OLTL Update Friday 10/12/07

One Life to Live Update Friday 10/12/07


Written By Jennifer S.

John and Bo are putting a trace on Marcie. But they cannot find her or Tommy or her car. Bo puts an APB to see if the car is abandoned or what could have happened.

Meanwhile, Todd is back home on his phone attempting to find Marcie. He gives a description of her as a short little loud mouth red head who’s kidnapped his kid. Blair comes and notices him. He touches her face and acts as though he might still be in love with her as she is the only person on his side at this point.

Natalie admits to Clint that she thinks she knows how to effectively handle Jared Banks. She got rid of him and is no longer living in fear of his threats.

Right then, Jared goes to see Nash and tells him he better find a way for Jared to get his job back at B.E. or else Nash’s wife will pay for what she did to him.

Dorian and Blair talk about what has happened to Langston. They agree that maybe its ok for her to take a day off from school/ But Dorian tells Blair that she does not believe that a day off from school will be enough to fix what has happened to that poor little girl.

Upstairs, Langston is crying. Starr is with her and admitting that she could not imagine what her life would be like without her parents.

Michael talks to John alone about what has happened. He is very worried that Marcie has abandoned him and taken Tommy with him. He’s worried that he will never see them again.

Marcie goes and stays with her brother, Ron. He has helped her hide her car, herself and Tommy. But he tells her it’s only for tonight. She must realize that somebody will find her. What she’s going to do, he tells her, is call Michael and tell him where she is. She asks what he will do if she refuses. He replies that he will, then, call Michael himself and tell him.

Dorian and Blair reflect about what has happened now that Marcie McBain has taken Todd’s child from him. Dorian says she was hoping that they could provide a safe haven for Langston. Blair admits that the whole while she’s known her daughter’s best friend, Langston has done everything to hold Starr up throughout her recent situation. And she wishes she could have picked up on the fact that there was something going on with Langston in regard to her parents the way Dorian did. Dorian tells Blair that it’s perfectly understandable that she(Blair) did not pick up on Langston’s situation with all that has been going on in Blair’s life recently. Blair then tells her aunt that she really believes that what Langston really needs is a meddling busy body like her(Dorian) in her life. She knows that Dorian will be there for Langston.

Langston tells Starr that she and Markko are getting really serious. But she is worried that Markko will think she is crazy for what she has been doing. Starr then tells Langston that she feels terrible that all she has been doing is thinking about herself and burdening Langston with her problems but did not realize what Langston is going through. She tells Langston that she will help her to get through whatever she has to and to help her get close to Markko. She tells Langston that she has a lot to celebrate now that her baby brother has come home. But she admits that it’s not that simple.

Bo tells Michael and John that he’s contacted Marcie’s brothers and father. John reminds Bo that Marcie no longer has legal custody of Tommy now that she’s crossed state lines with him. She is now guilty of kidnapping.

In response to Ron’s refusal to help her hide from Michael, Marcie asks her brother how he could do that. He tells her that she must realize that she cannot keep running. There’s no way that she will be able to stay on the run. She cannot keep her son away from his family. She needs to get back to Michael. Plus the fact she must realize that Tommy is now somebody else’s child in the eyes of the law. She does not seem to want to listen. But right then, Ron gets a call on his cell phone. And he can see that it’s from Llanview. It’s Michael.

When Jared goes to Nash and Jessica’s, Jessica comes to see him and sounds like she is not afraid of anything. She and Nash have their breakfast. Jared then tells them that if they can persuade Natalie to rehire him, he will be out of there and leave them alone. They act non-chalantly like they could care less. Jared asks Jessica if she would like him to call the cops on her and tell them she set him up. She tells him she is not worried about that. He asks her if she is going to have the family lawyers or daddy protect her. He then talks about how a princess will get by in prison. And he asks if she’s going to plead the defense that it was not her. It was her evil twin. Nash is then ready to physically attack Jared. But Jessica tells her husband he mustn’t get upset over Jared. He’s not worth it.

At Clint’s home after Natalie has informed her father and Nigel that she has fired Jared, they both sound as though they believe she did the right thing. But Clint is a bit surprised that she would hire him and then fire him. Hearing that, Natalie is a bit defensive assuming that her father does not trust her judgment with hiring and firing decisions.

Langston tells Starr that she is not really comfortable going back to school, especially when people find out. Starr tells her friend that she must not fear anything. She has Langston’s back. And so do Markko and Cole. They will all be there for her. Starr then tells Langston that she will let her be alone for a while and she will go and see the “little rug rat”. Right then, Dorian enters and admits to Langston that although Starr told her that Langston wanted to be alone, she has ignored that. She then asks Langston if she has any relatives that they should notify. Langston replies that her parents have no family. Dorian asks if there was no funeral. Langston admits to Dorian that she does not want to go out in public anymore. Dorian asks her why not. Langston tells Dorian that she is too embarrassed to face people.

Starr goes downstairs and finds out from her mother that Todd was not able to bring her baby brother home because Mrs. McBain has taken him.

Michael calls Ron and asks if he has seen his sister. Ron lies and tells Michael he has not seen or heard from Marcie but if he does, he will let Michael know. Marcie is standing right beside her brother while he lies to Michael. Michael does not believe him. Todd is standing by Michael, John and Bo and tells them that if Marcie or her brother are lying, they better do something about it.

