OLTL Update Monday 9/10/07

One Life to Live Update Monday 9/10/07


Written By Jennifer S.

Jared comes to see Nash. He has a plan but Nash does not want to see him. Jared asks where Jessica is. Nash replies that she is out.

Jessica goes to see Marty and has a gift for her. She brings her some teas. She tells Marty she is really happy that she has been acquitted and released from jail and apologizes for not visiting her. Marty tells Jessica that she totally understands that Jessica had her own issues being in the hospital. And they are very friendly to each other.

Right before Lindsay's trial is going to conclude, Todd barges into the courtroom. He announces that he knows that Tommy is his. Marcie and Michael are right there with there son, right after John has dropped the bombshell to Marcie that Tommy is Todd's child. Todd tells everybody he does not care what happens. He stares at Tommy and announces that he is his little boy.

Nash asks Jared what this idea is that cannot wait. Jared asks how long Jessica will be out. He tells Nash that he believes that "their" vineyard should be opened up to the public. He wants to make it a place for upscale tourists. But Nash tells Jared that problem with that is that it will take beaucoup bucks in order to get that going. Jared tells Nash he can take care of that. Nash tells Jared he does not like Jared's style. But Jared makes it clear that he will have some input in this whole operation. And he talks, again, about Jessica's involvement in it.'

Jessica and Marty have their tea together. Marty tells Jessica that her annulment will go through very soon and she will be a free woman. Jessica inquires about how it must have been for Marty to have lost her memory and not know what happened. Marty admits that was a real ordeal. And she tells her that she does not know what she would have done without all that John McBain has done for her.

In response to Todd's ranting that Tommy is his, Marcie tells the judge and the people in the courtroom that this man is deranged. But Todd reiterates that this kid is his and he wants him.

Jared tells Nash that he has a plan where they are going to have food and spirits and attract all kinds of business. Nash kind of listens to his idea about having a restaurant with his winery. And again, Jared stares at a picture of Jessica. He reminds Nash that he is not Antonio. They reflect that Antonio is not a bad guy. But he is Nash's wife's ex. Nash tells him that two is company but three is a crowd.

Jessica asks Marty about her relationship with John. Marty tells Jessica that she and John are just friends. John is not yet over Natalie and she is not yet over her deceased husband.. But Jessica can tell that there might be more than that to Marty's relationship with John. She asks how Cole likes John. Marty admits that John has really been there for both her and for Cole. She tells Marty it must be really great to have such a great friend. Marty tells Jessica that John gave her her life back. And she's just going to leave it at that.

Todd announces to the judge that she must know that Tommy is his son. But the judge says that this court case is adjourned. Todd tells Marcie and Michael that they will not get away with this. Blair tells him with all of his ranting and ravings, he will never get his son back at this rate. He reminds her that she obviously doesn't care because Tommy is not hers. Marcie has Adriana take Tommy out of the courtroom. She tells her son that she will be home soon and everything will be ok. Todd announces to her that this is not over. Nora then goes and finds Lindsay and asks her if she would know anything about this. Lindsay's lawyer reminds Nora that she should know better than to talk to the defendant.

Bo tells Todd that his act of escaping from jail and knocking out a guard was a stupid thing to do. Todd asks Bo what he would do if it were Matthew. Bo tells Todd he wouldn't do what Todd just did. He then tells the bailiff that he wants to talk to Lindsay alone. He goes off with her. Todd observes and tells Blair that this is all it takes; sleeping with the commissioner. He just found out that Lindsay was "in it" with Marcie and Michael to keep his child from him. And Bo will let them all get away with that. Blair tells Todd that he is behaving like a child and asks what kind of judge will hand over his son to him with the way he is behaving. Marcie and Michael go to John's office. She tells John that Todd is delusional. He needs a psyche evaluation. He has completely lost it. She heard him screaming in jail about his son when she went to see Lindsay. John then takes her aside and tells her that he knows something. He did not want it to play out this way. He wanted to tell her and Michael about this situation. She asks him what situation. John then tells her that Todd Manning's son got adopted out by those people who were killed in the tornado. And that is how she and Michael were able to adopt Tommy. In response to that, she asks if he is implying that Tommy is Todd Manning's son. She does not want to believe that.

Nash tells Jared he bets he knows nothing about wine. Jared sips some of Nash's competitor's wine and tells him that he knows how to drink it. And he tells Nash that maybe he can introduce him to his business. Nash kind of listens and admits that he is used to not having any interference. He concludes, however, that he believes the two of them can make this work. He then tells Jared he needs to get some food and does not want to be three sheets to the wind when his wife gets home.

Jessica visits with Marty. They talk about Bree and Jessica's whole separation with Antonio. Jessica asks Marty what she might know about Lindsay's arraignment. Marty admits that she is not certain how that whole thing has happened. And she admits that she still has no clue how it is that Lindsay could have killed Spencer.

