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One Life to Live Update Friday 8/31/07


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Jessica gets her phone after getting back from her flight. She has returned early in order to surprise Nash. Little does she know what has happened to him.

At Capricorn, Nash finds Jared and tells him he cannot just waltz into town and think he can take Nash’s land. He tells Jared he may take his money. But nobody takes his land without a fight.

Adriana and Rex go to Marcie and Michael’s home and discover they are not home. She wonders why. Rex tells her he assumes that Marcie has good reason not to be there, given that John McBain is her brother in law. But right then, Michael enters carrying a laundry basket. He asks if they want a beer. Michael seems calm and unafraid of what will happen. Rex asks why. Michael informs him that his brother will keep his mouth shut about Tommy being Todd Manning’s son. Marcie is gone but he is unafraid of where she is or what she is doing.

Natalie goes and talks to John, believing that she has informed him for the first time that Tommy is Todd Manning’s son. John bluffs to her that he does not believe what Miles Laurence or Spencer Truman would want him to believe about that. But she tells him that she believes that it is true that Tommy is Todd Manning’s son. And she believes that Blair is informing Todd of that right as they speak.

Blair goes and finds Todd. She asks her kids to talk to their father alone. He asks her what this important thing is that she wants to talk to him about. She asks him to sit. But right before she can get it out, Marcie appears with Tommy. She tells them she is sorry to interrupt. But there is something very important for which she needs their help. Todd tells Marcie if she wants his help, she may take a number. He sarcastically tells her that he can have his secretary make an appointment for her. The only problem is that his secretary is dead.. Blair asks Todd to just listen to what Marcie has to say. She tells him that she wants him to write a cover story. Her idea is that he writes: “Shady cop railroads woman of the year.” Todd sounds like he might consider doing that. Blair still does not have the chance to tell either one of them the startling news.

Nora finds Marty and tells her the wheels are in motion to get her released from jail.

After finding out that John has promised Michael that he will keep his mouth shut about Tommy, Adriana hugs him and tells him what good news that is. But Rex is skeptical that John might have a lapse of judgment while drinking. There might be something that would cause him to leak it somehow. Michael asks Rex why he would distrust his (Michael's) brother. He tells Rex that this is the first time in such a long time when he has not had to live in fear and has some hope that his family has a future. But Rex tells Michael he needs to make certain that that future does not get threatened by John.

John continues to appear to Natalie as though he does not buy that Tommy is Todd’s son. He tells her that he does not want Blair to tell that to Todd. It will cause him to go looking for his kid. But she seems like she really believes it’s true, doesn’t understand why John would not, and wonders why he believes this is bad news. She believes it but has no clue whom Todd’s son really is.

Jessica is on the phone talking to her sister-in-law, Kelly while waiting for Nash to return home

Jared asks if Nash is not there in order to protect the “hearth and home”. He tells Nash that he is just a guy who sees an opportunity and is taking it. Sarah asks the two of them if they are ok and if there is anything she can get for them. Jared tells her he will have a drink and she can also get one for Nash. She leaves. Nash asks Jared just why he wants to own the vineyard. Does he know anything about grapes? Jared tells Nash he may not know much. But he knows that wineries are a growth industry in the state. And if they are in it together, they can both make money. Nash tells him that they are not in any partnership. He owns the winery. But Jared tells Nash that it is a partnership. More accurately, he (himself) is a business owner. And Nash is his employee. Nash then tells Jared that he will do whatever Jared wants him to do if Jared can sell him Antonio’s share.

Nora and Cole go to take Marty home. Nora asks the guards if Cole can do the honors of unlocking her jail cell. He unlocks it and she hugs her son, so happy that she is free.

Natalie tells John that he must know that it is wonderful news that Todd has found his son. But he tells her that this kid could be with people who love him very much. Having no clue that Marcie and Michael have adopted Tommy, Natalie tells John that he cannot assume that. Todd’s son might have been adopted by terrible people. She remembers what happened to her. But he tells her that these people are all this kid has ever known. And then, when Todd Manning shows up out of nowhere and rips him from their arms, what do you think that will do to him?

At Todd’s office, Marcie tells Todd that she knows this Spencer Truman murder investigation is tainted. And she has a lot of evidence of suspects that John has carelessly gone after, including him. Todd wants to argue but is kind of listening when she tells him that he can sell a ton of papers by printing the story. He asks her if she implies that her brother in law is shady. Blair holds Tommy, not knowing what to say while both Todd and Marcie are completely distracted in their business venture to expose John. Todd finally shakes Marcie’s hand and tells her they have a deal.

In response to Rex’s skepticism, Michael asks him why he is so worried. Isn’t he (himself) always the worrier and Rex is the “glass half full” kind of guy? Adriana agrees with Michael that there is no cause for alarm with what has happened. But Rex is worried that Lindsay might very well leak the information about Tommy. Michael asks why Lindsay would want to do that? She wouldn’t want to take their son from them and give him to Todd Manning. Adriana agrees. Michael tells Rex that he does not want his brother to know that Rex is down there looking over John’s shoulder.

