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Nora visits Bo in his office. He is reading a letter from Paige. Nora is elated about Lindsey being in jail for Truman's murder, but Bo reminds her that she is a friend of his. Nora is only somewhat apologetic. She tells Bo that she is preparing for Lindsay's arraignment tomorrow, but it could be moved up. Bo knows that the mayor is anxious to get it done. Nora wishes there were a motive, too. Bo and she discuss it, but Bo is kind of testy. Nora just wants to have a clean case, and a motive would help that. Bo gets annoyed, so she tells him, not unkindly, that he should be prepared for Lindsay to go to jail. She adds that she doesn't feel great about it. They discuss Lindsay a little more.

Cole brings Marty home from the jail. He has put up a "Welcome Home Mom!" banner. She is very touched by it. She gives him a quick kiss and says it's very beautiful. They briefly discuss Miles and then John. Cole asks if they will become a couple now. Marty assures him that they are just friends, but he can tell that she is blushing. She changes the subject to ask about Starr. He tells her that they are doing great. He's amazed that the two of them are happy and not in trouble, and the same goes for their parents. Marty is going through work paperwork, but Cole interrupts her. She apologizes for getting into work stuff so quickly when she should just be happy to be home. She tells him how much she missed him. He feels the same way. They tell each other, "I love you". She also tells him that he's very proud of the way he handled it all. Marty phones her lawyer to see how soon he can get started on her annulment. She and Cole are relieved that her marriage to Miles will be history by the end of the week.

Starr goes home and questions her mom about why she can't reach her dad. Blair tells her nonchalantly that he's in jail again. Starr freaks out, and she gets even worse when she finds out that Blair put him in there after he assaulted Miles. Blair hints that she was doing the right thing, but she doesn't want to tell Starr the whole story. She assures him that it is only temporary. When Starr keeps prodding her for answers, Blair confides that Todd's son is alive. Starr is overjoyed to hear it and wants to know when he's coming home. Blair says that they still have to tell his foster parents the news. She lets slip that she has seen the baby, but she won't tell Starr who it is. Starr wants to know if they will all be a family again. Blair tells her uncertainly that she would like to help Todd raise his son, but she's not so sure that he will forgive her for betraying him again. Starr knows that they always hurt and betray each other. She suggests that maybe they try to break that pattern. Blair tells her that they lately they have been in a good place. Blair decides to go out and try to make things right with Todd.

Starr phones to chat with Cole. After asking after his mom, she fills him in on her dad being arrested.

John and Michael are not happy to find that Marcie is not at home with Tommy. John and Michael argue some more about telling her about Tommy being Todd's son. Michael wants to take his family and move somewhere far away, but John points out that it's a stupid idea. Michael tries to phone Marcie to get her home, so they can tell her the bad news, but he gets her voice mail. Michael shows John a photo album with pictures of Tommy. He wants to fight to keep Tommy, but John tell him that he still has Marcie, his family. Michael, upset, says that they will never get over this.

Marcie has taken Tommy to the jail to say goodnight to Lindsay, to cheer her up. She tries to talk the guard into letting her in, but he refuses. Todd can hear them and starts screaming, "That's my son!". Marcie thinks he is just being crazy. She leaves, but Todd keeps ranting and raving.

Marcie phones Michael tell him that she brought Tommy to the jail. He is not happy to hear that. She cuts him off and hangs up before he can tell her to come home. John and Michael realize that she could bump into Todd at the jail, so they rush off to find her.

Marcie drops by Bo's office to ask if she can bring Tommy to visit Lindsay, but he can't make an exception to the visiting rules. Marcie starts begging, but they are interrupted by Nora stopping back in to tell Bo that Lindsay will be arraigned in night court in an hour. Marcie is upset to hear that. They all go to the court. Bo tells Marcie that she can't bring the baby into the courtroom. She protests, but he will not be swayed. Bo tells her that he'll let Lindsay know that they're out here. Bo and Tommy exchange "high fives" of a sort and she laughs about it with Bo.

Lindsay is told that her court date has been moved up. Todd keeps ranting and raving, but the guard ignores him.

Michael and John go to the police station and jail but have missed Marcie. Michael frets that she may already have heard the truth. Todd yells at John about how he wants out and wants his lawyer, but John acts dismissively toward him. Todd accuses him of stalling so that Michael and Marcie can leave town with his son. After Michael leaves, Todd pretends to have stomach pain. The guard goes in his cell, so Todd hits him over the head and locks him in his cell, then he leaves.

In the courtroom, Nora meets Lindsay's defense attorney, Lewis Cody. They exchange pleasantries, but she warns him that she has more than enough evidence to convict his client. Nora has a brief exchange with Bo.

Rex and Adriana lounge in bed after making love. He is glad to have her by his side and feels that they can survive anything now. She jokes that he has to get rid of the Eagles towels in his bathroom if she moves in. They agree that they must be completely honest with each other. Adriana notes that secrets have a way of coming out and destroying people. She has nightmares about the Tommy secret coming out. Rex assures her that won't happen. Later, Rex falls asleep and has a nightmare that he and Marcie have jail cell bars around their bed. He wakes up, and she wants to know what his nightmare was about, but he pretends that he doesn't remember it. They get a phone call about the arraignment being moved up, so they leave to go to court.

John decides to head to the courtroom with Michael to look for Marcie. Michael keeps worrying about what's going to happen, and that Marcie will not forgive him for keeping this secret.

Outside the courtroom, Marcie phones Roxy and asks her to come there and get Tommy, so she can go inside and see Lindsay's arraignment. John and Michael find her there and ask her to come home with them. They tell her that John has something very important to tell them. She refuses to go because she wants to be there for Lindsay.

Inside, Bo tells Lindsay that Marcie and Tommy are outside for her, as he promised he would. The judge calls the courtroom to order. Nora briefly lays out the evidence she has. She asks that Lindsay be charged with voluntary manslaughter. Linday's attorney, Lewis, gets up and makes his speech. He asks that the charges be dropped. Lindsay wants to speak to the judge. She just wants to thank her family and friends for all their support. The judge asks her what her plea is.

Blair goes to the jail but finds the guard that Todd knocked out.

Lindsay is just about to answer the judge when Todd strolls in and yells that she's guilty. He adds that they are all guilty. Bo goes up to get in front of Todd and demand to know what he is doing. Todd points to Tommy and says that he is his son. Marcie looks at him like she still thinks he's crazy. Everyone is shocked. Rex slumps down in the bench like he is trying to hide.

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