OLTL Update Thursday 9/27/07

One Life to Live Update Thursday 9/27/07


Written By Jennifer S.

Jared wastes no time getting set up in his new executive suite. Right then, Jessica and Nash enter and demand that he gets out. He asks them if they would be courteous enough to knock. They tell him that they will not let him blackmail Natalie into giving him a job. Nash tells him that the problem he had with “Tess” happened two years ago and he cannot hold it against Jessica. Jared informs them that it’s too late. Natalie has already confirmed that he gets this job.

John walks into Rodi’s and notices Antonio and Talia. He seems very envious that they still have jobs in the police department but he does not.

Starr and her friends are in school and realize that Marcie might not be back to teach after all she is going through. But she enters and surprises them. Right then, Britney smirks and knows that this will be “fun”.

Todd tells Dorian that Blair has agreed to marry him again and she better join in and help him with his quest to get his son.

Nora informs Clint that she just got off the phone with Lindsay’s doctors at St. Anne’s. And Lindsay is one hell of an actress. They say that there is no progress and believe that she really has had some sort of breakdown that relieves her of all responsibility for her actions. He asks her if she really has “sympathy” for Lindsay. Nora admits that now, Lindsay has nothing. She has good reason to be very upset. And what if she never recovers. She is concerned about Bo and Matthew being out. But she says that they have the right to enjoy their trip. And right then, she opens a letter and is pleasantly happy. She tells Clint that that is her check from the insurance company. She happily hugs Clint and tells him that she and Matthew will now be able to get their own house and get out of his hair. And they have to celebrate. But it sounds as though he is not as happy as she is.

In Marcie’s class, the kids want to talk to her about her situation. But she is engrossed only in work. Britney tells Mrs. McBain that she hopes she gets her baby back. Marcie ignores that. But Britney cannot shut up. She tells Marcie that she knows she is a great mom. Marcie then tells Britney that it is not appropriate to be talking about her personal life. Britney then tells Marcie that she knows she talked all about Tommy before. Why should she have to give up her child? She goes on and on about how Todd Manning is a despicable person for what he is going to Mrs. McBain’s family. In response to that, Starr lashes out and tells Britney she better shut up. And she lashes out at Marcie for how she has no right to go after her dad and take his son from him. Marcie and Starr start yelling at each other. And at that point, the principal comes out, tells them he could hear the yelling all the way down the hallway. And he needs to talk to Mrs. McBain.

Miles runs into Marty in the park and tells her he wants what is best for her. He tells her that he can see that she is “building a life” with John. She tells him that she is not “building a life” with John, Not as if it’s any of his business. He then asks her if she remembers walking with him at the ski lodge in the moonlight and making wishes a few months ago. She demands to know where he is going with that. Remembering that he and Marty once got along and now seeing the unfortunate direction in which it went, he tells her that his “wish” was that some day she would look at him the way she looks at John. Right then, John is not far away. And everybody knows that Marty likes John and does not like Miles.

Dorian tells Todd that he better pay Blair the $5 million he’s promised her. Blair tells him that since she and Dorian are helping him get his son back, somebody has to look out for her. He asks Dorian how long it’s going to take her to get their “plans” into motion. Dorian admits that she knows many people and can cater the “ceremony” very easily. But the problem is in getting any guests to attend their ceremony.

John appears and asks Marty and Miles if everything is ok. She replies yes. She and Miles just “ran into” each other. Miles tells John that that is the only way that they can see each other. And he knows that his “ex wife” has feelings for John that she never had for him.

Natalie confirms to Jessica and Nash that she did tell Jared that he could have the job. But the can clearly tell that she did not want to make that decision.

Dorian tells Blair and Todd that she can get all the plans into motion. But she is concerned that if her niece falls for Todd again, he could break her heart. Alone with Todd, Blair seems like she is in control and knows what she is doing. She tells Todd that when he goes off, he better not forget to pick up her check for $5 million. But is it really as simple as that?

Antonio tells Talia that he really knows she has a lot on her mind that she has tried to put out of her mind since she came back from her New York trip. He asks her how she can do it. She tells him that you don’t’ think about it. You just have to do it. He asks her if “George” went with her. She doesn’t seem to want to talk about George and tells Antonio that George had to work. Antonio asks what George does for work. She evasively answers that he works somewhere where he has to wear a suit. He wants to know more. But she does not seem enthused about this conversation topic.

Clint tells Nora that he doesn’t want her to move. He wants her and Matthew to make his home her home for good.

