OLTL Update Monday 10/1/07

One Life to Live Update Monday 10/1/07


Written By Jennifer S.

At the police station, Bo returns from his trip to Texas with Matthew. He meets with Nora, Talia and Antonio. He tells Nora it’s odd that he has not heard back from Lindsay. She was supposed to be arraigned. He right away assumes that Nora is the reason why Lindsay is not able to make phone calls. He reminds her that she told him she promised not to contest Lindsay’s bail. Nora then informs Bo that Lindsay pleaded guilty and that Lindsay does not appear to be herself anymore.

Will Rappaport goes to St. Anne’s to visit his mom. But the attendants warn him that he needs to be prepared to see the state of mind that she is now in.

Michael gives Marcie a new necklace. He tells her that this is for good luck. She tells her husband that they will need all the luck they can get. Michael assures his wife that they must believe that there is not way that Todd will get custody of Tommy.

In high school math class, Starr and Cole are distracted having a private conversation about her dad’s recent wedding and his up and coming custody hearing. He tells her that it’s very obvious for anybody to see that her parents had a fake wedding. And he bets the judge will see that.

Todd “obligates” himself to stay overnight in the same house as Blair although in a different bedroom. When they wake up, meet and have their coffee in the kitchen, he remarks how uncomfortable he is in the room where he slept. He tells her that he cannot wait until the judge grants him custody and he can go back to the penthouse. But she informs him that she does not intend to let him go back to living in the penthouse.

The math teacher tells Starr and Cole that they are not paying attention to his lesson and asks if they would like to share their private conversation with the rest of the class. The bell rings and Starr and Cole meet with Langston and her boyfriend. They are all surprised to find out that Starr’s parents remarried and are ready to “go to war” with Mrs. McBain and try to take her kid from her.

Marcie tells Michael that she is very worried that Blair will testify in Todd’s behalf and tell everybody how great a father he is. But Michael assures Marcie that nobody is going to believe that he is a good father nor believe that Blair really married him or believes it either.. He’s a rapist. He has had a pattern of doing terrible things. And there is evidence that wanted to kill Tommy before he was born. So what judge is going to give him custody? Right then, Judy comes to see them. Marcie offers her some orange juice. Judy asks Michael where Tommy is. Michael informs her that Tommy is with John. Judy tells Michael that hopefully he will be ok staying with his brother. And she warns them that the judge might rule right away, after Blair testifies for Todd. Michael tells Judy that he doubts anybody will buy that Blair has married Todd for real nor that he has any chance. But she tells them that it’s entirely possible that courts will see that they are at least attempting to be a real family and since Todd is the biological father, it could work in his favor. Marcie is really panicking. Judy assures her that she would not be willing to go to court unless she thought they had a good chance. But Marcie is very worried about the odds.

Todd reminds Blair that he paid her $5 million. And she must do what he wants. She has to agree to make it look real. And he does not have to do everything she wants after what he has paid her. But she asks him what he will do after he’s won the case and no longer needs her or the kids. He asks her why she thinks he will do that. She tells him that in order for her to stick to her end of the bargain, he has to agree to move into her house again.

While Will waits for his mom and St. Anne’s, he runs into Addie Cramer. She notices that he looks familiar and asks if she’s seen him before.

In Bo’s office, he asks Nora if Lindsay really described everything that happened and then she broke down. Nora tells Bo that she has prepared a transcript. But he tells her that he really thought that Lindsay was ok before the hearing. Nora informs Bo that Lindsay apparently knew for a long time that Todd was the biological father of Tommy. And she killed Spencer because he threatened to take him from Marcie and Michael.

Marcie is very upset and tells Judy that she doesn’t even want to think about what will happen if the judge considers giving Todd custody. Judy tells her that they can always appeal of that happens. But Marcie hysterically tells her that she does not want to have to appeal. Right then, Michael informs Judy that Marcie got suspended form her teaching job because she got into a big screaming match with Starr over the situation in class. And Marcie may not want to go back to school and face Todd’s daughter. Marcie confirms that she can stay home with Tommy and be a housewife if need be. She just needs her son. Michael then informs Judy that Todd came by and offered to buy Tommy from them. Judy asks why they did not tell her that. Michael explains that Marcie “went along” with Todd’s offer and had him believing that she would sell Tommy to him.

Todd tells Blair of all the things he needs her to say in court. But it looks like she is not ready to cooperate as much as he’d like. She sounds like she is not completely on board. He asks her if she believes that he is actually stealing Michael and Marcie’s kid. She tells him of course not. He asks her if she is merely complying because of the $5million. She tells him no. She knows that Tommy belongs with him and they are going to get him back today. Right then, Todd opens a letter from the kids where they tell him they love him, wish him luck in court and ask him not to come home without their brother.

At the station, a drunken guy in handcuffs tells Talia about how he celebrated the night before because he was made partner of his law firm. He talks about how he took a crow bar to a car and did something very stupid. And he tells her that his name is George.

Cole gets Starr to talk to him in a private room. He tells her he knows that her parents got married so that her dad can “cheat the system” and steal Mrs. McBain’s kid. He tells her that anybody can see that that marriage is a load of crap. And her dad is trying to con her just like he’s trying to con the courts. She tells him that she knows her parents re-married in order to get his son back. And they really do love each other. He then asks her how this is affecting her.

Outside the room, Langston’s boyfriend notices that she forged her parents’ signature on a permission slip.

