OLTL Update Tuesday 10/2/07

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 10/2/07


Written By Jennifer S.

When Blair is on the witness stand in court testifying that Todd is a good father, Judy asks her if a “good father” would lie to the woman he supposedly loves about their son being dead and have him peddled off to strangers. In response to that, Blair tells Judy she is twisting things around. Judy tells her it is a very relevant question and not unlike what Todd could be doing to Tommy McBain who is no more his son and conceived under no better circumstances than Jack was.

Langston goes to find Starr. Dorian is in the kitchen while everybody else is out. Dorian seems curious about Langston’s family situation and why her parents are never at her house.

In court, Judy probes Blair asking her if, after finding out what Todd did when Jack was born, did she still want him to be a father to her kids. Blair replies no to that question. Starr is in the courtroom and is shocked to learn that her father did this despicable act when her little brother Jack was born.

Sarah is trying to get acclimated to being Layla’s new roommate. She is very nervous about getting ready to start a job interview and also in becoming a worthy roommate to Layla. Right then, Talia walks in and informs them that she just gigot herself into a big mess, making up an imaginary boyfriend to Antonio.

In court, Blair responds to Judy’s questions that Todd has made a lot of mistakes. Judy asks her if it’s nothing more than a “mistake” when he was ready to peddle Jack off to people on the other side of the planet. Blair rationalizes that when that happened, Todd did not know that Jack was his son. Judy asks her how it was ever found out that Jack was his son. Blair admits that they found that out when Jack desperately needed a bone marrow transplant to save his life. Judy then confirms that Todd was going to risk his own son’s life in order to be spiteful to her. He could care less about his kids. And she asks if anybody in this courtroom could believe that anybody matters to Todd Manning except himself.

Bo goes to see Lindsay at St. Anne’s. He talks to her about how Nora was once in a coma and when Matthew came by and talked to his mom, she somehow understood everything her son said. And Matthew was able to help his mother get better. He admits that he(himself) was not so successful with his son’s mother. But he’d like to try with her. He tells Lindsay that he wants to do the same for her. He tells her that she is very special to him and he wishes she knew how many people care about her and want to protect her.

Langston admits to Dorian that she got into a fight with her boyfriend, Markko. Dorian then tells Langston that she has come to the right place. She tells her that she, herself has had more than her share of disagreements with men. She tells her that she realizes that men can be very unreliable. Whereas one’s own personal values and standards are there forever. She indirectly hints that she wants to know about Langston’s parents and realizes that she has never met them. She talks about inviting Langston’s parents to a dinner party. And she seems to know that Langston will reveal that that is not possible. Langston tells Dorian that her parents are still overseas. Dorian reminds Langston that she has told her that her parents will be back soon. Langston then admits to Dorian that she lied when she said that.

Judy asks Blair what kinds of steps she took against Todd after he pulled his stunt with Jack when he was a baby and all of the other situations. Blair admits that she took the kids all over the world in order to keep them away from Todd. Judy confirms that Todd kidnapped them. She had to take drastic measures with the help of Sam Rappaport and Taiea Delgato.. Judy then concludes that it’s entirely possible that Blair’s children would not be alive today had Todd been able to find them. She also asks what kind of sound judgment Blair has herself. She reflects that if Blair has her own issues that make her a questionable candidate to have custody of Tommy. She has gone to St. Anne’s. She attempted to kill Tai Delgato. Blair might try to murder Marcie McBain the same way she did the person who prevented her from having custody of her other child. Right then, Starr stands up and demands that Judy stop berating her mother And she tells her if she wants to know what kind of a mother Blair is, she must ask Starr..

At Layla’s apartment, Talia tells Layla she hates to dump this on her lap. But she cannot tell this to anybody else. Adriana is related to the problem. And right now, Antonio is about to meet a guy whom she made up. She has to arrive at Capricorn with a guy on her arm in a few minutes. Layla does not know what she is supposed to do in order to help Talia. But Talia tells Layla that she knows she used to be an actress and might know of a guy who could be an actor to pretend that he is the imaginary boyfriend. In response to that, Layla asks her why she would make up an imaginary boyfriend to Antonio in the first place. And at that point, Layla asks Talia to please tell her she does not have “feelings” for her boss.

At Capricorn, Cristian asks Antonio what he is going to do with his most recent decision to hire Sarah. Right then, she enters, tells them she is sorry for being late but is ready to rock. She asks them where they want her.

Dorian asks Langston why she would lie about the fact that her parents are away. And why is she ok with the fact that they are never there for her? Langston protests that they give her everything she needs, materially. She is happy and healthy and everything is ok. Dorian then tells Langston that she would feel a lot better if she could talk to them directly. And she asks how she can get in contact with them. Langston then replies that she cannot.

After Starr makes her outburst in court, the judge asks her to sit down and tells her she is not helping her father’s case. The judge calls a recess. Blair and Todd tell their daughter that they do not want her getting herself involved in this big mess. She needs to be in school. She can’t help them by being there. But she protests that she must be given a chance to testify for her dad. Todd’s lawyer listens and tells them that he is more than willing to put her on the stand if she wants and they approve. She tells her parents that she is not going anywhere until they let her testify.

At school, Markko and Cole are talking about Cole’s recent argument with Starr. Markko tells Cole that maybe he should apologize to Starr. But Cole is not entirely certain that he wants to do that. Cole knows that Markko is having his own issues with Langston.

