OLTL Update Wednesday 9/26/07

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 9/26/07


Written By Jeannie

Cristian notices Sarah collecting all of her stuff and getting ready to leave his apartment. He sounds like he might not want her to go.

Rex and Vincent help Adriana move her stuff out of her old apartment with Layla. Layla looks like she will really miss Adriana as a roommate. She admits that she does not want her to go. But she realizes that Adriana and Rex are great together.

At Rodi’s, Natalie challenges Jared to a game of pool with the wager being if she wins, he will leave her sister alone and stop asking her to hire him at B.E. After it’s done, it looks like he is able to win. She is alone in the pool room and John enters. She tells John that she is looking at an old mistake. She remembers that when Jared reminded her about how she felt when she saw John kissing Marty, she lost her confidence and ability to beat Jared at pool.

Todd is ready to marry Blair for the sole purpose of getting her to help him win custody of his child. Dorian enters the room and Blair admits to her aunt that she is having a really hard time feeling sorry for Lindsay after Lindsay refused to help Todd in exchange for Blair testifying in Lindsay’s behalf and clearing her of murder charges. She also admits to Dorian that she and Todd are ready to get married. Dorian asks her niece what woman would be idiotic enough to marry that man.

Jared comes to Asa’s house and Nigel answers the door. Nigel questions who he is. Jared tells Nigel that he is a big fan of Asa’s. Nigel is ready to slam the door in his face and tells him that this door is not open to gawkers. But Jared tells Nigel that he is there to see Renee.

Todd goes to see Jessica. He informs his niece that he and Blair are remarrying and he wants her support. Nash tells Todd that he is doing something very stupid. Jessica asks Todd how many times he and Blair have been married and divorced. She tells her uncle she knows that he is attempting to set her up. So she needs him to tell her the real reason he and Blair are remarrying.

Dorian asks Blair how many broken marriages she needs to have with the same man before she wakes up and sees that it’s pointless. Dorian gets very dramatic assuming that Todd must have threatened or blackmailed Blair. She replies that Todd neither threatened nor blackmailed her. Dorian then asks if Blair is going to lie to her face by saying that it’s love. Blair admits that it’s not love. Dorian asks, if it’s none of those reasons, then what is it?

At Rodi’s, Natalie asks John how long he’s known that Tommy is Todd’s child and not told anybody. John admits that it’s been a long time. And he owes her an apology.

Adriana and Layla “settle the score” of all the times when one of them borrowed or broke something of the others. And they say that they can call it even. The guys enter and ask if everything is all packed. They haul everything out the door but can sense that the two young women are having second thoughts about severing their living arrangements.

Sarah is having difficulty getting all of her stuff into a bag. She asks Cristian to hold it while she zips it up. And she tells him that living with him is getting to be kind of old. He tells her it’s not like they will never see each other again. They still work together. She tells him that after he is gone, he will miss having her around.

Todd tells Jessica that he is not coming there for hers’ or Nash’s blessing. He needs their help. He needs a best man. Nash tells Todd he mustn’t look at him. Jessica suggests that Todd asks Jack to do that. He tells her that his son is his ring bearer. Todd tells Jessica he wants his “best man” to be her. Nash reminds Todd that Jessica is missing some of the most important qualifications for that. But Todd tells Jessica she is his favorite niece and the only person he wants to have stand up for him at his wedding.

Blair protests to Dorian that she and Todd are getting married in order to help his chances of getting custody of Tommy. They can raise him together and be as good parents to that child as Marcie and Michael. But Dorian is concerned about what her niece is getting herself into. Blair confirms to Dorian that she made certain that Todd pays her a big amount of money for her “favor” to him. Hearing that, Dorian is very impressed.

When Jared goes to Asa’s, he urges Nigel to know that it’s important that he talks to Renee. Nigel seems to suspect that Jared is some low life. Renee then comes and notices Jared and asks him if she knows him. And she tells him she cannot get over the resemblance he bears to Asa. She tells Jared he looks just like her deceased husband.

