OLTL Update Wednesday 10/10/07

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 10/10/07


Written By Jeannie

Langston puts a picture of her deceased parents down on the table, face-down so that she cannot see it. Dorian then asks her if there is anything she wants to discuss. Langston is very upset. She tells Dorian that death is pretty permanent. There is nothing to t talk about. Dorian tells her she knows the devastating affect it has had on her that they died so suddenly and so tragically. But Dorian attempts to convince Langston that she is a strong young woman and in time, she will be ok with it. In response to that, Langston angrily tells Dorian she better not dare tell her it will be alright in time. And she runs up the stairs.

Blair returns home without Todd and announces to Jack and Starr that she and Todd will be bringing their baby brother home today. They are elated to find that out.

Meanwhile, Todd is going to Marcie and Michael’s to take his child away. But it’s too late. Marcie is already in the car with Tommy taking him away so that Todd will never get to have him.

Langston sits at the top of the stairs, silently. Dorian walks up the stairs. Noticing she is crying, Dorian wants to talk. But Langston tells her she does not want to talk anymore. Dorian asks if it would be ok if she (herself) said something. Langston asks Dorian what has ever stopped her before. Dorian then tells Langston she realizes that when Langston first found out that her parents died, she was not about to discuss it or face up to it. But now that she’s shared it, it’s obviously going to be a shock for her. In response to that, Langston hysterically tells Dorian that after admitting it, she is not ok. It is more pain than she can ever imagine. And she will never be ok with the fact that they are dead. Dorian tells her that it is painful, obviously, after one has repressed their feelings and never before admitted it to a living soul. She then tells Langston that she needs to have people there for her now that her parents are dead. She needs people to help with things around the house and offer her support But Langston tells Dorian that she knows how to take care of herself. She cooks her own meals, takes care of the house, takes care of herself and has all the money she needs. And her parents taught her that there is nothing worthwhile about being needy and feeling sorry for oneself. But Dorian protests to her that she is not being needy nor indulging in self pity to want and need people to be there for her. And she cannot live all alone in that house without anybody to help her with what is going on. Right then, there is a knock on the door. Dorian gets the door. It’s Markko. He says he wants to see Langston. Dorian tells him she is not there and he will have to come back later. But Markko seems to know that she is there. He tells Dorian that he is not going anywhere until he knows that Langston is ok.

Starr and Jack are getting really excited and arguing. Blair asks them both to be civilized. She tells them that they both need to start working on the cake and helping her set up their baby brother’s new room. Blair and Jack leave Starr and Cole alone in the kitchen. He is ready to help her bake a cake. She tells him that it’s unbelievable to find out that she not only has a baby brother. But that he will live there and find out that his babysitter is actually his big sister. She notices, however, that Cole is not saying anything. She knows that he feels for Mrs. McBain having to lose her child. Starr then tells Cole it’s fine if he feels for Mrs. McBain. But she tells him he needs to keep it to himself. She does not want to hear that.

Right then, Marcie is driving with Tommy in the car. She tells him that she will get him some food when he gets hungry and everything will be ok when they get wherever they are going. But she reveals that she has no clue where they are going or what they will be doing.

In Marcie and Michael’s apartment, after Todd has been incapable of finding his child, he tells a silent and sullen Michael that he knows that both he and Marcie have planned to kidnap his child. He notices the new social worker in the house and tells her he knows that she is in on this too. She protests that she is not. Todd then tells Michael that he knows that stupid, insane little wife of his has kidnapped his son and he’s going to have her up on charges. In response to that, Michael grabs a hold of Todd and pushes him up against the wall. The police escort pulls Michael off of Todd and tells them both they better calm down.

In the empty courtroom, after the hearing, Bo goes and talks to John about what has happened. He asks how Michael and Marcie are holding up after the devastating verdict has gone down. John tells Bo that what is done is done and there is nothing anybody can do about it. Bo asks if Michael and Marcie can appeal. John tells Bo that he does not know if that will do any good since the judge ruled that his decision is final. He informs Bo that the judge ruled that Manning can have his child today. Bo tells John he’s got to be kidding. John reveals that he can not accept what has happened. He’s so worried about what it will do to Tommy to be taken away from the only parents he’s ever known. Manning is nothing more than a stranger to him. What will happen when he cries himself to sleep every night and has nobody.?

Right then, Marcie is driving and telling her infant son that they are going to be ok wherever they go and whatever they do. She will never let him get taken from her. He will never be lonely nor forced to live with a stranger. She tells him she will never let anybody do that to him. She then looks at herself in the rear view mirror and notices tears welling up in her eyes.

At his apartment, Michael admits to Todd that he has no clue where Marcie and Tommy have gone. Todd asks where he thinks they are. Are they out in the park? Having ice cream? He does not buy that Michael has no clue. He knows that they have all planned for Marcie to kidnap his son. Right then, Michael calls John and informs him about the “situation”. John then tells Bo that Marcie and Tommy are gong. Todd then sarcastically tells Michael he really “appreciates his effort”. He tells Michael if his wife brings his child back in the next 5 minutes, he might consider not pressing charges against her. He tells Michael they better stop jerking him around or they will regret it.

