OLTL Update Tuesday 9/25/07

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 9/25/07


Written By Jennifer S.

Dorian and Clint are on the couch enjoying being together and wondering what to watch on television. They notice Nora enter and can see that she is not happy. Clint asks her what is wrong. She tells him that she cannot begin to talk about what is going on with her. She just got back from Lindsay’s arraignment.

Sarah finds Cristian and knows that he is not ok about something. She asks him what is up. He replies that Lindsay Rapport’s arraignment was today. She asks how that went. He tells her that Lindsay pleaded guilty to murder and then she had a complete breakdown.

Rex and Adriana return home. He tells her that he cannot understand how it is that Lindsay could plead guilty to first degree murder when he seriously believes that she acted in self defense. Why would she want to take the rap for ridding the world of Spencer Truman? And now she has had a complete breakdown. He wishes he could have done something for her but now it’s too late.

Starr and Cole are together attempting to study. But he is distracted with his iPod and with her. Langston and her boyfriend are with them. They are all in the living room while Jack is in bed.

Natalie tells Jared that he has a lot of gall threatening to sick the Llantano County PD on Jessica. Jared replies that that would be a generous thing for him to do after what she did to him. Natalie protests that it was not Jessica who framed him. It was Tess. He tells her he does not care what she called herself at the time. What she did to him was irreparable. Jared then relives being in jail, locked up for a crime that he did not commit. He remembers a guard coming by with books for him to read who is laughing when Jared protests that he Is innocent. But right then, Jared grabs a book about Asa Buchanan. And he is fascinated. And from then on he concludes that he wants to model his life after Asa. How ironic that he is inspired by the grandfather of the woman who set him up. Jared then concludes to Jessica, Nash and Natalie that now it is payback time for the spoiled little rich girl who thinks she can get away with the things she has done and make other people suffer for her crimes.

Nora informs Clint and Dorian that Lindsay completely lost it in the courtroom and passed out after pleading guilty. And she had to be carried out of the courtroom. They are very surprised and admit that they could not see it coming. Nora tells then that nobody could see it coming.

Sarah is surprised that Cristian told her that Lindsay had a breakdown in the courtroom. She asks him what happened then. He concludes that they took her to St. Anne’s . Sarah concludes that Cristian was very close to Lindsay. He replies yes. He was. Lindsay encouraged him to be an artist and was there for him when he was going through a lot of hard times.

Nash tells Jared that he needs to let Jessica explain. Jared balks at the idea. Jessica then explains that she has two personalities. He tells her he does not buy that for a minute. Nash and Natalie tell him he must let her finish. She explains to him that there is Jessica and there is her alter, Tess. In response to that, he asks them if this is a joke that she has an evil twin. Natalie then asks if he thinks Jessica sounds like she is joking. He protests that it’s real convenient that she can blame her behavior upon her “evil twin”. Because it was not his “evil twin” that got sent to prison and had his life ruined for something he did not do. But Nash protests that it’s no joke. Jessica has an illness. And this other person whom Jared met, Tess, is part of the illness that she cannot help.

Cole tells Starr that she must think positively and believe that everything will work out. But she tells him that she feels terrible about what will happen to Mrs. McBain if she has to give up Tommy. She is going to think that her family is taking her child from her. And she is supposed to hate Marcie because her parents do. It’s not her fault that Spencer Truman pulled this scheme upon both Marcie and her dad. And she doesn’t know what to do. When this custody battle is over between her dad and her teacher, somebody is going to suffer and be really hurt. And she is not ok with that.

After finding out what happened to Lindsay, Sarah asks Cristian if there is anything she can do. He tells her there is not. It’s too late for anybody to do anything. She tells him he cannot blame himself for things that are out of his control. But Cristian tells her that he should have been there for Lindsay because she was always there for him. She encouraged him to start painting and taking pictures again when he was ready to give up on himself. Were it not for Lindsay, he doesn’t think he could have ever gotten his life back together again. He tells her that he is angry and he’s scared for Lindsay. Sarah holds his hand.