Jessica tells Todd if she is going to go before a judge and God as his “best man”, she takes that pledge very seriously. So he needs to tell her exactly what all is involved in his most recent marriage to Blair.

Dorian asks Blair if she really believes that she and Todd can pull of this sham of a marriage. She asks if the children will be ok with knowing that their parents are living a lie. She tells her niece that she must know that both of her children want their parents to remarry like all children do. And whether they are “in” with the scam or not, they are going to be very invested in their parents getting reconciled when they see them together. And she is playing a game with their hearts. Blair tells Dorian that her kids realize that their parents do not have the “normal” type of relationship. But Jack and Starr love them and know that both their parents love them. Dorian tells Blair that if Jack or Starr find out that they have been used as “pawns” in this little charade, they will never forgive their parents.

Natalie assesses to John that they broke up because they were having a lot of problems. And she realizes that. But he tells her that he wants things to be ok between them. She asks why. Because she saw him kissing Marty Saybrooke? She reminds him that they are not together anymore and he is a free agent. He then admits to her that if he saw her kissing some other guy, he would not like it. She asks him if it would “bother” him to see her with somebody else. He admits that he would not want to see her kissing Miles Laurence. And a major reason is because he hates the guy. She tells him she realizes that he would because Miles is Marty’s ex husband. She then asks him if he and Marty are “together”. He tells her that he has difficulty talking about “that stuff”.

Nigel replies to Renee that he cannot understand why she would believe that Mr. Banks looks like Mr. Buchanan. He tells her he cannot see the resemblance. But she tells him he did not know Asa in his younger days, as she did. She then tells Nigel that it’s all right. She can talk to Jared alone. He tells her that she has a beautiful home. She asks him how he knew her husband. He admits that he never actually knew him. But Asa Buchanan was his hero.

After Rex and Vincent haul all of her stuff out of her old apartment, Adriana asks them to give her a minute to talk to Layla. She then tells Layla that she will pay her share of the electrical bill. And she reflects that it’s really weird. When they first agreed to live together, neither of them were certain if it would work out. They both judged the other negatively but were proven wrong. Adriana concludes that what she needed was a roommate. But she did not expect to get a best friend. She hugs Adriana and Adriana cries. Adriana assures her best friend that nothing will change. They will still be business partners and best friends.

Cristian and Sarah sound as though neither will miss the other. She goes out the door and tells him she will see him at work. But they both indicate that they might not be as glad to be rid of each other as they want to believe they are.

Todd tells Jessica that he needs her help in making this look real so that he can get his kid back. He asks Jessica where she thinks should be the best place to get married. Should it be city hall? A chapel? After ascertaining that his niece will agree to stand up at his wedding, he tells them he has things to do and goes out the door. Alone with Jessica, Nash tells her that he wants to know the whole story about her involvement with Jared. What did he do to Tess? She tells Nash that Jared did nothing to Tess. Nash asks her if she is “protecting” Jared. He asks her if Tess really put Jared in jail for no reason. He tells her that he never saw that Tess would hurt somebody in that manner who didn’t have it coming to her. She tells him that he never knew that Tess. When he met her, he showed Tess that she could be loved and cared for. But Jared saw the evil person who had no conscience. And Jared was just a decent guy who had the unfortunate fate of running into the wrong woman. But Nash does not want to hear that.

Renee talks to Jared in a friendly manner about Asa’s history. She seems to welcome him in her house and trust him. They talk all about Asa’s accomplishments and he tells her that he really wants to understand all of what Asa did because he wants to be just like him. And he tells her that is the reason why he took a job in Buchanan Enterprises. Hearing that for the first time, Renee asks him in what division. Jared replies that he reports to Natalie Buchanan. Renee seems ok with that. But Nigel overhears their conversation and appears very suspicious. Renee tells Jared that she believes that Asa would really like him.

