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One Life to Live Update Friday 9/14/07


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Marcie walks into a steam room and notices Rex looking like he’s passed out.

Right then, after finding out what has happened to Marcie and Michael, Roxy goes to talk to Michael telling him that she is concerned that somebody is out to hurt “her kid” knowing the involvement that Rex has had in their situation with Tommy.

Natalie and Miles go walking down by the docks and run into seeing John and Marty kissing. Natalie greets John and inquires what has happened with Marcie and Michael finding out that Todd is their child’s father. He does not want to discuss that with her. She tells him that this is a very emotionally charged issue that he should be discussing. It profoundly affects the lives of his family. And she remarks that that’s just like him not to discuss his feelings. Miles remarks to Marty that he can tell that she has “moved on”. She snaps at him that her personal life is none of his business.

Blair tells Todd that they are going to talk whether he wants to or not. He demands that she leaves him alone. He tells her that she never cared about him. She is completely selfish. And he is done with her.

After Jessica pounds on Jared’s door and demands that he answers, Nash wonders why his wife is so angry at Jared whom she supposedly has never met before. Not wanting to tell her husband about her history with Jared, she explains that she is concerned that this man is harassing her sister, Natalie. But they both know that it’s more than that. Jessica has her own issues with Jared. She talks all about what a despicable phony Jared is and how Nash must never trust him. Nash questions why she would have such a strong opinion of Jared when she knows nothing about him. Jared asks Jessica that very question. She cannot answer it.

Roxy asks Michael exactly what happened at Lindsay’s trial. He tells her that he and Marcie and Tommy were there for Lindsay for emotional support. And right then, out of nowhere, Todd Manning comes charging through the courtroom, after busting out of jail, announcing that Tommy is his child and that he will take him back. He tells her that he could not believe it. Roxy tells Michael that is hard to believe. Tommy is a sweet little guy. And Todd is a jerk. Nobody would make the connection that they are related. She tells him that she is concerned that her son will get in trouble for helping them. Right then, Marcie and Rex enter. Roxy demands that Marcie does not drag her son into their mess. And she tells them if they intend to go up against Todd Manning, they will need her help.

Todd asks Blair if she plans to testify against him. She tells him of course not. He asks her if she would testify that he assaulted Miles Laurence, what will stop her from testifying that he is an unfit father? She tells him that she does not believe that he is an unfit father. She would testify in his behalf about that and so would Starr and Jack. But she is very concerned about how he could get himself in trouble if he keeps up his behaviors. Nobody will give him Tommy if he doesn’t use better judgment. And she asks what kind of a life his son will have if his father has to be constantly on the run escaping legal charges.

Nash gets a call and asks Jessica and Jared to play nice while he gets talks to his contact. Alone with Jessica, Jared asks her if she would like to tell him why she ruined his life.

Miles is very hurt to find out that Marty has moved on after divorcing him and is clearly interested in John. He walks off. Natalie asks him to wait. Alone with John, Marty tells him she is sorry. She had no idea that both of them would walk in and see them. She tells John that she knows that although things between him and Natalie did not work, John still cares about Natalie. He tells her that is true. He and Natalie are through. And since this is a small town, people run into each other and things like this can happen.

Michael and Marcie tell Rex that they will need his help in going after Todd Manning in order to prove that he is an unfit parent. Rex tells them he has every intention of doing all he can to help them and prevent that snake form taking Tommy from them. Marcie tells Rex she doe not care what kind of mud bath they have to go through and he may use whatever he can find in order to accomplish what they need. They’ll pay him. They will back him. And they need his help.

After Blair tries unsuccessfully to help Todd, he yells at her that she is nothing to Tommy. She is not his mother. It’s none of her business. She better stay out of his life and get out of his home. She tells him that he keeps telling her that. She knows she is not Tommy’s mother. She is tired of his hateful behavior and how he accepts no responsibility for anything. She tells him he has no consideration for what this is doing to Marcie and how she has rights to her child. And she does not want to let him hurt the McBains regardless of his parental rights to Tommy.

Nash tells Jared privately that he does not have any worries about Jared’s negative interactions with Natalie. He jokes and sounds friendly to Jared telling him he is certain that that red head can take care of herself without any help from Jessica or anybody else. Right when Jared is alone, Natalie knocks on his door. He asks her what took her so long. She walks into his room but does not look happy to see him.

John and Marty have some ice cream bars. They talk about the weather. They are wondering what to talk about. She tells him that she must have made a huge mistake. He asks her what she is talking about. She tells him that whatever it is that they have together, she hopes she has not ruined it. He touches her face and reveals that he really likes her. He tells her she did not wreck anything. He tells her that it’s nice here. It’s quiet. They are out in the emptiness. She tells him that she remembers when she was in California, she’d go out on the deck to see the ocean. In Ireland, everything was so beautiful. In response to that, he jokingly asks her if she is saying that Llanview is not as scenic as California. She tells hi that she is just happy to finally have her freedom.

