OLTL Update Monday 9/24/07

One Life to Live Update Monday 9/24/07


Written By Jennifer S.

Natalie tells Jessica that she is very surprised to find out that her sister knew Jared Banks before he came to town. Jessica confirms to her sister that it was Tess who knew Jared and sent him to prison. Jessica admits that she has reasons not to want Nash to know about her involvement with Jared.

Right then, Jared is revealing to Nash that he knew Jessica before he met Nash.

In the courtroom, the judge tells Lindsay she must enter a plea. All the people around her want her to plead not guilty. But she stands up and tells everybody she is guilty. She murdered Spencer Truman.

At Capricorn, Todd declares to Blair that he wants to marry her so that it will help his chances of getting custody of his son.

Nash tells Jared that he can see that the picture Jared has of his wife was taken a long time ago. Jared then confirms that he knew her when she was Tess. Nash asks Jared how he could have followed her there. And he tells Jared he must know that she is not Tess. Jared then confirms to Nash that he knew he could beat him at poker for the same reason that Nash fell for Tess. He tells Nash that she set him up and made a fool of him the same way she is now making a fool out of Nash. He tells Nash she was a scheming no good bitch and she’s going to ruin him if he trusts her. At that point, Nash grabs a hold of Jared and punches him. Jared tells Nash that he needs to get out before he gets framed by her. And he tells Nash he must realize that she is not worth it.

After Lindsay has pleaded guilty, everybody wonders why. Will stands up and lashes out at Nora, assuming that she must be the reason. She must have threatened his mother and intimidated her. Lindsay’s lawyer urges his client to do what he’s asked. He wants her to plead not guilty. If she does not, she will get in a lot of trouble. The judge asks them to leave and tells him because court is adjourned. But he urges that she lets him talk to his client. Lindsay does not listen to the lawyer, however. The judge tells Lindsay she must realize the consequences of pleading guilty. But Lindsay says she is guilty and that’s all there is to it. She had to protect Marcie and Michael from losing their child. She had to find a way to shut Spencer Truman up and prevent him from spilling the beans about Todd’s son. She went to find Spencer and stabbed him. The lawyer protests to the judge that Ms. Rappaport is obviously confused and doesn’t know what she is saying. He says that she did it when she noticed Spencer about to rape Blair Cramer when Blair was helpless and drugged in a hospital room. But Lindsay says it had nothing to do with Blair nor self defense. She decided that she would have to murder Spencer. So she is guilty.

Todd tells Blair that he doesn’t care what she does as long as she agrees to marry him. She replies to him that she did not promise to do this. But he tells her that she promised to help him. She tells him if he is really desperate, he can pay her to marry him. He tells her he will not pay her. But she tells him she knows how desperate he is.

Right when Nash is physically attacking Jared, Natalie and Jessica show up and attempt to break it up. Nash tells Jessica that this guy has a picture of her on his phone. Jared tells Nash that he must realize that Jessica is not to be trusted. Natalie tells Jared he better keep his mouth shut about her sister. But Jessica confesses to Nash that what Jared alleges about her is true.

Blair tells Todd if he really wants her to marry him, he has to pay her $5 million. She tells him that their marriage is a hardship and they are terrible at him. He protests to her that this is not a real marriage. She says it does not matter. They must think about their kids. Starr has finally accepted the reality that her parents are not getting back together. And he must know that it’s going to totally upset Jack to get his hopes up for nothing. He tells her that there are ways they can work around that. And if she just marries him, it can solve all their problems.

The judge asks Lindsay one more time how she pleads. And she replies that she pleads guilty. Nora says that she’d like to call a recess. But Lindsay tells the judge she does not want or need a recess. She pleads guilty. The judge then confirms with Lindsay that she killed Dr. Truman in order to prevent him from talking. She asks about what. Lindsay replies that she had to prevent Spencer from hurting a lot of people. The judge asks her to be more specific. Lindsay then has a flashback of when she first overheard Michael and Rex having a private conversation about Spencer Truman knowing that Tommy is Todd’s biological child and how they had to prevent Todd from ever finding out. Lindsay then admits that Michael and Marcie adopted Todd’s child. And she had to protect them from losing their child. She remembers overhearing Michael telling Rex that if Marcie lost Tommy, it would break her heart. Lindsay then says that she overheard the conversation of “some people”(although she does not reveal that they were Michael and Rex) confirming that Spencer knew that Tommy was Todd’s son. And she did now know what Spencer might do with that information. So she had no choice. She had to kill Spencer.

Blair tells Todd that before he “panics” himself into marrying her, maybe he should just wait to find out what the judge has to say. He tells her that their marriage has to look real. She then tells him what if she agreed to this completely ridiculously agreement and they get married. But he still loses custody. Then what happens? He tells her that in that case, they get an annulment. And they will have to try again. He tells her that he will drag it out as long as he has to. But she tells him that when Tommy is only 2 right now, he could be dragging this whole thing out and having her involved in his mess for 16 years.

Jessica explains to Nash that when she found out that Jared was in town, she did not know what he wanted. But Jared protests that she knew exactly what he wanted. Nash demands that Jared shuts up. Jessica then explains that she met Jared in a bar when she was Tess. She relives how she was drinking a lot in those days and was not herself. Nash then asks her what happened then. She relives having some type of drinking and gambling venture with Jared. And she got into a lot of trouble messing around with him, sexually and legally.