Natalie tells John that she met this hustler named Jared Banks who came into town. He had this ‘problem” with Jessica. And now she has to work with this jerk. He then asks her if she wants him to “investigate” Jared. She reminds him that maybe he could get in trouble investigating him without warrant or cause. But John reminds Natalie that since he’s lost his police badge and got booted from the department, he can do whatever he wants on his own time.

When Todd goes home to find Blair, Dorian confronts him telling him she knows what he’s done. And if he wants her silence in this scheme he’s about to pull off, it’s going to cost him.

Cristian is alone in his home finding that he is missing Sarah. He notices that she left a blouse behind.

Adriana and Layla are waiting for the truck to get all packed. The guys announce that they are ready to go. And they arrange to have dinner later tonight. Right when Adriana goes out the door, Sarah enters to take her place as Layla’s new roommate. Layla tells Sarah she must remember Vincent and welcomes her to her new home.

Renee tells Jared that she can arrange for him to have dinner with her and Clint. And she wishes him luck on his first day at Buchanan Enterprises. He leaves. Alone with Nigel, she tells him that that young man is loaded with charm as well as with many other things. She can tell that Nigel looks suspicious. And she tells him that she suspects that Mr. Banks will be a very “hot commodity” at B.E.

Nash tells Jessica that he does not believe that she has anything to be sorry for. He believes that they can get past Tess’s involvement with Jared as long as they have no more secrets in the future. He then tells her that now they have to figure out a way to beat Jared at his own game.

Natalie tells John that she bets being out of work from the department will drive him crazy. He tells her it did at first. But he’s found ways to fill the time. She asks him with what. He tells her that he has time to play pool.

After Dorian informs Todd that it will “cost him”, Blair asks her aunt if she is blackmailing Todd. Dorian tells them that she does not want money from Todd. What she wants is a promise that when this whole thing is over with, that he will not try to get full custody of Jack and Starr. Todd tells her he agrees to those terms. And he tells her that Blair will be able to help him get his son back.

At Cristian’s loft Sarahh packs up to leave. At Layla & Adriana’s Vincent and Rex help move her out. An emotional Layla tells Adriana she doesn’t want her to go. Then she says she knows Adriana and Rex will be good together and leaves the room.

Natalie shoots pool at the bar and thinks back to how she messed up playing pool with Jared when John walks in.

At the vineyard Jessica asks Nash to talk. There’s a knock at the door and Todd comes in. He tells Jessica to grab her coat because she’s coming to his wedding.

At Dorian’s house Blair and Dorian talk about Lindsey. Blair is upset Lindsey kept this secret from Todd. She tells Dorian Todd is getting married. Dorian asks what woman would be idiotic enough to marry him.

At Renee’s Nigel opens the door to Jared. Jared flatters him about being Asa’s go-to-guy. Nigel blows him off, but Jared says he’s there for Renee.

At Jessica and Nash’s Todd hands Jessica a coat. Jessica introduces him to Nash and the baby. She questions him about marrying Blair. Todd insists they are going to get it right this time. Jessica asks for the real reason they’re getting married.

Back at Dorian’s Blair gets sarcastic with Dorian. Dorian asks her how many broken marriages does she need before she realizes she and Todd don’t work together. Dorian is very upset.

John and Natalie discuss Lindsey’s arraignment. John says he owes Natalie an apology.

Layla and Adriana talk about their times together and things they borrowed from each other. Vincent and Rex come in to get more stuff to take down to the truck and see the two girls sitting on the couch holding hands and looking very sad.

Cristian tries to help Sarahh close her suitcase. Sarahh says she only owns what she can fit in one bag. She gets Cristian to sit on the bag and stashes one of her shirts under the chair while he’s not looking.

Todd tells Jessica he wants her to be his best man. Jack is the ring bearer. Nash says Jessica is missing the gear for the best “man” job.

