OLTL Update Thursday 10/4/07

One Life to Live Update Thursday 10/4/07


Written By Jennifer S.

Rex is disguised and spying outside of Langston’s home after Dorian asked him to investigate her niece’s friend’s mysterious situation with her absentee parents. He notices Markko going into her home to visit her. Markko notices that she is writing a check off of her parents accounts and forging their signatures. Rex calls Dorian on her cell phone and reports his findings.

Dorian goes to St. Anne’s to visit Lindsay. The nun warns Dorian that Lindsay is non-responsive. But Dorian tells her they will see about that. She believes that she can get Lindsay to respond by bringing her the award cup for woman of the year. When she’s alone with Lindsay, she unwraps the cup that she stole from the award ceremony. Lindsay observes it but doesn’t say anything yet.

Michael and Marcie are wondering what will happen and if Todd can take Tommy from them.

Todd and Blair are in the kitchen with Jack playing the role of the perfect family.

Natalie goes to visit Miles. He has just gotten out of the shower and is shirtless. She tells him she can come back later if he’s busy. But he tells her she is more than welcome to visit him now.

John and Marty go and have a picnic lunch. He brings her some donuts and asks if she wants powdered or glazed.

At Langston’s home, Markko asks her why she is “paying the bills” for her parents while they are away. He asks her why she doesn’t introduce him to her housekeeper. Langston replies that the housekeeper has the day off. He then asks her who will be preparing dinner. Langston tells Markko that she will. She tells him she makes sushi. He then asks her if he can come and have dinner and meet the people in her life.

Dorian tells a still non-responsive Lindsay that she has to have faith that she will beat the charges. She tells Lindsay she must know that she has a great lawyer and many people on her side and did not have to plead guilty to the murder of Spencer Truman. Hearing nothing form Lindsay, Dorian remarks that she hates talking to herself. She then talks to Lindsay about her most recent dispute with Viki Davidson. But she cannot accept the fact that Lindsay says and does nothing. She screams at Lindsay to wake up and then tells her she hopes she can forgive her for what she is about to do. Dorian then goes up and slaps Lindsay really hard. And right then, Lindsay is very responsive and appears to know what is going on. She firmly tells Dorian if she does that again, she will stick that award where it will never need polishing again.

Natalie and Miles talk and act friendly while she confides in him that she has a lot of personal issues going on in her life.

John and Marty sit in the park. He tells her that when he comes out there, he is able to see that life can sometimes be good. She then asks how his brother and sister in law’s hearing has gone. He tells her that there has been no decision made yet. He tells her that he wanted to go but he doesn’t know what he should do in order to help Michael. He tells Marty that there is a big dilemma about whether Michael and Marcie have rights and are justified in not wanting Todd to take their son. But the reality remains that Todd is the biological father. Marty then concludes to John that he does seem worried about the situation.

Jack wants his parents to believe that he is sick so that he does not have to go to school. But they both know that he is bluffing. So they tell him he will have to go to the hospital and have a very uncomfortable situation.

At the hospital, Marcie tells Michael that she is afraid to leave Tommy alone again while she visits Lindsay. What if the judge rules in Todd’s favor and Todd does something crazy? She is afraid to take Tommy with her to see Lindsay. What if Lindsay does not remember him? He tells her that he will be there for her. She must take Tommy with her to visit Lindsay. And if anything happens, she must call him. She goes off with Tommy.

The doctor asks Lindsay if she knows her name. Lindsay replies that she is Lindsay Rappaport. He asks her if she knows Dorian. Lindsay replies that she knows her friend, Dorian Lord. He then asks her if she knows why she is there. She tells him she knows she is sick. He tells her that there is nothing physically wrong with her. She replies that she does not remember anything. He then tells her that it’s ok and he would like to have a word with Dr. Lord. Outside the room, he asks Dorian what happened. How did Dorian manage to get Lindsay to talk and be aware of what is going on. He thought that could never happen. And he tells Dorian that the more contact Lindsay has with people, the better. Dorian asks if that means that Lindsay might recover. The doctor tells Dorian that Lindsay may not recover. Because if she gets better, then she will have to go back to court and will get charged with murder. Inside, Lindsay overhears their conversation.

Markko tells Langston that his parents want to come to her home to meet her parents. She asks him why his parents are so nosy. He replies that they are concerned about him and want to know who he is socializing with. She sounds defensive in telling him that she cannot get her parents to join him and his parents for dinner. Right then, the doorbell rings. She answers the door to see Rex, disguised with a mustache, hat and glasses. He tells her that he is there to check her cable. She defensively tells him her cable is fine. She just watched TV this morning. He tells her that he has to check the terminals. He heard a report about the different signals not working. She wants to push him out the door. But he makes many excuses about the different sectors and other reasons why he must enter her home. Markko tells him he must get out of there. They both push Rex out the door. And he cannot find out anything about Langston’s home or parents.

