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One Life to Live Update Tuesday 9/11/07


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Jared notices Jessica when he goes to see Nash. Nash introduces them. They stare at each other. It looks like they know each other. She looks at him and not happily.

Langston goes to see Starr. Dorian gets the door. Starr informs her aunt that Langston is staying over and doesn’t seem to want to ask Dorian if she is ok with that. With Blair and Todd gone, it’s just Starr, Jack and Dorian in the house. Right then, Clint comes to see Dorian.

After the defense attorney hears Todd offer to pay him to be his lawyer, he demands that all people involved in keeping Todd’s son from him return him. Todd says he knows that not only Marcie and Michael but John, Rex, Adriana and Lindsay are all involved in keeping his son from him. Outside the court room, Marcie cries hysterically and tells Michael he must promise not to let them take her son from her. He cries and does not know what to tell her.

Dorian tells Clint that Langston’s parents are clueless. They never call the house to check on their daughter. He tells her maybe they are calling Langston on her cell phone. She says you’d think that they would be interested in playing a part in their daughter’s life when school starts again. He tells her that there may be things she does not know about. He says it’s a good thing that she is concerned about this girl. But maybe she should be more focused on her own girls. He reflects that Blair, Cassie, Kelly, Adriana and Starr are all doing ok with their lives. She then asks him if he is implying that because her own girls’ lives are ok, she needs a “project”. He tells her that she has some tendency to interfere. Dorian tells him she has no intention of interfering. But she does care about Langston and wants to be there for her if she needs anything.

Upstairs, Langston talks about how Starr’s parents are kind of protective of their kids. Starr tells Langston she (Langston) is so lucky that her parents don’t give her a hard time about her boyfriend. Langston admits that they would if they knew. Hearing that, Starr is surprised to find out that Langston’s parents know nothing about her dating life. Langston tells Starr that she has mixed feelings about her boyfriend.

Marcie tells Michael that this is a nightmare. And any minute now, they are going to wake up and everything will be alright. And this will not be happening. But Michael tells his wife that she must realize that this is happening. His brother has proof that Tommy is Todd’s son. But she says that they have documents that say that Tommy is their son and they have the legal right to adopt him. And there is an official document that says that Todd’s son died. He reminds her that that is a phony document. She says that maybe the other documents are phony too. Maybe John is incorrect and Tommy is not Todd’s son. He tells her they must be realistic in finding out what to do about their son. She tells him that she overheard Todd talking to somebody and finding out the information. Michael does not know how to answer Marcie’s question when she asks who all knows about this.

Roxy goes to take Tommy home and is shocked to hear Todd demanding that she give him his son. She asks what is going on. He screams that this child’s name is not Tommy. His name is Manning. The judge overhears the whole thing and says she needs to recall Michael and Marcie McBain. And the child needs to be there also.

Langston asks Starr what the latest is between her and Cole. Starr admits that since they have both had family issues, they have not seen each other in a while. But she got Cole a video. Starr remembers that she just about maxed out her credit card. And that reminds her that she needs to ask Mrs. McBain if she can baby-sit again to get more money. They talk about how cute and adorable Tommy is having no clue whom he really is.

John goes out and tells Michael and Marcie that the judge wants to see them. Marcie asks why. He notices that she is very upset, asks her to try to pull herself together and tells her he will be on her side. Michael tells Marcie that they have to go in their. They are going to have to face this. They cannot run away. He tells her that everybody is waiting for them. Their son is waiting for them. He asks if she is ready. She says yes and they go inside together. John announces to the judge that they will be right in. Nora then tells John that she has figured out Lindsay’s motive for killing Spencer. She found out that Marcie and Michael’s child is Todd Manning’s biological son. And she killed Spencer in order to prevent him from enabling Todd to find out. Marcie and Michael enter the courtroom with Tommy. The judge announces that they are facing very serious charges involving a stolen child and an alleged cover-up. She says she takes these matters very seriously. But she is not going to do anything about it tonight. So she instructs that the bailiffs take Mr. Manning back to his cell. Todd yells that she cannot do this. He has the right to take his son home. But nobody listens to him.

Jared stares at Jessica and tells her and Nash that her pictures do her a great injustice. She is far more beautiful. He knows that they have a baby. Bree cries in the other room. Nash goes to be with her. Alone with Jared, Jessica asks him what he is doing there. She obviously knows him. She asks how he found her. He admits it was not easy since she was using an alias when they first met. But he is nothing if not resourceful. He tells her she must know that they have some unfinished business. She tells him he must leave her husband out of this. She protests that she is a different person than what she was at that time when they first met. He reminds her that he and Nash have a business venture. She tells him whatever the amount he was paid to partner up with Nash is, she will double it. And he can go quietly. He then tells her this has nothing to do with money or business. This is personal.

Dorian tells Clint that she wonders what kind of people Langston has for parents. He tells her that she should not assume anything about them when she does not know them. He tells her that he believes that Langston is lucky to have a person like herself who cares about her. But he knows she has a tendency to meddle. Hearing that, she assumes that he sees that as a negative thing. But he smiles at her and tells her that her personality is one of the things he likes about her.

