OLTL Update Thursday 9/13/07

One Life to Live Update Thursday 9/13/07


Written By Jennifer S.
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Natalie is in her office when she gets an anonymous IM on her computer. After she hears what the anonymous messenger is saying to her, she concludes that it’s Jared.

Marty goes to the courtroom to find Miles so she can give him the divorce papers that she has signed. He is shocked and hurt to find out she wasted no time in getting the divorce finalized. She tells him he “helped” her by admitting, in court that he only married her in order to blackmail her. But he protests to her that he would not have married her if he did not love her.

Blair and Dorian observe that Todd has printed the front page of The Sun saying that Michael and Marcie are the “McBaby thieves”. They don’t know what Todd will do next nor what they should do with him.

Todd wastes no time in getting his lawyer and an examiner to accompany him to Michael and Marcie’s. He tells them he has a court order to take “his” son and prove with a DNA test that Tommy is his. But Marcie tells him there is no way in hell those people are coming near her son.

Miles tells Marty that he hopes she finds happiness with whatever and whomever she wants.

Jared anonymously writes to Natalie that he bets she is interested in him. She asks how he got her SN. He tells her if she hires him, he will tell her many things. Right then, Jessica enters her office.

Nash comes to see Jared, having no clue what his new business partner has been up to. He has a pizza and is ready to consider trusting Jared and doing business with him.

Dorian asks Blair if she needs to remind her how much pain Todd has caused people who have trusted him. Blair replies no. Dorian tells her niece she does not want her in denial about what might happen. Blair must know what Todd will do if he thinks she is doing anything against his interests. He’ll get revenge upon her or anybody else who gets in his way whenever he has an “issue”. Normal people feel joy when they get their child back. But Todd is not a normal person. He would rather obsess about all of the bad things in his life and all the people who have done him wrong. Blair asks Dorian if she does not understand that Marcie McBain took Tommy into her home, raised him and considers him her child. And it will devastate her if she loses him. So Dorian needs to understand that Blair did what she had to do, along with John, by letting Todd stay in jail so he cannot take Tommy from the McBains.

Jessica informs Natalie that she just got back from visiting their brothers and baby Zane. Natalie asks her sister why, then, she had to cut her trip short and come home. Jessica admits that she had to come back to her husband, baby, sister and mom. And she asks where their mom is so that they can get a free lunch out of her. Natalie tells her sister that their mother is busy with meetings all day. Jessica asks Natalie what she was doing and with whom she was talking on the IM when she came in. Natalie talks about this jackass who brings in a fake ID, tells her he’s been in partnership with their grandfather. And he didn’t stop there. He somehow got her screen name and tracked her down. This guy is not normal.. She wants to call security and keep a watch on him and also keep him away from her. Jessica asks if this guy has a name. Natalie replies it’s Jared Banks. As soon as Jessica hears that, she is startled.

John overhears Marty finalizing her divorce with Miles. When Miles leaves, he approaches her and they talk. She tells him she heard about what happened to Marcie and Michael. She tells him she is so sorry and cannot imagine what kind of nightmare this is.

Judy tells Marcie and Michael that Mr. Manning is not there to take Tommy from them. He is there, merely to get a DNA sample. Marcie tells Judy she will not let these people near her child. But Judy tells her that there is no reason why they cannot get the DNA sample from Tommy. He is in good health. And Todd can authorize this test whether they like it or not. She tells Marcie there is nothing she can do except hold Tommy’s hand while it’s being done. Either she does or the officer does.

Dorian tells Blair that regardless of how upset Todd is, nothing justifies his behavior. He needs to realize that she only did what she did in order to prevent terrible things from happening to innocent people. She should be canonized for having enough consideration for Marcie and the child to prevent Todd from terrorizing them. But she can tell that all Blair cares about is what it will do to her relationship with Todd.

As soon as Jessica hears that Natalie has met Jared, she has a flashback of her confrontation with him the previous night where she was shocked to find out he was in town and that he’s made efforts to track her down. And she recalls that he knew her when she had an “alias”. Natalie asks her sister why she was startled when she heard Jared’s name. Jessica replies that she met Jared the other night. He’s Nash’s business partner. But she doesn’t tell Natalie anything else.

Nash and Jared talk about wine. They conclude that Nash has all the knowledge about the technology of grapes and wine production and Jared knows all the business ends. And they conclude that they will make a best team with their respective expertise. They need each other.

Marty invites John to play darts with her. She encourages him to see a picture of Todd Manning’s’ face for practice. She asks if he got the message she left for him the other day. She assumes that he’s been the busy chief of detectives. And right then, he informs her that he is currently unemployed. He got suspended from the department for what he had to do in order to protect his brother. She tells him that they can make good of that since they both have the day off. And she encourages him to go for a walk together.

Dorian tells Blair that she doubts her niece is concerned about what has happened to Michael and Marcie. She is concerned primarily about Todd. It’s all about Todd. The rest of the world, be damned.. Blair tells her aunt that she realizes this is not the perfect situation. But the fact remains that Tommy is Todd’s’ child and they belong together. Dorian asks her if she really thinks that would be the best thing. Blair replies that it’s not her decision to make. Dorian tells Blair that for somebody who wants to stay out of it, she did get involved in it. First she told Todd that Tommy was his child, knowing what it would do to him. Then she “protected” Michael and Marcie by letting Todd go to jail. And now she regrets what she has done to Todd. Blair tells her aunt she knows it’s complicated. But no mater what she had done, somebody was bound to get hurt. Dorian tells Blair that she believes that the main thing Blair is worried about is that she is still in love with Todd. And her decision has cost her whatever future she had with him.

