OLTL Update Friday 10/5/07

One Life to Live Update Friday 10/5/07


Written By Jennifer S.

In Capricorn, Sarah tells Cristian they need to get going about promoting new bands. She tells him that she knows of some really famous and popular bands. He then asks her if she’s going to get the Beatles or Buddy Holly to perform at Capricorn. She asks him why he doubts her. He reminds her that she has lied about many things. Right then, a man enters who seems to know her really well. He sounds like he is a famous performer or booking agent. He remembers her as Flash from Midnight Logic.

John and Marty kiss in the park. They pull away. She asks him what they are doing. He then tells her that he did warn her that he’s not “good at this”. She then tells him that she would like some clarification from him about where this is going.

Cole meets Starr in the park and tells her that there is a big secret about Langston’s family.

Inside Dorian’s home, Rex shows Dorian the letter that he found that the mailman just delivered to Langston’s address. She opens the envelope and is shocked by something.

At St. Anne’s, Lindsay begins to reveal to Marcie the very nature of the private conversation between Michael and Rex that she accidentally overheard that prompted her to hunt down Spencer Truman. Marcie asks Lindsay exactly what she overheard. Lindsay replies that she heard them discussing that they both knew that Todd is Tommy’s father. In response to that, Marcie tells Lindsay that could not be. Michael had no clue until it was revealed to both of them. But Lindsay knows better. She admits to Marcie that they both knew since last January.

In the hospital, Todd gets to hold Tommy when the nurse believes she can give him to Todd and get back to work. Michael walks in and catches Todd holding his son and demands he gets his hands off Tommy. The nurse protest that Mr. Manning told her he was Tommy’s uncle. Michael says that it just another one of Todd’s lies. Todd then confirms that he is Tommy’s father. He tells his infant son he loves him and will never let him go.

In the park, John admits to Marty that he thought that coming out there would be a good distraction. Maybe they could just have a cup of coffee and maybe go somewhere and shoot some darts. She then tells him that she’d like to know what he is thinking. He tells her that he is not entirely certain. She admits to him that she does not know what to say or do. She confesses to John that she has never been with a man since her husband. She never thought there would be a moment like this for her again. She could not imagine this cop and this shrink who met in each other’s apartments and have gotten to know each other up at the mountains. And they believe that they are just friends. But they always end up together. And they end up kissing. She admits to him that she did not know what happened last night. He tells her that he wishes that she could because he thought it was really good. She then tells him that she thinks she does know what she wants. She knows that she wants this to continue.

In response to Lindsay confessing to her that she found out that both Rex and Michael have known that Tommy is Todd’s son since January, Marcie tells Lindsay that perhaps she was confused. But Lindsay confirms to Marcie that she is very certain about what she heard. Hearing that, Marcie is devastated. Lindsay then tells her that she never wanted to upset her. Marcie was Jen’s best friend. And she just wanted Marcie to be happy. Marcie then tells Lindsay that she is not upset. But it does not look like she is ok with this.

At the hospital, Blair enters to see Todd holding Tommy and Michael very angry. He tells her that he had an emergency and gave his son to this nurse. She knows how to take care of a baby. And he never thought that she’d let Todd near him. Blair tells Michael that he is overreacting. No harm has been done. Michael then tells Todd he has two seconds to hand his son over. He asks the nurse to take Tommy away because he does not want his son to see him confront Todd. Alone with Todd and Blair, Michael tells them that Todd is never going to touch his son again. Todd smirks and reminds Michael that he is Tommy’s father and Michael is nothing to him.

Langston’s boyfriend, Markko asks Starr if she knows of any secrets about Langston. Starr replies that she doesn’t know of anything special about Langston that she has not told anybody. But he tells her he wants her to help him out. He wants to do something special for Langston. She’s going to meet his parents tonight. Hearing that, Starr is very impressed that Markko and Langston are getting that serious. He tells her that he is not really worried. He’s certain that his parents will think very highly of Langston. What he’s worried about is what her parents will think of him when he meets them. He then asks Starr what Langston’s parents are like. And Starr admits to Markko that she has never met Langston’s parents.

Rex and Dorian discover that Langston’s parents get correspondence that casts them to look like heroes and saints and benefactors of all children. Dorian is outraged. She tells Rex that these people must be exposed. They cannot go around looking like they are so great when they neglect their own child. And she tells Rex that she can double his fee if he can get the goods on them for her.

Marcie finds out the shocking news that her husband has kept the secret about Tommy being Todd’s son from her. She cries but wants to sound less upset than she really is to Lindsay. She tells her she has to go.

In the hospital, Blair tells Michael that they brought Jack to the hospital because it looks as though he is faking a stomach ache. Hearing that, Michael tells them that they can hardly expect their child to be any different than they are with their fake marriage. She then tells him that hers and Todd’s marriage is every bit as real as his marriage with Marcie. Todd tells Michael he will see him in court. And Todd and Blair depart together. Michael knows they will never give up.

At Capricorn, after seeing Sarah with her famous friend, Cristian tells her he’s sorry he did not trust or believe her. And he shows her a contract to sign that will make her the official talent broker of Capricorn. Right then, Rex enters and asks them if its’ really true that a group named Timberland is performing tonight. He is amazed that Sarah would actually be able to book them. She tells the two guys it’s great that everybody will be there tonight. But Cristian reflects that not everybody will be there.

