OLTL Update Wednesday 9/19/07

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 9/19/07


Written By Jennifer S.
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John kisses Marty, She seems overwhelmed

Matthew walks into his mom’s office. She is shocked by what he is wearing.

Bo goes to Lindsay’s jail cell. She is on her bed unaware. But as soon as she sees him, she runs and tells him how happy she is to see him. He then tells her that she will be even happier to see somebody else. Right then, the guard lets her son Will in to see her.

In Rodi’s, Roxy is talking to Rex about the Cramer women over at the other table arguing. She tells him that if he gets into a relationship with Adriana, he will have a lot to deal with.

At the table, Blair asks Adriana what her choice is. Does she want to stay with a crooked boyfriend who digs up dirt to frame Todd? Or does she want to be a Cramer woman? Adriana then replies to Blair that if she (Blair) continues with her present attitude, then she (Adriana) does not want to be a Cramer woman.

In court, the judge declares that he is appalled by what he has heard about Todd from Judy. He tells Todd that he will give him a chance to speak and disprove what has been alleged of him. Todd then stands up and says that he will talk whether his lawyer advises it or not. They swear him in to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

Roxy tells Rex that she can tell by the look on Adriana’s face that she is ready for battle. She assumes that Rex might lose his girlfriend after what he has pulled against her cousin Blair’s husband. And she tells him that he might need his momma to bail him out of this big screw up he got himself into.

Adriana declares to Blair, Dorian and Starr that she does not want to be part of their family if Blair gives her this ultimatum. Don’t they realize that Rex did what he had to do? Michael and Marcie have rights and Todd cannot do what he is threatening to do to them. Starr then protests to Adriana that she does care about Mrs. McBain and doesn’t want her to lose her child. But he is her dad’s son and her little brother. Blair tells Adriana that she and Rex have no right to play God and ruin Todd’s life. In response to that, Dorian reminds Blair that she has no say in what happens with Tommy. He is not her child. It’s Todd’s battle.

In the courtroom, Judy grills Todd about his altercation with Margaret Cochran. After she provokes him, he blurts out that that bitch deserved to die. And right then, the courtroom is shocked. Todd has seriously put his foot in his mouth.

Nora tells Matthew that she cannot let him wear a shirt that Roxy Balsam gave him that says free Lindsay Rappaport. He asks her why. Doesn’t he have the right to exercise free speech? She tells him that when he is the prosecutor’s son, it’s a conflict of interests. Right then, RJ Gannon walks in to surprise them. Nora hugs him and is happy to see him but she knows that he is also there to support Lindsay.

When Lindsay’s son, Will visits his mother in jail, she cries and tells him he really shouldn’t be there. She does not want him to see her this way. But he tells his mom he is not going anywhere. Bo then tells Will he will let him in the jail cell to see his mother. Will rushes in and hugs her. And she says thank you to Bo silently.

Todd tells the courtroom that he wants everybody to know what Margaret Cochran did to him. On the day when he was about to remarry Blair, the mother of his children, Margaret showed up in a wedding dress, held a gun on him, knocked him out and kidnapped him. And she held him in an abandoned cabin and threatened his family. He did everything he could to get away and he was very close. But she caught him. She drugged him. And she raped him. And that is how his son was conceived. Judy then thanks Todd for his honesty. But she asks if it does not prove that he hates his son for what had happened to him. Todd says no. He hates Margaret for what she did. And yes, when Margaret returned to Llanview, he wanted her dead. Judy confirms that he also wanted to kill his own child. Todd protests that Margaret threatened and tortured and stalked him And he really did snap. He admits that he went out on the boat with Margaret and intended to kill her at the time. But he could not do it because she was carrying his child. He stopped himself because of his son. And he says that must count for something.

Bo goes to his office and notices Matthew there. He asks his son if he should not be at soccer practice. He notices Matthew’s shirt that says Free Lindsay Rappaport and compliments him. In response to that, Matthew asks his dad why he is ok with the t shirt when his mom is not. Bo explains that it’s his mother’s job to prosecute Lindsay. He, himself, had to arrest her. And it’s kind of complicated. But officers of the court have to keep their personal feelings aside. Matthew tells his dad he knows that his mother does not care for Lindsay and has a lot of personal issues with her.

RJ tells Nora that he was hoping that she could possibly bury the hatchets with Lindsay. She has really changed since Jennifer was killed. Nora asks how he can say that Lindsay has changed. She is still killing people. He then tells Nora that she must consider what she would do if Rachel or Matthew were killed. She tells him her heart goes out to Lindsay for the tragic loss of her daughter. But that does not justify her murdering Spencer Truman.

Lindsay tells Will that he has to go home. He cannot get himself involve in her mess. He has to get on with his life, meet a nice girl, get married, have his own family and his own life. But he asks her why she wants to shut him out. She tells him there is nothing he can do. When Jen died, a part of her died. And her life is now over. He tells her that they mourn the loss of his sister. But she still has him. She tells him that she has already ruined too many peoples’ lives. And she’s not going to let it happen to him.

While Marty is at John’s and they hear Tommy awaken and cry, John asks Marty what he does now. She suggests he probably needs changing. She asks if he needs any help. He admits that maybe he can use her help.

Roxy observes the Cramer women with Rex and tells him perhaps they have all calmed down now

Blair tells Adriana that Todd may be a lousy husband. But he is a great father. And she must respect Starr if nothing else. Adriana then tells Blair and Starr that she is sorry. But she does not respect Todd. He is a disaster. Starr then tells Adriana that she realizes that she is friends with Mrs. McBain. She cares about her teacher also. But her dad has rights and it’s not his fault that his child was taken from him.