Bo tells Nora that he should have seen Lindsay’s breakdown coming. Nor tells Bo that it’s entirely possible that Lindsay is faking it. She has faked breakdowns before.

At St. Anne’s, Will tells Addie that he knows they have met before. But she admits to him that she does not remember meeting him before. She asks if he is a patient there. He tells her no. He’s there to see his mom. She tells him that her daughter, Blair comes to see her regularly. Blair is a really good daughter. He then asks her his mother is really, really sick. He tells Addie he is not really certain. She tells him that his mother needs to know that her son is there for him. The administrator warns Will that he needs to realize that his mother may not be the woman he used to know. Right then, a nun escorts Lindsay into the room. She is expressionless. Will calls out to her.

The court hearing is underway. All the parties involved are there. The judge announces that they are there to continue the hearing of Todd Manning vs. Michael and Marcie McBain in a custody dispute. Todd then stands up and announces that he’d like to add a “co-plaintiff” to his custody suit. The judge asks him what and whom he is talking about. Todd replies that his co plaintiff is his wife, Blair Kramer Manning.

At the station, Talia offers the drunken guy some coffee. He tells her that he made partner of an investment banking firm. She asks if when he was celebrating the previous night, was he with his girlfriend?He tells her he has no girlfriend. He then asks her if she has a boyfriend. She replies no. He asks her if maybe fate has brought then together. She notices that his name is George. She remembering telling Antonio of an imaginary boyfriend named George. And she asks the guy if he might be willing to do her a favor. Right then, Antonio enters. George tells him he had the best night he could ever imagine. He got a partnership last night. He got hammered. And now, this morning, the prettiest cop he’s ever seen has asked him to be her boyfriend.

Bo and Nora are wondering what the shrink’s report might say about Lindsay.

The doctor at St. Anne’s informs Will that his mom has been tested and has no response to any type of stimuli. Will notices that Lindsay stares out into space and having no expression or feeling about anything. He admits he does not know what to do about this.

In the courtroom, Todd informs the judge that he and the mother of his two older children have been engaged for a long time and got married last night. Marcie interjects that Todd manipulated Blair into marrying him and it’s all a crock. Todd tells the judge that he and Blair were ready to get married when Margaret Cochran kidnapped him and tried to kill him a few years ago. And that is the only reason he is not presently married to Blair. Marice tells the judge that Blair slept with Spencer Truman, Todd messed around on her and it’s very obvious neither of them wanted to re-marry ever again. The only reason they went through with it was to take Tommy from her and Michael. The judge first asks Marcie to shut up. But she tells him she has proof of Todd’s lack of integrity. She tells the judge that Todd went to her home and offered to buy Tommy. He asks if she can prove that. She tells him she sure can. At that point, Judy presents the torn check that Todd wrote to Marcie and Michael. And he concludes that he does not believe Todd has any credibility in his courtroom.

Langston’s boyfriend wonders why she is making secrets about her parents. She tells him everything is ok. And she invites him to come over to her home tonight.

Starr asks Cole what business it is of his why her parents got married. He tells her that it’s his business since all they have been talking about recently is Tommy. He tells her that she must realize the likelihood that her father will lose the custody battle. She must realize that he made a complete ass of himself in court. And it will only hurt her if he gets her hopes up to get her little brother back as well as that he will remarry her mother. She tells Cole he knows nothing about her parents’ marriage. And she asks if he is merely jealous that her parents have a chance but his do not. He asks her what she is going to do if her parents do not come through with their marriage nor with getting her little brother back.

Antonio handles the drunken George while he inquires if Talia might know him.

Bo and Nora go to St. Anne’s to find out about Lindsay’s state. The doctor informs them that he just explained to Lindsay’s son that Ms. Rappoport has become completely non-responsive. Bo then informs him that he has known Lindsay for a long time. And maybe he can talk to her. Bo and Nora observe Will trying and failing to get his mother to talk to him. And Nora tells Bo if Lindsay is faking this, she hopes Lindsay realizes that she is breaking that poor kid’s heart.

Todd testifies in court that he wanted to express his gratitude to the McBain’s for taking such good care of his child. And he wanted to “compensate” them for the monetary expense of taking care of him as well as the pain they may be going through when they lose him. And he apologizes if he offended them or they took it the wrong way. Marcie stands up and says that that is a lie. He tells the judge that he wants to give his child a loving him with his two older siblings and a woman whom Todd has never stopped loving. And he does not know what is wrong with that. Right then, the judge asks Blair to take the stand. They swear her in. The judge asks “Mrs. Manning” if love is the only reason why she entered this marriage. Blair replies yes. Love is the only reason.

Langston protests to her boyfriend that her parents are good people. They work for children’s right. He asks her if they care about her. She angrily tells him he better mind his own damn business.

Cole asks Starr what she will do if her dad is using her mom and her and Jack only to get his son back and does not care about any of them. She tells him that he does not want her to get her brother back. He tells her he did not say that. She then angrily storms out the door.

At the station, George leaves Talia alone with Antonio. He asks her if that is the “real George”. She does not know exactly what to tell him.

At St. Anne’s, Bo goes and attempts to talk to Lindsay. She says nothing. He asks her if she can say anything to him. She turns her head a little bit but says nothing

In the courtroom, Blair testifies that she believes that Todd is a great father. Judy asks the judge if she may question this witness. The judge then tells her she may cross-examine Blair. Judy approaches Blair and asks her if she really believes a man is a good father when he would peddle off his own child to strangers at a Mexican airport. Blair has no response to that.

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