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One Life to Live Update Wednesday 9/12/07


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At Marty’s home, she wants to make some pancakes for breakfast. But Cole tells his mom she need not do that. It is special enough just having her back. She tells him that she is eternally grateful to John McBain for all he has done. In response to that, Cole notes that it is odd that they have not heard from John for a long time.

John is at the station when Bo calls him into his office. Bo shows John the front page of the Sun where Todd writes that Michael and Marcie are baby stealers. Bo asks John how long he has known that his brother has had custody of Todd’s son.

Starr and Dorian are wondering where Blair is and why she has not checked in with them in a long time. Right then Blair enters, not knowing what to tell her daughter and aunt. She tells Starr that before she can see her dad, there is something very important she must tell her.

Todd’s lawyer prepares him for the hearing. Todd looks very sure of himself. The lawyer tells Todd that he must follow a series of steps. And he tells him that right here, there will be “step one”. Miles Laurence enters the courtroom and they observe him. Todd asks him what he’s doing there. The lawyer asks Todd to take it easy and informs him that he asked Miles to come because he’s agreed to drop the assault charges against Todd. Todd argues with Miles and the lawyer tells him he better not antagonize Miles or he cannot help him. Miles seems courteous and apologizes to Todd for lying to him. Todd tells Miles that he does not trust him as far as he can throw him. The lawyer asks Todd to please zip it. Miles admits that he did a terrible thing sending Todd on a wild goose chase all the way to Chicago and he apologizes for that and for keeping Todd’s son from him and for almost getting Todd killed. He deeply regrets it. Todd asks Miles just what he wants for himself. Miles replies that he wants to call a truce.

Blair tells Starr that she wants to explain something to her before she looks at the front page of the Sun. But Starr rushes and finds the front cover and is shocked to find out that Tommy McBain is her brother.

Marcie tells Michael that she is very clear on what they are going to do. He tells her it’s not an easy thing to solve. Tommy is Todd’s son. DNA tests confirm that. But she tells Michael that Todd is in jail. With any luck, John and the courts will make certain that that is where he stays. And hopefully that man will never go near their son again.

Bo asks John how long he has known about Tommy. John admits that he’s known for a while. Bo tells him he must know that Truman keeping the secret from Todd is a crime. And if John keeps the secret without telling anybody, then that makes him an accessory to the crime. John tells Bo he realizes that but doesn’t know what he would have done if he’d had it to do again.

Cole asks his mom why she thinks that they have not heard from John. Marty tells her son that perhaps John is uncomfortable accepting their gratitude. Maybe John is just kind of like: “it’s all in a day’s work, ma’am”. In response to that, Cole laughs and tells his mother she does a really bad imitation of John.

Right then, there is a news report that Lieutenant John McBain’s brother and sister in law have been charged with stealing Todd Manning’s child from him.

Todd goes into the courtroom to face the charges of assaulting Miles. Miles’ lawyer says that Mr. Manning has assaulted Mr. Laurence and there are many witnesses who can prove it. But right then, Miles stands up and announces that he wants to drop the charges against Todd. The lawyer wants to get Todd convicted. But the judge says if Miles refuses to press charges, then it’s a done deal that Todd will not be charged.

Marcie says that there is no way that the courts will give Tommy to a criminal. And Blair cannot do much to help Todd since they are not married anymore. And Starr and Jack are minors. So there must be a way to prevent Todd from taking Tommy from them. Right then, Michael invites a woman named Judy to talk to them. He tells Marcie that his friend, Judy is a custody lawyer. She assures them that she can prevent anybody from snatching their child out of their arms. She seems confident that Todd will only get himself in trouble making threats to them. And that can only make their case stronger. Marcie asks Judy if there is a way that they can keep their son.

Bo tells John that every cop has to make personal choices and tough decisions. John tells Bo that he took an oath of office to uphold the law. But if he does, then his brother loses his son. Bo tells John that he has had to deal with similar dilemmas in regard to his father. He has bent the rules too many times for Asa. And he was ready to throw his elderly father in jail right before he died. And the only thing that prevented him from putting Asa in jail was that Asa died before he had a chance. He realizes that if he had let his father die in jail, he might have never forgiven himself. But he still does not know what he would have done if he’d had it to do all over again. John tells Bo that Asa willfully broke the law many times. But Michael and Marcie did not do so by adopting Tommy without knowing that he was Todd’s son.. So why should they be punished?

Cole and Marty watch the news report that says that Tommy is Todd’s son. He tells her he cannot believe that Mrs. McBain, his teacher would knowingly keep a child from his real father. She says it may be a scam that Tommy is Todd’s child. But she would not put it past Spencer Truman to keep the secret from all of them. She admits that not even Todd deserves that. He tells her it could be that nobody knew that until now, including John. And that could very well be the reason why they have not heard from John. But Marty tells her son that it’s entirely possible that John would know and not reveal that he knows that Tommy is Todd’s child. John might do that in order to protect his brother.

In the courtroom, the prosecutor argues that Todd Manning has had a history of breaking the law and violent behaviors. But Todd’s lawyer says that they must realize that losing a child is a justifiable cause for Todd to break the law and behave irrationally.