Nigel comes and asks Clint, Dorian and Nora if they want something to drink. Nora says she wants a martini with an olive. Dorian says all she wants is some spring water and a lime wedge. Clint also tells Nigel he doesn’t want any alcohol. Dorian asks Nora why she wants to drink this early in the day. Nora tells Dorian that she has had too much stress today and wants to drink. Dorian asks her why she believes that what has happened is Lindsay’s fault. Nora asks her then whose fault it was. Dorian tells Nora if it’s anybody’s fault, it’s hers (Nora).

Rex tells Adriana that what he thinks is that Lindsay’s internal instincts finally kicked in. She lost Jen and could not cope with it. And she had to protect Marcie and Michael from losing Tommy the same way she lost her daughter. What he does not understand is how it was that Lindsay had to plead guilty. There are so many ways that she could have gotten a lighter sentence. A jury would have certainly understood her circumstances and offered lenience for what she did. And he cannot understand how Nora could be so spiteful to Lindsay.

Jared tells Nash, Natalie and Jessica that Jessica ruined him. But Nash protests that it was not Jessica who did that to him. IT was Tess. He asks Nash what he is talking about. How can Nash know that there is a “person” named Tess. Nash replies that Tess really does exist. She is the part of Jessica whom he fell in love with.

Rex tells Adriana that Lindsay was not crazy. But she tells him that he looks as though he is questioning whether she is or not. He tells her that Lindsay was not crazy to kill Spencer. And they both admit that they cannot understand why Lindsay would feel guilty or want to take the rap for killing the likes of Spencer Truman. He concludes that Lindsay has a huge heart and would do anything for the people she loves. She asks him what will happen to Marcie and Michael. He tells her that he is very worried that they could lose Tommy. And Lindsay’s life is ruined for her futile attempt to help them. And he is afraid that the person who is responsible for this entire mess is himself.

In response to Dorian’s accusation that she is at fault for what happened to Lindsay, Nora asks Dorian to elaborate on that. Dorian tells Nora that she has hated Lindsay for years. Lindsay had good reason to do what she did to Spencer. Nora asks how it is her fault that Lindsay made the choice she made. Dorian tells Nora that since she (Nora) is the DA, she could have made a different choice than what she made. She did not have to go after Lindsay and do everything in her power to nail her for first degree murder. So she blames Nora for Lindsay’s breakdown.

Cristian tells Sarah all about what happened in court. Nobody wanted Lindsay to plead guilty. But she refused to listen to a word anybody said. She pleaded guilty. And she lost it. It’s just not right, he tells Sarah. Sarah then asks what will become of Lindsay after this. Cristian tells Sarah he really does not know.

Nash tells Jared that right after he first met Tess, she stole his car. He was angry. But he got over it. Jared then tells Nash that what Jessica or Tess or whatever she calls herself took from him is much more than a car. She took his life. Nothing can replace what was taken from him. But what he demands now, in order to resolve all of this, is a job. Natalie tells Jared that there are many companies just like B.E. that he can apply for. Why would he want to work for a company that clearly does not want him? He then reminds her in case she forgot, he has a prison record and cannot go and apply for whatever he wants. And they better help him to get an executive position at B.E. or they will all be sorry. Right then, Natalie follows Jared into Rodi’s and remarks that he sure looks pretty sure of himself. He tells her that he remembers when she woke up in his bed. She looked pretty sexy in those little lacy things.

Markko (Langston's boyfriend) asks Starr if she knows anything about Langston’s parents. It’s very odd that he has never met them. He asks Starr if she ever has. Starr then tells Markko that Langston’s parents travel around the world to help underprivileged kids. And she kind of envies Langston for not having her parents around to get into her business. He tells her that he realizes that. But he feels sorry for his girlfriend that she has parents who do not seem to care about their own child. Right then, Langston appears at the door and overhears their conversation.