The doctor tells Dorian that she should keep talking to Lindsay but not force anything. Right then, Marcie enters and asks if it is really true that Lindsay has started talking. They tell her yes. She asks if she can go in and talk to Lindsay. They tell her sure. But Dorian warns Marcie not to talk about anything like Todd or the trial or anything that would upset Lindsay. Marcie tells them she is not stupid and she goes inside. When she sees Lindsay she tells her she had a great party the other night. Her husband and friends gave her a surprise birthday party. Hearing that, Lindsay tells Marcie that she wishes she could have remembered her birthday and been there for her. And she tells Marcie she promises not to miss her next birthday. Marcie then tells Lindsay she’d like to give her a hug and asks if that would be ok. She goes and hugs Lindsay.

Natalie tells Miles that she is tired of everybody thinking that her job is some sort of favor of nepotism. He tells her he knows she can prove him wrong. She tells him she has this guy named Jared whom she just hired and he is annoying to her. Miles suggests that she should just fire him. She tells him that she may not be able to do that. And she confides in Miles that she made a big mistake getting drunk and sleeping in Jared’s motel room with him.

In the park, John and Marty are looking through books and talking.

Michael is alone with Tommy on the porch bench while Marcie is visiting Lindsay. He tells his infant son that when he gets older he will tell him all about what their friends have done for them. And he tells him that they will be a family. They will have fun and go on vacations and picnics. He tells him that all he ever wanted was to be a doctor. Then he knew of something else he wanted, which was to marry his mommy. He tells Tommy that he thinks being a doctor would be a good job for him. Tommy shouldn’t listen to his uncle because it’s no fun being a cop. He holds Tommy and tells him he will always be his daddy. And Marcie will always be his mommy. And no judge in the world will ever change that.

At St. Anne’s, Dorian tells the doctor that she wants to talk about her sister Addie. The doctor tells Dorian that he has no worries about Addie. She has gotten very well adjusted to her life in St. Anne’s. Dorian tells him that she still believes that this is no life for her sister. The doctor then tells Dorian that there is some new medication on the market that might work for Addie and he would consider trying it.

Todd and Blair take Jack to the hospital and talk about all of the scary medical procedures that will prevent him from ever getting sick again. He sees to know that his parents are bluffing. Not far away, Michael knows he has to take care of some business. And he gives Tommy to a nurse.

In Langston’s home, she and Markko go out the door. She evades his question, yet again, about meeting her parents. Right then, when he knows the house is vacant, Rex attempts to pick the lock on the door. But it looks like somebody is watching him and he won’t be able to get inside. The mailman appears and asks Rex if he lives there. Rex stumbles with an answer telling him he is just visiting. He’s a family member. The mailman reveals to Rex that he is not going to get him in trouble. He just wonders if Rex could take the mail from him. Right then, Rex grabs the mail, believing he will be able to uncover some secrets about Langston’s parents. He puts mail under the door which is of no interest and then goes off with what looks like interesting evidence.

In the park, John and Marty kiss passionately.

After hearing that Natalie mistakenly slept with Jared whom she does not care for, Miles asks her why she did that. She tells him she doesn’t fully understand. She just used bad judgment when she noticed John with another woman. He tells her that it’s a terrible feeling to know that somebody does not return your feelings. And he tells her that he is glad that, at least, he and Marty are civil. Right then, she remarks to Miles that so many people do not discuss their feelings. And she is very impressed that he does not have that problem. She tells him that she feels so much more comfortable and ok about herself when she is with somebody who is not afraid to confide in her. He tells her that he told her what he did because they are friends.

While the nurse is watching Tommy for Michael, Todd approaches her. He asks her if that is Tommy McBain. She replies yes and asks him if he knows Dr. McBain. He replies yes. He does.

Miles tells Natalie that it is incredible that she trusted him and was willing to give him a second chance when nobody else would. She tells him that all she did was give him the benefit of the doubt. And she tells him she is really impressed by the fact that he is not afraid to change. So many people are too cowardly to admit to their mistakes. He tells her that he is ashamed of all the mistakes he’s made. She tells him he is looking at the queen of mistakes. Who would she be to judge him? She then tells him that she’d like to make a deal. The two of them will try to keep each other from messing up. He agrees. And they do a “pinky swear” with that. They smile and appear friendly.

Meanwhile, Marty and John are kissing.

Rex goes to meet Dorian. She immediately demands to know if he found any evidence of abuse or neglect in Langston’s home. He tells her no. She then demands to know why he is wasting her time and taking her money. She tells him she wants results. He then tells her that he did get something. He found a letter that might be of a lot of interest to him. But Dorian replies to Rex that by taking Langston’s family’s mail, he could get in a lot of trouble. She does however, observe the letter and finds it interesting.

Marcie shows Lindsay pictures of Tommy. Lindsay reveals to Marcie that she knows very well what is going on. She tells her that they are not supposed to talk about what has happened. She seems a bit disoriented but does seem to remember what has happened when she talks about what happened when she overheard Rex talking to Michael. And it sounds like she is about to reveal to Marcie the secret that Michael kept from her that he knew for a long time that Todd was Tommy’s biological father.

At the hospital, Todd talks to the nurse. He asks her if he can take Tommy off her hands, telling her he’s sure she has things to do. She apparently has no clue whom he is. Todd then picks up Tommy and tells him he loves him. Right then, Michael enters and demands that Todd gets his hands off of his (Michael’s) son.

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