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Cole and his friends are at the gym lifting weights. Britney walks in and sits on top of Cole. She assumes that he might “reconsider” his choice to be with Starr instead of her when he finds out that Starr’s dad threatened to take Mrs. McBain’s baby from her.

At Rodi’s, when Rex and Adriana are alone, she is very worried about the fact that Rex had to play dirty in order to prevent Todd from having his child. She is also not ok with the fact that both of their mothers now know that they have been keeping the secret that Tommy is Todd’s child.

Will tells Nora that she must realize that his mother cannot get convicted of murder. She must know that Dr. Truman killed people. But there is a mistake involving his mother. Nora tells Will that she is really sorry. But Lindsay has to pay for what she did.

Marcie goes to see Lindsay in jail. She asks her how she is doing in this place. But Lindsay tells Marcie that she doesn’t want to talk about any of that. All she wants to know about is Tommy. She asks Marcie how that beautiful baby boy is.

Alone with John, Michael informs his brother that Judy really worked and successfully made Todd look bad. And the judge might very well rule in their favor. But he has some worries.

In the empty courtroom, Todd tells Blair and Starr that he is very certain that his chances of having any rights with his son are ruined. Starr protests to her father that they must realize that he is the biological father of the baby and that he has rights. She leaves and goes off to school. Alone with Todd, Blair tells him it cannot be as bad as he says. But he tells her that that lawyer knew how to press all of his buttons provoking him to admit to how angry he was at Margaret. He tells her that he knows that he cannot expect to win his case with what he has been doing so far. He needs “a plan”. In response to that, Blair tells Todd that she does not think now is the time to do anything illegal. Right then, she gets on the phone to call Jessica informing her that her uncle Todd is in trouble and needs her help. She tells Jessica that she thinks she can be a good character witness. In response to that, Todd asks Blair why somebody would believe that his niece with two personalities would have credibility. She then tells Todd that he must contact his sister, Viki. He cannot say that she would not be a good character witness nor that she would not want to help him. She tells him he must call Viki. It’s all they got.

John reminds Michael that Manning is still the biological father and has rights. But Michael tells his brother that they really made Todd look bad. However, he really hopes they did not ruin things for Jack and Starr. He reflects that when they first met Tommy, he had nobody. They took him in and they bonded with him. So did Lindsay. He is worried about what will happen to her. John admits that Nora really wants to go after Lindsay and nail her.

Will tells Nora that he realizes that she cares about her job and about justice. And he also knows all about her negative personal history with his mom. He tells her, at the very least, she needs to assign somebody else to this case. But she tells him that she cannot do that. He protests that his sister has been murdered. His mother deserves a break. Nora tells him that she realizes that Lindsay has suffered a tragic loss. But he must understand that Lindsay needs to accept the consequences of her actions. Will then tells Nora that what he understands is that she is a bitter, vindictive woman who hates his mother and wants to see her fry. And he tells Nora she better not condescend to him.

Marcie tells Lindsay that she must not give up hope on beating the charges. Lindsay tells Marcie that Will told her the same thing. But she wishes he had not shown up. Marcie tells Lindsay that she cannot believe that her own son does not lover her and want to be there for her. They all love her. But Lindsay tells Marcie that she doesn’t want people going around with t shirt on her behalf. She does not deserve to go free. She does not regret what she did.

Layla goes to find Adriana and is not ok with the fact that she has moved out of their apartment without telling her. She wishes that Adriana would at least tell her that she is moving in with Rex. She concludes, however, that she is sad to see her go. But she’s glad that Rex and Adriana are happy. Rex then asks if he is the only one who sees the obvious that Vincent and Layla should be moving in together. In response to that, Layla and Vincent both ponder whether they are ready for that or not.

At Capricorn, Sarah tells Cristian that she wishes he would consult with her on decisions on which bands to hire in his bar. She tells him that she knows he needs some business. And she knows how to bring talent in there that will boost their sales. She tells him that she bets she can get a band in there that will help them flourish. He asks what will happen if she cannot. She replies that if she fails, she will quit her job and he can get rd of her.

Britney threatens Cole and Starr walks in. She tells Starr that she bets she will have something clever to say to Mrs. McBain when her dad takes her kid away from her. Starr tells her friends that she is very worried that her dad got trashed in the courtroom. Everybody thinks he’s a terrible person and he might lose his chance of having his son.

Todd tells Blair that maybe they can make Marcie no longer care about his child. Maybe if she gets pregnant with her own child, that could happen.

Marcie tells Lindsay that she found out that Tommy is Todd’s biological child. It was the worst day of her life. She just found out that Rex knew for a long time and did not tell her. And she asks Lindsay if she also knew and did not tell her. And was that the reason why she killed Spencer? To protect Marcie? Lindsay does not reply. Marcie then asks Lindsay again if she killed Spencer in order to prevent him from telling Todd that Tommy was his child and risk having Todd take him from her. Right then, Lindsay’s lawyer tells Marcie she must leave her client alone and Lindsay mustn’t answer that question. He tells Lindsay that she must plead not guilty..