In response to Langston’s telling her that her parents cannot be reached, Dorian tells her that it’s very odd that there is no phone access to find them or anything else. Langston comes up with many lame excuses. And Dorian seems to know that Markko might be a good young man for Langston. But Langston goes out the door incapable and unwilling to continue the discussion about her parents and why they are never around.

At St. Anne’s, Bo attempts to talk to Lindsay. He tells her if she ever needs him, he will be there for her.

In court, Starr approaches the witness stand. The lawyer asks her if she feels ok about testifying. She tells him yes. He then asks her to describe her parents and tell this court what they mean to her.. She tells the court that she is really proud of her mom’s excellent singing and how she has encouraged Starr to develop her own talent. She also talks about how she had a terrible time in school in the last year. Somebody was making her life a living hell. She wanted to crawl away and disappear after this happened. But her mother gave her the courage to feel good about herself and feel special. She was very proud to be Blair Kramer’s daughter. And she got through this situation. She also talks about her how dad has been through so much in his life. She was afraid that he was dead and she would never see him again, not long ago. But he came back to her because he loved her so much. She tells the lawyer and the courtroom that her parents are heroes. She admits that they have problems. They annoy her. But they make her feel good about herself. They are not perfect. They make mistakes. But they do not deserve what is happening to them. Her dad does not deserve to have his son taken from him. So she asks the judge to please not take him from her dad. Cole sits and listens, sounding like he is very proud of Starr. Right then, it looks like Judy is going to cross-examine Starr. Marcie seems to know that she will go for the jugular and upset Starr in her attempt to “do her job”. Marcie asks Judy to please go easy on Starr. But Judy does not look like she intends to do that.

In response to Layla’s questions about her feelings for Antonio, Talia tells her no. She does not have the “hots” for Antonio. Bug Layla seems to know better. And she tells Talia that there is nothing wrong wit hit. She asks Talia what she should do about it. Talia tells Layla that there is a problem. Antonio is her boss. And she has made fake boyfriend named George. Layla suggests then why doesn’t Talia have the “real thing”. Talia tells Layla that she cannot show up by herself or stand him up. She asks Layla what she’s going to do. Layla tells her she cannot help her. That is up to the Gods of chance. And she tells Talia that she needs to find out something to say and do. And she needs to go out and meet Antonio.

At Capricorn, Cristian brings Sarah a blouse that she left behind when she left his apartment. He even washed it for her. She thought she lost it. He tells her that they need to talk. Right then, Sarah gets a call. Overhearing the whole thing, Antonio laughs and asks Cristian if he really washed Sarah’s blouse. Cristain tells Antonio to shut up.

Judy tells Starr that she is very brave to go on the witness stand at the young age of 15. She then asks Starr if she’s gotten to know the McBains and their son. Starr acknowledges that Marcie is her teacher and she’s been at their home to baby-sit Tommy. Judy asks Starr if she cannot say that Marcie and Michael are good parents to Tommy. Starr admits that they are. But she tells her that her own parents have the right to raise her dad’s son. Judy then asks Starr about the many times she has run away from her parents. She speaks specifically about the time she ran away with Cole and her father tried to kill Cole. She also asks Starr about the specifics involving the “person who made her life a living hell”. And she tells Starr she knows that that person was Britney. She asks Starr what specifically Britney did that upset her. Todd’s lawyer then protests that Judy stops this line of questioning because of what the answer will be. Starr answers that Britney prepared a slide show that exposed Starr’s dad as a rapist to the whole school. Knowing that this is a very emotionally charged issue, the judge calls a recess. Right then, Blair approaches Marcie. She realizes that her daughter’s teacher knew what Britney did in that school to embarrass Starr and Todd. She tells Marcie that now that she knows she knew but did nothing about it, Marcie is going to be in for a blood bath with her family.

Antonio tells Cristian that it looks like his brother might have “feelings” for Sarah. And it might not be the appropriate thing in the workplace. Right then, Sarah informs Cristian that they no longer have to work together. She has been promoted and got the job she always wanted.

Layla goes with Talia to meet Antonio He greets them and asks where George is. Talia then admits to Antonio that she was not completely honest to him about George.

Markko finds Langston and apologizes for getting on her case. And he tells her if there are things she does not want to talk about, he will live it alone. She tells him that means a lot to her.

At St. Anne’s, Nora and Will observe Bo’s attempt to talk to Lindsay. Nora tells Bo he did a pretty good job. Bo then tells Will that Matthew just found out he was in town and told his dad he needs to see Will. They go off together. Alone with Lindsay, Nora approaches her and tells her if she can hear her, she really needs to get better soon. Many people need her. But if this is not the “real McCoy” and she is faking this, she is going to be sorry. Lindsay listens to Nora, still expressionless. And she says nothing.

Outside the courtroom, Starr cries and apologizes to her dad for breaking down. But he tells her he is very proud of her. Cole tells her so is he.

Inside the courtroom, Blair tells Marcie and Michael that they are going to pay for what they are doing to her family. Marcie protests that she would never do anything to hurt Starr. She cares about her. Michael tells Blair that he is really sorry that this all has to happened. But he asks her what she would do if she were in their position.

Right then, Todd’s lawyer calls Michael to the witness stand and asks him about his job as a young doctor. He asks Michael if he has any time for his family with his long hours of residency. Michael tells the lawyer that he works hard at the hospital but is perfectly capable of being there for his wife and child. The lawyer clarifies that that is Todd Manning’s’ child. And he proceeds to ask Dr. McBain just how long he has known that Tommy is Todd’s son.

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