OLTL Update Friday 9/21/07

One Life to Live Update Friday 9/21/07


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures By Suzanne

Todd pulls out his wallet and shouts to Michael and Marcie that he has enough money to buy them 10 babies. And he tells them by the way they are dressed and the looks of this place, they could sure use some money. They stare coldly at him while he tells them he’s going to give them a lot of money and they are going to give him his son.

Jessica goes to see Natalie at her office but notices that Jared keeps leaving text messages on her phone. She goes in to talk to Natalie. Natalie can tell that there is something wrong with her sister. Jessica tells Natalie that she has been thinking about Jared Banks. But she does not sound happy. She tells Natalie that she thinks they should give him the job.

Nora is alone in the courtroom preparing her address to the court about Lindsay’s means, motive and opportunity to kill Spencer Truman. Right then, Will Rappaport and RJ Gannon walk in and she knows that they are not ok with her decision to prosecute Lindsay. They tell her that she could make the choice to let Lindsay go.

Right then, Blair goes to see Lindsay in jail. She tells her that she can get her released from jail if she helps Todd.

Michael is ready to escort Todd out of his home. But Marcie tells him that their child is going to cost him “big bucks”. He tells them that is why he brought the big check book. So he says let’s start the bidding.

At Capricorn, Sarah talks to Rex, Adriana, Layla and Vincent about what a great roommate she could be to Layla. Hearing that, Layla is not certain what to do. But Vincent tells her that although she and Adriana were the best roommates, maybe she should consider Sarah. Layla then asks Cristian who is overhearing their conversation what he thinks. Since he has lived with her, does she make a good roommate?

Blair tells Lindsay that she and Todd can pull strings to get her out of jail if she gets Michael and Marcie to give up Tommy. Lindsay tells Blair no way. She is not going to betray that family. Blair tells Lindsay that she must realize that Todd will be able to eventually get custody of his child. Lindsay tells Blair there is no way he will with his track record. But Blair tells her she must realize that Todd will not give up until he gets his son. So she can either have him dragged form Michael and Marcie kicking and screaming or they can do it in a more amicable way. But one way or another, she will have to realize that Todd will sin.

Marcie tells Michael that he must consider Todd’s offer. They don’t have enough money to make ends meet. He asks her if she is serious. Todd keeps throwing offers to them. Michael is ready to push him out the door. But Marcie tells Todd he may make the check out to Marcie and Michael McBain.

Nora tells Will and RJ that she cares about both of them very much. But they cannot seriously believe that she will consider ending this case on a whim. Will tells her that he is not asking for that. She tells him that they must know that Lindsay is a flight risk. RJ protests that they can both be responsible for her. Right then, Roxy walks in with her FREE LINDSAY RAPPOPORT T-shirt and tells Nora that she has two hunks and herself willing to make sure Lindsay does not skip town if she is acquitted. Roxy asks Nora how much more responsible can you get.

Layla asks Cristian if he can honestly say that Sarah is not the roommate from hell. In response to that, Cristian surprises her by telling her that Sarah is good about cleaning, leaving the towels neat in the bathroom and taking out the trash. But it sounds like he may not be serious. Sarah then runs after him and asks what that was all about. He tell s her that he might consider giving her the opportunity she is asking for at Capricorn.

Nash and Jared are together brainstorming all of their business ventures. Jared asks if they are not getting along ok. He tells Nash that the two of them are not so different. They have to make it on their own without help from anybody. Nash concludes that they are both “eye on the prize” kind of guys.

Natalie asks Jessica why she is doing the sudden 180 on Jared when she previously made it clear that she did not like him. Natalie reminds her sister that she did not care for Jared. She does not want him working anywhere around him. But then, suddenly out of nowhere, Jessica says she does. So she asks Jessica what is going on.

Jared informs Nash that Asa Buchanan is his hero. He started out with nothing except being a ranch hand. And then he made it big all on his own. And they conclude that as for them and their chances of success, if all else fails, they can always rely on Jessica.

Jessica asks Natalie why she is not considering hiring Nash. Natalie tells Jessica that she is not ok with the fact that everybody believes that she did not earn her job and it’s all nepotism. She does everything she can do to prove that she has earned it. She tells Jessica she must realize what that is like. So why is Jessica undermining her and wanting her to hire this jerk. What is in it for her.

Blair tells Lindsay that since she was there in the hospital room when Lindsay allegedly killed Spencer, she would be a credible witness. Although she was unconscious, the court might very well believe that she had a delayed memory of what really happened and that Lindsay acted in self defense. It could enable Lindsay to go free. Lindsay tells Blair there is no way that she is helping Todd and double-crossing Marcie and Michael no matter what Blair promises to do for her. But Blair taunts Lindsay telling her she knows she’s going to crack if she has to go to prison. She is already messed up with what happened to her daughter. Lindsay cries and asks what Blair wants her to do. Blair replies she can put that baby boy with his rightful family.