In the courtroom, Michael asks Nora what it means that they are taking Todd back to jail. She tells him that all of the issues involving Tommy are not going to be addressed now. Todd yells that the people who kidnapped his son are committing fraud. She tells him not another word. If he has any concerns, he must discuss that with his lawyer. She tells him she promises to investigate the matter thoroughly. But he is going back to jail for the night. He then tells her he has one request. If he is not allowed to take his child home, then she must not let these baby thieves take him home. Marcie stands up and protests that she and her husband have raised and taken care of Tommy. They had no clue who his biological father was, if that is even true. Todd says she is lying. They all knew about it. Marcie tells the judge that it will only traumatize Tommy if he’s taken away from them. Right then, Roxy who is holding Tommy tells the judge that she knows that Marcie and Michael love their kid. He is happy and healthy and clueless to what is going on. But the one thing he knows is that these people are his parents. And everybody knows if he has to stay with strangers, he will be traumatized. She puts her foot in her mouth with the way she talks and Rex pushes her to sit down and stop talking. The judge seems to listen to Marcie and to Roxy and rules that for tonight, the child is going home with Dr. and Mrs. McBain. They take Todd back to jail and he is not ok.

Starr and Langston talk about their wish lists for the types of boys they want in their lives and the types of friends they want. Starr reflects that she does not need a whole lot of friends. She just needs one really good one. She hugs Langston. She asks Langston what her wish list is.

Downstairs in the living room, Clint can tell that Dorian has something on her mind. He asks if it’s Langston. She tells him she’s thinking about his ex wife. He asks if she means Viki. She says no. His other ex wife, Lindsay. She is worried that Nora will go after Lindsay like a shark. He tells her that he trusts Nora. Dorian says it was good to see Sarah. IT looks like while working at Capricorn, she is meeting many interesting people. In response to that, Clint tells Dorian that that reminds him of a guy whom Sarah was talking to who had a mysterious picture of Jessica. He admits that he is concerned. In response to that, Dorian asks Clint if he is asking her to interfere in Jessica’s life. And they laugh together.

Jessica asks Jared what he wants from her. He tells her that she’s made quite a life for herself with a husband and baby. She tells him she is very fortunate and loves her family very much. He tells her he bets she does not want to screw that up. Right then, Nash enters noticing they have had a private conversation and asks what is going on. He can tell that Jessica is not feeling ok. He tells Jared that she has been ill, needs to get some rest and maybe see a doctor soon.

Todd talks to his new lawyer while in jail. The lawyer tells him he must stay calm. Todd says it’s hard to stay calm when he has an idiot lawyer. The lawyer reminds Todd that he’s had all of a few minutes to prepare his case. He knows what he is doing. He realistically tells Todd that assaulting Miles Laurence is not a serious offense and Todd can probably get a slap on the wrist for that. But assaulting an officer is much more serious. He tells Todd he will be in touch and leaves. Right then, Blair enters. He tells her he has nothing to say to her. She tells him that is too bad. She tells him she is sorry for what has happened and for what she had to do. But she did it all out of love. He tells her that’s amazing that she thinks that having him thrown in jail is an act of love. She tells him that maybe being in jail will prevent him from doing something really stupid and getting into more trouble. And she asks why he won’t let her help him.

In the courtroom, Rex and Adriana want to help Marcie and Michael but do not know what to do. Marcie tells them they have been really good friends to her and to Tommy. John tells them he is sorry. He goes in again and asks Nora what she believes will happen. She admits she does not know. There are no guarantees. But she admits to him that she has very strong opinions about children being taken away from their rightful parents. She knows that she had to miss a big chunk of Matthew’s life because of somebody playing God. The reason they did it was probably well intended. But she is not ok with that happening for any reason. So if she finds out that Tommy is in fact Todd’s biological son, regardless of her issues with Todd, and she finds out that Michael or Marcie or anybody knew about it and kept Tommy from his biological father, she will prosecute them. That she will guarantee.

Nash tells Jessica she needs to get some rest. Jared tells them they will get out of their way and Nash knows where to reach him. He tells Nash he looks forward to working with him. Alone with Jessica, Nash asks her if she is ok. Does she have nausea or head aches? Has she been taking her pills? She tells him she is ok and is obviously frustrated that she cannot tell him what is really going on. He then tells her he will get her some tea and everything will be ok. He concludes to her that maybe his business deal with Jared will work out after all.

Clint tells Dorian that maybe, instead of talking about their respective families, they should talk about them. And it looks like they are going upstairs together.

Starr and Langston share their lists. Langston says it’s good to make wishes. She doesn’t want everything to be all random.

Blair tells Todd that she believes that keeping him in jail is the only way she can prevent him from getting himself into any more trouble. She tells him he must let her help him. But he demands that the guard escorts her out of there.

John asks Nora if she cannot see that Michael and Marcie have rights. They have been the only parents that Tommy has ever known. What good would it do if Todd takes him? She admits that she does not know. But they all heard the judge and most likely, she won’t let Marcie and Michael keep Tommy.

Back at their home, Marcie is worried that if they don’t watch over Tommy while he sleeps tonight, somebody could come and take him. He assures her that nobody will do that now. She asks what if tomorrow somebody wants to take him. He tells her that they will fight and nobody will take their son from them.

Alone in his jail cell, Todd says he will get his son back if it’s the last thing he ever does.

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