Natalie ponders what Todd’s son’s adoptive parents would do if Todd demands that they give him back to Todd. And she agrees with John that it could get really ugly if Todd finds out and take him from them. Right then, Marty and Cole come and visit John.

While Todd is gone and Blair is alone with Marcie and Tommy, she asks Marcie if she wants to take Tommy and go home. She doesn’t have to wait around for Todd if she has things to do. Marcie tells her no. She promised Lindsay she will do whatever she needs to do in order to get the charges dropped. They talk about parenting and how children grow up. Blair does not indicate to Marcie what she knows. Marcie suspects nothing. She confides in Blair that when you adopt, you have a fear that you will lose your child, that somebody will take him from you. But she now knows that nobody will take her child from her. They talk about Starr. Marcie tells Blair she thinks very highly of Starr and can’t wait until Tommy gets to be Starr’s age. Blair then asks Marcie if she has considered having more children. Marcie informs Blair that she has found out that she cannot have any more children. Blair then asks her if she made an attempt to get a second opinion. Marcie confides to Blair that she is ok with her situation and accepts that all she can have is Tommy. And that is all she wants and needs.

Jessica is getting ready for a candlelight dinner with Nash. And she concludes that the only thing she needs is him.

Nash tells Jared that he has the cash and can give it to Jared right now. Jared asks Nash what is in it for him. Nash tells him if he can buy out Antonio’s shares, it will be worth Jared’s while.

At Capricorn, Nora is very surprised to see Sarah waiting tables. She asks Sarah to sit down so they can talk. She reveals to her that she waited tables while in law school and did not like it. Sarah tells Nora if bartending keeps her from going back to her family, it will work. Nora reflects that not all Buchanans are bad. She tells her that everybody misses Asa. Sarah asks Nora if Asa ever talked about her while she was gone.

John goes to make a private phone call that neither Natalie, Marty nor Cole can overhear. He attempts to call Blair but gets her answering machine.

Meanwhile, Blair and Marcie are having a friendly conversation. Blair holds Tommy and they wait for Todd. He returns with a headline that they think is too much. He has to take not only John, but Nora down as well, for what happened to Lindsay. He demands that Marcie takes her kid home. Marcie leaves. Alone with Todd, Blair attempts to reveal to him the big secret.

Alone in John’s office while he is privately trying to reach Blair, Natalie talks to Marty and Cole about how what they plan on doing when Marty returns home. But before Natalie leaves, she attempts to get them to see that Miles is not a bad person and they must forgive him for what he did.

Marcie returns home with Tommy after Michael has been talking to Rex and Adriana about their big secret. She still suspects nothing but asks what the three of them have been up to. They tell her they were just talking about Lindsay’s situation. Marcie informs them that she went to see Lindsay. Lindsay is scared. But she’s pretty certain she can help her. Rex tells Marcie he’s not certain about that. They have a pretty strong case against Lindsay. Marcie tells them she is not terribly worried especially now that Todd Manning is “on her side”. Hearing that, Michael, Rex and Adriana ask Marcie what Todd Manning would have to do with this. She informs them that she went to talk to Todd and he agreed to print an article exposing what John has done to Lindsay. And she shows it to them with both John’s and Lindsay’s pictures on the front cover.

Blair tells Todd that she needs to talk to him about something. Miles had something to say that he needed to know about. But he tells her he does not want to hear a word about it. He knows that his son is dead. He just had a ceremony with the kids and accepts the fact that his son is gone. He tells her if she and the kids want to get on a Ouija board, they may do that. But he doesn’t want to think about it anymore. Right then, John enters and tells Todd that he might want to hear what Blair is about to tell him.

Nash returns home to Jessica. He tells her he thought she would not be back until later in the week. She tells him that seeing Kevin and Kelly was great. But she missed him. And she asks him what is going on with the vineyard, sounding positive. And she asks him if they now officially own it.

Nora tells Sarah that she must know that she (Sarah) was Asa's favorite topic of conversation. He got a karaoke machine just so that he could hear the songs that Sarah sang. He was very proud of Sarah and she bets he is still bragging about her to anybody who will listen.

Cole notices that his mother is writing John a note in his office, inviting him to dinner with them. He tells her he wants John to join them as much as she does. But they are waiting a long time for John to get back and must return home.

After Michael sees the article that Marcie encouraged Todd to write about John, he asks his wife how she could do this behind his back. She protests to her husband that his brother is way out of control. Rex tells Marcie he agrees that maybe she should not antagonize John. But Marcie tells Rex that she is not afraid of John. He’s going to get what he deserves.

After John goes to Todd’s office and Todd is about to antagonize him, Blair reveals to him that Miles was correct. Todd’s son is alive. He lives in Llanview with Marcie and Michael McBain. He was just there. He’s Tommy.

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