OLTL Update Tuesday 9/18/07

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 9/18/07


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The custody hearing is underway. Both lawyers are ready for battle. Judy represents Marcie and Michael and attempts to establish that Todd Manning is unfit to be a father to Tommy. His lawyer argues that he has parental rights and it’s not his fault that he never knew that his child was alive until now.

Nash returns home when Jessica is out and notices that Natalie is terribly hung over. He is also able to tell that something else is up with her.

Right then, Jessica goes to confront Jared. She tells him he better stay away from her sister.

Rex, Adriana and Roxy are together brainstorming ways to help Michael and Marcie get full custody of Tommy. Not far away, Dorian is getting her hair done. Knowing how she feels about Todd and the fact that Tommy is of no relation to her, she does not seem to have a problem with their plans and intent.

Meanwhile, John is watching Tommy for his brother and sister in law. He looks like he does not have a clue what to do. IN an attempt to feed his nephew, he is wears a big clear plastic rain protector over his clothes. Right then, Marty appears at his door and laughs at the sight of him.

Todd has another outburst in the courtroom. He tells Michael and Marcie that they better not think they are taking his child away from him or else. In response to that, Judy asks what he will do to them. Will he strangle and kill them as he did Margaret Cochran and their unborn baby? She then tells the judge that he must see that this is the type of person who wants custody of this child. Can’t this courtroom see that he is an animal and unfit to go near a child. The bailiff restrains Todd and Michael and Marcie do not know what to do.

Dorian is at Roxy’s hair studio getting her hair done when Rex and Adriana come to see them. Both mothers know that there must be some reason why their kids are there. They both assume that Adriana is pregnant.

Jared tells Jessica that she cannot run him out of town. Even if she is a Buchanan with lots of money, he knows her secrets. And there is one thing he needs from her.

Nash talks to Natalie alone in his home while Jessica is out. He knows she has something going on and might need to talk to somebody. And he tells her that this might be the right time for him to attempt to “score some points” with the sister in law that hates his guts. She then tells him she does not hate him nor judge him. She knows he makes her sister happy. He tells her that if she wants to be able to bridge the gap with him, then maybe she can tell him what made her tie one on last night.

Noticing John in his big clear plastic apron, Marty tells him that she might be able to help him with learning what to feed a child. She assumes that maybe he wants to be alone with his nephew. But he indicates he wants her to stay.

Todd loses it in court. Blair and Starr attempt to get him to calm down. Starr tells her father that he is going to lose his case with what he is doing. He needs to bring her brother home. In response to that, Todd apologizes to his daughter and then to the judge. But he is still out of control.

In response to Roxy and Dorian’s assumption that their respective kids are going to have a baby, Adriana tells them that yes, they have news. But they are so not having a child. What they want to announce is that they are going to move in together.

Nash tells Natalie that he can tell by the state she is in that something pretty crappy must have happened to her. At first, she does not respond and he assumes he should stay out of her business and drop the subject. But right then, she informs him that she just caught John and Marty kissing last night. Her ex boyfriend has dumped her and is moving on. And it’s a lot to take.

Jared tells Jessica that he has had enough courtesy for her to keep his mouth shut about his “association” with her. And for that reason, he would like a favor from her.

In the courtroom, Todd’s lawyer argues that Mr. Manning has been proven to be the biological father of this child. He has also made great efforts risking his own life in order to find his child and so he has rights. But Judy tells the court that she has evidence that regardless of all that, Todd is not fit to be a father. She presents a sworn statement from Dr. Spencer Truman that he treated pregnant Margaret Cochran after Todd attempted to strangle her and their unborn baby. Todd’s lawyer protests that the statement Judy presented from the deceased Dr. Spencer Truman has no credibility. It is a fact that Ms. Cochran died in a car accident which Mr. Manning had nothing to do with. There is evidence that Mr. Manning almost got executed for false accusations of murdering Ms. Cochran because of false evidence that Dr. Truman made up. And she was alive and well all the while. In response to that, the judge tells Judy she better come up with better evidence than that against Todd or he won’t listen to anything she says.

In response to knowing that Dorian is not ok with her moving in with Rex, Adriana asks her mother if she cannot be happy for her just this once. Dorian tells her daughter she is happy because Adriana is happy. But she wishes that they had not planned to tell Roxy before telling her. Adriana replies that they told Roxy first because they knew that she would be happy but didn’t think that Dorian would. Adriana also reminds her mother that she did everything she could in order to break her and Rex up. Rex reminds Dorian that she hired a guy to stalk Adriana so that she would falsely accuse that of him. Dorian tells Rex that she wishes he would not dwell in the past and she wants to earn his trust. In response to that, Rex tells Dorian that he can do better than that. They can invite her over to their new place and he will cook her Roxy’s famous meat loaf.

Marty tells John that she came over for a reason. She has something for him. It’s the big book of paper airplanes. She tells him she he may think it’s stupid. But when he made the paper airplane out of her marriage certificate, it really inspired her to feel good. She right away assumes that he thinks it’s a stupid idea. She appears to feel embarrassed and goes out the door. But John asks her to wait and tells her he really appreciates it.

