OLTL Update Tuesday 10/9/07

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 10/9/07


Written By Jennifer S.

Jessica walks into the house and notices Nash listening to a CD and dancing. He obviously wants to keep a secret from her and is afraid that she might laugh at him. But she tells him that she loves to see him dance, in a joking manner. He tells her she better be nice to him or he won’t take her on their date tonight to see Timberland at Capricorn. In response to that, she tells him that she is not comfortable with going to Antonio’s club. He tells her they should not let that stop them. But she tells him that they are instead, going to the movies.

At Capricorn, Talia and Sean/”George” are playing their roles so that Antonio will believe that this guy is Talia’s boyfriend. Cristian is having a dilemma about what to do with Sarah.

Dorian goes and finds Langston and tells her that they have to talk about her parents. But Langston refuses to talk to Dorian. Dorian tells her that she s not leaving and will not give up on finding out about Langston’s parents.

The judge rules that it is always extremely difficult to determine who wins and who loses a custody battle. He acknowledges that Marcie and Michael and McBain have been excellent parents. But Todd Manning was robbed of the chance to know that his child was alive and to be able to know him. So he rules that he has no choice but to award custody to Todd. Right then, Marcie breaks down crying. And all of the people in favor of Marcie and Michael are outraged.

Langston tells Dorian that her situation with her parents is none of Dorian’s’ parents. She tells Dorian she knows that Dorian does not care about her. Why is she doing this? Just to make people forget what a bitch she is? In response to that, Dorian tells Langston’s she’s damn right that she is a bitch. She tells Langston that she has had to be a bitch throughout her life to fight for justice. Her mother was abusive and her two sisters were sent to mental institutions. And she does not give up in matters like this. And she tells Langston that she knows that her parents are dead. Hearing that, Langston is very upset and doesn’t want to talk anymore about that.

Roxy is staying with Tommy while Michael and Marcie are at the custody hearing. She attempts to talk to the little boy about how things might dramatically change very soon. He might be taken from his parents and given to a whack job. But she knows that in the end, everything will turn out ok.

Marcie hysterically protests to the judge that he must know what kind of a man Todd Manning is. He is the type of person who would buy a child and believes he can do whatever he wants and buy his way out of anything. The judge then demands that she sits down and calms down or she will be removed from the courtroom. He then “advises” Mr. Manning to attempt to have some “courtesy” for the McBains, although he obviously cannot control what Todd chooses to do. He tells Todd that they all want what is best for the child. Todd, then stands up and arrogantly demands to know when he can take his kid home. And the judge replies that he can today.

Nash tells Jessica that he has found out that Timberlake is going to do an exclusive live performance at Capricorn and they cannot miss out on it. But she does not want to face her ex husband at his club. Se tells Nash that she would be uncomfortable if the two of them go there and have a good time. He asks her what she believes that Antonio would do to them. She replies that it’s what they could “do” to him. He then asks her if that means that Capricorn is off limits. She replies maybe.

Talia and Antonio sit together at the table. He asks her if she is “happy” in her relationship. She bluffs that she is.

Jared goes with Natalie to Capricorn and seems to know that Cristian is Natalie’s ex husband.

Langston tells Dorian she better not dare say that her parents are dead. Dorian tells Langston that she has proof of that. She has a letter that states in black and white that Langston’s parents are deceased. Langston asks Dorian if she’s been stealing her mail. Dorian replies that she had to get to the bottom of this mystery. She tells Langston that she has read all of the information about her parents being involved in a car crash while out doing good works. And she knows it must have been easy for Langston not to want to face it or tell anybody that her parents were killed 18 months ago.

The judge rules that the McBain’s must cooperate with a police escort to make certain that the transition goes smoothly. Marcie and Michael are very upset. She is very angry at him now that she knows that he has known for months that Tommy was Todd’s son and never told her. Todd and Blair are not far away and overhear that. Todd demands to know if that is true. Michael goes after Marcie. She tells him that in a few hours, their son will be taken from them. And who will be there for him anymore? He asks her if they cannot just talk about this when they get home. She replies that she does not have a home anymore. The only home she’s ever known is where her son is. Right then, John approaches Todd and they have a confrontation.