Dorian gets the people into the house to set up the ambiance for the wedding. Blair is concerned about looking nice for the wedding. Dorian asks her if she is not getting a bit carried away. She tells Dorian she is tired of everybody telling her what is right and not right for her. Dorian knows that she kept her old wedding dress from the most recent time she unsuccessfully married Todd and that she saw no need to get another dress. She asks Blair what will happen if this plan does not enable Todd to get custody of his child and the judge denies it. Blair replies that Todd will be devastated. Dorian then asks Blair if she will stand by Todd, as his wife.

In the high school hallway, Britney antagonizes Starr about how her father is a piece of trash to take Mrs. McBain’s baby from her. The others tell Starr that Britney is not worth it. But Starr tells them she’s not so concerned about Britney. It’s just that she cannot forget what Mrs. McBain had the gall to say to her.

The principal tells Marcie McBain that he cannot have her doing these behaviors in front of her class. She promises never to do it again. But he tells her that he cannot risk what could happen if she stays there. So he is placing her under indefinite suspension, at least until her personal issues are resolved. She protests that she can’t let that happen. But his decision is final. Alone in her classroom, she cries.

Jared has given Natalie the nickname of “sparky”, He can clearly tell that she does not like it but cannot do anything about it. She firmly tells him that her name is Natalie and she is his boss. He replies: “Anything you say,, sparky”. Nash then tells Natalie that he may have to work with Jared and put up with him but she does not. Jessica then asks the two men to leave so she can talk to her sister alone. She tells Natalie that she does not have to do this. She found out that Jared cannot have her arrested. Natalie tells Jessica that maybe this is the only way to shut Jared up. Jessica asks Natalie if there might be another reason why she hired Jared. She asks Natalie if she might like this guy.

Blair tells Dorian that she knows what she is doing. She will get the money, help her kids’ father. And this will be a mere business arrangement. But Dorian tells her niece that she knows she is still in love with Todd. Right then, Starr enters and asks her mom and aunt what is going on. She knows that somebody is getting married. When Dorian goes up the stairs talking on her phone about a wedding, Starr asks her mom if Dorian is getting married to Clint. Blair tells her daughter no. What is happening is that she is going to marry Starr’s father.

Todd comes to Marcie’s classroom and confronts her. She tells him that she doesn’t think that this is the appropriate time or place to have this conversation. They need to talk to their lawyers. He reminds her that she called him a kidnapper, a criminal and a rapist. He tells her that he is all of those things and he can make her afraid of him. She slaps him. But he sounds like he knows how to motivate her to be afraid of him. He tells her he will see her in court and is looking forward to it.

John and Marty are talking when Cole finds them together. He is happy to see his mom with somebody whom they both like.

Antonio asks Talia how long she’s known George. She laughs and says long enough. He asks her if he has a sense of humor. She attempts to answer all of Antonio’s questions about her alleged boyfriend. But she seems to only have Antonio on the brain. She talks about all of the great things about George. But is she really talking about George and not somebody else? Antonio then asks her when he gets to meet this guy. And that is one question that she cannot answer.

Nash tells Jared that he comes into Llanview, blackmails him, takes over his vineyard, and harasses Nash’s wife and her sister. Jared tells Nash that he plans to do his job and pull his weight at B.E. He leaves. And Jessica tells Jared if he hurts her sister, what Tess did to him will be a happy memory compared to what she will do to him. Right when Jared comes into the office to harass Natalie again, she gets a call from Miles inviting her to lunch. She tells him she wishes she could but she has a “situation” there. He tells her then what about dinner. She tells him they can have dinner and they make plans. Natalie tells Jared that he beat her at a game of pool. It’s no big deal. But he can tell that she has does not want Jessica or Nash to know.

Langston and her boyfriend go and find Cole with Marty and John. They leave together. Marty then asks her son why he is not in school. He informs his mom that their last class got cancelled. There was a big blow out between Mrs. McBain and Starr. John asks if Marcie is alright. Cole says she’s ok. But he’s more worried about Starr. Marty concludes that this is not going to be a good situation no matter how you look at it.

Marcie packs up all of her belongings and looks at all of her work on the chalk board. She is very upset to have to leave it all behind and lose her job because of what has happened..

Alone with her mom, Starr tells Blair that she does not want her to have a “fake marriage”. But Blair tells her daughter it will be alright. Todd overhears their conversation from outside the door.

Antonio really probes Talia to talk about George and can see that she doesn’t really have a relationship.

Nash and Jessica are very concerned about whether Natalie will be able to tolerate working with Jared.

Dorian overhears Clint and Nora talking about his “offer” to her and asks what has happened. Nora informs Dorian that Clint has asked her to “live” with him. Dorian assumes that it might mean something different than what it means. But he informs her that it was Asa’s wishes that Nora and Matthew have a home with him.

Blair and Todd are ready to put their plans into motion. But there may be more emotional involvement than they want.

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