Blair insists she is marrying Todd for a good reason. Dorian asks why is this Blair’s job? Blair is afraid Todd will lose Jack and Starr if Michael & Marcy portray Todd as a bad father. Dorian questions if marriage will help prove they are a nuclear family. Dorian asks if Blair is taking a page from Tea Delgado’s play book. Blair assures Dorian and Dorian smiles.

Nigel questions Jared and then suggests he leave. Renee comes down stairs and Jared pushes in to introduce himself. Renee says Jared looks so much like Asa.

Back at the vineyard Jessica asks Todd if a family court judge will accept this marriage.

Dorian wonders if the money will be worth shackling herself to Todd. Blair tries to reassure him. Dorian asks about what they will tell the kids. Blair says they haven’t decided. Dorian warns her she is messing with the kid’s hearts.

Natalie and John talk about what they kept secret. John apologizes to her for with holding information to protect his brother when she with held stuff to protect him. John says he understands now. Natalie says okay and picks up the pool cue again. John wants things to be okay between them and Natalie mentions him kissing Marty. John says if he saw her kissing another guy he probably wouldn’t like it either. Natalie questions him about this. John brings up Miles. Natalie accepts the apology. Then she asks if John and Marty are together. John says he doesn’t like talking about that stuff.

At Renee’s she keeps saying its remarkable how much Jared looks like Asa. Nigel doesn’t see the resemblance. Renee says Nigel didn’t know Asa back in the Nevada days. She agrees to talk to Jared and Nigel leaves. Renee asks how Jared knew Asa and Jared says he didn’t but Asa was his hero. Nigel eavesdrops.

Vincent and Rex haul the last of Adriana’s stuff down. Adriana tells Layla she’ll pay her share of the bills next month. They talk about how they first got the apartment. Adriana says she needed a room mate and got a best friend. They hug and cry.

At the loft Cristian offers to carry Sarahh’s stuff down. Sarahh says she can do it. They say goodbye and Sarahh pauses to look back after Cristian closes the door.

Todd smiles at Jessica and says she’s right. It’s a last ditch effort to get his son back. Jessica says does it have to be city hall? She thinks that will look phony. Todd tells her to stay there and he’s going to line something up. Todd leaves. Nash goes to leave and Jessica wants to talk about Jared and Tess. Nash wants to know why Tess did that to Jared. He believes she had a reason. Jessica says Jared didn’t do anything. She says that Tess did things like that to men all the time. She says Nash’s love changed Tess. Before Nash Tess took her anger out on all men. Jared was an innocent victim.

At Asa’s Renee tells Asa stories as Nigel serves tea. Jared says he wants to be just like Asa. Renee says Asa also made mistakes. He says he wants to learn everything to be just like Asa and he’s starting a job at BE today with Natalie. Nigel looks worried.

At the bar Natalie tells John she messed up the shot because some guy said something to her. She says she now has to work with the jerk and doesn’t trust him as far as she could throw him. She asks him to run a background check on Jared but then changes her mind. She doesn’t think Bo would let him. John says his badge is in Bo’s desk.

Todd shows up at Dorian’s. Dorian says her support and silence will cost him.

Cristian walks around his loft and thinks of Sarahh. He finds the shirt she stashed under the chair.

Vincent and Rex come in and Adriana and Layla say goodbye. Sarahh shows up just as they are leaving.

Jared thanks Renee for her time. Renee says she’ll invite him and Clint for dinner. Jared leaves. Renee says he’s charming and Nigel is suspicious.

Jessica apologizes to Nash for keeping Jared a secret. Nash makes her promise not to keep anything from him in the future. Nash wonders how they will handle Jared now and Jessica says they can beat Jared at his own game.

At the bar Natalie mentions John hasn’t taken a vacation in a long, long time. He says he’s getting used to it and finding other ways to occupy his time. They play a game of pool.

Dorian says she doesn’t want money she wants assurances Todd won’t go for full custody of Jack and Starr. Todd agrees and asks Dorian to throw them a great wedding and help him get his son back.

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