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Nash goes to Antonio’s home and informs him that he’s been able to come up with the money he needs. But Antonio tells him he is too late. He found another buyer. He also informs Nash that in spite of the fact that he told him he had until longer than this to come up with the money, he made the choice he made to go with the other buyer. This is a business decision. Nash tells Antonio he cannot do that.

At Capricorn, Natalie observes that her cousin Sarah is serving drinks in the bar. She informs her that she, too has had the opportunity to take Buchanan money, but also made the choice to serve drinks and work without their money. Right then, they notice Jared. Natalie goes to confront him. He tells her that he has found a “commodity”.

Michael goes to see John and asks what this thing with Lindsay is about. Did he find out that she killed Spencer Truman because he threatened to expose the fact that Tommy is Todd’s baby? John will not tell his brother what he has found out, however.

Todd goes to see Lindsay in her jail cell. He tells her that he will be able to write a big story.

Miles goes to attempt to convince Blair that he is telling the truth that Todd’s son is alive. She does not buy that for a minute, or doesn’t want to believe it. She asks if he knows where Todd’s child is living right now. He replies that Todd’s child lives right in Llanview and has been adopted by Marcie and Michael McBain. Hearing that, Blair tells him he is a sick bastard and demands he gets out of her home. But she appears as though she is wondering if it could really be true.

Todd tells Lindsay that he is going to print a story. And if she does not like his version, she is welcome to give him hers. Right then, Marcie enters and tells Todd he needs to leave Lindsay alone. He tells Marcie he came there to help Lindsay. Marcie says she read the headlines today and knows what he is up to. Todd leaves. Marcie tells Lindsay that she knows that John is on a mission to clear Marty Saybrooke and is grabbing at straws. But it’s not going to work because she will get Lindsay out of there in no time. But Lindsay tells Marcie that that might not be true. She cries and tells Marcie that she may never get out of there.

Michael tells John that Lindsay must have known that he and Marcie adopted Todd’s baby and was willing to do anything in order to protect them. And John does not understand that now that Lindsay has been arrested for murder, she can spill everything. He and Rex could go to jail for fraud. And the worst that will happen is he and Marcie will lose their child. He tells John that Lindsay could bring everybody down. John tells his brother she will not. Michael then concludes that he might just have to trust that Lindsay will keep her mouth shut. And the only other person who could destroy Michael’s family would be John. He urges his brother to please not do that and to tell him what he knows.

After Miles informs Blair that he found out that Tommy McBain is Todd’s son, he shows her the folder that Spencer kept in a locker by the bus station. He tells her if she does not believe it, she may read everything. If it’s not true, she may throw it in the trash. But if it is, then Todd will get his son. She reads the letter Spencer wrote to him expressing that Todd is his enemy. He is a monster and pure evil. Todd tried to take away everything that Spencer cherished. He tried to take Blair from Spencer. And not even death prevented Todd from destroying him. And now with help from Spencer’s friend, Miles, they will be able to destroy Todd.

Nash tells Antonio that this is way more than business. The vineyard is Nash’s future. It’s because Antonio hates his guts that he did what he did. Antonio reminds Nash that Nash took his wife. So the sooner he could get rid of that part of his life and move on, the better. Nash concludes that Antonio sold it out of spite. Right then, Talia comes out of Jamie’s room to hear their raised voices, reminds them that Jamie is listening to The Cheetah Girls. But if they talk any louder, she’ll be able to know what is going on.

Jared tells Natalie that she can have his business commodity if she has a dream. He tells her that when he was preparing for a meeting the other day, he tried to tell her about it. She then tells him that she’d hardly call it a meeting when he barged into her office. He tells her that he realizes that she is a rookie. And he knows that she is not just some princess who got her job due to nepotism. She earned what she has. And maybe he can help her get ahead in business. She does not seem to buy a word he is saying nor believe she can trust him, however.

Todd is in his office when Starr and Jack come to see their dad. He is happy to see his two children. Jack then asks his dad if he can use the computer. Alone with Starr, Todd notices that she is happy and it might be because of Cole. She admits that she is happy that her boyfriend’s mother is getting out of jail and she tells her father she commends him for not expressing his negative opinion about Cole. Right then, Jack surprises them by showing them a picture in Todd’s office, and he says it is of himself, Starr and their baby brother. What could that mean?

Miles informs Blair that Spencer almost convinced him to keep the secret for Todd. Blair again reads that he has found a way to hurt all the people who have hurt him. Blair for breaking his heart, Michael McBain for wanting to get him in trouble. And especially Todd. He will suffer more than anybody.

Michael tells John that he must realize that Todd Manning cannot know that Tommy is his child. He (himself) is the father that Tommy knows and supposedly the brother that John loves. John says he realizes this. But he has made a decision.

Marcie tells Lindsay that the Lindsay she knew would not give up. So why is she giving up? Lindsay tells her that Marty Saybrooke is being processed as they speak. And they must be realistic. They both know that Nora is going to prosecute her and go after her with everything that Nora’s got. Marcie tells Lindsay, in that case, she must fight it with everything she’s got. Marcie asks her why she is being defeatist. Does she want to spend the rest of her life behind bars? There are people who need her. She needs her. Tommy needs her. She asks Lindsay if Tommy is not worth fighting for. Lindsay cries and tells Marcie of course Tommy is worth fighting for. That is the whole reason she did what she did. Hearing that, Marcie is very puzzled as to what Lindsay just said.