Marcie tells Michael they must realize that if Todd gives them all that money, they could do so much. They cannot pass up that opportunity. Todd smugly tells them that they can buy a bunch of babies. He writes a check and gives it to Marcie. And, believing that she is serious in considering his offer, he tells her that they must give him his son or the deal is off. Marcie rips the check apart and tells Todd that there is no deal.

In response to Natalie’s question about why Jessica wants her to hire Jared, Jessica tells her she is doing it for Nash. Just to get him out of Nash’s hair. He’s a constant pain for Nash to work with. She just wants to give her husband a break. But Natalie tells Jessica she will not hire Jared. She tells her sister she would do anything for her. But this makes no sense and she cannot see how it benefits anybody. Jessica tells Natalie it’s very important to her. Natalie tells her sister if it’s so important to her, then Jessica needs to tell her the real reason. What is she hiding? In response to that, Jessica admits to Natalie that Jared is blackmailing her.

Sarah talks to Layla about how Cristian is going to give her a job where she will make decent money looking for new talents. So Layla might want to consider co-habituating with her. But Layla tells her don’t push it.

Roxy talks to Will Rappaport about the tricks up her sleeve that could free Lindsay. Rex and Adriana come in and tell the others they are there for Lindsay. Alone with RJ, Nora tells him that he is not doing the right thing to be lying to Will by telling him that Lindsay can beat the rap. He cannot get that poor young man’s hopes up after all he’s been through. He asks her why she is so certain that Lindsay will be convicted. He tells her that she might be surprised in a few minutes when he sees this courtroom full of Lindsay supporters. She is outnumbered. And she must realize that they do not see anybody out there offering their “support” for Spencer.

Blair tells Lindsay that she doesn’t want to throw her life away. Lindsay asks Blair why she would care. Blair tells Lindsay that it’s entirely possible that Todd will lose his custody battle. And it will ruin Jack and Starr. But Lindsay tells Blair that what has happened to Todd is not her fault nor is it Marcie and Michael’s. They are the only family that Tommy has ever had. Blair reminds Lindsay that in a few minutes, she will face the courtroom and the whole world will know that she is a homicidal maniac. And she will fry.

Marcie angrily tells Todd he better take his check book and get out of their home. Michael asks Todd if he thought for one moment that they would sell their child to him. She tells Todd they don’t care if they have to live in cardboard boxes and beg in soup kitchens. They will not give up their child. Todd asks them if they really want to pass up an opportunity to have a million dollars. Michael tells Todd he better get out of their home. If he comes back one more time, they will have the police arrest him. Alone with Michael, Marcie tells her husband that she is sorry. She didn’t want him to think for a minute that she would consider Todd’s offer. He tells her he is sorry that he thought she was serious. They are both very provoked by Todd.

Blair goes to find Todd at Capricorn and asks him if he’s going to tell her what happened. At first, he does not answer. She tells him that she will tell him what she did. She went to Lindsay and tried unsuccessfully to get her to help Todd get his son in exchange for testifying in her behalf. He then admits that he tried to buy his son from Michael and Marcie. Hearing that, Blair is not impressed. He tells her he is all out of ideas for how to get his son back. But she tells him that they will think of something. They always do.

Lindsay’s trial is underway. Michael, Marcie, Rex, Adriana, Cristian, Roxy, Will and RJ are all wearing their FREE LINDSAY RAPPAPORT T-shirts. The judge rules that the trial is about to start. She announces that she will allow the t shirts this one time. But they won’t be allowed when anybody approaches the witness stand. Nora announces that this is the people vs. Lindsay Rappaport. The judge asks Lindsay to stand up and asks her how she pleads.

Natalie asks Jessica how Jared is blackmailing her. Jessica replies that he is threatening to send her to prison. Natalie asks why. Jessica replies because she did the same to him.

Sarah tells Layla that she gets it. Layla is not certain that she wants her as a roommate. So she just wants to be able to “sell” the idea to Layla since she doesn’t know her. Layla tells Sarah that she doesn’t want a sales pitch. She just needs time to think about it. Sarah tells her if things don’t work out, Layla can kick her out on her butt. She then tells Layla that the truth is she has to get out of Cristian’s place. And right then, Layla tells Sarah she is sold. Sarah hugs her and acts really happy. But Layla does not seem as excited. Vincent then reminds Sarah that he thinks that her “break” is over.

Nash notices a picture of Jessica on Jared’s phone and asks Jared what is up with that. Why does he have that picture of Nash’s wife?

Natalie asks Jessica if it’s too early for a drink. Jessica reminds Natalie that she can no longer drink. Natalie then tells Jessica that she needs an explanation about what happened between her and Jared.

Lindsay cannot answer the charges in court. But then she suddenly tells the judge that she is guilty.

Blair tells Todd that she has some plans to help him. And right then, he tells her that she can do something for him. The answer was right in front of him and he didn’t get it until now. She asks him what she can do. He tells her she can marry him.

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