Judy badgers Todd, telling him that she knows that he wanted the baby conceived by Margaret raping him dead as much as he wanted the baby’s mother dead. Todd’s lawyer protests that she is going too far. But Todd admits that maybe that is true.

Rex and Roxy reflect the whole situation about Todd’s child. And she cries remembering that she shipped him away when he was a kid. She tells him she was a sucky mom and he cannot tell her differently He admits that may be true but he knows that she loves him in her own way and he hugs his mom.

After Adriana stands firm that she will not agree with Blair and Starr to help Todd, Dorian tells Blair that she must realize that Adriana has the right to her opinions and Blair must respect that. But Blair tells them both that she will not let anybody double-cross her kids’ father. And she tells Adriana that if Rex pulls any more stunts like that, he will be sorry.

RJ says that regardless of Lindsay’s problems and her rap sheets, sometimes people have bad times and deserve to be forgiven. He tells her that he has contacted Rachel but it looks like Nora doesn’t have much to do with her. He tells Nora that she must realize that she still has her daughter when Lindsay does not.

Bo comes and tells Lindsay and Will that their time is up. She cries and hugs her son. He departs. Bo closes Lindsay’s jail cell. He tells her that he will be out of town for a day. He’s going to take Matthew to his father’s ranch. But he won’t leave if she needs him. She tells him she wants him and Matthew to be able to do what they want. There’s no point in him being at her arraignment. She tells him she will be fine. He then asks her if she needs anything. She tells him she is fine and is grateful for all he’s done for her.

In the courtroom, Judy talks about all of Todd’s history and how he can hardly sound credible accusing a woman of raping him when he was the ring leader in a gang rape. Todd responds by saying that he served his time and accepted the consequences and that was a long time. She talks about how Mr. Manning was in jail many times. His lawyer tells her that Todd was falsely accused of killing Margaret when she was alive. The judge sounds like he wants Judy to back off from incriminating Todd. But he also does not seem to favor anything about Todd. Todd is once again angry enough to put his foot in his mouth.

Marty tells John that Tommy is a sweet little boy and she knows he is happy. She tells him she bets the court hearing will be over soon. She asks if it’s likely that a decision will be made today. He says he doubts that. It will be complicated and many reports will have to be written. She wants to stay and play with the paper airplanes with him.. He shows her all the techniques about flying them. And they really enjoy being together.

Roxy tells Rex he is a good kid, no matter what anybody says about him. She tells him that second to starting the hair haven, she thinks having him was the best thing she ever did. She cries and seems like she’s very protective of her son and knows that he is going to be in trouble.

Adriana and Dorian are alone. She thanks her mother for standing up for her. Dorian tells her daughter that Blair will calm down. Adriana says she hopes so. Dorian says she must realize that Blair is very protective of Todd. But right then, Adriana reveals to her mother that there is a secret about how she and Rex have “not been fans of Todd” for a long time. Dorian admits that she, herself is no “fan” of Todd either. But right then, Dorian asks her daughter what she is not saying. And she concludes that Adriana and Rex knew about Todd’s baby for a long time and told nobody. And she knows that that might be something that Todd’s family will never forgive her for.

At the end of the court hearing, Todd tells Judy that she is not going to take his child from him. She asks him if that is a threat. He tells her she can bet her ass it’s a threat. He tells Michael and Marcie that they stole his kid and there is no way they are going to get away with it.

Bo and Matthew get ready for their camping trip. Bo talks to his son about how when he and uncle Clint were Matthew’s age, they had a lot of “adventures” with their dad. And he admits that even if Matthew wants to hear all about it, maybe he should not.

When Will Rappaport visits Nora, she is happy to see him, but he tells her that he just saw his mom. She tells him she is really glad he is there for her and is sorry that all of this is happening. In response to that, Will tells her in that case, she must drop the charges.

RJ Gannon comes to see Lindsay in jail. She is really happy to see him and informs him Will just came there even though she didn’t want him to. He tells her she must realize that her son loves her. He tells her that he’s already talked to Nora in an attempt to get her to go easy on her. Lindsay tells him that what is done is done and nobody can do anything to help her. He tells her she mustn’t think like that. She must take care of herself and he will see her soon.

After finding out the big secret for the first time, Dorian calls Adriana and Rex to talk to her, telling them that this is very, very important. They must listen very carefully. She knows that they both knew for a long time about Todd’s child without telling anybody. And they must never, ever let Blair know that they knew. Because she will never forgive them. She will tell Todd. And there is no telling what he will do to them when he finds out what they did to him.

Starr hugs her dad and tells him that she knows what a good person he is and nothing will change that.

John is ready to kiss Marty when there is a knock on the door. It’s Michael and Marcie. They are done with the court hearing and ready to pick up their son. Marcie goes to check on Tommy. Marty tells Michael that she hopes everything goes well for them. She departs, tells John she will see him soon. She assumes he wants to be alone with his family. Alone with Michael, John asks him how it went in court. Michael tells his brother that it may be a difficult battle. But things look pretty good for their chances of keeping their son.

Todd tells Blair and Starr that he is very worried about how all his efforts have failed to find his son. And now it looks hopeless yet again after what has happened. But Blair tells her ex husband that he cannot give up. He must come up with a plan.

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