OLTL Update Thursday 9/6/07

One Life to Live Update Thursday 9/6/07


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Rex and Adriana are ready to go at it. She tells him she wants it to “be like this” all the time. He tells her that it can be if she moved in with him.

Natalie tells Miles that she is concerned about what might happen when Todd finds out about his child. He tells her that he is not worried about Todd right now. He’s more concerned about the baby.

Right then, Marcie is in her home with Tommy when Roxy comes in with a plan. She has a big box and tells Marcie that what she has in this box will get Lindsay off the hook for whacking Spencer Truman.

At the station, John calls Michael to see him. Michael wants to know what is going on. John tells him it’s about Tommy. Assuming that John has told Todd, Michael asks his brother how he could do that when he gave him his word that he will not. John tells Michael that it’s too late. Manning already knows.

Todd s in jail right beside Lindsay. He yells at the guards that they better let him out of there. The guard tells him it’s not going to happen. He makes threats to call his lawyer and have John McBain working in the kiddy mall. Lindsay notices him and asks him what he’s in for. Strangling a kitten? He tells her he’s there because John McBain is trying to keep him from his son.

Vincent’s friend, Shawn comes to visit him and Layla. He tells him that he is worried and wants to stay. He has some “bad vibes”. He asks if they have any pop corn. They are kind of baffled about what he is talking about.

In response to what Todd has just told her, Lindsay tells him that he is fishing and there is no bait. He tells Lindsay that her “school marm” friend probably has a lot of bait. She tells him that Marcie has a name. He tells her that Marcie and her husband took his child. And they won’t get away with it. She tells him that he’s insane. In response to that, Todd tells her that he can convince people that he is insane and that will enable him to get away with breaking many laws. She reminds him that Tommy is not his child. He tells her that he does not know anybody named Tommy. He says when he gets out of jail, he’s going to get his son back and Marcie and Michael are going to pay.

Michael is very upset when he finds out that John enabled Todd to know about his child. John tells Michael that he did not tell Todd the news. Michael then asks who else could have possibly told him. The only other person who knows besides them is Rex. He wouldn’t do that to them. Who in this town could hate him and Marcie enough to do that? John informs Michael that it was Blair who told Todd. And it had nothing to do with hate. Michael asks John how she could have found out. John informs him that it was miles Laurence who informed Blair. John asks Michael how Miles Laurence could do that to him and Marcie. He may not be a saint. But not even he could do that. John informs Michael that he has Todd Manning in jail currently for assault charges. For the time being he won’t be able to do anything. But he doubts he can make the charges stick nor keep Todd there forever.

Miles admits to Natalie that maybe what he did will cause the baby to be in an ugly tug of war. She tells him that she thinks he did the right thing. Regardless of what anybody thinks of Todd, nobody should ever keep a parent from their child. She tells him that she believes that Todd would do anything for his child even if he’s not their favorite person. In response to that, he asks her if Michael and Marcie McBain would not. Hearing that, Natalie knows that there is a serious problem. She had no clue that they have adopted Todd’s son until now.

Roxy tells Marcie that there are ways that they can go to the courthouse and distract everybody with protest so that nobody will dare convict Lindsay. But Marcie is worried that it won’t be enough to help Lindsay. Roxy tells her she does not want Lindsay to be stuck in prison making license plates. Unless, of course, they say Foxy Roxy’s. Marcie tells Roxy that she is worried about Lindsay. The Lindsay she knows would not take what has happened without a fight. She knows that there is something going on with Lindsay that made her give up all hope.

In jail, Lindsay asks Todd why he would assume that Marcie and Michael have his child. He tells her that Spencer Truman is the one who gave him to them.. She asks how he found that out. He tells her Miles Laurence. She asks why he’d think that Miles Laurence would want to help him with anything. He says he does not know. Maybe Miles had an act of conscience. She asks how anybody would believe the word of a nut job like Miles Laurence. She also reminds Todd that this is probably another one of Spencer Truman’s tricks from the grave. It’s not real. He tells her that he is there because John McBain wants to prevent him from telling Marcie the news.

Michael tells John there is no reason they need to tell Marcie anything. But John tells his brother they will not have a choice. It’s just a matter of time before Manning will have to be released. And nobody will be able to prevent him from marching right over to their home and telling Marcie everything. Michael then emotionally tells his brother that they cannot let Todd Manning do that to them. John tells Michael that sooner or later, Marcie will have to know the truth. And wouldn’t it be better that she does not find it out from Todd Manning? In response to that, Michael does not know what to do. John then tells Michael that he does not have to tell her. He will.

Layla, Vincent and Shawn watch movies and have a bowl of popcorn. It looks like Shawn has something going on. Alone with Vincent, Layla asks him what is up with his friend. He tells her that he is a good guy. He doesn’t want to kick him out. But he is concerned that Shawn has no life.

In response to Rex asking her to move in with him. Adriana tells Rex that she believes that he is messing with her head. He then tells her that he was hoping that she would throw her arms around him and say yes yes. She then reminds him that only hours ago, he was making jokes to Sarah Roberts about how it would never happen. He tells her that he did not bring it up then because he wanted to be spontaneous. He then asks her if he has to “make a case”. If so, he will have to prepare a continuance. She tells him that she just wants to know why. He then tells her that maybe he will forget the whole thing. Maybe it wasn’t such a good idea after all.