Natalie asks Jared what he thinks he is doing first going after her and then after her sister. Is he trying to knock them off one by one? She tells him that she and Jessica may be different, but they are both Buchanan’s. He has no response and asks her if she wants a drink. She tells him that all men are alike. They think they can just dump women and forget all about them and move on. And she does not care. It’s their loss. She is clearly talking about somebody else. She tells him that she saw something she did not want to see on the docks. He asks her just whom she is talking about. She tells him that she just caught her ex kissing a woman she despises. And she accepts the drink that he gives her.

Blair tells Todd that they have both had a lot of losses. Some of them you can easily get over. Others you cannot accept and you hurt every day. She admits to him that she sometimes thinks about the baby she lost and how their lives would have been changed by him or her. So she wishes that he would just realize that it’s a miracle that Tommy is alive. He asks her if she is ok with the situation. She tells him that all he can think about is his anger. They thought all this while that his son was dead. And low and behold, he’s alive and well in Llanview. He asks Blair if she does not realize that people have lied to him and kept his son from him. Blair asks Todd if he noticed Marcie’s expression when she found out that Tommy was his child. She looked like she’d been run over by a truck. She was devastated. She and Michael took care of Tommy and love him. And that reminds her of what happened when he took Jack from her. It hurt her and she still remembers it. He yells to her asking what she wants from him. She tells him she wants him to play by the rules and work with the judge and not against him. In response to that, he asks her what if Marcie and Michael do not play by the rules.

Rex sounds like he is hesitating to do what Marcie is asking in the way of playing dirty with Todd Manning. Having no clue what both he and Michael did, Marcie asks Rex what the problem is. Rex tells her that he certainly wants to help her. She asks if he believes that Todd is fit to raise Tommy. He tells her he would not trust Todd to water his house plants. She asks then why he is hesitating. He tells her he is just concerned about what it would mean to Starr and Jack if he went after their father and took Todd’s child from him.

Marty tells John that as much as she hates Miles, and she does, she feels sorry for him. He is so lost and only wanted to be loved and part of the family. He tells her Miles has a funny way of showing that. She tells John that she doesn’t know what to do in response to Miles. And she reveals that Miles has threatened him.

Right then, Miles goes to the steam room obviously very upset about what he just saw.

Jessica puts Bree to sleep and returns to Nash. He asks her if she is ok. She tells him she is wired. He tells her he can see that. He wonders why she has a problem with Jared. He has some really smart ideas, he tells her. She then apologizes for overreacting. He tells her it’s ok. She was just protecting her sister. He asks her if she knows something about Jared. She tells him Jared is his partner. Right then, Bree cries. Nash goes to her. Alone in the room, Jessica wonders what she should do next.

Jared notices Natalie pouring more alcohol than she should. He asks her to go easy. She tells him he better not tell her what to do. He tells her he understands all too well what it’s like to notice somebody who matters to you dumping you for somebody else. She tells him that men are without feelings or souls. He tells her that he knows that she is angry at her ex and may want to take it out on a stranger. She then asks him to shut up and pour her more booze.

After Rex hears that Todd has no intention of making any compromise with them in keeping Tommy, he tells Marice he will get right on it. But there is no guarantee that they will win. Marcie tells Rex that it’s not good enough to keep Todd away form Tommy temporarily. They need to make certain that Todd never comes near him. He tells her that might be easier said than done. She must know that Todd does not fight fair. He will use anything he can possibly use in order to get what he wants. Marcie then protests that when she heard Todd ranting and raving in the court room, she knew that something had to be done. And she wishes that they had been forewarned and given a chance to decide what to do. Right then, she is able to tell that Rex has known for a few weeks without telling her. She is angry at him. Little does she know that her own husband has known just as long as Rex has.

Nash returns to Jessica informing her that he sang Bree the magic song and she went right down. She concludes to him that he must have the magic touch. He can tell that she is tense. They joke. But he can tell that something is going on.

Jared asks Natalie if she is feeling better. She says nothing. He tells her that maybe she should go. She tells him she doesn’t want to leave. She needs more drinks. He tells her under one condition; that she stops talking about her ex. He tells her how “some women” abandon men in motel rooms. She responds to him that she is not “some women”. He tells her, in that case, that’s good. He proposes a toast to happy endings.

Marty and John are together revealing that they want to have a relationship.

After finding out that Rex has known that Tommy is Todd’s child longer than she has, Marcie demands to know why. He asks her how it would have affected her. How could she have made the choice between doing the right thing for Todd and keeping their child? He tells her that he was hoping to keep the secret at least until Tommy was old enough to tell Todd where to go. Hearing that, Michael tells Marcie she must realize the huge risk Rex took for them. She tells Rex she realizes that. She apologizes if she has sounded ungrateful. But she needs to go and check on Tommy. As soon as he is alone with Rex. Michael thanks him for covering for him. Knowing the terrible trouble they will be in as soon as Todd finds out what they did, the two guys conclude that they might have to take drastic measures with Todd.

Blair tells Todd that she will leave and she will see him tomorrow in court. He tells her he does not want her to be there. It’s just a lot of formality that she wouldn’t want to be a part of. But she tells him that she will be there tomorrow and the next day and the day after that. She tells Todd she is on his side. And he better get over it.

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