Dorian tells Langston that she cannot keep burying and denying what has happened. She has to face it and talk about it. Langston asks Dorian how she would know anything about it. Dorian replies that she has been where Langston has been. Langston then confides in Dorian about her parents getting ready to leave from Viet Nam and do their good deeds. She went with them to the airport. She waited for them to return. And then a guy came and told her he had some very bad news for her. And right then, Langston breaks down crying when she relives with Dorian what happened. Dorian then goes over and holds Langston in her arms. She tells her she can let it all out. Everything is ok. She tells Langston there is nobody there except herself.

Todd tells John that he knows that his (John’s) brother perjured himself on the stand. He knew all along that he took Todd’s son. And he won’t let either of them get away with what they did. He’ll make sure that John never gets to practice law enforcement again, nor Michael medicine. John is silent in response to that. But Marty stands up and tells Todd he must realize that Marcie is a distraught mother over what has happened. And maybe instead of hurting her and Michael and John, he should be thinking about giving a good home to his child now that he has to take him away from the only family he’s ever known. Blair then stands up and tells Marty she needs to stay out of Todd’s business.

Marcie and Michael go home and she demands to know how he could keep the secret from her. Did he think she was too stupid to ever find out? Why didn’t he think that she had the right to know that their son’s biological father was the crazy maniac who lives across town? He tells her that they have to be together and tell their son what they have to do. She tells him that he can do that by himself. She will not help him with that. He tells her that if she does not go in that room with him to be there for Tommy, she will regret it. In response to that, she tells him that the only regret she has is that she married a man who thought so little of her that he could not even tell her something of crucial importance about their child.

At Capricorn, Jared tells Natalie that if she does not like him and does not want to work with him, maybe she needs to “go somewhere else”. She then asks him just what he means. He tells her hat maybe she needs to go somewhere where she can learn how to run a business.

Right then, Sarah stands up and announces Timberlake. The crowd cheers. The lights and sound come on the stage and the band performs.

In response to Todd’s confrontation, John tells Todd that he needs to stand up and be a man for the first time in his life. Todd tells John he is not going to listen to him. Right then, a social worker walks in and tells them both t that they need to listen to her. She is going to handle the case. John tells her that he intends to be there for Tommy and his parents and he will work with her. Right then, Marty takes John aside and tells John that maybe there is nothing he can do. Maybe Marcie and Michael would prefer to do this without an audience. Todd tells John when he gets through with him, he (John) will be lucky if he gets a job as a crossing guard.

Starr tells Cole that she realizes that her parents do not have a “normal” relationship. But she is not going to give up on them getting back together. He then tells her that he likes that she does not give up and how she did not give up on him. And he kisses her.

Alone with Tommy, Michael holds his infant son and tells him that there are people who love him and want him to be part of their family. He tells Tommy that they have a nice big house with a pool and he will have a big brother and sister. They will all look out for him. And that will be pretty cool. Michael looks like he cannot control his urge to cry while he tells Tommy that no matter what happens, they will always be there for him. Marcie then comes and approaches him. Michael hopes that she will join them. But she picks up Tommy and tells Michael she wants to be alone with her son. She tells Michael that he had his time with Tommy. Now she is going to have hers. He tells her he will be right there. But she pushes Michael out the door and slams the door in his face while she is alone with Tommy. Outside the door, Michael cries.

Dorian asks Langston how she was able to make it look like everything was ok when she first found out her parents were killed.

At Capricorn, Roxy walks in and finds Rex and Adriana. She tells them that she is late because she was playing nanny for Tommy while Marcie and Michael were in court. Rex asks his mother what happened, knowing she does not appear happy about the outcome. Roxy replies that they lost.

Blair goes home and informs Starr and Cole that she is very happy to announce that they won and they will be bringing Starr’s little brother home soon.

Todd and law enforcement officials go to Michael and Marcie’s apartment. Michael is standing outside the door and asks Todd if he can just let them have some time with Tommy before they take him off. He urges Todd to know that Tommy needs somebody to read him his favorite books and have his favorite stuffed animals with him. But Todd does not want to listen. He only wants to insensitively take Tommy away. He tells Michael he has to get inside and is not going to wait. Michael then calls to Marcie to please let them in. She says nothing while she remains inside holding Tommy. Todd then calls that she better hand over his kid or the cops will do it for her.

More bands play at Capricorn.

When Todd hears nothing, he kicks open the door and asks Marcie where that kid is. But they are both gone. He then goes and looks out the window.

Right then, we see Marcie in her car driving Tommy away

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