OLTL Update Wednesday 8/29/07

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 8/29/07


Written By Jeannie
Pictures by Jennifer

Natalie sees Miles at the gym. She asks if he saw Viki but he hasn’t. Natalie guesses she’s with Todd. She asks if he saw Todd and Miles sits up with a black eye and says he saw Todd.

Blair is in Dorian’s kitchen talking on the phone to Todd about an article in the morning paper. A smiling Dorian walks in with the Woman of the Year award. He sent Clayton over to the Palace this morning to get it. She claims she is just taking care of it until the committee chooses a new recipient. Blair accuses her of stealing it.

At the station they bring Lindsay up to talk to Bo. In John’s office Nora confronts John about not going through her office to arrest Lindsay. John shows her something wrapped in plastic.

Antonio is preparing to paint his apartment and has everything draped in plastic. Jamie is sitting at the breakfast bar. He asks her to be his personal assistant. He offers to let her paint her toy box and Jamie remembers Jessica bought it for her.

Clint goes to Nash’s to take him out to breakfast. Nash turns him down saying he’s busy. Clint asks if he’s having money trouble.

Nora asks if John had a proper search warrant to go into Lindsay’s apartment to get the bloody dress.

Lindsay refuses to talk to Bo about the case without a lawyer. Bo says you requested that in front of witnesses so anything she says now is inadmissible. They go into his office. She wants to know why he’s being so nice. She asks if he and John are playing good cop, bad cop. Bo says he doesn’t believe she killed Spencer and that she had no reason to want him dead.

Antonio tells Jamie that sometimes it’s okay to change and Jessica would understand. Someone knocks on the door as they get started. It’s Talia. She hands him an envelope. Talia talks to Jamie about what she’s going to paint. Jamie asks her to help.

At the vineyard Nash denies having money problems and just needs to buy new equipment. Clint says he thought that’s what Antonio’s money was for when he bought in. Nash hedges and Clint threatens to call Jessica. Nash admits he needs the money to buy out Antonio.

At the station Lindsay and Bo talk. She refuses to talk about her case without her lawyer. Bo brings up the time they were talking and she had something she wanted to tell him. She wishes she had the guts to tell him that night but it doesn’t matter now. Bo begs her to help herself. He tells her to tell her attorney what the extenuating circumstances were that drove her to murder. Or she can talk to Bo.

John and Nora discuss the case against Lindsay. Nora plays the devil’s advocate and pretends to put on Lindsay’s defense. John makes up excuses about why Lindsay would have the bloody dress. Nora says the Lindsay’s lawyer heard from the guard he heard John telling Marty Lindsay did it. Nora says Marty isn’t a reliable witness. Nora brings up Rex as a possible murderer. Nora says they need more evidence.

Dorian is shocked Blair thought she was stealing. She says she’s going to give it back today. Dorian suggests she might be the next Woman of the Year choice. Blair runs down the list of bad luck that follows the award. Dorian suggests telling them to give it to Viki. They change the subject to Todd and what Miles did last night. How he said Todd’s baby is alive and well and here in Llanview and how Todd beat Miles up.

At the gym Miles tells Natalie what Todd did. Natalie says someone has to get through to Todd. Miles wonders if Todd is able to be a good parent. Miles tells Natalie he opened the locker at the bus station and has the information for Todd.

At Antonio’s suggests Talia might not want to help but she says she likes to paint. Talia says she didn’t want to horn in on his time with Jamie. Antonio assures her she’s not intruding and Talia asks for another T-shirt so she can help. Jamie asks if Talia will be her dad’s new girlfriend.

Clint asks Nash how much cash he has and he has to admit he lost his savings at Foxy Roxy’s. Then he tells Clint that Antonio has the controlling share of the Vineyard. Nash says he’ll get himself out of this mess. Clint suggests he give Nash the money.

Dorian wonders if Miles is telling the truth. Blair reminds her that Todd has always asked Miles a million times and he always said no. They wonder how Todd would take a suggestion about Miles telling the truth.

At the gym Natalie says that Todd will never change his mind about Miles and what if someone else told Todd. She suggests he tell Blair. They discuss the possibilities. Natalie says Blair isn’t the hot-head that Todd is so she might listen.

Nora and John talk about Lindsay’s motive. John remembers the things said about protecting Marcie & Mike. Nora wonders what it could be and John says it wasn’t premeditated. They try to figure out why Lindsay was even there at the hospital that night.

Back in Bo’s office Lindsay says Bo can’t help and she killed the father of her children so the jury will convict her. She says it’s not a stretch to believe she did it and Bo asks if she did.

At Antonio’s he tries to explain to Jamie that Talia already has a boyfriend so she can’t be Antonio’s girlfriend. Antonio hands Talia a paintbrush.

Nash starts to refuse but Clint says it’s a loan and he will charge him interest. Nash shows him how much he needs and Clint pulls out a checkbook. He makes a remark that it’s cheaper then buying a liver. Nash doesn’t understand. Nash asks for a contract. Clint asks if he’s going to pay him back, Nash says yes and Clint says that’s good enough. If he doesn’t pay back he’ll send Natalie after him. Nash says “Oh no! Not the crazy redhead!” Clint agrees not to tell Jessica.

Back at the police station Nora tells John they need a motive and the phone rings. The results are in the blood tests on the dress.

In Bo’s office he tells Lindsay to claim self defense and say she did it to save Blair like Marty and David did. He tells her that non-cooperation can look like a sign of guilt. Lindsay makes a remark that her breathing would be a sign of guilt to Nora. Bo promises not to let it get personal.

At Dorian’s they open the door to Miles and Natalie. Blair asks if they have a death wish.

Natalie says they need to talk to her. Blair tries to throw them out. Miles sees the paper and they tell him that Lindsay was arrested. He asks if Marty is being released. They exchange sarcastic remarks and Natalie asks to talk to Blair alone. Dorian leaves. Natalie says Miles has information for Todd.

In John’s office Nora talks about the list of people who wanted to kill Truman and says Lindsay wasn’t on it. John calls for the lab report. He flips through the pages and hands it to Nora.

Lindsay tells Bo she appreciates how fair and understanding he’s been to her. She says she’ll never forget it. Bo says he admires her for trying to be a different kind of woman. Bo heard that she stopped by when Asa died. Lindsay says she knew Asa wasn’t perfect but he was still Bo’s father and she wanted to know if she could do anything for him. She talks about how much they’ve been though together. She says she can take care of herself now. Bo asks to be her friend and if he can do anything. Lindsay asks for another pillow in her cell. Bo says done.

While painting at Antonio’s Talia accidentally gets paint on him and they laugh. There is a knock at the door and Nash is there.

Nora reads the report on the dress. She says John was right about the blood so Lindsay must have been in the room when Truman was killed. Nora wonders why she kept the dress. Nora says a lot of people in town know about her and Lindsay. She wants make sure she knows everything that’s going on. She doesn’t want to excuse herself so all the evidence has to be solid.

Antonio suggests Jamie and Talia go up stairs to look at a dinosaur book. When they leave Nash offers Antonio the money for the vineyard and Antonio says he’s already sold it. Nash is shocked.

Bo sends Lindsay back to her cell. Nora and John walk out of his office at the same time. Lindsay leaves with an officer and John and Nora go into Bo’s office. They tell him about the blood on the dress.

Natalie tries to convince Blair to listen to Miles. Blair asks if she knows what pressure this will put on her. Miles denies setting Todd up. Blair says for him to start talking. Natalie leaves. Blair asks for specifics. Miles says the baby is with Marcie & Mike McBain. That Tommy is Todd’s son. Blair is shocked.

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