Marcie and Michael reluctantly agree to the DNA testing, realizing they have no choice. Todd makes a crude comment about how they have no experience as parents. He has two older ones, has taken them to doctors and such. And he knows how to “coach” Tommy into giving the DNA sample. He faces Tommy and calls to him. Right then, Judy asks Todd’s lawyer to instruct his client not to address the child or the next time he will talk to him from 100 feet away. But they know that Todd has the right to prove paternity. Todd asks the examiner to swab his cheek. At that point, Marcie holds Tommy. He gets a little freaked out while his adoptive parents tell him it will be ok. The guy gets the sample. Todd concludes to them that when he gets the results, he will get his kid. The lawyer announces that they have scheduled a hearing. Todd tells Michael and Marcie that this will be the last day they will have with him. So they may enjoy it while they can.

Nash and Jared go over their business ventures and share the pizza. Jared shows Nash the money he’s been saving up since he stopped smoking. Nash concludes that their petty cash is riding on the back of his addiction. Jared tells Nash as much as he enjoys rolling the best cigarettes and living out of motel rooms, he knows that there are more important priorities. He tells Nash he knows all too well what it’s like to be poor. Nash tells Jared that he can relate as he also sacrificed many things in order to get where he was. Before he met Jessica, he lived in a tiny room in the middle of New York. He concludes that he and Jared have a lot in common.

After Natalie finds out that Jessica knows Jared, she asks what tricks Jared must have up his sleeve. Does he plan to buy out their company? She concludes that she needs to find a way to buy him out or call security to find out about him. She cannot believe all the games he’s been playing. But Jessica somehow knows they better not do that. She tells her sister that she and Nash have to work with him. So Natalie must let them dig up what they need. She obviously has some sort of secret she is not telling. She departs, making it obvious she has somewhere to go and somebody to confront.

John and Marty walk out by the docks and they wonder what they will do the following Saturday night. He asks her what they are doing there. She tells him that this is where she thought might be the best place to dispose of the joke of the marriage she had. She pulls out her marriage certificate and admits that she hid it under a pile of bills on her kitchen table. He asks her if her colleagues would say that this is her subconscious way of hiding from what she needs to do. He tells her that he has an idea about what to do with her marriage certificate to Miles and he looks it over.

Marcie tells Todd she does not care what those test results say. She will never hand her child over to him. So he can open his eyes for the first time in his life and take a look around and see where their child lives. This entire place is child proof. His crib and his surroundings and everything has been there the whole while. They cherish every moment they have with him. They take a picture every day. They have an album full of pictures throughout Tommy’s life of all the places they’ve gone and all the things they’ve done together. She tells Todd that this is not a lost piece of clay or a Teddy bear he can reclaim. He is a person with wants and needs and a family. He has a home with them. They love him and he loves them. She and Michael are the only family he knows. They may not be his biological parents. But they are his parents. They do not want to prevent Todd from knowing him. They are not cruel. They respect his rights. But they cannot let him take Tommy from them. So she asks Todd to please let it go.

John makes a paper airplane out of Marty’s marriage certificate and pokes holes in it with a knife. He tells her that his dad showed his sons how to make paper sail on water and encouraged them to pass their secrets on to their kids. He also bets that Cole’s dad taught him some things that he can pass on to his children. He remembers his deceased father the way Cole must remember his. And he reflects what has happened to his brother and sister in law and how it has profoundly affected him both as the uncle of Tommy and as the cop who had to intervene.

Natalie writes her messages back to Jared. Jared responds to her while Nash is with him and has no clue what he is doing. Natalie is ready to go and find Jared in his motel room. But right when she goes out the door, Miles enters with the divorce papers in his hand. Instantly, she acts nice and supportive to him and invites him to go out for a drive with her which cancels her previous plans.

Blair admits to Dorian that she and Todd still love each other. The other night at the palace they admitted that they still do. In response to that, Dorian tells her niece that admitting she has a problem is the first step. Blair then tells her aunt that they also admitted that they are wrong for each other. They are like a train wreck. They crash and burn and take innocent bystanders with them. Dorian tells Blair that the only person who matters to Todd is Todd. If she is not 100% with him, then she is a sworn enemy. And that is what she has made herself. IN response to that, Blair concludes that she is going to “fix” this. Dorian asks her just where she is going and what she plans to do.

Todd concludes to Michael and Marcie that that have a book full of memories and he has nothing. They have far more than they deserve. Michael asks what about Tommy. Todd tells him he deserves to be with his real father.. Michael asks Todd where he was when they discovered Tommy in a bar with an irresponsible couple who only took him for the money. Where was Todd when they were fighting in family court to take him from those monsters? Where was Todd throughout Tommy’s life? Todd admits he did not know anything about that and just tells them he will see them in court. He leaves. They ask Judy just what their chances are. She tells them the only way they can win in court is if they can prove that Tommy Manning is an unfit parent.

Jessica goes to find Jared and bangs on his door, demanding he opens up and tells him they are going to “settle this” right here and right now. She bangs again demanding he opens the door or she will bust it down. And to her surprise, Nash answers the door and wonders why she’s there and why she is yelling at Jared. She did not expect to see her husband there.

Marcie tells Michael that they have to prove that Todd is an unfit parent. And she knows exactly how to do that.

When Todd goes home, he is surprised to see Blair there. He asks her what she wants, tells her he’s not in the mood to talk to her and asks how she got in.. She tells him she got the keys from Jack. He tells her that kid is grounded. She reminds him that Jack lives with her. They have some things to settle, she tells him. And she is not leaving until it gets resolved.

John gives Marty the marriage certificate folded into a paper airplane and asks her if she is ready to sail it. She throws it into the river. She tells him that he saves everybody. He has saved her. And she kisses him. Right then, Natalie and Miles appear to see them. They both stare looking equally jealous and devastated.

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