Nash and Jessica return home. He tells her that he believes that Jared has a lot of gall to be blackmailing her. But she tells him he should be just as angry at her as he is at Jared. He tells her when he saw that picture of her on Jared’s cell phone, it looked like Jared was some creepy stalker dude. Jessica tells Nash that she wishes she could have told him the truth. She tells him that from what Tess did, they now has to live with negative things like liver cancer and Jared Banks. Nash tells her that she also has some positive things from Tess like Bree and him. He then asks her if there are any other secrets she’d like to tell him about. He tells her that what Tess did has nothing to do with whom she is now. Jessica tells him she is right. And Tess met Jared long before she met him and before she got her life straightened around and integrated.

Natalie tells Jared that what he is doing is blackmailing Jessica. She tells him that there is no way he can prove that Jessica did what he is accusing her of. And her credibility is a lot better than his. She asks him if he knew that Nash was married to Jessica when he found him and cleaned him out in poker. Jared admits that he did. Natalie then asks Jared if he is willing to make a wager with her. He tells her he will and asks what the deal is all about. She then tells him if she wins, then he must agree to leave her sister alone.

Nora implies to Dorian that she believes perhaps Lindsay faked a nervous breakdown. Hearing that, Dorian demands to know what she means. Nora tells Dorian that this would not be the first time that Lindsay would do that.

Nash tells Jessica that they don’t have to live in fear of Jared. He asks her if she really thinks that Natalie would give Jared the job he wants. She says if it would help her (herself), she believes that Natalie would. And she asks Nash if it would be really that bad if Natalie gave him the job.

In response to Natalie’s challenging him to play a game in the bar with the wager of the job and Jessica, Jared asks her what type of game she’d like. She suggests darts. He tells her he’d prefer pool. Hearing that, Natalie is pretty certain she won’t have any problem beating Jared at pool.

Rex tells Adriana that he finally found out that Lindsay overheard him and Michael having a private conversation about Tommy being Todd’s son. He thought that all of those times, they were careful. And if they had just been quiet, none of this would have happened. And she would have never killed Spencer. But, in response to that, Adriana asks Rex what kind of terrible things might have happened if Lindsay did not kill Spencer.

Natalie and Jared play pool. He is pretty good. But she is able to shoot several pool balls into holes every time it’s her turn and she doesn’t miss a move. He is certain that she’s going to make a mistake somehow. He asks her if she is getting rattled and losing her confidence and seems to know that he might be able make her less sure of herself by reminding her of when she saw her ex boyfriend kissing another woman. She then tells him he is a nasty jerk to rub her nose in that.

Sarah tells Cristian that he needs to try to get some sleep. And she tells him he may have the comfortable bed. She tells him she realizes he has had a rough day. And this is his place. She insists. He asks her if she is sure. She says absolutely. He then agrees. And he says good night and gets ready to go to bed. She tells him she is sorry about Lindsay.

Adriana reminds Rex that if Lindsay had not gone to Blair’s hospital room on that day, Blair might have been dead. Rex must know that Spencer Truman was a psycho. He could have hurt Michael and Marcie much worse if he’d had a chance. And they cannot keep playing the “what if” card. She tells Rex that maybe it’s just as well that Lindsay is with her son. And she tells Rex that where she belongs is with him.

Dorian notices Nora drinking more and asks her if she is drowning her guilt. Nora tells Dorian that she has nothing to feel guilty about. Dorian tells Nora that what she did to Lindsay is gnawing away at her conscience. But Nora tells Dorian that she did nothing wrong. She did not kill anybody. Lindsay did. But Dorian keeps reminding Nora that she is responsible for Lindsay's breakdown.

Nash and Jessica discuss what they are going to do in regard to Jared. He tells her they cannot give into what Jared wants. But she appears to be afraid of defying Jared. She knows he is a more than worthy contender.

Right then, when Jared is able to shake Natalie’s confidence by reminding her of things that she has insecurities about, he is able to win the pool game. And he asks her what about that executive office.

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