In the court room, Marcie tells Michael that Lindsay should not have done what she did. Michael tells her that maybe Lindsay did pleaded guilty for a reason. The judge then confirms with Lindsay that she believes that she is hearing her say that she wanted to prevent Spencer from causing Marcie and Michael to lose custody of Tommy. But Lindsay tells the judge that that was only part of it. She then asks the judge if she has children. And she emotionally talks about how she had a daughter who was precious to her. And she was taken by a sick and terrible man. But the judge tells Lindsay she better make her point. Lindsay then says that that is such a wonderful little boy. She is so worried about what will happen if Marcie and Michael have to give him up. SO Lindsay reveals, for the first time, that she went and talked to Spencer when he was in his hospital room. She says that she asked Spencer what he would do about Tommy McBain. And she heard Spencer smirk about how he knew that it would ruin Marcie and Michael if they lost him. She admits that she told Spencer that Marcie could not have children. But he did not seem to care. And he sounded to her like he might let it be known that Todd was Tommy’s biological dad. And since both Todd Manning and Michael McBain want to hurt him and put him in the nut house, if he cannot have a “happy ending”, then neither can they. Lindsay then urged Spencer to realize that an innocent little boy is going to pay for this. And then she could see that Spencer had a plan. He was going to wait a few years until Tommy was old enough to speak. And he’d relish in how cool it would be when Tommy cried and pleaded that mommy and daddy can’t let them take him away. Lindsay reveals that Spencer wanted to hurt everybody; Marcie, Michael, Tommy and Todd. And so it was up to her to shut that bastard up before he destroyed everybody that she loved.

Natalie tells Jared that no matter what happened when Jessica was Tess, it’s water under the bridge. But Jared protests that he does not care what she calls herself now. Nash then asks Jessica to tell the story. Jessica then relives that Jared met her in her hotel room, pushed him down on the bed and they had some dirty dealings with money and gambling. He asks her if she had sex with him in order to cover a bar tab. Jessica replies no. Tess had sex with him because that is what she did. Nash then hugs Jessica realizing she is not proud of what she is having to relive.

Blair tells Todd that they must realize what they would be getting themselves into if they want to pull it off and look real. They will have to go out on dates, smile and appear to be hot for each other in public. He then asks her what she is saying.,

Lindsay says to Marcie and Michael that when she goes away, they must fight for Tommy. They cannot let Todd take him away. They cannot lose Tommy like she lost Jen. She cries and tells Will that she is so sorry to have to go away. She tells Rex and Adriana that she did not want them to take the fall for the situation. She wanted to make certain if anybody got in trouble it would be herself. She went into Spencer’s room. She saw the scissors on the floor and picked them up. She then heard something and opened the curtain. She saw Spencer on top of Blair. She was in a wedding dress. He was going to rape her. She then knew what she had to do. She lifted up the scissors and stabbed Spencer. She kept stabbing him. And right then, she breaks down crying. And she says she killed Spencer Truman. The blood is on her hands.

Blair tells Todd that in order to pull off their marriage, he has to treat her with respect and act like a real husband. He tells her a kiss on the cheek now and again is ok. She tells him he will have to carry her luggage, look adoringly into her eyes in public, do everything she wants him to do. She tells him that they have to make this look real. Marcie and Michael will be scrutinizing them everywhere they go and with everything they do if they find out they’ve gotten married. She tells Todd she will marry him under one condition.

Jared tells Nash and Natalie that before they assume that Jessica can do no wrong, maybe they need to hear his side of this. Everybody protects the princess, he says. But he had to pay for that. He relives how the cops came and got him and falsely accused him of a crime she set him up to take the rap for. And he then asks Jessica to tell them about her little calling card. We then see Tess photographing Nash when he slept in the bed. And she got him put in lock up for 2 years. Hearing that, Jessica sounds like she is shocked and had no clue that it would be two years. She tells him it was merely a “Tess prank”. She thought he might go to jail for a couple of days. But she admits that she called security and gave them a “heads up” that if they hear about hotel guests losing their wallets, money and valuables, which she stole, they can find the guy in Jared’s room, find out he’s stolen everything and put him away. Jessica then admits to Jared that he has every right to be angry at her and there is no justification for what she did. He tells her that he now has a criminal record and it’s ruined his life. And now, she’s going to make it up to him.

Right after Lindsay has made her startling revelation in the courtroom, she looks like she’s going to pass out.

Blair tells Todd that she’s not going to give him 16 years of her life for nothing more than a kiss on the cheek. He’s going to pay for the favor she is offering him. She needs $5 million.

After Lindsay passes out, the lawyer asks the judge to let his client go to St. Anne’s for a while. The judge then asks Nora if she has any objections. Nora says nothing.

Todd reluctantly agrees to give Blair the money.

The judge asks Nora once again if the commonwealth has any objections to the defendant being remanded to St. Anne’s. Nora replies no they don’t. The judge then rules that Lindsay’s sentencing is postponed until she gets her psyche evaluation. It appears that Lindsay can’t walk out the courtroom. So Will carries his mom out the door.

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