Jessica tells Jared that if she must face legal consequences for what she did to him, she will do it. She is not afraid of the law. She reminds him that her sister threw him out of the family business and he must now accept it and leave them all alone. Right then, Natalie enters and is ready to confront Jared.

Dorian tells Langston that she must have been incredibly lonely being all alone in her home without her parents. But she tells Dorian that she has gotten used to it. She has friends. And she has a guy in her life. But she is worried that Markko might not want to deal with her situation. Dorian tells Langston that Markko came by the house to see if she was ok and she told him that Langston needed to be alone. She then tells Langston that some people might call what she did interfering.

Starr admits to her mother that she could not imagine Mrs. McBain doing something like that. Blair tells her daughter that she knows Marcie would never intentionally hurt a baby. But she hopes that Marcie can keep a clear head and not do something crazy that could get a lot of people into trouble. And they are both worried about what Todd could do.

Ron tells Marcie that she has to go back. If she does not, she can go to prison. She reminds her brother that will only happen if they catch her. Ron then reminds his sister that she’s not exactly invisible. She published a best selling book. Marcie then tells her brother she really appreciates his concern. But she is not going to let Todd Manning have Tommy.

Right then, a cop comes and informs Bo and John that he found a car matching the description of the one Marcie was driving. But he has to ruin Todd’s hopes when he informs them that the VIN number does not match. Todd keeps telling them that they are doing nothing to find the crazy woman who took his son. But he notices a note on the table. When nobody is looking, Todd puts it in his pocket.

Langston tells Doran that she feels like she is in the way here. Dorian asks her if she has noticed how big this place is. And she informs Langston That Marcie McBain crawled out of a window with Tommy, last night. And nobody can figure out where they went. Hearing that, Langston tells Dorian that she is worried that Mr. Manning must be beside himself now that his child is gone. Dorian tells her that is completely true.

Bo and John look like they might be making progress in finding Marcie.

Ron tells Marcie that he knows that she is a good mother. But if she goes to jail, they will certainly give Tommy back to Todd Manning. Maybe she should think about that. And if she goes on the run, it will be the last time that he and she will ever see each other. Hearing that, Marcie takes her brother’s hand and looks in his eyes.

Knowing that Jared is causing trouble with Jessica and Nash, Natalie tells her sister that she really apologizes for doing something that caused him to come and harass her. Jared reminds Natalie that all of this will be over with if he can get his job back. Natalie reminds him that he kept telling her that she had to go back and finish school. And she tells him that she doesn’t need to when she can always lie on a resume like he did. Nash tells Jared that he needs to get out of their home. But Jared reminds Nash that he cannot make him do that. He owns the place.

Clint discusses with Nigel and Nora that he can see that his daughter is having conflicts with Jared. But she might like him more than she realizes. Clint admits to Nora that he might have doubts about his daughter firing Jared. He doesn’t like people allowing their personal feelings to cloud their judgment. In response to that, Nora asks Clint if he has refrained from doing that by choosing to see Dorian. And she asks him if he has a clue what Dorian is up to, now. Clint tells Nora that Dorian told him that he has to accept the fact that she is doing things her way. Nora then asks Clint why he is complying with doing things Dorian’s way.

John tells Bo he appreciates him letting him be a part of the situation involving his brother and sister in law and Tommy. Bo admits to John that he maybe should no have let him have any involvement in this case especially when he had to suspend John’s badge for his involvement in it. But John tells Bo that he has to be there for his brother. Bo admits that he understand all too well.

Ron reminds Marcie that if she goes on the run and assumes a false identity, she will never see him or their father or their brother, Eric again. And she has to have this secret life and constantly look over her shoulder. He asks her if she wants to live like that. She tells him no she does not. But it’s better than the only other alternative she has. He tells her that she needs to go and at least attempt to get things right with Michael. But she tells him she cannot do that. Michael has betrayed her trust. He knew for months that Tommy was Todd Manning’s child, yet never told her. And she asks Ron just how she is supposed to trust a man like that.

Clint tells Nora that she has made it very clear that she does not care for Dorian. She tells him that this has nothing to do with her personal feelings about Dorian. It’s because of the way Dorian has been treating him and jerking him around. She has promised to call him many times yet has not. She’s been standing him up on many occasions recently and is keeping a secret. He tells her that he and Dorian do not have any major commitments so he is not worried about that. And he asks her how she and Matthew are adjusting to their new home. Nora admits to Clint that she is not used to have servants all around watching her and not being able to go into the kitchen and cook breakfast in the middle of the night. He then tells her in that case, they need to go into the kitchen and kick Nigel out.

Right when Blair is telling Starr and Langston her thoughts and feelings about what Marcie has done, Starr tells her mother she has a great idea. She wants for Langston to move in with them.

Michael tells John and Bo that he blames himself for what has happened. He kept the secret from Marcie that Tommy was Todd’s son. And now, because of it, he no longer has his family.

Ron asks Marcie if she really wants to go through with her plan. She then tells him that she will not go back to Michael after he’s lied to her. And there is no way she’s going to give her son to Todd Manning.

Right then, Todd has apparently snuck off with the mysterious note on the table that apparently has Ron Walsh’s address. And he’s found his way to Ron’s home. Marcie and Ron are right inside the door as he enters outside the door.

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