Marty admits to John that she has never had this desire to kiss anybody until him. And it means a lot to her. She then tells him that it may sound strange. She knows she loves to overanalyze everything here. With what is happening between them, she honestly does not know where this is going. But she knows how she feels when he kisses her. He asks her how is that. She tells him she likes it when he kisses her. And she tells him if she has not scared him off with that, she’d like to see where this is going to go.

Markko asks Starr if she does not find it odd that she’s known Langston much longer than he has but has never met her parents. Starr does not respond to that but informs him that Langston likes sun flowers and perfume. She’s sure that Langston will appreciate any surprise he plans for her. And she knows that Langston’s parents will love him. Right then, Langston enters and asks what they are talking alone about. Starr happily tells her friend that Markko really cares for her and she knows it will be great when he meets her parents. Instantly, Langston becomes defensive and demands that Starr leaves her relationship and her parents alone and mind her own business.

Marcie goes to find Michael. She tells him she went to visit Lindsay and Lindsay revealed to her that he and Rex have both known that Tommy was Todd’s son since last January. In response to that, Michael tells his wife that she must know that Lindsay is confused and may not know what she is saying. But Marcie tells her husband she knows that Lindsay knew what she was talking about. He tells Marcie that they need to focus on their lives with their son and not worry about all of these other things. But she demands that he tells her the truth right here and now. She asks Michael if he knew all along that Tommy was Todd’s son. Michael admits that he did. He attempts to explain to Marcie that he had to deal with Spencer. He knew that Spencer was faking insanity and he had to make the decision about whether to send Spencer to Wingdale. Spencer made a lot of threats. And he found out that Spencer indirectly arranged for him and Marcie to adopt Tommy and keep him from Todd. And he didn’t know what to do.. And he tells Marcie that he is so sorry that he has kept it from her all this time. She then tells him that he has been lying to her face for so long. She has asked him so many times what he was keeping from her and he has never told her. She cries and tells him that he must know that Tommy is everything to her and she cannot be kept in the dark with things like this. He then assures her that Tommy is their child and it makes no difference that Todd Manning is biologically related to him. But she is very angry. She asks Michael if he really thought that he could do nothing and brush this whole issue under the rug? She tells him that they are talking about Todd Manning!! She needed to be informed so that they could both be ready for what he would do. She tells Michael that she is his wife and deserves to know the truth. She reminds him that Lindsay killed a man. And he is responsible for that. Lindsay overheard him talking in a public place about that. He should have come to her the second he found out and told her. But he asks her what she might have done if she knew that Todd was Tommy’s father.

At their home, Blair asks Todd what might happen when Jack meets Tommy and they bring Tommy home. He might be afraid that he will have to compete with Tommy to be his father’s beloved son. Todd tells Blair that he knows they will work it out. He remembers when Jack was born, he thought he might have to convince Starr that she is still as special to him as she was before Jack was born. And when he brings his son home, he knows that they will all love him.

Dorian immediately gets on the phone in an attempt to get find and apprehend Langston’s parents.

In response to Langston’s outburst about staying out of her business, Starr asks her what is up. She then apologizes and tells Starr that she did not mean to overreact. Markko then leaves. Alone with Langston, Starr tells her that she doubts that Langston’s and Markko’s parents will have any worse trouble getting along than hers (Starr’s) and Cole’s. And she asks Langston if she really considers her to be her best friend and if she’d keep any secrets from her.

John and Marty confirm that they mean a lot to each other.

At Capricorn, Cristian calls Evangeline’s mother to ask how her daughter is doing. He tells her that he wants to see Evangeline very soon. He asks Evangeline’s mother to tell her daughter that he loves her.

Dorian calls a Dr. Jackson who has sent an award to Langston’s parents, the Wilde’s. She is ready to reveal to them what kind of people these award winners really are.

Right then, Langston confirms to Starr that she is not keeping any secrets from her. Starr then tells Langston that she and Cole broke up because he lied to her about knowing where he dad was and that they learned that they have to be honest with each other. She concludes that there is no reason for anybody to keep secrets from anybody who cares about them.

Michael tells Marcie that he did not know what to do when he first heard that Tommy was Todd’s son. She tells him that when they are married, they are a team and he was supposed to come to her when he found out. He then reminds her that she kept the secret from him that she could not have children. She tells him that maybe they could have done something or figured something out. But it’s now too late. He tells her she mustn’t say that. It is not too late. He tells her she must know that they will win the case. She tells him that they may not. And if they lose, it will be all his fault. And she will never forgive him.

At Capricorn, Sarah and her famous friend arrange to pick up the band and start the concert. She signs her contract with Cristian. She asks if they are really doing this. He replies yes.

On the phone, Dorian tells Dr. Jackson that it is unconscionable that these people go all around the world winning awards and looking like heroes when they neglect their own child. So he must revoke their award. And in response to that, Dorian hears Dr. Jackson tell her something that shocks her.

Starr and Langston are talking together about what it means when people keep secrets.

Blair admits to Todd that she was worried about him for a while when she saw him holding Tommy and Michael walking in to see him. And it looks like they are going to work together on their mutual goal.

At the hospital, Michael attempts to plead to Marcie that she must know that he only wanted to protect their son and their family. Right then, the phone rings. Marcie answers and announces that was Judy and they are going back to court.

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