OLTL Update Thursday 10/11/07

One Life to Live Update Thursday 10/11/07


Written By Jennifer S.

Natalie is angry at Jared for admitting that she is a high school drop out in Capricorn. He tells her he knows that she had a good time. They got to see Timberland. He knows she enjoyed it even if she spilled a drink in his lap. She tells him that they have work to do and it has to be completed by a deadline. But he tells her that she looks tied, needs to go home and he will finish up for her. In response to that she tells him that she knows he is “up to” something. And she demands to know what that is.

At Asa’s, Nora asks Clint what is up with Dorian. He tells her that Dorian is really making efforts to think before she acts. She told him she had to do something but wouldn’t tell him exactly what that was. She has not told him where she want or what she planned to do. And he wants to give Dorian the benefit of the doubt.

Dorian takes Langston to her family’s home. Starr and Blair wonder what is up. They see that she is very upset. She confesses to them that she has been lying to them the whole while about her parents. They are dead.

While Marcie is driving away with Tommy, she picks up the phone for the first time when Michael calls her. He tells her that she has to come home and bring Tommy with her.

Clint admits to Nora that he likes Dorian. And nobody is as surprised by that as he is. And knowing that Nora is going to say something to him about that, he tells her that people are not hunks of granite. People change. He enjoys being with Dorian. He thinks she’s good for him. She keeps him on his toes. In response to that, Nora tells Clint that she thinks he should get back with Viki. But he tells her that he does not believe that Viki is interested in him. She was only interested in keeping him away from Dorian. In response to that, she tells him that maybe she should mind her own business. She tells him she really appreciates him letting her and Matthew staying in his home. He then reminds her that she has not gotten back to him with her answer to his offer. She then tells him that she has given it a lot of thought. But before she can tell him her answer, Matthew appears and asks what about him. Does he get any say in where he’s going to live?

In response to Natalie’s asking Jared why he wants her to go home, he tells her he s not going to quit this job. If she wants to be rid of him, she must quit. And he will be responsible for this project. He will be the one to get fired if it’s not done right. Right then, they get into an argument about whether she has earned her position or merely got it from nepotism. She tells Jared that even if she got the job because she is a Buchanan. Even if she has no college degree, maybe she can prove herself with hard work. At least she did not lie on a resume. He then tells her hat he knows everything he could possibly know about Natalie Balsam Buchanan Vega Buchanan. She then tells him that he has one up on her. She knows absolutely nothing about him.

Starr asks Langston what exactly happened. Dorian then asks Langston to tell her niece the whole story the way she told it to Dorian.

On the phone, Michael asks Marcie if she is still there. She replies that she is there. But she is not giving Tommy up. John then asks her if he can talk to her. He tells Marcie that he realizes how she is feeling. But she has made a big mistake. She tells John that the only mistake that was made is the judge giving Tommy to Todd. John tells Marcie that if she comes back now, then they can work something out. But she has to do the right thing. Hearing that, Todd yells what “right thing” they think she’s going to do. She tells John that she wants to talk to Michael. Michael then tells his wife that he wants her to come home. She asks him just what she has to come home to.

In response to Natalie’s inquiry about his resume, Jared tells her that he was working in a bar in order to pay for school in order to get his MBA when he met Jessica and she thought it was funny to set up some guy whom she thought had the hots for her. And he went to prison and has a criminal record following him around for the rest of his life because of that.. In response to that, Natalie appears sensitive. He protests that that was Tess. She tells him that she realizes he had a bad break. In response to that, he tells her that a “bad break” means having a car failure or buying something that’s defective. What has happened to him is fare more than that and not something he can just easily get over. If it was, only a weak person would let it ruin their life. She then tells him she realizes that they got off on the wrong foot.

Langston sits at the table with Starr, Dorian and Blair and breaks down crying while she talks about losing her parents. Starr then comes over and puts her arms around her friends.