Starr tells Cole that she realizes that Mrs. McBain and her husband are upset about losing their child. But why doesn’t he realize how her dad has suffered all this while and that he has a right to have his child. She asks Cole if he does not realize what a great father Todd is. He tells her yes he knows that because she has told him that over and over again. She does not like that answer realizing that Cole does not personally care for her father. He then tells Starr she must realize that he is on her side. Right then, Blair and Jack enter. Jack tells his big sister all about how he’s going to decorate his baby brother’s room. Starr informs her mother and little brother that Cole knows how to cook. Blair then tells Cole that she knows he is really full of surprises. Realizing he is Marty’s son and John, Michael and Marcie’s friend, Blair can sense that Cole might not be completely on board with them getting to take Todd’s son away from the McBains.

At Langston’s home, Dorian concludes that maybe Langston needs to confide in Markko just what has happened. He then asks her what has happened to her parents. Are they going to be gone for a long time? She then answers to him that there has been an accident. They are dead. Markko puts his arms around Langston while she cries. He tells her he’s so sorry. He asks her what exactly happened, when it happened and when she found out. Overhearing that, Dorian tells Markko that perhaps Langston is not ready to talk about all of it now. Markko then tells Langston that he doesn’t want her to be alone. He tells her she can stay with him and his parents. She tells him she doesn’t want to impose. He then asks her if she has any family members or anybody she can stay with or who would be there for her. She tells him she has nobody. In response to that, Dorian tells her that is where she is wrong. She tells Langston she has her.

Outside her house, while Blair and Jack are preparing food to celebrate bringing Todd’s son home, Starr and Cole are outside. They admit that they have some conflicting feelings about what has happened. But they agree not to argue about it anymore. He then tells her that he is happy that she is happy. But he has to leave and will call her in the morning.

Michael tries and fails to reach Marcie by phone. Todd tells Michael he does not believe that he is making any efforts to find her. Michael protests that he is trying but she is not answering. Right then, John and Bo enter and ask what has happened. Todd tells him that that bitch took his kid. John goes and talks to his brother about what they are going to do next. Bo then speaks up and tells John that this cannot be his case. Todd then responds and tells Bo he is amazed that he would realize that John cannot be trusted to handle this case. And he informs Bo that if it were himself who took a child, the cops would be on him with bloodhounds. But the McBains can get away with it. He tells Bo that he needs to find Marcie and arrest her for kidnapping his child.

Dorian asks Langston to get her things together. Langston says nothing. In response to that, Markko asks Langston if that is what she wants. She tells him that she can go with Dorian and stay with Starr. Dorian assures him that Langston wants to stay with her best girlfriend and her family. They all love Langston and will be there for her. He tells her that he’s ok if that is what she wants. But if she needs anything, she must call him. He kisses her and tells her he loves her. He departs. Alone with Dorian, Langston admits that she did not know what to tell him.

Starr and Jack argue about who has the best ideas for how to welcome their baby brother. Jack talks about all of the toys he wants the baby to have. Blair tells her son he can go upstairs and make his plans. And she will be up later. Alone with her mother, Starr asks why her dad and baby brother are not back yet. Blair reveals that she is also worried about what might have happened.

Todd tells Michael, John and Bo that Marcie is a nut job. Michael tells Todd that his wife is much saner than he (Todd) is. Bo then asks Michael what Marcie could have taken with her in the way of credit cards or where she might be staying. Todd tells them that they must know that they all planned that. Bo tells them it’s entirely possible that Marcie will come back of her own volition. Todd tells them she better or he will nail her. In response to that, Bo tells Todd of course he wants that. All Todd wants is to get his son. Todd does not care about anybody except himself. And maybe for the first time in Todd’s life he needs to have compassion for somebody else and realize that this poor woman is going through.

Right then, while Marcie is driving, she hears sirens and sees police lights flashing all around her. And she is panicking.

Starr tells her mother that she wishes her dad would at least call them and tell them what is going on. Blair then suggests to her daughter that maybe she should call the McBains’ home and asks how they are dealing with this. But Starr admits that she is not comfortable doing that. Blair tells to her daughter that she realizes that she (Starr) has developed a relationship with Marcie and doesn’t want to see her lose her child. Starr admits to her mother that she has seen how much Mrs. McBain loves her child. She knows her dad has the right to take him and the McBains have to accept it. But she knows what her dad is capable of when he gets angry. Blair admits to her daughter that she knows her father is not a patient man. And she puts her arm around Starr.

Bo asks the cops to put an APB out on Marcie McBain. John asks if he is not jumping the gun. But Bo tells John that perhaps Todd is right that they are losing too much time sitting a waiting and they do have a fugitive on their hands.

Marcie tells baby Tommy that she realizes that he loves his daddy. So does she. But she cannot deal with the fact that he lied to her. And she knows that some day he will understand that this is for the best.

At Marcie and Michael’s, Todd tells Bo and John that the cops are such idiots. They stand and do nothing while Michael’s idiot wife kidnaps his child. Michael tells Todd that his wife is the most caring, loving, compassionate and responsible mother his child could ever have. Todd then asks Michael what kind of a woman would kidnap somebody else’s child and think she has the right to do that. He reminds them all that if she crosses state lines with his child, she has committed a federal offense. And he wonders if the cops will realize that or do anything about it.

Right then, Marcie notices that she is entering the New Jersey turnpike and ready to leave the state with Tommy. And it looks like there are no more police cars following her.

While waiting for Todd, Blair calls and leaves a message for him. Right then, they hear people entering. The rush assuming it’s Todd. But it’s Langston with Dorian. Noticing how distraught her best friend appears, Starr asks Langston what has happened and if she is ok.

Todd keeps shooting off his mouth about Marcie. John then asks his brother to call her again. While Marcie is driving, she hears the phone ring. She tells Tommy that it’s Daddy again. And maybe she should take the call. She picks it up and greets Michael.

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