OLTL Update Friday 9/28/07

One Life to Live Update Friday 9/28/07


Written By Jennifer S.

In the B. E. office, Jared is getting distracted surfing the web and not working. Natalie reminds him that this is work time. He tells her that he has some ‘prospects” on the internet. He knows that she is very uptight and needs to relax with yoga or massage or something.

Rex and Adriana are getting ready to cohabitate and he indicates that he might see her as a wife. But she reminds him that they are not married yet.

Marcie returns home and Roxy is waiting for her ready to confront her. Marcie asks Roxy what is wrong. Roxy tells her that she is in deep doo doo and she’s very disappointed in her.

Todd and Blair’s “wedding” is underway. Starr is happy and invites Cole. Upstairs, Todd calls Blair into his room. She asks what he wants and why he wants to see her before the wedding. He surprises her by kissing her.

Adriana tells Rex that they are late for a ‘”surprise’. He tells her that he is not in a “social mood” and is more in the mood for love in the privacy of their new home. But she demands that he comes with her to her new social function..

Jared asks Natalie how her sex life is and when she last slept with somebody. She tells him that her sex life is none of his business. She can get him fired for sexual harassment. And she reminds him that she is his boss. But he knows that she is really stressed and knows how to give her a massage that de-stresses her.

After Todd kisses Blair, she demands to know what he is doing. Is he trying to make her crazy? He tells her that they have to make it “look real”. He just wanted to make certain that when he kisses her, her knees still buckle and when the judge asks him to kiss the bride, it looks authentic. He then turns away and tells her that he’s glad that they will never have a real marriage again. She asks him if this is all a game for him. He tells her that he just wants to get his son back. He asks her if she is considering any other reasons for getting married.

Roxy tells Marcie she better get out of her building. Marcie asks what is up. She has never been late with her rent. Roxy sounds like she realizes that and there is another problem that has nothing to do with that. And she demands that Marcie packs up and leaves, so she says.

Clint comes to assist Dorian with Blair and Todd’s wedding. He notices that Jessica is there as Todd has asked her to be his “best man”. He smiles at his daughter and says she is the most beautiful best man he’s ever seen.

Blair tells Todd that they’ve been over this many times. If they tried to make this a real marriage, it obviously would not work. He agrees that it will only be a business relationship. She tells him that it’s a payment she gets for services rendered. And she tells him that if she did not believe, in her heart that he should get his little boy back, she would not be going through with this fake wedding. Right then, they find out that they have been overheard by Jack. He is wearing his little tuxedo and looking very disappointed and heartbroken to hear his parents say that their wedding is fake.

Roxy demands that Marcie comes with her to the top of the building. Marcie is upset and demands to know what the problem is. But when she opens the door, she notices Michael, Rex, Adriana, John Marty and all of her friends have planned a surprise birthday party for her.

The CEO of B. E. walks in to see Jared and Natalie acting unprofessionally and reminds them that they are on highly billed time and need to do their jobs. Natalie asks him what he wants. He tells them he wants a report that he asked for. She reminds him that that was Mr. Banks’ assignment. He reminds them that he is in charge of this entire operation. He does not care if Natalie got her job because of nepotism. And he is not going to let her get away with not working. Much less is he going to let some stranger she just hired do so. She tells him that she wants to be treated with respect. He reminds her that many people in this company have earned their way with MBAs and didn’t have rich families pulling the strings for them. And he sounds very sure of himself that he won’t let them get away with anything. He leaves. Alone with Jared, Natalie demands that he never touches her again.

Marcie is happily surprised to see that others remembered her birthday even though she did not. She admits that she has been so engrossed in the situation with Tommy and then losing her job so that she did not even give it any thought. Michael tells her he loves her and he’ll never forget it. Marty then remarks to John that she thinks it’s really great that Marcie and Michael love each other. He tells her he agrees that his brother has a great marriage.

Jessica tells Nash and Clint that she has to go and check on some things. Alone with Clint, Nash informs his father in law that he got back the money he owes Clint. Hearing that, Clint is very surprised that Nash has raised the money so fast. Nash admits to Clint that he found another buyer to fork over the money to Antonio. And he has a new partner.

Jack comes into his parents’ room and asks if their wedding is really fake. Todd then replies to his son that it is “not fake”. They have a real marriage license and it will be performed legally by a real justice of the peace. Jack asks why, then, did his mom say that it was fake? Blair and Todd then attempt to tell their son that their marriage might not last forever. And the reason they are doing it is so that they can provide a home for his little brother. Right then, Starr enters. And she tells her parents that there is somebody she’d like to bring to the wedding if that is ok. Cole enters and asks if it’s ok. Todd tells him it is not and he better get out of there right now. Starr protests that he cannot do that. Cole tells Todd he did not come to make any trouble. But Blair tells them that she backs Todd. She does not think it’s a good idea for Cole to be there after the hearing. But Jack tells his parents that he likes Cole. He thinks he’s cool and wants him there. Blair and Todd then grudgingly agree to let Cole stay in order to appease both of their kids.