Will reminds Nora that her ex husband killed his sister and ruined his mother’s life. Nora admits that her ex husband did many things wrong. He asks her if his mother did not kill Spencer Truman when he was about to rape Blair Cramer. And wouldn’t that make her a hero? Nora tells him that that is not the reason Lindsay killed Spencer. She did not just “happen” to walk into that room and see him there.. She planned what she was going to do. It was all premeditated. Will then reminds Nora that he lost his dad. He lost Jen. And is Nora going to take his mom away from him too? Nora then tells Will she has to just do her job. And she asks him if his mother ever denied killing Spencer Truman. Did she ever tell him she was innocent?

Michael tells John if Marcie ever finds out that he has known that Todd Manning was Tommy’s father, he doesn’t know what would happen. John reminds his brother that the two of them and Rex are the only ones that know and are not going to divulge it to anybody. But Michael admits that he is worried. Rex is going to get himself in trouble with what he did to Todd. Todd is really angry at him. And there’s no telling what Todd’s going to do to them and what he could find out.

In response to Todd’s assumption that Marcie could get pregnant, Blair informs him that Marcie informed her that she cannot have a baby. She has talked to many doctors and confirmed that she cannot. He tells her that maybe she and Michael can adopt another child. Blair then asks him if he believes they can just give up Tommy and replace him with another? He then tells her that he needs her to be on his side with this and not against him. He tells her that he did what he did to Margaret because he did not want her to know that Margaret was pregnant by him. In response to that, Blair tells Todd that he seriously underestimated her. She would not hold that against him. And he must get himself under control if he wants to have rights to his child. But he tells her that he cannot stay in control when he has to relive what Margaret did and be reminded of it over and over again.

Starr tells Cole that she realizes that her dad has done some bad things. But he really got railroaded in court. She seems to possibly be afraid that Cole might not want to back her dad after what he did to Cole’s mom. But Cole surprises her by telling her that he believes that her dad has changed and deserves another chance. She hugs him. Right then, Britney walks in and tells them so what if Todd Manning raped Cole’s mother. She can see that Cole could care less about that.

Lindsay’s lawyer tells her that with a little luck, she will be out on bail tonight. He leaves. Lindsay calls to Marcie and tells her she better not let Todd Manning take that baby from her. She must do whatever she has to do. Marcie cries and tells Lindsay that she will never give Tommy up. Lindsay tells Marcie that’s her good girl.

In response to Britney’s nasty comment, Cole asks her if she doesn’t have a life of her own and anything better to do then be nasty and vicious. She tells him that it’s too much fun to rattle all of them. Starr then tells Britney there is nothing she can do to provoke her about her dad. She’s heard all the dirt that people believe about him throughout her life. And she is not going to be intimidated by Britney’s hostility. Cole tells Britney she better not disrespect his mom or she will be sorry. Britney they leaves. Langston notices that Starr is upset and asks if she is ok. Starr tells Langston that she does not care about Britney. All she cares about is Tommy. She has watched him so many times. Now, she’s found out that he’s her brother. And now she is worried that she will never see him again.

Cristian asks Sarah how she can expect to have job opportunities when she’s never had to clean her home or make a bed or have any responsibilities in her life. She tells him that if he really believes she is unworthy of a job, then he can get rid of her. But he tells her that he might give her a chance after all.

Layla seems to assume that Vincent has cold feet about committing to her. But he reveals that he might be worried that she does not want to move in together. They both conclude that they are not ready quite yet. Rex and Adraian observe them and hope that he did not put his foot in his mouth suggesting that Layla and Vincent live together. Adriana tells Rex that she is very worried that somebody will reveal what they know and that Todd might be able to take Tommy from Marcie and Michael. But he tells her that Tommy is where he belongs and that’s where he’s going to stay.

Marcie goes to John’s, noticing Michael once again having a private conversation with his brother and asks John if Tommy gave him any trouble. He tells her not really. John leaves her and Michael alone. She then informs him that she found out that not only did Rex know that Tommy was Todd’s child. Lindsay knew about it also. She asks Michael if he knew that Lindsay knew.

Todd tells Blair that he must come up with some idea that will prevent him from losing his rights to his child. He departs and looks like he has a secret that he will not tell her.

Nora hugs Will and tells him that he must realize how much he means to her. She wishes that she did not have to do this. But she has a job to do. Right then, her phone rings. She tells him it’s time for court and time for his mother to make a plea.

Lindsay asks her lawyer if it’s time for her to go to court. He tells her there’s no word yet but she has another visitor. It’s Blair. Lindsay tells Blair she cannot imagine what would possibly bring her there. Blair tells Lindsay she is there to make her an offer. She can help Lindsay if Lindsay helps Todd. She asks Lindsay if she understands.

Todd then goes to see Michael and Marcie. They demand to know what he is doing there. He asks them how much money he will need to pay them in order to buy his kid back. They are outraged that he would even suggest such a thing. But he informs them that he can give them enough money to be able to buy 10 babies. And he smirks.

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