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Blair reveals to Todd that she has discovered that his son is alive. He is living in Llanview with Marcie and Michael McBain. He’s Tommy. He asks her where she knows this. Where did she get this information? She replies from Miles. John is listening to their conversation silently.

Nash tells Jessica that he wants to go in and see Bree. He tells her although his daughter is napping, he will not wake her up. He needs to see her.

At Capricorn. Sarah tells Nora that she’s really glad that Asa said he thought highly of her. Nora assures her that Asa would have encouraged her to be a karaoke star and would believe that she is far too good to be waiting tables. At that point, Clint appears, notices his granddaughter and remarks that he is very surprised that she has finally gotten “a job”.

Dorian goes to visit Lindsay in her jail cell. She brings the “award cup” for the woman of the year which she had previously stolen for herself. She tells Lindsay that she believes that she (Lindsay) should have this.

After Marcie has revealed to Michael, Rex and Adriana that she got Todd Manning to write a damaging story about John in The Sun, Michael asks his wife how she could stab his brother in the back. She protests that his brother has gone too far. She is surprised to learn that Rex is also defending John and she asks why they would not want to question why he is framing Lindsay Rappaport for a murder that she could not have possibly committed.

In response to Blair’s revelation about Tommy, Todd is freaked out. He first sounds like he does not believe it. But when she shows him the files that Miles gave her, he confirms that this is true. Right then, John looks at the documents and appears like he is not happy. He knows what this will mean to his brother and sister in law. Todd then turns to John and asks what he is doing there and just how he is involved in all of this.

In response to Clint noticing that she is working at Capricorn, Sarah tells her grandfather that he must have a really hard time believing that she would want to work for a living and not spend her life sponging off of others. Nora then clarifies to her that that is not what he meant. He then asks her how she likes it. She replies that it’s great except for the rude customers. She then asks them what she can get them. They order their food and drinks. Clint sits with Nora and asks her about the outcome of the trial. He asks if it is really true that Marty has been released and cleared of charges. Lindsay got arrested and charged for the murder of Spencer Truman right in the middle of the woman of the year awards ceremony, seconds before she was going to get the award. Clint asks Nora what she believes in her professional opinion. Nora replies that she not only believes that Lindsay did it. She believes there is more than sufficient evidence to get her put away for a long time.

After Dorian gives Lindsay the award she was prevented from getting when John arrested her, a guard appears and tells her that she cannot have it. This is a jail. Dorian protests that Lindsay has not been proven guilty of anything and has the same legal rights as any other suspect. When they are alone, Lindsay tells Dorian she does not deserve that award. She really is guilty. But Dorian tells her that she does not care. If Lindsay did in fact kill Spencer, she deserves a medal. Not a jail sentence. If she had not killed that monster, he would have raped Blair and done more terrible things that she prevented him from doing.

Marcie wonders why Michael, Rex and Adriana are all defending John and believing he had the right to convict Lindsay. She reminds them that John falsely accused both Michael and Rex. Why would they be defending him? They cannot answer that.

Todd tells John that he(John), his brother and his brother’s wife stole Todd’s kid. And he intends to get him back. He goes out the door.

At Capricorn, Clint asks Nora if she really has that much evidence against Lindsay. She says that is true. He reminds her that nobody is mourning the loss of Spencer Truman. She tells him she realizes and doesn’t mourn the loss of him either. But she is not supposed to be letting his murderer go free.

Jared notices Sarah and asks her if she is ok. She admits that she just saw somebody who looks like “somebody”(meaning Hunter). Hearing that, he asks if she is missing this “somebody”. She clarifies that she is not missing this person and knows he will never come back. Never.

Nash observes Jessica and asks if she is not jet lagged. He tells her maybe she needs to take a nap. She asks him if he is trying to get rid of her. He asks her to tell him how London was. How are Kevin and Kelly and their baby? She tells him they are all great and she was happy to see them. She felt really bad about what happened to Antonio, but when she saw her brother and sister in law with their baby, remembering their circumstances, it encouraged her to believe that she can make it work with her husband and child also.

Marcie asks Michael if there is some secret he wants to tell her. He tells her no. He just believes that she should lay off of his brother. Right in the other room, Rex and Adriana are having a private conversation that Marcie can clearly tell they don’t want her to overhear. She asks why all of them are ganging up on her and keeping a secret from her.

Sarah surprises Clint when he sees that she is working hard and focusing on her job. Alone with Nora, he tells her that his granddaughter has been a real handful. They talk about how Sarah has become independent. He talks about her(Nora’s) relationship with Lindsay and asks her if she can be objective in prosecuting Lindsay.

Sarah notices Jared staring at a picture of Jessica and asks him why he is staring at a picture of her cousin.

Jessica and Nash have dinner and some wine. She can tell that he has something on his mind which he is not revealing to her. He asks her what could possibly be wrong. He is with his two favorite girls. He just had the best dinner he could have. And everything is great. But she does not buy that.

In Lindsay’s jail cell, she asks Dorian if she is thanking her for committing a murder. Dorian tells her not just any murder. This is the murder of Spencer Truman. Dorian tells Lindsay she knows exactly what it’s like to be unfairly condemned. She tells her she believes if can get through it, Lindsay can to. Lindsay asks Dorian if she remembers when she killed her ex husband, Sam. Dorian reminds her that that was an accident. Lindsay protests that she still murdered the father of her children when she intended to kill somebody else. Dorian tells Lindsay that her children forgave her. So she needs to forgive herself.