In response to the article in the Sun that Tommy is Todd’s son, Dorian is intrigued. But She tells Blair and Starr that believes that Spencer would keep Todd’s son from him. Starr asks her mother when she first heard and how she would know that Tommy is Todd’s son. Blair tells her daughter that Miles Laurence came to the house and presented irrefutable proof.

Michael tells Judy that he believes that there may be no credibility in the report that Tommy is Todd’s son. And Marcie tells her that even if he is, they did not know until last night. In response to that, Michael avoids his wife’s eye in confirming that that is true.

Bo tells John that he understands his situation. But things cannot run that way and he cannot run a department like that. John tells Bo he realizes. Bo then tells John that he is sorry but he must suspend him. He will talk to Nora and see what they are going to do about it. John then takes out his badge to give it to Bo and informs him that he will turn over all of his open case files to Antonio.

John enters the courtroom the hear the lawyers arguing about whether Todd is justified in his behavior. The prosecutor says there is no excuse for what he did. Todd’s lawyer says that his client has justification to use bad judgment in view of his situation. He also knows that Lieutenant McBain willfully took revenge upon Todd by throwing him in jail after covering the fact that his brother and sister in law kept Mr. Manning from knowing that his son is alive. The judge then rules that Mr. Manning’s’ action of assaulting an officer and busting out of jail is criminal. And he will be punished.

Cole tells his mother he does not understand why Miles would tell Mr. Manning about his son in the first place. She says she does not understand why Miles would do anything. He tells her he wants to contact Starr and see if she is alright. She tells him that would be great. But he cannot be late for school. He gets up to go. And Marty tells her son he needs to take his back pack with him.

Starr tells Dorian that after all her dad almost died in order to find his baby, she can hardly blame him for what he did. But at the same time, she is shocked to find out that Mrs. McBain might lose her child. She babysat him and got to know him. And it is amazing that she had absolutely no clue that he was her brother. But she realizes that the McBains might do everything they can to keep Tommy. And realizing that, she tells her mother and aunt that she cannot let them take him from her dad

Judy admits to Marcie and Michael that custody battles can drag out for years. Marcie tells her that she realizes, in her head that Todd is Tommy’s biological father. But they have raised him for a long time. And how can Todd take Tommy from them? She tells Marcie that she cannot lie to her. In cases like this, the law favors the natural parents.

A messenger appears at Marty’s door and gives her a certified letter to sign. It looks like a court subpoena.

Starr admits to her mother and aunt that she has a real dilemma not wanting either her father or her teacher to suffer the loss of Tommy. She tells them she is not going to school. She has to get to the courthouse. Dorian tells her there is nothing she can do there. She tells her yes she can. She can be there for her dad. Everybody hates Todd and loves the McBains so he needs somebody to support him. Blair tells her daughter it’s a preliminary hearing and probably no decision will be made. Starr asks her how she can face Mrs. McBain in school. Right then, Cole enters tells them he knows what has happened, admits that he does not know what to say but he’s glad to know that her little brother is alive. He asks them what they believe will happen.

Marcie tells Judy she does not care if it gets brutal. They will fight whatever they need to in order to keep Tommy. Judy warns her that if they have any dirty laundry to hide, Todd’s lawyer can uncover it. Marcie tells her they have nothing to hide and she is not afraid. Judy then asks them if Margaret Cochran is Tommy’s biological father and if Todd has two older children. They confirm yes. Michael asks Judy if she has handled cases similar to this. She admits that she’s never dealt with anything quite like this. Marcie protests that they must uncover evidence that Todd is unfit to raise Tommy. Judy tells her that this will not be a “slam dunk” case. There is no evidence of abuse or neglect on Todd’s part. So he will have certain rights. But she will do everything she can.

The judge tells Todd that he understands his circumstances. He then tells Todd he is sentenced to 2 years in prison. Todd hears that and assumes that means he’s put away for 2 years. But the judge then asks him to listen to the rest and informs Todd that he will suspend his sentence with probation, a fine and hours of community service. The lawyer tells Todd that he should accept the judge’s decision. John comes in and faces Miles Laurence. Miles tells John that he wanted to atone for his past mistakes. John tells Miles that many people’s lives are going to be ruined. And Miles gets to walk away without any consequences for what he did. He tells Miles he hopes he is happy.

Alone in his office, Bo puts John’s badge away in the drawer and does not look happy with the decision he had to make.

John calls Michael and asks him how he and Marcie have handled what has happened. Michael says they are dealing with it. John then informs his brother that the judge has released Manning. Michael is not happy to hear that. John then gets on his phone and calls Marty.

Marty goes to court, finds Miles and tells him she wanted to give him the very important annulment papers that will end their ridiculous sham of a marriage.

Starr tells her mother that she will let Cole take her to school. But when she gets back, they all need to talk. She leaves with Cole. Alone with Dorian, Blair tells her aunt that Todd should have been there to see Starr off. Dorian tells her niece she bets that Todd is only focusing on his youngest child right now.

Michael informs Marcie that John just called to tell him that Todd just got released from jail. He then concludes that they must stop worrying about Todd Manning and instead focus on what they can do to keep their son. Right then, there is a knock on the door. Judy asks them if they are expecting anybody. They reply no. Right then, they hear that the police are demanding that Dr. and Mrs. McBain open up. Michael opens the door to see Todd with cops. Todd hands him a court order.

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