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One Life to Live Update Monday 9/17/07


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Cole is in the high school gym alone, attempting to shoot baskets. And he is remembering a fun time he had with Starr. Right then, he is happy and motivated. And he is able to successfully shoot a basket.

At Todd’s home, the doorbell rings. He opens it to see Blair and Starr. He smiles at his ex wife and daughter. He knows that they want to support him in his custody hearing.

Marcie is very concerned about leaving Tommy when she and Michael are leaving. He tells her that the baby monitor is right by the crib and if he was not ok, they’d hear it. She tells him that they cannot let Todd take him away. He tells her he knows. But they must have faith in Rex. He can help them to establish that Todd is an unfit parent. Right then, Rex appears at the door. She tells Rex he better have something and it better be good. But Rex’s expression reveals that he is not optimistic.

At the station, Bo talks to Talia about her trip to New York.

Antonio and Cristian are in the steam room. They talk about how it’s good to be able to sweat. Cristian tells his brother that they say that steam heals scars. Antonio tells Cristian that there are some scars you cannot heal.

Jessica and Nash are together. He tells her that he is ready for a day of planning how he’s going to launch his business. She asks him if he’s going to meet with Jared Banks. He replies he probably will and asks her why. She tells him that they need to talk about him.

Right then, Jared awakens in his motel room. And Natalie is in his bed with him, looking like she regrets what she did the night before.

Langston and her boyfriend are in the gym. She tells him that she has to be there for Starr and her parents after they have discovered that her father’s baby is alive. He tells her he understands. But he believes that Mrs. McBain has rights since she has taken care of Starr’s biological little brother all this while. She says she realizes that. But she has loyalty to her best friend.

Natalie is not ok with the thought that she slept with Jared. She obviously knows that she let alcohol take control of her the previous night. He tells her that it really did happen.

Nash tells Jessica she is right. They do need to talk about Mrs. Jared Banks. She asks Nash if he really trusts Jared. He tells her he does not believe that Jared cheated in the poker game. But he can see that Jared is an opportunist and a very smooth talker. Hearing that, she asks if that is the type of person he wants to do business with. He replies that as a matter of fact, it is.

Rex tells Marcie and Michael that he has dug up enough information about Todd to make him look like a monster.

Starr tells her Dad that she wants to be there for him. Blair clarifies that their daughter knows all about the baby. Starr admits that she cannot believe that he is alive. Todd asks his daughter if she believes that he should be with the McBains. Starr cannot answer that.

Outside the courtroom, Bo discusses with Talia what it was like for her to be in New York. She says it’s a great city. It’s so full of energy and life. He tells her he knows she had to give testimony and asks if she saw any old friends. She says yes. She went by her old precinct and looked at some pictures of the people they lost. He tells her that every day he reads stories in the paper about people who were victims of the attack and how they lived their lives. He tells her he tried to read all he could out of respect. She tells him she did to and informs him that the day after she visited her old precinct, she went down to ground zero for the annual reading of names. And it was hard to imagine being there, much less what happened. And she’s been having these flashes of memories in her head. She remembers the fire, the second plane hitting and people jumping.

In the steam room, Cristian tells his brother that he is right. Some things do stay with you forever. But there are things you can do in order to get on with your life. Antonio tells Cristian he has been impressed about how he’s done his job as manager of Capricorn. Antonio tells Cristian he has some concerns about Sarah Roberts. Cristian tells Antonio that Sarah is not a bad kid. She’s just a little head strong and willful. He asks Antonio if he wants her fired. Antonio tells Cristian no. That is his (Cristian’s) job. Antonio asks Cristian if there’s been any changes with Evangeline. Cristian admits no. Antonio tells Cristian he has some good news. He just sold out his shares of Nash’s vineyard to a new buyer.

Jessica tells Nash he must beware of Jared. He asks her why she is so suspicious of him. She tells him she just doesn’t want him to go into business with somebody he cannot trust. And she questions what Jared is now doing in Llanview. He tells her that Jared simply wanted to find some business venture. He tells her that he appreciates her looking out for him. But it’s not like he sought Jared out. Antonio sold his shares to Jared. So Nash has to accept the fact that Jared is his partner. He has to get along with him and not piss him off realizing that Jared could sell his controlling shares to anybody he wants. And Nash does not want that.

Natalie admits to Jared that she has a terrible head ache. He tells her he can get her an aspirin. He goes off. When he returns he asks her if she might consider hiring him after she jumped into bed with him. She tells him that all they did was sleep. She was too drunk to know what she was doing. Before she goes out the door, he tells her she parties like a rock star. She tells him he hasn’t seen nothing yet.

Judy goes to Marcie and Michael’s. They introduce her to Rex. She tells them that she’s been researching some things about Todd Manning. She has a lot of material but would like to see what they have.. Michael goes to get some coffee. Alone with Rex. Marcie tells him she wanted to take this opportunity to thank him for all he has done. Rex reveals to her that he doesn’t want to sound negative. But he is a little worried. He is concerned about the very damaging evidence against Todd. She tells him if they can establish that Todd is unfit, then he won’t get Tommy. He tells her that he is worried about what it will do to Starr and Jack. She says she knows. But her main concern is that she and Michael get to keep Tommy.