Michael tells John that he’s not certain that he wants to tell Marcie the truth. But if anybody does, it has to be him. He is her husband. John tells Michael he understands why he feels that way. But he doubts it will make any more sense coming from Michael than coming from himself. But Michael tells John that when he (himself) breaks the news to Marcie he can hold her and be there for her. But John admits to Michael that he is a little concerned about Michael’s own emotional state when he tells her that. Maybe when he gets upset, he might say the wrong thing. And by telling Marcie, it won’t change anything. It will just make things worse. He tells Michael that what he thinks would be the best thing to do is for Michael to go home and spend some time with his wife. They he will come over and break the news to them. Michael will have to act as though he’s hearing it for the first time. She can never know that Michael has known and not told her.

Lindsay asks Todd if he has ever seen Tommy with the only parents he’s ever known. They have taken care of him, fed him, nurtured him and raised him. They would do anything for him. That little boy has parents whom he has bonded to. Does Todd understand the damage that will be done if he takes him from them? Todd asks Lindsay what she would do if it were her kid. She says maybe he could get shared custody or something. He tells her there is no way he’s going to let a bunch of strangers decide whether he gets permission to see his own child. So she needs to get it through her head that he’s going to have his child. And poor Marcie and Michael will have to get on with their lives without his son. She tells him she won’t let that happen as long as she is alive.

Michael asks John if he wants him to keep pretending that he knows nothing about Tommy. John tells him he believes that is the best way. Michael tells John that he has been lying to Marcie. He needs to come clean to his wife about lying to her. Otherwise, he will be lying for the rest of his life.

After Miles informs her for the first time that Todd’s child is Tommy McBain, Natalie is shocked to find out that it’s her Godson. She had no clue that that was Todd’s child. And she realizes that John has known about that and kept it from many people. And they both conclude that it’s just a matter of time before everybody knows the truth.

John tells Michael that it might not be a good idea for Marcie finds about her husband's involvement in it. If she has to blame somebody, he will let her blame him. Michael asks his brother if he would do that for him. John says yes. Michael hugs him.

Roxy has a bunch of tee shirts for Marcie and for Tommy that say Free Lindsay Rappaport. She even has an idea of bringing Lindsay a cake with anti-depressants in it. Sensing that Marcie may not be as excited by her ideas as she is, she tells Marcie she needs to sleep since her best ideas come to her in her sleep. Marcie follows her out the door and assures her she did not mean to sound like she does not want to consider her ideas. She promises Roxy that she will give it serious thought. Roxy leave. And when she’s alone with Tommy, Marcie tells him that she just came up with an idea.

Lindsay tells Todd that he might not want to mess with her. She could ruin Jack’s life if he ruins Tommy’s. He then asks her if she is threatening him. Lindsay asks Todd what he thinks Jack would do when he finds out that his own father would take him from his mother and pawn him off on strangers. What he did to Jack was worse than what Spencer did to Tommy. And Jack was his own child. He tells her that was a long time ago and he did not know that Jack was his child at the time. He thought Blair cheated on him. She reminds him that he might not want to imagine what Jack will do when he finds out what kind of a person his father is. She tells him that even if he is a biological father to Tommy and to Jack, the DNA does not make him fit to be a father. He better leave Marcie and Michael and Tommy alone, or she will make certain that Jack never forgives him nor speaks to him again.

Shawn concludes that Vincent and Layla want to be alone. But she tells him that he must wait. They don’t have any special plans. They don’t want to kick him out. He may hang out with them

Rex tells Adriana if she does not want to move in, fine. Then she shouldn’t. She reminds him that she did not say no. She just hasn’t said yes yet. He asks her why then she can’t just do it.. She tells him it’s a really big deal. He tells her no more than having the secret about Tommy. She tells him that if they have to share a place to live, it could potentially cause them to break up. She tells him that right after she got him back, she doesn’t want to take a risk in losing him again. He tells her that life is full of risks. This is no scarier than sky diving. And he reminds her that she brings him down to earth when he wants to partake in crazy risk-taking behavior and he believes that she is right for him.

In response to Lindsay’s threats to tell Jack what Todd did, he appears like he is a little afraid of that. He concludes that she plays dirty. He then asks about her son Will. She tells him how dare he threaten her son. He tells her that maybe she needs to think about her own children. Maybe the only one who is not dead. If she does anything to hurt his family, he will fly out to find her son. He asks her just which “family” she values more.

Now that she has agreed to consider moving in with him, Adriana tells Rex that he must tell her the first second she starts getting on his nerves. She then agrees to move in with him. He tells her that all arguments between Rex and Adriana will have to be resolved by sweaty hot sex..

Natalie admits to Miles that she is worried about what it will do to Michael and Marcie to find out that their child is Todd Manning’s son. But she does not blame him for it. Spencer is the one to be blamed, she tells him. He did it to hurt Todd and has no consideration for Michael or Marcie or anybody else involved. He asks her if there is anything they can do to make it better. She tells him yes there is. She gets on the phone and tells him that they need to contact all the people they care about.

John goes to Michael and Marcie’s. But for some reason, Marcie is not thee.

Marcie takes Tommy with her to visit Lindsay in the jail cell. She tells the guard that he has to make an exception even though Lindsay is not supposed to have any more visitors this hour. She tells him that she just wants Tommy to say good night to Lindsay. Can he resist this adorable little guy’s face? And right then, she and Tommy come face to face with Todd.

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