Michael tells Marcie that he will never stop loving her and he knows that she has not stopped loving him. He tells her that he realizes that they have a lot going on. But they have not lost everything. Not if she loves him as much as he loves her. She cries and does not know what to say in response to that.

Right when Matthew enters and overhears Nora’s conversation with Clint, Nigel is with him and tells them that he and Matthew did not mean to interrupt or overhear. But Matthew tells them that he is glad he overheard and he wants to talk to them about the situation. He tells his mom that it’s not the monetary loss from the fire that burned their house he is worried about. It’s the memories of their family, when he was a child, remembering all of the important people in his life that was what he lost when he and his mom lost their home to the fire. And if they get out of Asa’s home and get another house, they will have to make new memories. He tells Nora that he believes that his grandfather’s house is not jus a big place with stuff in it. It’s their home.

Realizing that a major thing has happened with Starr’s family, Langston asks how her dad’s case went. Dorian replies that he won. They have a big cake ready to welcome Todd’s new child. But they are not happy. Dorian and Blair explain to Langston that Todd was able to take the baby from the McBains and although they are happy, this won’t be an easy transition. In response to that, Langston tells them she realizes they have enough of their own issues to deal with and she does not want to impose upon them. But they all tell her that she mustn’t ever feel that way. She is welcome in their house and they won’t let her go anywhere else. Starr and Langston go upstairs. Alone with Dorian. Blair tells her aunt that she’s amazed at how strong kids are. Dorian tells her niece that she’s glad that Todd got his child back. But she knows it’s not as simple as that.

Michael tells Marcie that he loves her. But she cannot figure out what to do with that. She cries and tells him she will call him back. Todd then tells Michael and Bo that they better do something about that. Has Bo contacted the FBI? Bo then tells Todd that he won’t let Todd tell him how to do his job. John tells them that Marcie merely made a mistake and they do not need to involve the FBI in this. They tell Todd that they will just “hope” that Marcie will do the right thing. Todd then tells him that he doesn’t want to sit around and “hope” that Marcie will do the right thing. They are going to have to do better than that. Michael then turns to his brother and tells him that he hopes that he won’t consider having Marcie put in jail. John tells his brother he sure hopes it does not have to come to that.

While driving with Tommy, Marcie cries and admits that she just wishes that there was some easy answer as to what to do.

Todd tells Bo that he knows that Bo hates him enough to drag his feet and do nothing. Bo replies to Todd that he does not hate him. He does not care enough about Todd to hate him. Right then, Marcie calls Michael and tells him that she’s made a decision. She tells him this is really difficult for her. He tells her that this is difficult for him also. So all she has to do is tell him where she is. Right then, Todd snatches the phone from Michael and says: “Listen, you crazy bitch. You better bring my son back or you will be sorry”. She then yells at Todd that she will never let him have Tommy. Never!. And she hangs up her cell phone.

Langston says that after her parents have been killed from being in third world countries and endangering themselves in order to help children, she should have been with them. But Starr tells Langston that if that had happened, she would have never met her. Langston tells Starr she made a terrible mistake lying to everybody and not admitting that her parents died. But she thought if she did not face it, it would not hurt.

Downstairs in the kitchen, Blair and Dorian ponder the situation of Langston’s deceased parents. Blair asks her aunt how it is that nobody knew but Dorian apparently found a way to find out. Dorian then tells Blair that she did some investigating. She assumed that Langston’s parents might have abused or neglected her. And now that she knows what has really happened, she’s worried that Langston has nobody. Blair tells Dorian that Langston is not alone. She has them. But she tells her they must tell somebody about this.

Natalie tells Jared that it’s stupid for them to keep arguing. They have to work together. And they have to get along. He asks her what she suggests. She tells him that he shuts up about her family. And she shuts up about his fake resume. It then looks like they might make some sort of “gesture” of agreement to that new pact. And he grabs a hold of her and kisses her. But she pulls away from him, making it very clear to him that she does not want him to do that.