Starr admits to her father that she has developed a relationship with Marcie and with Tommy. He tells her that she is more than a babysitter to Tommy. She is his sister. She says she realizes that. Mrs. McBain is her teacher and she cares about her. But she cares more about her dad and will be there for him no matter what happens in order to help him get custody of his child.

Cole, Langston and her boyfriend talk about what it’s going to mean for Starr’s family to fight with the McBains for custody of Tommy.

Blair assures Todd that she will be in the courtroom for him. Starr tells her father so will she. Hearing that, Blair protests to her daughter that she cannot miss school.. But Starr tells her mother that she already arranged to miss a day. Langston agreed to take notes for her. And she has to be there for her dad. Todd tells Blair that he wants Starr to be there. Blair then asks Starr to let her talk to Todd alone. Alone with Todd, Blair tells him that she really hopes that he can hold it together in the courtroom today. She is worried about what could happen to him if he does not control his impulses.

Michael is on the phone privately talking to John and asks if he can take Tommy to stay with him before the court hearing. Judy tells Marcie that she believes that the evidence they have against Todd will cut him off at the knees. Realizing that, Marcie asks Judy if it’s possible that after the court finds Todd unfit to raise Tommy that they could take his other children away from him. She admits to Marcie that it’s entirely possible that they could. It’s collateral damage that they have to risk when they are going to war in a matter like this.

In response to hearing Talia talk about what 911 has meant to her, Bo tells her that when he got back from Viet Nam, he wondered why he got back safe and sound but friends of his did not. He tells her that everybody has those feelings of guilt. She tells him that she feels as though she may not have done all she could as a police officer to save others’ lives.

Hearing that Antonio sold out his shares without telling Nash, Cristain tells his brother he has nothing to feel guilty about. He had every right. He asks Antonio whom he sold them to. Antonio tells Cristian that it was some guy named Jared Banks. Right then, Nash enters the steam room. Cristian tells Nash that maybe he should not be there. Nash tells the two of them he realizes that. But there are some things he must discuss with Antonio.

Natalie goes to talk to Jessica. Jessica can tell that her sister is terribly hung over and did not sleep in her home. She asks her where she slept and what happened. Natalie informs her sister that she “went out” with Miles. In response to that, Jessica assumes that Natalie might have slept with Miles. Natalie says no. They just went for a walk down by the docks. And they ran into John and Marty kissing. It really upset her. She did not know how to deal with that or what to do. So she went to Jared’s room in an effort to confront him. She got really drunk. And she wound up sleeping with him.

Bo tells Talia that he believes she did everything she could and he really respects all the dedication she has had in her job. She tells him she will never forget all of her memories. He tells her he’s glad she’s back. He tells her he’s glad to be back.

In the steam room, Nash tells Antonio that he believes his partnership with this Jared Banks guy will work out ok. Antonio coldly asks Nash why he(himself) should care. Nash tells Antonio that he hopes some day they can be cordial to each other. Antonio only says goodbye to Nash. Alone with his brother, Cristian concludes that that Nash is quite a piece of work. Antonio says he realizes it but he also has some concerns about Jared Banks.

After finding out that her sister slept with Jared, Jessica tells Natalie that she can stay there and realizes she does not want to face anybody after what happened. Jessica goes out the door informing Natalie that she has some very important things to do.

At the high school gym, Starr’s friends are together mulling over the situation involving Starr’s family as well as their teacher.

Starr goes to court and runs into Marcie. She cordially tells her teacher that she is really sorry for this whole situation. Marcie assures Starr she has nothing to be sorry about and none of this is her fault but she asks Starr why she is not in school. Starr admits to Marcie that she wants to be with her dad. Hearing that, Marcie knows she has a terrible dilemma on her hands. Right then, the judge instructs everybody to enter the courtroom and be seated. The judge announces that they are all there to determine the custody verdict for the infant Thomas McBain and to reveal the outcome of a paternity test. Judy sits by Marcie and Michael and tells them that this is where they will “go for the jugular”.

Cole is alone in the high school gym reliving all the memories he had of being with Starr. And right then, he shoots the basketball over his shoulder and lands it in the basket.

Antonio goes and finds Talia and asks her how her visit to New York went. He tells her that he realizes she will never forget about it. But in time, she might learn to live with it.

Nash goes to his home and cannot find Jessica. But he notices Natalie lying on the couch. He asks her where Jessica is. She replies out.

Jessica goes to Jared’s motel room and bangs on the door. He answers and she punches him in the stomach.

Rex is on his cell phone admitting that he wants to help Marcie and Michael but realizes what this will do to Todd.

The judge rules that it’s obvious that the child is the biological offspring of Todd Manning and Mr. Manning has rights. But he listens to Judy’s testimony. Todd has an outburst. The judge demands he sits down and shuts up. Judy announces that Mr. Manning is unfit to go near this child. And she reveals that Todd has tried to kill his child.

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