jared is pulling this is because of what she did to him. So maybe she needs to go away and think of what to do so that neither of them have to suffer the consequences of her actions. Her husband and sister don’t want her to do that. But she asks them just what other options they think they have.

Alone in the apartment, Michael admits to Rex and Adriana that he cannot eat nor sleep not knowing where his wife and son are or what will happen.

Blair answers Dorian’s questions about raising Margaret Cochran’s child by rationalizing to her aunt that she knows that regardless of Todd’s situation with Margaret, he knows that the baby is innocent and he can love him no differently than his other kids. But Dorian reminds Blair that she is not asking about what Todd will do. She is asking what Blair will do. Blair then reminds her aunt that she is just as capable as Dorian is of doing understanding how people do crazy things for those they love.

Todd finally departs from Ron’s house. Ron, then rushes to open the closet door and let Marcie and Tommy come out. He tells his sister that she is not safe there. He has stashed her car. But Todd will be back and he’ll know she’s there. She cannot stay there and must go home.

Starr, Langston, Cole and Markko tell Britney that after next week, they will no longer have to deal with her. Alone with Langston, Markko tells his girlfriend that he was worried about her and wishes she would talk to him. He asks her if her parents are having a funeral. She then tells him that there is more to this than he realizes.

Alone in her kitchen, Dorian gets on the phone and calls somebody to investigate the private files of the deceased Mr. and Mrs. Wile to find out if they drew up a will that will designate what will become of their daughter after their death. But the person she talks to only wants to put her on hold. Blair enters and asks Dorian what she is doing. Dorian does not want to answer that but she tells Blair she must really seriously consider what she is getting herself into involving Todd and his present situation.

Ron talks to his and Marcie’s father but does not admit that Marcie is standing right there in his living room after fleeing Llanview. He gets off the phone and asks her if she is really prepared to say good bye not only to Michael and Llanview but to him and their father and brother and all the people who love her.

Natalie assures Jessica that there are three of them and they are very, very smart. So there is no way that Jared can beat them at this blackmail game. Jessica asks Natalie just what they should do. Nash says he will tell her what they are not going to do. They are not going to sit around and let Jared Banks walk all over them and live in fear of him. They can beat him at his little game. But Jared comes out again and reminds the three of them that he has had plenty of time, while sitting alone in his jail cell, thinking all about how he can beat them at their little game.

At school, Starr informs Cole that she has just found out that Langston’s parents have been dead for over a year and she’s been living alone all this while. Cole is speechless when he hears that.

After Blair finds out that Dorian is making phone calls to find out about Langston’s parents’ will, she asks her what she thinks she might be able to find. Dorian tells Blair that she is not going to just sit around and do nothing. Right then, Todd enters. Blair asks him if he found Marcie. He admits not exactly. But he found her brother Ron. And he knew that Ron was hiding something and he’s going to find out what it is.

At the apartment, the cop informs Michael that he’s just gotten word that the FBI is going to “take it from there”. Alone with Rex, Michael tells him that they got to find something to do.

Marcie tells her brother that he cannot get her wrong. She loves him and their brother and father. But she cannot call Michael or see him ever again. He asks her in that case, where she plans to go from there. She cries and is not able to answer that.

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