Judy tells the court that Todd lost control many times and could have killed the mother of his child even though she was pregnant. She presents a testimony, under oath that Mr. Manning went to meet the mother of his child one night, by Llantano Mountain and he admitted that he intended to kill her. Todd’s lawyer objects and states that there is no evidence that Todd hurt Margaret Cochran. But Judy tells the judge that Tommy McBain was not conceived by loving parents. She asks what could potentially happen if Todd Manning is given custody of Tommy and he reminds Todd of his ill experience with Margaret Cochran. She tells the court that they cannot risk what could happen to Tommy if he lives with Todd. She asks what would happen when Tommy gets old enough to ask his “father” about where he came from. What if Tommy has a bad reaction from being taken from Dr. and Mrs. McBain and misbehaves? Do they want to take the chance that Todd will not lose control and realize this is a child? She tells the judge that Michael and Marcie McBain can give Tommy a loving home and Todd Manning cannot. She then announces that she would like to request psychiatric evaluations for the two other children whom Todd Manning has raised, Starr and Jack. In response to that, Blair stands up and tells Judy she has gone too far. Right then, the judge declares a recess. Alone with Judy, Marcie tells her that maybe they need to back off from dragging Starr and Jack into this. But Judy tells her if they want to win this case, they have to be unafraid to crucify Todd Manning. Todd asks his lawyer why he is letting this bitch rip him apart. Starr then tells her father that she is willing to take the stand and tell the judge what a great father he is. He then tells her that he really doesn’t want to get her involved in this ugly situation. But she tells them that she is not afraid of what will happen. She can handle it. She’ll see a shrink if need be and tell them whatever they need to know in order to prove what a good father he is to her. Todd’s lawyer suggests that maybe they could let Starr do it if she is willing. It would definitely help Todd’s case. But Todd doesn’t want to go along with that. Blair offers to take their daughter home. Todd says that might be a good idea. Starr then faces Marcie and Michael and tells them she knows that they love her little brother. But they must know that her dad is not the person they think he is. Marcie looks at Starr, revealing that she is not ok with what has happened. She tells Starr that she feels terrible but they are just doing what they had to do. Michael then tells Marcie that they have nothing to feel bad about. He asks her to look at the lives that Starr and Jack have had to live because of Todd Manning. He tells her all they are doing is protecting their son. Marcie hugs her husband

Roxy, Dorian, Rex and Adriana go to Rodi’s. Dorian surprises all of them by having a beer. She jokes and says that maybe her coming to Rodi’s and drinking a beer is not what they expect to see. But maybe it will be a détente. It might bring them all closer. Roxy says that maybe some day, they will all be related.

In response to Natalie telling him what is going on with her, Nash concludes that she is tough. She tells him that maybe she won’t be so tough when she gets sober and has to deal with how she felt about seeing John and Marty kissing. He tells her that he felt very much the same way when he watched Jessica with Antonio. She tells him she has to leave and take care of some things. Nash then tells her if she wants to talk, she may call him.

When Jared is with Jessica, he tells her that if she really values her husband and child, she might want to realize that she stands to lose them by refusing to do what he wants her to do. She goes out the door not wanting to listen to him anymore but may not be as confident as she wants him to believe she is.

Jessica returns home, very surprised to see how well her sister is suddenly getting along with her husband. Natalie and Nash are laughing and very comfortable with each other. She asks Nash what he did to her sister to change her mood so drastically.

John makes one of his famous paper airplanes for Marty and tells her it’s a special model. He then hears Tommy’s voice. She tells him that she thinks he has a good way with children. He asks her what made her think she wanted to be a parent. She tells him she fell in love with Patrick and knew she wanted to have one of those little ones. He then tells her what she said was true. She asks specifically what he said. He tells her that he remembers she said that before one has children, they need to first find the right person.

Alone with Todd, his lawyer tells him that he has to keep it together, no matter what Judy throws at them. He cannot appear like the man she is describing.

Right then, Blair and Starr go to Rodi’s and are very surprised (and not happily) to see Dorian commiserating with Rex, Adriana and Roxy. They talk about how the judge ripped Todd apart and found some damaging false accusations from an anonymous source. In response to that, Roxy puts two and two together remembering hearing her son tell her that he had a special plan that would help Michael and Marcie at the expense of Todd. Hearing that, Blair grabs Rex by the hair and is ready to hurt him for what he did to her daughter’s father. She tells him he knows all about what Todd went through to find his child. He hired Rex to help him. And now Rex is secretly working for Marcie and Michael’s attorney.

Natalie leaves Jessica and Nash’s home. Jessica asks her husband how it’s suddenly happened that he and Natalie are friends. He tells her he will discuss that when she tells him just where she went. She tells him that she had to see her uncle Todd and help him with what is going on. Nash then leaves. And Jared is sending Jessica a text message asking her if he has the job yet. He has written the same text to Natalie.

And right then, we see Jared in his motel bed, on the phone ordering furniture for his knew executive office.

Marty tells John that she knows that she might have crossed some “boundaries” with him. She sounds nervous telling him that their friendship means a lot to her. And right then, he kisses her.

Blair and Starr are ready to go after Rex for double-crossing Todd. And they are outraged that Adriana is backing her boyfriend. Adriana then protests to Blair that she has seen what Todd Manning has done to Starr and Jack and she would not want that to happen to a child. Blair and Starr are furious at her for saying that. And right then, Dorian tells her nieces and daughter they need to sit down at a private table with her and resolve their differences. She tells the three of them that Kramer women cannot turn against one another. She tells them that she will let both Blair and Adriana speak. Because Blair is the oldest, she may speak first. Blair tells Adriana that she and Rex have really crossed the line with what they did to Todd. Adriana fights back that Todd is unfit to raise a child and cannot take Tommy from Marcie and Michael. Rex is merely helping his friends to protect their child In response to that, Dorian tells Adriana she must not interrupt Blair until she is done speaking. Blair then concludes to Adriana that if she remains with Rex, she is no longer a part of Blair’s family. Starr says she seconds that motion.

The judge rules that after Judy’s case, he has good evidence that Todd is an unfit father. He tells Todd that he is hoping that he can prove him wrong. So he tells Mr. Manning that the floor is all his.

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