Starr asks Langston what was really going on when Langston made it look as though she was making and receiving phone calls from her parents. Langston then admits that she had to make it “look real” to Starr and to Markko because she did not want them to know the truth. But now that it’s out, she does not know what she’s going to do.

In response to Matthew telling Clint and Nora how he feels about staying in Asa’s home, Clint tells him that he understands and respects how he feels. But it has to be his mother’s decision. Right then, Renee comes in and tells them that she agrees with Matthew. She thinks he belongs here. This place is too big for just herself and Clint to stay there. She wants Nora and Matthew to stay there and knows that Asa would want it. They are all very happy and want to celebrate. Renee then tells them that she wants “that nice young man” to join them. Clint then asks her just whom she is talking about. Renee replies that she means Jared Banks. She thinks very highly of him. He reminds her very much of the young Asa. She also wants to invite Natalie there, since she is Asa’s granddaughter. Hearing that, Clint asks Renee if she intends to fix Natalie and Jared Banks up. Renee tells Clint that she sees nothing wrong with doing that since both Natalie and Jared are single and they are working together at B.E.

Right then, Natalie angrily tells Jared that she could nail him for sexual harassment. And she is firing him. He is out on his behind. She never wants to see him again. But he reminds her that their agreement is that she gives him this job and lets him stay there. And he will agree not to press charges against her sister for what Jessica did to him.

Todd tells John and Bo that they better take action. He knows that John used to work for the FBI. But John tells Todd that he is not going to do what Todd wants him to do. Todd reminds John and Michael that they have both committed perjury on the stand saying that they did not know that Tommy was actually his kid. Bo tells Todd that this case will be handled properly. Todd then goes out the door. Alone with John and Michael, Bo reminds them that no matter what anybody thinks of that guy, he is, none the less, the custodial parent of Tommy and has legal rights. Bo leaves Michael and John alone. Michael asks his brother just how much trouble his wife is in. John admits to his brother that Marice is in a lot of trouble, especially if she crosses state lines.

Right then while Marcie is driving, she is singing to Tommy and feeling a little better. She then tells Tommy he needn’t worry. Everything is going to be alright. They are doing the right thing. She then sees a sign that says Welcome To New Jersey.

In response to Jared’s reminding her about their “deal” involving Jessica, Natalie tells Jared that she will not be blackmailed. She knows that he will keep using that threat and hanging it over her head. But she knows that Jessica did not want her to have to work with him. She will find another way to protect her sister. And she demands that Jared gets out. He walks out the door. And she slams it behind him.

Renée tells Nora and Clint that she found Jared to be such a great young man. Nora, Renee and Matthew go upstairs. Alone with Clint, Nigel admits that he met Jared. He found him to be very secretive. And he wondered why it was that Mrs. Buchanan took such a liking to this total stranger. Maybe she is just over come with grief. They both wonder why Renee does not suspect Jared the way they do. Bo enters the house to see his son. He hugs Matthew and tells him he will never let go.

In Starr’s bedroom, she tells Langston she must wait and know that everything is going to be al right. Langston tells Starr that she is just tired and needs to go to bed. Starr then asks her to stay with her in her room tonight. Langston cries and Starr holds her in her arms.

Downstairs, Dorian and Blair stare at the cake and wonder what they are going to do about Langston living alone in the house after her parents are gone. But right then, Todd enters. Blair asks him where the baby is. He tells her that he’s gone. Marcie kidnapped him. But he will get him back whatever it takes. Blair then goes and hugs Todd.

Michael tells John that he thought he had everything with Marcie and Tommy. But now he’s lost them both and he has nothing. John then tells his brother he mustn’t think like that. He must think about where Marcie would go.

Right then, Marcie knocks on a door with Tommy in her arms. The door opens. She tells “somebody” she needs their help.

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