Downstairs, Nash asks Jessica if she plans to tell her dad about her involvement with Jared. She tells Nash she knows he will find out sooner or later. And she only hopes that Natalie is not having a really hard time with Jared.

Jared reminds Natalie that she has never had to work hard in her life nor earned her position. She reminds him that their “boss” just told them that he does not care about her name. He expects work from her. Jared asks her what she thinks will happen to Jessica. She tells him he might be forgetting that they are Buchanans and he better not push it.

Dorian comes to see Todd. She is silent. He asks her what is on her mind. She tells him if he hurts Blair, she will kill him. Jessica goes and finds Todd and joins them in the ceremony. Dorian then announces that they are ready. Clint tells her that he will get everybody in their places. She smiles and tells him he’s been so helpful.

Upstairs, Starr observes her mother and tells her she looks amazing. Blair admits to her daughter that this was the very dress that she was going to wear to marry her dad for the right reasons. Starr then tells her mother that maybe some day they can get back what they once had. In response to that, Blair tells her daughter that she never wants her to have to get married for reasons like this. She only wants Starr to marry for love. Right then, Starr comes down the aisle, as the maid of honor. Jessica is with Todd. Todd joins Blair and winks at her.

Jared tells Natalie that she must know that he is not the enemy here. He wants to succeed as much as she does. She tells him that she’s been going around in the wrong direction. She has done desk jobs, bartending, and even worked in the police department. No way did she want to join the family business. But she has a chance to be part of her grandfather’s legacy. So she won’t let him screw that up for her.

Marcie, Michael and their friends dance. John and Marty are alone observing them and noticing that they are happy. Rex tells Marcie he’s glad to see her smiling. She tells him that she is glad to have her family. He asks her if she is still angry at him. She tells him she just wishes that he had told her his secret about Tommy. She holds her Tommy and tells everybody that she just wishes that Lindsay could be there.

At Dorian’s, the judge announces that they are gathered here with family and friends to join this man and this woman in matrimony (Todd and Blair). He announces that a marriage in this country is a commitment of love and fidelity. And he asks Todd to repeat the vows. But, hearing that, Todd admits that he is not ready yet. He tells Blair not like this.

Natalie tells Jared that she knows that their boss will not approve of his budget proposal. But he tells her he knows all about what to do and how to write any report the way he needs to. He asks her if she is “up for that”. Is she motivated to work as hard as she has to in order to get ahead? She replies yes she is. She will spend the entire weekend there if need be. He tells her so will he. And he reflects that it’s not as if either of them have a life or anybody to go home to.

At Marcie’s party, Michael says that he wants to thank everybody for coming and helping him celebrate his beautiful wife’s birthday.

After the judge asks Todd to repeat after him and Todd hesitates, Blair tells him she can go instead.

Michael announces that he asked Marcie to marry him because he knew she was the one for him. He has made many bone-head decisions in his life. But she was not one of them.

Todd reflects that he and Blair have done this very thing many times before. But there are some things that are different now. They have a beautiful daughter, Starr, and a wonderful son, Jack. And they will have their new baby son very soon.

Michael says that although it may appear that Tommy has been dropped into their laps, he believes that it is as if he was sent to them for a reason.

Todd speaks his vows. He tells everybody that his children are very important to him. The ones he already has and the one he will have soon. He turns to Blair and says no matter what she is doing; whether she is getting him thrown in jail or whatever, she is always in his blood and will always be in his life.

Michael announces that Marcie will always been in his heart. The guests all raise their glasses and propose a toast to Marcie. Michael kisses her.

Blair tells Todd that he is very much in her blood with their history together. And she announces that now, just like all the other times, she is ready to marry him. The judge then announces that he can give her the wedding. And he’s ready to say by the power vested in him by the commonwealth of Pennsylvania….But Todd interrupts him. He tells Blair that now he is as grateful to have her in his life as he has all the other times before. And now more. The judge then pronounces them husband and wife and says they may now kiss. And they kiss. Romantic music plays and everybody claps. And Blair and Todd go up the stairs to different rooms.

We, then see Natalie with Jared working at B.E. and wondering what they are going to do with each other. We see Marcie and Michael happily celebrating with Tommy. Rex and Adriana are together in their new home. John and Marty are together. He looks like he’s going to kiss her. And they move slowly together. Blair is then alone in her room looking like she is not complete without Todd. She goes out the door but does not see him waiting for her. Subsequently, Todd opens his door hoping she will be waiting for him but does not notice her anywhere nearby. So they both close their doors and stay alone in their respective rooms.

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