OLTL Update Wednesday 9/5/07

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 9/5/07


Written By Jeannie
Pictures by Jennifer

At Todd’s office, John strong-arms Todd to prevent him from going to Marcie and Mike’s. He arrests him and puts the cuffs on him.

Cristian tells Sarahh she’s doing great as she takes a tray of glasses to a table. Rex and Adriana take a table and discuss Mike and Marcie. Layla and Vincent come up with Vincent’s friend/employee, Shaun, and join them. Sarahh comes up to take their drinks and jokes she expects a big tip.

At the vineyard, Jared knocks at the door and Nash tells him it’s a bad time. Jessica asks who’s at the door.

At home Marcie and Mike discuss Lindsay.

John sits Todd down. Blair asks what he’s doing. Todd threatens to make trouble for John.

Rex asks if Cris actually hired Sarahh. Cris comes over and says Sarahh should get them drinks. They all order complicated drinks. Sarahh doesn’t write it down and goes off to get the drinks. Cris says leave her alone. He wants her to succeed so she can get a pay check and move out. Sarahh walks up behind him as he’s saying his master plan is to get her out of his life and his apartment. Sarahh is shocked but just checks Adriana’s drink order.

At the vineyard Nash tells Jessica its nothing. He tells Jared to call first. Jared leaves. Jessica comes out. Nash says it was his new partner and Jessica says he should have invited him in. Nash says it’s her first night back and kisses her.

Marcie worries about Lindsay and wishes she could do more for her. She thinks Nora is doing this because she hates to see people like Lindsay. Marcie says John won’t say why he thinks Lindsay would do it. She knows there is more to the story.

At Todd’s office John says he’s arresting Todd because he assaulted Miles last night. He tells him to get on his feet, he’s taking him in. Blair and Todd are shocked.

At the club, Cris wishes Sarahh hadn’t heard what he said. Adriana and Layla say she seems high maintenance. Sarahh delivers the drinks. Rex is the only one who thanks her. Cris walks off. They discuss the Woman of the Year awards and Lindsay. Shaun wants to leave because he says he doesn’t want to listen to gossip.

Cris apologizes to Sarahh. She tells him it’s a free country and she owes him. She will be out of his hair and his life as soon as she can manage. She stalks off. Jared walks in and tries to ask her something and she tells him to shove it.

Nash and Jessica cuddle on the couch discussing Bree and Jessica’s trip. She apologizes for not being there when Nash found out about Antonio selling his half of the vineyard. Nash worries this new partner wants to be too hands on. Jessica asks Nash to help her out of her dress.

Marcie reminds Mike that John tried to pin the murder of Spencer on her. Mike tries to calm her down and tries to change the subject. Mike talks about how peaceful their home is with Tommy in the other room asleep. Marcie tells Mike they will get through this and nothing will hurt them.

Todd refuses to go with John. Blair says Miles never said anything about pressing charges. They discuss barging in and taking Tommy. Todd says take the cuffs off or Blair will call a lawyer. John asks Blair to make a statement about what happened at the Palace last night.

Jessica and Nash start to kiss and undress. Nash promises to make her proud. She says she’s already proud and lists the good things about him. She says nothing will come between them and they kiss.

At Capricorn Jared gets a drink from Sarahh and she apologizes to Jared and asks about him having Jessica on his phone. A table calls her away.

Vincent, Layla, Rex and Adriana talk about the murder and Lindsay. Vincent predicts Lindsay will go away for a long time. Layla mentions how Marcie made a scene. When Rex and Adriana say nothing Layla guesses they know more.

Marcie and Mike figure out they can’t do anything for Lindsay now and start to kiss. Marcie suddenly stops and wishes for a baby. Marcie relates making babies to proper English. Making love changes to something else when they are making a baby. They kiss again.

Todd says Blair won’t turn him in. John says Mike and Marcie took Tommy in when they thought he had nobody and if they knew about Todd they would have done he right thing. John says he can’t keep Marcie from finding out but he can stop her from finding out this way. Blair defends the baby. She says she’ll make a statement and that Todd attacked, punched and choked Miles.

Rex says he doesn’t like talking about this and they don’t know anything else. They say Lindsay is a good friend and her daughter was Rex’s girlfriend. They change the subject to Shaun’s love life. He asks for another beer.

Across the room Cris tells Sarahh table six needs another round. She calls him Mr. Vega and Cris apologizes again. Sarahh asks Rex for his loft.

Todd is put in jail. John says he didn’t give him a choice. Todd says he was looking for this kid since the day he was born. John says maybe you should think about the kid instead of his own ego. Todd talks about how he felt searching for his son. John says he’s been cared for by the two best people he knows and because Truman was involved it could have been worse. Todd says it’s going to suck for Mike and Marcie and you might as well get it over with. John asks for one night and Todd can tell it to the Judge in the morning. Todd has flashbacks. Then Blair is standing at his cell and he looks away.

Rex asks why Sarahh wants his loft. Adriana tells her to go get the drinks. Sarahh says he made her come back to Llanview and he spends all his time at Adriana’s anyway. Rex tells her she couldn’t afford the rent. Sarahh turns to Shaun and offers to room with him then turns to Rex and asks him to think about it. Rex says when Adriana and him decide to move in together they’ll think about it. Rex sees Jared at the bar and goes over. Shaun turns and asks if Sarahh was serious about moving in with him. Rex talks to Jared about the game at Roxy’s. Jared says now he and Nash are business partners. He tells Jared that Nash and Jess have been through hell and things are finally looking up. Jared says he just wants the vineyard to be a success. Rex says if he need to find him he only has to look over his shoulder.

At he vineyard Nash and Jessica bask in the after glow and discuss their new partner. Jessica says they have it all.

Blair says she was thinking of Todd and that he needs time to plan and think. She urges him to think about what’s best for Tommy. Todd tells Blair she better hope John isn’t over at McBain's telling them to leave town. Blair tries to calm him down. Todd doesn’t trust the McBains. He is worried that today is the last time he will see his son again.

Marcie sleeps on the couch as Mike’s phone buzzes. It’s John. He asks him to come to his office immediately. John says don’t tell Marcie and make sure she stays home. Mike hangs up and Marcie wakes up and asks about the phone call. Mike lies and says he has to go to work. He asks if she’ll be home tonight and she says where else. She tells him to change before he goes in. At his office, John looks at pictures of him and Tommy.

Musical interlude: At Capricorn Layla and Vincent dance, then Rex and Adriana dance. Jared leaves. Cris helps Sarahh clear a table. At the vineyard Jessica and Nash play cards Mike prepares to leave and kisses Marcie goodbye. John waits in his office. Todd stares at the floor as Blair watches him. An officer escorts her out.

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