Bo goes with Lindsay to her jail cell and admits to her that this whole case does not make any sense. She asks if he is asking if she really did kill Spencer Truman. He tells her no. It's not about that. What he wants to discuss with her is whether Tommy McBain is really Todd Manning's son and if she knew about it.

In response to John's telling her that Tommy is Todd's son, Marcie says she refuses to believe that. She feels for Todd. She knows he suffered a tragedy with his son dying. She knows that for a fact. There was a death certificate. John tells her it was forged. She tells him even if that was true, Todd's child is gone. John tells her that the facts support that Todd is Tommy's biological father. Marcie says that she knows that Tommy's biological mother was mentally ill. John concludes that it was Margaret Cochran. Marty tells them that even if Todd is Tommy's biological father, he is a nut job. He went into the courtroom behaving like a lunatic and scared their child. He's a selfish creep and is not fit to be a father to Tommy. John tells her regardless of that, he is Tommy's biological father and they cannot change that.

Nora knows that there is something fishy going on with the fact that Lindsay is Marcie's best friend. She is shocked to find out that Todd is Tommy's biological father. Todd stares at Rex and Adriana and concludes that he knows that Rex faked his son's death record and kept the secret with the McBain's. Nora approaches Adriana and asks her what she knows about this. Todd tells Rex that he knows that he, along with Marcie and Michael wanted to play God and take his son from him. And this is not over with. Rex tells Todd he did a really stupid thing. He escaped from jail and traumatized a child. And when they take him back to lock up, "revenge" is all he will have left. Blair tells Todd he did not do any good to make an enemy of the one person who could help him. Todd asks her if she is talking about John. She tells him yes.

John explains to Marcie that Margaret Cochran gave birth to Tommy. Spencer Truman delivered him. He tells her that Spencer's main goal was to take Todd's son from him. And she and Michael were conveniently there to adopt him. He admits that it was an evil thing that Spencer did. Marcie tells John that there has to be some way to explain that to their son. She turns to Michael and can tell that he is very calm and does not look as surprised by this as she is. And she wonders why.

Lindsay admits to Bo that when she found out that Tommy was Todd's, she also found out that Marcie could never have her own child. She felt just terrible knowing how good Marcie is with Tommy. She knew that it was not her place. But she had to do something about it. He asks her if Truman knew. And he concludes that now Nora knows. He tells her that this really strengthens the DA's case. Now that they know that Lindsay had real motive to kill Spencer, in order to protect Marcie from losing Tommy, she could be in real trouble. Lindsay asks if that means that she will be in prison for the rest of her life. He tells her that they can establish that Lindsay acted premeditatively in murdering Spencer. She asks if Nora will ask for the death penalty for her

Jared tells Nash that they should contact all of the Llanview brass, find out what they are thinking and start the whole marketing process. Nash concludes that Jared has the real business savvy that he knows he may not have. Jared tells Nash that he (Nash) knows more about the technology of grapes than he (himself) will ever know. And he (himself) knows how to wheel and deal. He talks about how Nash has a lot of things going for him, including his wife. And Jared again reflects that he has some sort of connection to Jessica.

Jessica gets ready to leave Marty's home and tells Marty again that she believes she (Marty) might have a future with John.

Marcie can sense that Michael might know more about this shocking news than he is letting on. John senses that he must make her believe that Michael knew nothing about it. He tells her that she mustn't blame herself for any of this. Yes, Spencer did a terrible thing to Todd. But she and Michael took Tommy into their home and gave him everything.

Lindsay tells Bo that he need not worry about her. He has enough on his plate with his dad dying. But he tells her he is just concerned about how she could get herself into trouble saying the wrong thing. She tells him that he means a lot to her and asks who would have ever thought that they could be such good friends. He tells her she must protect herself, talk to her lawyer and realize that Nora will come after her. She asks if there is any chance that Todd will get custody of Tommy. When this whole thing blows over and he files for custody, what will happen?. She asks Bo what his gut tells him. He tells her that knowing Manning, he probably won't care about anything. He won't be afraid to break the law or to stoop at nothing.

Adriana tells Rex that he needs to be careful what he says and does. He falsified the death certificate and could get arrested for that. Todd asks John just what kind of involvement he has in all of this.

Jessica returns home. Nash introduces her to Jared. Jessica looks shocked.

When Marty is alone in her home, she notices Lindsay's picture on the front cover of a publication and it says: Killer of the Year.

Lindsay is alone in jail worried.

Marcie cries after finding out the shocking news and asks Michael what they are going to do. He admits he does not know.

Todd tells John he does not care how many favors he calls in. Nothing will stop him from finding his son. The judge asks Todd if he wants to add to his sentence. Todd tells them that he can find a lawyer. And the lawyer in the courtroom admits that Todd could pay him enough to represent him. He tells the people who have taken Todd's child from him that they heard his client and better bring Todd's child back.

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