Michael tells Marcie she appreciates her need to help Lindsay. But is this the way to do it? Marcie protests that Lindsay needs her. She no longer has Jen. And her son is on the other end of the world. She wishes there was another way. But what is it?

John protests to Todd that he must consider Marcie and Michael and how it will effect not only them, but their baby if he is taken from them. Todd tells him he does not care about Marcie nor Michael. He is going to get his kid back.

In response to Clint’s question of whether she can be objective with prosecuting Lindsay, Nora tells him she is a sworn officer of the court. She must be. And especially because of her history with Lindsay, she knows she better be on her toes or she will be cast as the bad guy. She knows that if Lindsay did kill Spencer, many people will see her as a hero. If it turns out, she did not then she(Nora) and John will have wasted all their time and look like idiots going after the wrong person. Sarah goes to them and informs them that there is “a guy” over there with a picture of Jessica. Clint asks her what guy. She turns but notices that Jared has disappeared.

Nash tells Jessica that he is trying and failing to get a loan to pay for the vineyard. He doesn’t want to tell her everything. He reveals that he thought he had enough money saved up. But he lost it all in a poker game.

After Todd tells John that he will find his kid at any cost, John pulls a gun on Todd. He tells Todd that he will not ruin his brother and sister in law by taking their kid from them. He informs Todd that Marcie cannot have another child. Todd asks John why he should care about Marcie. John asks Blair if maybe she can get through to Todd about that because she is also a mother.

Marcie and Michael make a video tape to send to Lindsay.. Rex and Adriana are also there. Adriana says hi to Lindsay, admits that she does not really know her well but has recently gotten to know her. She knows that her mom, Dorian is Lindsay’s friend. And she believes that they are all family. Rex tells Lindsay that he is working on her case and will not give up. Michael tells Lindsay that they are all there to support her. Marcie tells Lindsay that Tommy is napping. Otherwise she would bring him out there to talk to Lindsay. She knows that Tommy misses Lindsay.

Dorian tells Lindsay that she only joked when she made her crude comments about her not deserving the woman of the year award. She knows that nobody is perfect. She is certainly not. They joke about bad hair cuts. And she tells Lindsay that they are friends and will be friends forever. Lindsay tells Dorian she can use all the friends she can get. Dorian tells Lindsay she can count on her. And as for that woman of the year award, she(Lindsay) deserves it, no matter what anybody says. She tells Lindsay that she will keep it nice and safe for her until she gets out of there. And she knows that Lindsay will get out of there.

In response to Sarah mentioning the “guy with the picture of Jessica”, Nora asks Clint if maybe they should not contact Nash.

After finding out that Nash lost the money in the poker game, Jessica assures her husband that she is not angry. He tells her that he lost everything. But she tells him he mustn’t give up. He tells her that it wasn’t just the poker game. He got the money back. But before he had the chance to get it back Antonio had already sold out his shares to “somebody else”. She protests that Antonio cannot do that. He tells her that he is concerned that the “new owner” could sell it out to whomever whenever he wants. She tells Nash he should not be so down on himself for this. But he tells her that this was his dream. She tells him she is proud of him and will always be proud of him. She kisses him.

In the jail cell, Dorian notices Lindsay crying and asks if she is alright. Lindsay tells Dorian that she is worried about her son, Will who lives so far away. She wishes she could call him and make sure everything is alright. But she cannot. Dorian tells her yes she can. She then yells to the guard that Ms. Rappaport needs to call her son. The guard comes and tells them he will see what he can do. But Dorian must leave. Dorian is ready to leave. Lindsay emotionally tells Dorian thank you for being such a good friend.

In response to Todd’s struggle with John, Blair tells him that maybe he needs to consider what John said. She also informs John that only a few hours ago, Marcie came by with Todd’s son and she and Todd agreed to “write a story”, although she does not reveal to John exactly what it was about. Remembering that, Todd asks Blair why she didn’t say something. Blair tells him that was not the time to say it, in front of Marcie. Todd yells that he does not care. That was his son. He tells them both if they want to stop him, they must shoot him.

Jessica asks Nash if he made an offer to buy Antonio’s shares from the “new buyer”. He tells her he did. But it will be a challenge. She tells him that they must make the new buyer an offer he cannot refuse. Right then, Jared knocks on their door and greets his “partner”.

Dorian goes to Capricorn and is surprised to see Sarah Roberts waiting tables. She says hi to Clint and to Nora and expresses her concerns about what being in a jail cell is doing to Lindsay. It’s taking a toll on her, she tells them. In response to that, Nora flippantly tells Dorian that in that case, then Lindsay should stop killing people.

Lindsay calls her son, Will from her jail cell and tells him when this is all over, they will spend some time together. That will be soon. She tells him she loves him and then hangs up. When she gets off the phone, she breaks down crying.

Rex tells Marcie and Michael that he and Adriana have to go. But he won’t give up on finding a way to help Lindsay. Rex assures Marcie that Lindsay is his friend also. Adriana tells them that she wants them both to take care, knowing what might be happening soon. Alone with Marcie, Michael acknowledges what a great friend she is to Lindsay. She tells him that she cannot lose her best friend just like she cannot lose Tommy. Michael assures Marcie that they need not worry about “losing Tommy”. He will make certain that that never happens. Little does she know exactly what he is talking about.

When Todd is ready to go to take his son from Marcie and Michael, John corners him, backs him up against the wall and tells him he is not going anywhere.

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