John tells Michael that if anybody else was investigating this case, all of the people involved would be in jail. But the reason he has not taken the action that he could easily take is because his brother is involved. He loves that kid and knows his brother does. So he tells Michael he will keep their secret and not tell anybody that Tommy is Todd Manning’s kid.

In response to the mysterious picture where Jack identifies his “little brother” Todd tells his kids that they must realize that the little brother is not with them anymore. But Jack tells his dad that they will find him and they cannot give up.

Blair reads Spencer’s letter that he gave Todd’s child to adoptive parents. But they died in a tornado. So he gave him to Michael and Marcie McBain. He wants to be able to let the McBain’s keep the baby and never let Todd know that his son is alive. But if Miles reads this letter, Miles will have the means to ruin both Todd and the McBains. Miles then tells Blair that Spencer wanted to use this against Todd. She asks why she should believe a word that either he or Spencer would say. He asks her why Spencer would lie about that. He tells her that he regrets what he did to Todd. He realizes that nothing makes up for what has already happened. But there it is. The truth. Blair does not know what to say or do. He tells her that it’s up to her to convince Todd. He leaves and says God help everybody if Todd ever finds out.

Nash asks Antonio that if he did not sell Nash’s vineyard out of spite, then why can’t he cancel his contract with the other buyer and sell it to Nash? Antonio tells Nash that he keeps his word to his business associates. Nash asks just whom that buyer is. Antonio replies that it’s Jared Banks. Nash informs Antonio that he knows Jared. He lost a poker game to him. And apparently, Jared stabbed him in the back by going behind his back to join forces with Antonio. Antonio tells Nash he doesn’t know all of the details involved. He tells Nash if he has anything to say to the new buyer, he can probably find him at Capricorn and express his concerns.

At Capricorn, Jared asks Natalie what her plans are. Right then, Miles interrupts them and Natalie goes off with him. She asks him how it went with Blair. Did she listen to him.? He tells her better than that. He got Blair to believe him. Natalie tells him she is so proud of him. He tells her he could not have done it without her. She then concludes that maybe since she’s seen that he benefited from doing the right thing, maybe she should put her money where her mouth is. She tells him she will see him later and she goes off.

Blair looks at the pictures and evidence that Spencer gave to Miles and is spooked, not knowing what to do.

After John tells Michael that he will not reveal the secret about Tommy, Michael tells his brother if he can come through for him, then Michael can finally sleep at night. But John tells his brother that even if he keeps his mouth shut, sooner or later the truth will come out. Michael tells him that it won’t if they don’t want it to. John is not happy. He admits that he is not certain he’s done the right thing. But he can live with it. Michael then hugs his brother and tells him he loves him.

Sarah goes and finds Miles and tells him she knows he almost got her killed. He tells her he does not know whom she is. She tells him she is Sarah Roberts, ex girlfriend of Hunter who he conspired with to kill her uncle Todd and endanger her along with him.

Nash goes and finds Jared and asks him just what his motive was to engage in that card game with him.

Marcie tells Lindsay that she has to get home and cannot spend another night there. She asks her if there is anything she can get for her. Lindsay replies no. Marcie then tells her that she knows what could uplift her spirits. She will ask Bo if he will let her bring Tommy to see her. But Lindsay tells Marcie that she cannot let her do that. She cannot let that little boy see her in there. Marcie protests that she knows she is innocent and did not kill Spencer Truman. But Lindsay faces Marcie and reveals that she did.

After hearing John promise to keep his secret about Tommy, Michael tells his brother that he will never regret this. When Tommy goes off to school and starts his first baseball game or graduates and gets married, John will know he did the right thing. Right then, Natalie enters. Michael says he must go and spend some time with his family. John asks Natalie what is up. She tells him that he must realize that Miles did something heroic for Todd. John asks her what that could possibly be. She tells him he may not believe this, but Todd’s son is right in Llanview.

In response to Jack’s inquiry about his “baby brother” Todd tells his son that he has two kids. And maybe they can all talk to the soul of his long lost child. From outside the door, Blair overhears their conversation. Starr acknowledges that she wishes she could have known her baby brother. Todd says that he wishes he could have known his child. But he loves his two kids. The three of them raise bottled water to propose a toast to the long lost baby without a clue what has happened to him. Right then, Blair enters.

Antonio and Talia are painting his place. And she can tell that his whole intent for remodeling is to get memories of Jessica out of his mind and move on. He tells her he will do whatever it takes. And they both agree to a clean start.

Nash asks Jared just why he took Nash’s vineyard.

Miles tells Sarah that he knows she is a Buchanan, not unlike Natalie, working in a place like this. She asks him why he is interested in that. He tells her that it doesn’t matter what anybody thinks of you or where you came from if you can be ok with who you are. He tells her that for the first time, he can look in the mirror and like whom he sees.

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